Blades of Destiny Chapter 2

Fateful Meeting

By Brenton Braswell

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In the last Chapter, Cloud had a strange nightmare and went to Cosmo Canyon to figure it out. After a reunion with Red XIII, Tifa, Cloud and Red was confused about the nightmare. That night Aeris comes to Cloud in a dream and tells him what he experienced. It seems somebody has brought back Sephiroth and Ultimecia, and they plan on taking over the world Ultimecia comes from. She implored him come to the aid of the planet once again. He agreed and is waiting for the rest of Avalanche to get to Cosmo Canyon.


Cloud and Red XIII sat just outside of the research observatory at the top of Cosmo Canyon. They sat there enjoying the breeze that is blowing, a cool and gentle breeze. Unknown to them, something is heading fast toward their way.

In the distance, Red can see something approaching fast toward their way. “Umm, Cloud, I think something is headed toward us and at a very high rate of speed.”

Cloud could now see a shape, “I see it, and I hope it isn’t what I think it is,” commented Cloud. After a few more second of looking, the shape looks vaguely like the Highwind. “It’s the Highwind. I wonder what Cid is doing, he’s not slowing down or anything.”

“I think he’s going to buzz the observatory,” said Red. “At that rate of speed, it’s probably going to cause a sonic boom.”

Cloud just looked at Red realizing what he just said. After a second, both were scrambling toward the ladder.

Alas, they were to late, because the Highwind II just passed over the observatory. Leaving in it’s wake, a very high wind following it. The wind was so strong it forced Cloud and Red off their feet and hurtling them in the air toward one of the walls. In the second and half that the Highwind passed over them, they find themselves slamming very hard against the wall.

Getting off the ground, Cloud yelled, “What the hell is wrong with Cid?!!!! That was totally uncalled for!”

In the distance they can see the Highwind II landing. (Cid had some nerve doing that. Only Cid would do something that crazy.) Thought Cloud. “Well, lets go down and see Cid and the others.”


In the Northern Crater, Sephiroth waits impatiently for some Diaz’s warriors to show up. The waiting was getting boring, and one thought was almost always in his head. It was revenge against Cloud Strife, the failure. But first, he would be the general in Marquis’s army for the time being. (Once I’m finished conquering that other world, I should kill Diaz, and take his place as the supreme ruler of that world. With Ultimecia supporting me, that world will fall in no time. I also hope he has some strong warriors with him. Without somebody strong, this will be harder than it should be.)

He looked over in Ultimecia’s direction to study her. (I wonder can she be my equal in power. She’s not bad looking if I do say so myself.) Returning his gaze to the direction it was before, he pondered some more. (If I could, I would kill Strife now. I should kill that Lockheart woman to make him suffer before his end.)

Sephiroth also wondered why he was following Diaz in the first place. He didn’t like the thought of being someone’s servant. But he owed him for bringing him back to life. Also, if Diaz had enough power to restore life, the power to take it will be probably stronger. With the newly found power that Diaz unlocked in Sephiroth, He should be somewhat of a match for him. But the battle would be lopsided and the power advantage would be in Diaz’s favor. If it was one thing Sephiroth was not, he was not foolish and suicidal.

It also bothered Sephiroth that Diaz hid behind a cloak. He was probably hiding his looks or he has a flare for the dramatic. (He’ll probably unveil himself when we meet the enemy.) Thought Sephiroth.

Suddenly a blue vortex appeared out of nowhere, and Diaz came into view from another chamber to greet the figures that stepped out of the vortex and then closed.

From what he could see from where he was sitting, there were four men and two women. They all looked physically strong, but did they have the strength and skills that he needed?

“I see that they took their pretty time getting here!” Sephiroth curtly said.

“Yes, they did take longer than expected, what took so long?” asked Diaz in the direction of the six warriors.

“My lord, please forgive us, we would have been here sooner, but the rebellion on Artuna caught on to us leaving,” said the one with red hair and blue uniform on.

“What is the situation right now on Artuna?” Diaz questioned.

“The rebels launched a full scale attack on us, but it wasn’t enough to defeat us, and we wiped them out,” said the muscular man.

