Blades of Destiny Chapter 3

Power Unleashed

By Brenton Braswell

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In the last chapter, Sephiroth and Ultimecia were introduced to the strongest warriors in Diaz’s army. Sephiroth had his doubts, but he put them on hold. Going to the Northern Crater, Avalanche arrives there to find that Sephiroth and the unknown evils are gone. Without too much thought, Cloud and the others jump into the portal to a world unknown to them. Not too far away, Sephiroth and Darius challenged two SeeD members to test their strength. Being defeated, the two SeeDs time looked like it was up until Cloud intervenes and seven other individuals show up. Diaz reveals himself and says, “Now, Let the show begin!” What power does Diaz and his minions have? Will it be too much for the saviors of two worlds to handle? Well, you just have to find out by reading. I really watch too much Dragon Ball Z for my own good.


What originally was turning out to be a very boring day, really took a turn for the worst. First off, today was the day that was supposed to be a rest from all of the fighting and a nice dinner at Zell’s house. (Well, I guess we can just forget that.)

Squall motioned for Zell, to take a look at the injured SeeD by the dark-haired woman while he and Selphie ventured over to the female SeeD by the blonde swordsman with the strange looking blade.

“Are you ok?” Squall said to Lisa.

She looked up to see the commander and immediately went into the motion to salute him, but he waved it off. “I’m fine commander, thanks to this man.” She was gesturing toward Cloud.

Squall then noticed how Cloud kept his concentration toward the Silver-haired man and took little glances in their direction trying to stay on his guard. “I take it that you and those six aren’t with that other group,” saying it as a statement, but coming out ruder than expected.

“No, we’re here to stop them before they cause any damage to this world,” replied Cloud.

(Cause damage to this world? What in Hyne is he talking about?) Thought Squall.

With Selphie supporting Lisa by the arm and helping her up, Cloud was able to stand up and lowered his guard for a little bit. Selphie and Zell helped Dan and Lisa back over to where Quistis and the others were. From the distance that Sephiroth was, Cloud would have time to react to anything that Sephiroth did.

When they got up Diaz decided to voice his opinion. “How very convenient that all of the people that I plan to destroy and are right here. This saves me a considerable amount of time, instead of searching and hunting you down.”

Once again everybody turned his or her attention toward Diaz. Squall looked at the rest of the people that stood beside him. They all had very strange looking outfits and all had weapons except one of them. When he took a better look at her, he still didn’t want to believe his eyes. (Shit! I thought we killed Ultimecia in time compression. How in the hell can she still be alive?)

Squall then looked toward his companions when they realized that they also saw Ultimecia. Everybody was shocked, but Xu. (Oh yeah, Xu wasn’t with us at the time.)

“The hell?!!!?!!! I thought we killed her!” Zell cried out.

“You did, but I brought her back,” said Diaz with a smug look on his face.

Squall walked over to Cloud and stopped a short distance away from him as not to appear threatening. “It seems as though you and those others behind you are not with them. Why don’t we team up and take them out. By the way, the name’s Squall.”

“Yeah, we should, it seems as though that one woman over there is your enemy. I’m Cloud, and lets handle the introductions later.” Cloud said while keeping his guard up. “When the fighting starts, the one with the silver hair and masumune blade is mine.”

“Yeah sure, whatever,” replied Squall.

“Okay, this is making me really mad!” Shouted Barret. “First, this psycho brings back the one man who nearly destroys the world with a meteor. Now he talks to all of us like we’re some inferior beings. I’m tired of this sonavabitch!”

Squall then looked at the speaker; he was dark skinned, very big and muscle bound, he had on green pants with a brown vest and his hair in a box-like style. The thing that shocked Squall a lot was that he had a gun or more like a cannon attached to his right arm. He aimed and fired a couple of shots at the one calling himself Diaz. Just as he fired the shots at Diaz, a blue iridescent shield appeared out of nowhere and blocked the shots that were aimed for him.

“Well, you can just get rid of the idea of killing us with firearms Mr. Wallace, Kinneas, and Valentine,” Diaz replied with a very arrogant tone.

(Well, I guess that’s three people out of the this fight.) Everyone who had a weapon unsheathed it, unhooked it, or unsnapped it, and got into their battle stances. Everyone from the three groups was waiting for one to make the opening move.


(Author’s Note: I’ll separate most of the fights into different parts as not to cause too much confusion. Oh yeah, I’m sorry if this is annoying, I’ll try not to have too many in this chapter.)


Squall Leonhart knew there was no avoiding the battle that was about to break out. With the appearance of Ultimecia and eight unknown individuals by her side, things were really starting to get confusing and crazy at the same time. (After all of the trouble of fighting her over six months ago, some psycho brings her back and she’s probably more powerful.) These thoughts didn’t sit well in Squall’s mind. (The other seven, they don’t seem evil or have any malicious minds, but I can’t let my guard down. There’s no telling what they’re capable of.)

