Fight the Fanfic Chapter 11

The Fierce Battle

By Captain Gaul

The church was hushed. The priest stared wide-eyed at the demon in the aisle. As the immense demon and comparatively puny man circled around, ready to strike, the deacon made a quick motion to the music director, who provided accompaniment for the battle ahead.

“Veni, veni, demona noctis;
Veni, veni, demona noctis;
Tu qui amas malus,
Tu qui non cupis lucem,
Para… enim…mortem!”

Gaul lunged for the demon, lashing at what could be equated to its ankles with his club—dearly wishing he had a sword. As the demon thrust its claws into the floor about him, trying to crush him, he recalled a scripture passage:

*He shall strike at your head while you shall strike at his heel.*

And found it curious that now the demon had the upper hand.

“Noster heroem cupit nullum gladium,
Is venit in patris nomen,
Et non potes vincere nos!”

The battle raged on, until the demon could take no more of being beaten about the feet. It reduced itself in size down to just half again as large as Gaul, and proceeded with the combat.

Gaul considered using magic, but the creature’s aura was so strong it wasn’t likely to work—so he didn’t bother. He became so drawn into the heat of combat that he hardly noticed when his nightstick suddenly transformed into a glimmering sword. The demon, however, did notice, and cowered back from the blade somewhat.

“Caeli dux pugnat pro eum,
Et non potes vincere eum!”

The creature screamed as the sword tore into its flesh. Gaul looked at what he had done in surprise, and noticed for the first time the sword in his hand. Furious, the creature lunged full force at him.

“Ira numquam iuvit te.
Et non potes vincere ullum rem!”

Both combatants stared at the gaping wound in the demon’s chest. Its black heart kept pumping until it fell out entirely. A look of pathos in its eyes, the demon dissolved into a putrid yellowish mass.

“Veni, veni, demona noctis—
Veni, veni, demona noctis—
Veni, veni, rape tuam mortuum!”

With a heavy breath, Gaul collapsed in the aisle.

After a few minutes, he noticed that something was moving in the yellowish mass. He prodded with his sword, and revealed—Devon!


“All right…I give.”

“You have to die now, Devon.”

“I know.”

“Devon, don’t ever do anything like this again—and I just don’t mean summoning the demon. If you ever try to write a story like this again, or if you ever rip someone off again—you will regret it.”


Gaul thrust his sword into Devon, and the invader was banished at last.


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