“Excellent,” said Diaz. “Sephiroth, Ultimecia, come over here and meet the strongest warriors in your army.”

Both got up and walked over to the group by the vortex that was now closing.

The one with the red hair, and blue eyes stepped out the line they were in. He bowed slightly to Sephiroth and Ultemicia, and said, “ I am Krelnar Lightmoon.”

Taking his name in note, Sephiroth saw that he had broadsword for his weapon strapped to his back in a sheath. He had a military uniform on, which consisted of blue pants, a blue jacket, a crescent moon, that was red, on the left arm sleeve, and he wore knee high black boots. He wore his hairstyle in an army crew cut, which is short on the sides and back, and the hair on the top of his head cut into a box like shape.

The next to step forward was the tall muscular man that spoke a few moments ago. His height is six foot two. He had black hair, black eyes, and a short mustache on his face. He seemed to have on a black Karate gi on, along with black boots. He seemed to have on a little armor on over the Karate gi. He didn’t seem to have any weapons on him. “ I am Maximus.”

The third one to step forward was the oldest one of all of them. He looked like old wutainian samurai to Sephiroth. He was in red and black armor. He had a fine looking katana blade, but he couldn’t really tell because it was sheathed. Grey hair in a high ponytail, long beard, and the clothing made him look like a stereotypical old samurai. One thing Sephiroth learned was not to underestimate enemies based on looks alone. When the old samurai felt that Sephiroth was through sizing him up, he spoke up, “ My name is Kenoshi Miyamotori.”

The last of the men to step forward was more ruggish looking. He had brown hair, brown eyes, an average muscular build, and various pieces of armor on his body. He had armor on his fore arms, chest, waist, and on his lower part of his legs. Under the armor, he had a brown shirt and brown pants, and he wore a black cloak just around his shoulders. One thing for sure, he was real color coordinated. The most distinguishing feature about him was his scar that seemed to start on the right side of his cheek, and goes down to his right side of his neck. “My name is Darius Wolfe,” said the man. The weapon he carried was a nangenta, a staff with a blade attached to the end of the staff. The blade part was big and was curved upward as to look like a half moon.

One of the two women stepped forward. She had shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, and hourglass figure; She was wearing a red body suit that showed off the shapely curves of her body, and black knee high boots, and some sort of fighting gloves on. The weapons she had were two long looking sai in a sheath just strapped around her lower back. She looked from Sephiroth to Ultimecia and said, “My name is Naomi Kusanagi, I hope you’re as good of a general and leader as the master says, that idiot over there almost got us killed with one of his stupid plans on Artuna,” she said while pointing a thumb in Krelnar’s direction.

Glaring at Naomi, Krelnar said, “Shut your mouth woman, or else I’ll shove this sword down your throat.”

“Hah, I’d like to see you try!” shouted Naomi.

“Enough of this foolishness!” Diaz roared. “You are warriors of the highest caliber, not little children! I do not want to hear what happened on Artuna, as long as the resistance there has been defeated, there should be nothing to worry about.”

With that said and done the other woman stepped forward. “I am Oriana.” Out of all of them, she was the shortest of the group. By Sephiroth’s calculation he would say she was 5’4”. She had black hair in a ponytail with two bangs that start in the middle of her forehead, and stopped at the level where her chin was. They were kind of similar to his but they don’t point out as much. She had brown eyes that looked mysterious. She was also given curves in the right places. She wore a blue tank top that stopped above her stomach. (Author’s note: think of the kind of tank top Tifa wears.) On her wrist and hands, red-fighting gloves, Black pants and black shoes completed her outfit. To Sephiroth, she has that innocent sweet look, one that fools opponents, and they probably underestimate her up until it’s too late. Her weapon is a sheathed broadsword strapped to a belt around her waist.

All in all, things didn’t look too bad. Also, he couldn’t wait to try out his new power that Diaz has revealed to him.

Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling. He knew this feeling. The last time he felt this feeling was when Cloud Strife was somewhere around. Things were starting to look up after all, and he might get his revenge today.


At the top of the northern crater, the Highwind II sure was as fast as Cid said it would be.