Without warning, Cloud furiously charged at Sephiroth, attacking him only to get his sword expertly blocked. Sephiroth ran a little distance away from the area where the three groups stood. Knowing full well what he had in mind, Cloud followed hot on his tail. When they were far enough, they seemed to stop and go at it like long time rivals or enemies.

With nearly everyone sort of distracted, no one noticed until it was too late that somebody was casting magic. Squall looked around quickly and realized it was Ultimecia.

After finishing her spell, Squall noticed that nothing happened until Zell yelled.

“Oh Shit! Meteors! Everyone scatter!” yelled Zell.

There were two groups of meteors heading for the SeeDs and Avalanche. It was just seconds before they impacted upon the two groups.

Both groups scattered and some of both groups were hit and some escaped the onslaught.

When Squall looked around himself, he noticed that both groups were scattered and mixed up with one and other.

(Shit! I think they planned on something like this to happen.)

“Okay, let the fun begin!” Bellowed Diaz. The rest of the people around him rushed or walked at a group of SeeD members and Avalanche mixed together, except for Ultimecia and Diaz.

Glancing to his left, Squall noticed the only one by him was Rinoa. “Don’t worry about me Squall. Seeing as I have the most skill with magic since I’m a sorceress, I’ll try to be support for everyone.” With that said, Rinoa cast triple on herself and started casting supports spells like protect and haste on most of the groups. She didn’t want to cast shell, because it will weaken the effect of a cure spell if somebody cast one.

In an instant, fights broke out all around him and he didn’t have time to watch.

Squall noticed one of the people from Diaz’s group stopped just a few feet away from him. He looked Squall up and down as to size him up just by appearance. Squall was also sizing up his opponent. He was a man with red hair in a crew cut and a blue looking military uniform. Squall also took notice of the broadsword that he held in his left hand.

“So, you’re the mighty Leonhart that I’ve heard so much about,” commented Krelnar. “The commander of this mercenary force, SeeD. You should be the strongest in this army, if I beat you, your army should fall without their commander.”

“That’s if you beat me, which you won’t, I think actions speak louder than words,” replied Squall.

“As do I, as do I, well then, En guard!” Bringing his sword into a battle ready position, he was ready to fight as much as Squall was.

With a moment of holding their stances, Squall charged forward, and brought the Lionheart above his head in a classic overhead swing. Knowing full well how most dueling with swords start off, Krelnar brought his broadsword in a horizontal swinging position. When the blades clashed, the two were locked in a sword lock. Not wanting to be in this position for long, Squall pulled the trigger of his gunblade and a small explosion knocked Krelnar back a few feet. Being unfazed, Krelnar started going into a series of thrusts and slashes at Squall. Being the expert gunbladesman that he was, Squall blocked and dodged the blows and looked for an opening to attack. He found one when Krelnar went for a fast clumsy swing. Squall brought the Lionheart to meet it with a more expert slash and connected, knocking Krelnar off balance for a few seconds and slashed his arm.

His plan didn’t go as he hoped it would because Krelnar saw the move and jumped back a few feet, but he wasn’t left unscathed. The slash was just a flesh wound, and it didn’t look like it bothered Krelnar at all.

“So, it seems as though first blood goes to you,” remarked Krelnar. “I’m tired of playing, and now it’s time to get serious.”

In a blink of an eye, a red aura surrounded Krelnar like he was on fire. After a few seconds, Krelnar jumped back and slashed his sword through the air in a diagonal downward motion toward Squall. During the motion, a ball of fire shot out of the sword and streaked incredibly fast toward the leather-clad mercenary.

Being shocked, Squall was barely able to bring his gunblade up to block the fireball and it exploded and pushed Squall a few feet back. Squall wondered if that could be his limit break, but was brought his thoughts when Krelnar sent three more fireballs his way.

(I wonder could I deflect these fireballs.) Without a second thought, Squall brought his gunblade up in a upward diagonal motion three times and connected with the fireballs and sent them sailing far over is shoulders behind him and exploded when they landed on the ground. Squall silently thanked the GFs and the weaponshop guy who made the Lionheart. It was resistant to most magic spells or energy based attacks, and he could deflect most of them back at the shooter or away from himself.

“Fight magic with magic Squall!” Rinoa shouted a few feet away from the fight.

Taking Rinoa’s advice, Squall concentrated and cast a holy spell at the rushing Krelnar. The balls of magic hit Krelnar, stopping his rush and went around him for a few seconds before all of them hitting him at once creating a light pillar that engulfed his being. Krelnar really looked hurt, was healed with a double dose of curaga from an unknown source.

(Shit! Ultimecia must have cured him.) Suddenly, Squall felt a familiar feeling of magic seep into his being. He noticed his body took on a slight golden hue. Rinoa cast an aura spell on him. Without wasting a second, Squall went into the renzokuken combo of his limit break.

