Fight the Fanfic Epilogue


By Captain Gaul

Frog peered out the window of the Epoch. “So, what haveth I missed?”

Lucca pointed out the window to the various sites along the way.

In 600 AD, a band of Truce villagers was working with the few surviving Guardian soldiers to reconstruct the castle. There was also the bit of luck that the Queen and Crown Prince had been away, so the Guardia family line would not be wrecked by this catastrophe.

The 1000 AD villagers were engaged in very much the same project. The fact that Crono and the princess had slain the king was a bit of embarrassment, since it’s never desirable to hand the throne to murderers, but that would be worked out later.

The robots had been reprogrammed, repaired, reactivated, and returned to their normal duties. The Dark Palace was returned to the junkyard it had been assembled from.

The Ioka tribe returned to a degree of normality, and Ayla was very thankful that her daughter had been spirited away to the Laruba tribe before the crisis had begun.

And they could see Gaul, Chi, Moe, and Magus repairing the house by the sea. They waved as the Epoch went by.

Back in our own reality, Devon, Tom, and Frank’s mutual friendship has gone to pot. They’re all angry about each other’s betrayal, and aren’t exactly on speaking terms. Neither Devon nor Frank is capable of completing a sentence in writing anymore—and neither of them want to.

Meanwhile, the author is busy typing up formal apology letters to IcyBrian and Nanaki. Hopefully I pulled this all off all right; anyway, neither author intervened while the story was in progress, so they must not have been too angry.


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