Cloud looked around at all of the people in the brigde. (Avalanche is once again whole. I hope this is the last time we will have to meet like this.)

Suddenly, Cloud felt a strange feeling. He knew what this feeling was. He felt it when he was somewhere close by Sephiroth. Ever since Cloud was forcibly given Jenova cells by professor Hojo, Cloud could sense an individual who has Jenova cells inside of their being.

“Well, I guess this is probably going to be one of the toughest battles that we ever had,” said Cloud. Wishing he didn’t have to say speeches like this, he continued on. “I’m hoping for a good outcome, but life is full of surprises and uncertainties.” Cloud paused for a moment to look at everybody. “If this is our last battle, I’d like to say, all of you are the best comrades and friends any person can ask for. Hell, I’d even go as far as saying you’re like a second family to me.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” said Yuffie. “I’d thought I would never see the day when you would start to doubt yourself. I hear this coming from the man who kicked Sephiroth’s ass in the lifestream all by himself.” Yuffie said while having her hands on her hips. “We’re going to come out of this, in one piece, but not before we kick Sephiroth’s ass and whoever brought him back!”

Upon saying that, Yuffie got the reaction that she wanted to see, everybody smiled or cheered, raising their confidence.

Walking over to Cloud and putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder, Barret said, “For once, I agree with the ninja, We’re going to come out of this in one piece, but everybody will have to fight with all their worth. Besides, just remember, there ain’t no getting off the train were on!”

With Cloud’s confidence restored, everybody went to the deck of the Highwind II and went down the rope ladder. They went with confidence and hope, without fully knowing the danger they was getting into.


“Now that all the introductions are finished, we’ll depart immediately into the portal that leads to the world that Ultimecia comes from,” announced Diaz.

Looking in Sephiroth’s direction, he noticed that he was staring off toward the entrance of the underground chamber. “Is something wrong?” Asked Diaz.

Focusing back to the situation at hand the silver-haired general answered, “No, just this feeling that I have.”

“Well, if that is all, Let us be on our way.” Swiftly turning toward the portal.

Knowing he would have to put off his personal vendetta against Cloud Strife for now, He walked into the portal wondering what this new world would look like.

Everyone walked into the portal after Diaz and Sephiroth. Unknown to everyone else who walked into the portal, the portal stayed open even after they went through it.


In the middle of the trek down to the place that Sephiroth would be, Cloud stopped and looked had a confused look on his face. Now something was seriously wrong right now.

Everyone seeing Cloud stopped wondered what he stopped for. Nanaki spoke up and said, “What wrong Cloud? Is there something that you sense that is a danger nearby.”

Looking over to Vincent, Cloud nodded and looked at everyone else. “It seems as if the presence of Sephiroth just disappeared off of this planet. Vincent can sense it as well.”

“Whoa, wait a second, you’re saying Vincent and you can sense Sephiroth?” Asked Cid. At this question he got nods from both men. “What do you mean he just disappeared?”

“We can’t sense his presence anymore,” answered Vincent. “We can’t explain it either, but we can go to the last location we sensed him before he disappeared.”

“Well, I guess you two are in the front of the group,” added Tifa.

The group of fighters walked on and was a little puzzled at why their trip was uneventful. After about twenty minutes of walking the group made it to the chamber that their enemy once occupied. Everyone was shocked to find it empty and a strange blue glowing portal there.

“What the heck is that thing?” asked Yuffie.

Cloud looking over at Yuffie, “I don’t know this, maybe explains why there isn’t anybody here. What do you think Red?”

Looking thoughtfully at the portal, the lion-like beast replied, “From the looks of it, it is probably a gateway or a portal to another place or world. That’s just my guess by looking at it.”

“Well it looks like our problem is solved and we don’t have to fight,” said the female ninja.

Knowing all to well what Yuffie just insinuated about, Cloud wasn’t going to have any of it. “Our problem, may be solved momentarily, but there’s nothing to stop Sephiroth from coming back. Also, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I left another world to be destroyed by Sephiroth and two unknown evils.”

“Cloud is right,” added Nanaki. “My grandfather once told me when I was just a cub about power. Power is good and bad, good because with power, you can protect the things that you love. Bad, as in it can be a corrupting force, and it can be used for evil and be abused. He also told me, if you have the power to do something, like save the world, or make a difference, you should.”

“Well, I guess anybody who wants to back out my do so now,” said Cloud looking around. “Otherwise, Let’s.” He looked over to Cid and got one of those looks that said ‘you better not say that stupid crap’. “Move out!” With that said and done, Avalanche walked into the portal with unwavering confidence.


Being aware of what was going on, a lone figure looked on at the events that were unfolding before her very eyes. She knew without her intervention, the group called Avalanche would be slaughtered.

(I guess this is probably the best time to end it all between Diaz and myself. Avalanche and the force called SeeD might be the key to victory.)

While still thinking, she unconsciously opened a portal to her destination hoping she wouldn’t get there too late. She really hoped time was on her side this one time.

With those thoughts done, she departed into the portal.


After a few moments, Sephiroth took in his surrounding and came upon a most unusual sight. The others also noticed it. About a quarter of a mile, there was a really strange looking building with mountains behind it and it didn't look like anything he's ever seen in his life. The most distinguishing feature of this building was the weird ring shape at the top of it.

“Ultimecia, do you know what that is?” Asked Diaz.

“Yes, I know very well that is building that those kursed SeeDs call Balamb Garden,” answered Ultimecia.

Who would have known that their luck would have turned out better than expected? The very thing that they were going to first seek and destroy was right in front of them. According to Ultimecia, Balamb Garden is the biggest threat to any plans of taking over the world.

“So what now master Diaz?” Asked Krelnar. “Do we go to your fortress on this world or do we try to destroy Balamb Garden now?”

“Hmm? I haven’t thought about a situation like this happening,” pondered Diaz. “What do you think Sephiroth?”

“Seeing there is just seven of us a probably over a hundred SeeDs in the garden, we should probably regroup at this fortress of yours, Marquis.” Sephiroth said thoughtfully.

“But before we do that, I want to test out the skills of an average SeeD member. I want to first see how strong the average ones are so I can try to gauge how powerful this SeeD force is and probably how good the strongest of the SeeDs might be.”

“Hmm… Not a bad plan if I do say so myself,” added Darius. “I too would like to go. It’s been a while since anybody has really been a challenge to me.”

“That sounds like an interesting plan. We should do just that. Is there any disagreements?” Asked Diaz looking around at all of those that was under his command. Seeing as nobody said anything, “then it is agreed, we shall go to Balamb Garden and see if they are a real threat to my plans.”

In saying that, everyone else followed Diaz to the so-called famous Balamb Garden.


Today like most days on the continent of Balamb was sunny to say the least. Lisa Hawkwind knew there was something very wrong with this day. She had a funny feeling this morning that she couldn’t shake. It was like something was going to happen today, and it would happen to her. She was a medium sized blonde with her hair cut short in her SeeD uniform.

Beside her was a real good friend, Daniel Kunteias, or Dan for short. Dan was a six-foot brunette with an average muscle build that most males had at garden, and he too was in his SeeD uniform. Both Dan and she were very skilled with their weapon of choice, the katana blade.

Both of them were a part of Balamb Garden’s elite special force, SeeD. They have been for over three years.

Over the last six months after the second sorceress war, Balamb Garden had been busy since it was the only operational Garden around at the time. Since the Lunar Cry, Esthar was in need of outside assistance with the monster problem. Balamb Garden agreed upon a contract to aid Esthar in the elimination of monsters that was still in the city after time compression was ended. It was five grueling months of fighting really high-leveled monsters. One thing for sure, the life of a SeeD was never dull.

Today, they were going to the fire cavern to replenish the sorely diminished stock of fire spells.

They were just outside when Dan saw nine strange people walking toward the garden.

“It looks like they’re all armed and look real dangerous,” said Dan pointing out the obvious. “I think we should check our GF junctions just in case they really want to cause trouble.”

“I think you have the right idea, because they’re headed our way right now,” added Lisa. Taking a few moments, they both equipped their Guardian Forces, and made the necessary adjustments for maximum fighting ability.

When they were about thirty feet away both Dan and Lisa could get a good look at the nine strange looking people. There were three women and six men. One seemed to be wearing a cloak around his body and it mostly hid his face. The one that seemed to stand out the most to her was the man with silver hair, a black outfit that looked like it was a military uniform and a wicked looking long blade by his side.

When the nine people were about twenty feet away they stopped in front of the two SeeDs. “Are you SeeDs?” Asked the silver-haired man.

“Yes we are, why do you ask?” replied Lisa.

“Arm yourselves, I want to test your strength for myself,” the silver-haired man said in a commanding tone.

Lisa and Dan exchanged glances “What?” Added Dan. “I guess you don’t understand who your challenging here! We’re SeeDs, part of the most elite military force on this planet!”

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” Sephiroth stated. “I heard from my comrade over that you’re not as strong as you seem to be.” His said this while gesturing a look over to the woman in the scantily clad red dress. “So Ultimecia, how strong do you think these to SeeDs look to you.”

“Judging from their appearances, they don’t look as strong as the ones that defeated me. They look weaker.” Said Ultimecia.

(What the hell are they talking about) wondered Lisa. (That name Ultimecia, it sounds familiar. I also wonder what she talking about the ones who defeated her.) She thought for one short moment before coming to a conclusion. (The only person that has that name was defeated over six months ago.)

“Are you saying you’re thee sorceress Ultimecia?” Asked Lisa.

Her answer from the woman was a very arrogant smirk. Lisa eyes narrowed, “ how do we know that you’re not lying?”

“So you need proof, do you?” Said Ultimecia. She gestured a hand toward the mountain and a ball of red light shot out and blew a big chunk out of it.

Dan and Lisa’s eyes widened at the power they just saw. Only a sorceress could do something like that.

“Shit! We’ve got to get back to garden and tell the commander and everybody else about this!” Stated Dan.

With surprising agility and unnatural reflexes, the one with the scar over his neck ran a jumped clean over the two SeeDs and landed in between they’re escape route to the Garden that was about a 220-yard dash.

“I’m sorry, but you won’t ruin the fun by getting your reinforcements,” said Darius.

Lisa knew she should have listened to that small nagging voice inside of her that said she should have stayed in bed. This was one heck of a predicament they were in. Getting out of it alive didn’t seem very likely, but hey, miracles do sometime happen.

During the conversation between Ultimecia and the SeeDs, Sephiroth felt a familiar feeling again. (I guess I’ll be able to get my revenge today after all.)


After exiting out of the portal, Cloud and the others looked around at the strange new world they were in. It was beautiful to say the least. (It won’t be beautiful for long if we don’t find Sephiroth and the other evils that accompanied him.)

Everybody also noticed the portal closed after a few moments. Trying to get back home was something that would have to be put on hold for a while.

Suddenly, a familiar feeling snapped to life inside of Cloud and Vincent.

They looked in the direction that it came from looked in awe of the building they were looking at. It had an impressive design.

Suddenly, an explosion about 75 feet to the right of the building occurred. (Who the hell has that kind of power?) Well, the answer to Cloud’s question was partly answered when he saw a group of people in the distance. He could vaguely make out some of the figures, but not details.

Also everyone saw two people that were back to back unsheathe some kind of weapons. He saw another figure unsheathe a long object. Cloud didn’t have to see details to know that was Sephiroth.

“Now I know when I see trouble, and I see trouble with a capital T,” said Barret.

“Come on, let’s go!” Cloud said while taking off in a mad dash.

The rest of Avalanche followed him and some were stunned at the speed he was running. But they knew in situations like this speed was of the utmost importance.


Having unsheathed their katana blades, Dan and Lisa looked like they were ready for anything. They stepped a few feet away from one and other to face their opponents and not to get in the way of the each other.

Lisa tried to size up her opponent based on appearance. The silver-haired man was and intimidating figure and looked real strong, but she knew from experience that it all came down to how much strength, stamina, heart, and skill when fighting.

She charged at the Sephiroth with her sword held low and to the right. When the two were in striking distance, Lisa brought her sword upward slashing motion while Sephiroth in an overhead swinging motion. The swords clashed with sparks flying. Their swords were locked in a power struggle. It seemed that Sephiroth was pushing Lisa down to her knees.

On one knee, she pushed off Sephiroth’s masamune throwing him off balance a few feet. She saw this as a chance to strike, and slashed in a horizontal motion. Sephiroth jumped back a second before the sword would have connected with his stomach.

“So you’re better than you look, but you haven’t seen anything yet,” said Sephiroth.

Smirking, Sephiroth charged at Lisa real fast and unleashed a flurry of fast controlled slashes. Lisa was able block most of the slashes, but two barely got in, but they weren’t too bad. They were just scratches. At the end the flurry, Sephiroth tried to go for a finishing move, swinging the blade at her neck. Lisa saw this and ducked just in time, and retaliated a strong side kick to Sephiroth’s gut and sent him sliding backward a few feet.

The blonde SeeD brought her right hand to her chest and concentrated. The green flair of magic surrounded her body, and she pointed her hand forward and unleashed a firaga spell at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth saw that he couldn’t avoid that at close range so he brought up the masamune blade to absorb some of the impact. It hit him in the chest and he was thrown back another few feet.

(This young woman is very impressive, but that won’t be enough to defeat me.) Sephiroth got up from the ground to see Lisa charging once more at him. They battled very intensely with slashes, dodges and parries. It looked even until Sephiroth concentrated his power into his right hand and waited for her to get closer. When Lisa swung for Sephiroth’s neck, he blocked the sword and brought his right hand forward and fired a blast of yellow energy at point blank range.

The blast engulfed her and knocked her back about 10 feet. Now things were really looking bad. She was hurt real bad, and she had trouble breathing. (I must have a couple of broken ribs. Who is this man and how the hell did he do that?) She rolled over and looked up in the opposite direction where Dan was fighting.

She was shocked to see him sprawled on the ground going into unconsciousness. The other thing she noticed was he had a very wicked looking cut on his right side. This was a really desperate situation they were both in. They’re at the mercy of nine unknown individuals that wanted to test out their skill.

When she finally turned back to look at the silver-haired man, he was casually strolling in her direction with arrongant smirk.

She tried to concentrate but the pain of her broken ribs made her lightheaded. She closed her eyes and concentrated on a curaga spell, as she felt the magic flaring up, she felt the tip of the masamune blade at her neck. Lisa opened her eyes and stopped casting her magic at once. (Well it looks like I wasn’t good enough to beat him; I guess this is the end.)

“If this is what an average SeeD can offer me, your strongest shouldn’t be that much harder to defeat,” commented Sephiroth.

Just then he heard felt a presence closing in on him. He looked in the direction and saw Cloud Strife with the Ultima Weapon unsheathed and charging fast. He pulled the blade back jumped high and backwards to avoid the powerful slash aimed for his midsection.

“It took you long enough to get here Strife,” remarked Sephiroth. He looked behind Cloud to see his comrades weren’t to far behind him. “So you brought your friends along too, the more the merrier.”

Keeping his eyes toward Sephiroth, Cloud kneeled down beside the young woman, “how bad are you wounds?”

“Real bad, I… Have a couple of broken… Ribs, and it’s hard… To breath,” Said Lisa.

“Relax, this should heal them mostly if not completely,” said Cloud while casting a cure3 spell.

When Lisa felt the magic working on her, she was able to sit up, and took a good look at her savior. He was a blonde haired man with a spiked hairdo, a piece of armor on his left shoulder, with dark blue shirt and pants, and he carried a really huge looking sword. Another thing that stood out on him was the way his eyes glowed. His eyes were glowing like her silver-haired opponent. His had a real intense look of concentration toward the silver haired man. She also noticed the people standing a few feet away from him.

“Thanks for saving me,” Lisa said with a smile toward Cloud.

“Don’t mention it,” added Cloud. “Tifa, go and check on the young man over there, I’ve got a score to settle.”

Tifa went over to Dan and checked his wound, “This could be fatal if it isn’t healed soon.” She immediately cast full cure on him and the magic healed the cut like it wasn’t there.

Once Dan was healed, he awoke instantly to see a very beautiful woman with wine colored eyes and long dark hair looking over him. “Am I dead? Are you an angel?”

Tifa smiled at him, glad to see that he was all right. “No you’re not dead, and whether I’m an angel is up to you to decide.”

Another set of footsteps running was heard. Both groups of people looked in the direction of the building to see a group of seven people running toward them.


Squall Leonhart was in the process of waiting for Zell and the others by the directory when a big explosion occurred. (It wasn’t that far from the Garden and it could be trouble.)

Just then Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie, and Zell came sprinting out of the cafeteria and toward the directory. A few seconds later, he saw the elevator descend to the first floor and out came Xu and Irvine.

“What the hell was that?!!?!” Asked Selphie.

“I don’t know but we have to check it out and quick,” said Squall in a serious tone. “It could be the Galbaldian army attacking or something else.”

Seeing a few SeeDs and students running in their direction. After they saw Squall they stopped and saluted. “I want one of you to go up to the bridge and tell Nida that I said to announce that all SeeDs and students are to be on standby because we may be under attack.” After saying that one of the students saluted and dashed to the Elevator.

“Rinoa, Zell, Selphie, Irvine, Quistis, and Xu will come with me, the rest of you wait here and wait for an announcement from Nida on the situation,” Squall said in a commanding tone.

Xu was impressed to see how he was handling the situation. (Cid must have known that Squall could think on his feet and that’s why he probably chose him to be the commander.)

With that said, Squall and others dashed out of the front gate to see fighting. As they got closer, they could see there was two SeeDs fighting two people and the seven other people not to far, being spectators. Not to far from them there was a group of seven running toward the fight.

One of the SeeDs just went down by getting slashed in the side. The man fighting him walked over to the group of spectators. They knew if they weren’t fast enough, the two SeeDs would be goners.

The other one fighting just went down after getting blasted by a beam of yellow energy. Her opponent went over her a put his sword to her neck.

Suddenly the one in front of the group of seven dashing toward the fight unsheathed a huge looking sword and nearly slashed the silver-haired man. Now things were really getting confusing. The spiked-haired blonde knelt down and cured the injured SeeD. (The group of seven must not be threatening, but I’ll stay on my guard just in case.)

Also Squall and his group saw a woman in a white tank top and short skirt with long hair walk over to the other injured SeeD. She knelt by him and healed him with some spell that Squall never saw.

When everybody got close enough, they came to a stop about fifteen feet from the group of seven and the two SeeD members.


(Despite Avalanche being here, that should not hinder my plans of taking over this world.) Diaz pondered.

The tension was so heavy between the three groups; you could cut it like butter.

Stepping forward, Diaz had all eyes on him. Just the way he liked it.

Grabbing the cloak around him, he threw it off to reveal what he looked like.

Diaz was a middle-aged man with a huge build, one that could rival Arnold Scwarzenagger. His face was weathered and scarred like he seen a lot of battles, and his hair was a dirty blonde color. He wore a silver breastplate that had an insignia of some kind of dragon, and had forearm armor. The breastplate armor was very intricate and had lots of jewels in it. He had armor that covered his waist and on his shins and feet. He had a broadsword that was sheathed at the time and strapped to his side. The handle was very flashy and had lots of jewels in it. All in all, you could say Diaz was a flashy knight or king that you would see in fictional books or in movies.

“So it seems that all of the players are here!” shouted Diaz. “My name is Diaz Marquis, I just thought you should know the name of your executioner. Now let the show begin!”


Author Notes: Well it seems that everybody that Diaz was planning to get rid of is there. Well, I know all of you are wondering, who the hell is Diaz Marquis and those people with him? Who was that mysterious woman? Also, What kind of power do all of these new people possess? Well, I you’ll have to find out in the next chapter. There will be a big fight scene and questions will be answered and new questions will arise? Look out for chapter 3. Please review. Any comments, constructive criticism, and positive reviews would be nice to get, but people sending flames will only be wasting they’re time. Well, I just noticed what kind of situation I put myself in. Chapter 3 will be a very hard chapter to write, and it may take some time, please be patient. Oh yeah, I hope you don’t get too annoyed by these notes being real long.

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Chapter 3

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