He rushed Krelnar with surprising speed, and started slashing fast and skillfully. Krelnar was surprised by the sudden technique that Squall unleashed upon him, but was hit by only two hits while he blocked the rest. When Squall was finished, he surprisingly caught Krelnar off guard with the upward slash of the Lionheart part of his limit break, knocking him way up in the air. With the incredible agility the limit break supplied Squall with, he jumped high into the air to meet Krelnar. When he was up high enough, Squall began his assault, but all of it was blocked, but the last hit that produced the explosion hurt Krelnar a bit.

When they were back on the ground, Krelnar smirked as if being amused. “That was a interesting technique, one that I’ve never seen before. Let’s see how you fare when I turn up the juice a bit more.” Upon finishing his gloating, Krelnar rushed Squall extremely fast and they went at it some more with slashes, thrusts, blocks, and parries.

Squall really knew if he were to come out of this fight on top, he could not afford to make any mistakes and fight with all of his worth.


Maximus and Oriana decided to team up to take out the two groups of SeeD and Avalanche members that they chose. The group that faced Maximus consisted of Zell, Quistis and Yuffie. The group that faced Oriana was Xu and Tifa.

Both groups were surprised when they immediately rushed toward them. When Maximus was close enough, he initiated a flying jump kick and nailed Yuffie right in the chest knocking her back and down a few feet. Yuffie just got the wind knocked out of her. Quistis decided to come forward and distract Maximus so Zell could help Yuffie.

With the quickness, Quistis started swinging and snapping save the queen whip toward Maximus in a very skillful manner. Maximus made sure that he wasn’t at the place the orange golden whip struck because the tip looked really sharp, and he saw what happened when she hit the ground with it. Quistis was somewhat surprised at how agile and skillfully he avoided her whip. She just hoped Zell and that skinny looking girl in the skimpy outfit got up fast because she knew she wouldn’t be able to keeping attacking at this pace.

Zell knelt down toward the Yuffie and helped her up in a sitting position. Yuffie had a little trouble breathing seeing as a six foot two hundred and something muscular giant kicked her in the chest. “Are you alright?” Asked Zell.

“Yeah… Sure… I just got to catch my… Breath,” said Yuffie while panting for air. “Nothing broken, I just need a minute of get my breath back.”

“Good, take all the time you need and jump back in the fight when you feel ready,” Zell said with thumbs up. He got up and dashed toward Quistis amazed that she can drive him back that far.

Being tired of all of the dodging, Maximus grabbed Quistis whip and threw a hard right into her stomach. Quistis really got the air knocked out of her, and crouched over a little. Letting go of her whip, Maximus followed up with a left uppercut that sent her flying at Zell. Zell collided with the flying Quistis and softened her fall. Quistis got on her hand and knees and started to grasp for breath. Quistis jaw was a little swollen by that blow and was red where Maximus hit her.

Zell was really getting mad, but didn’t lose his temper. He fed off his anger and rushed toward Maximus and attempted a flying kick. Maximus saw this and ducked as Zell flew right over him. Maximus attempted a sidekick to catch Zell off guard after the flying jump kick but Zell skillfully blocked it.

In no time Zell and Maximus was throwing an assortment of punches and kicks at each other. They both connected with only a few blows and it looked even. Zell mentally noted that he would have to keep his guard up because Maximus was incredibly strong. To a spectator, Zell and Maximus’s fight would look like one of those fights you would see in an old kung-fu movie. It was even until Zell missed a spinning roundhouse that went right over Maximus head. From the crouching position, Maximus came up with a back flipping kick that connected solidly with Zell’s chin. Zell was flung back a few feet and was on the ground.

“You’re good boy, but you need better skills to beat me,” gloated Maximus.

Quistis was back up and she attempted to wrap his legs with her whip and trip him. Maximus saw the move coming and dodged and rushed forward. He threw two punches that connected with Quistis’s face and did a spinning roundhouse kick and knocked her down.

Yuffie was up and well saw the situation Zell and Quistis was in a saw her chance to act. She brought the conformer back and swung it forward with all of her might and released it. It flew real fast at Maximus and he didn’t notice it until it was too late. He jumped back but was grazed on his left side and blood seeped out of the wound. After hitting Maximus, the conformer came back like a boomerang effect and Yuffie caught it.

Grimacing at the pain, Maximus looked at Yuffie with a murderous look. Now if looks could really kill, Yuffie would be dead by now.

Without warning, Maximus felt magic go into his body, healing the wound and sowing it up. Maximus was cured by an unknown source but he knew who it was. (Many thanks, lady Ultimecia.)

Now this really didn’t look like it was going well.


Xu and Tifa wasn’t faring any better against Oriana. When the fight begun, Xu and Tifa looked like they were getting the upper hand against her. Xu attacked with her two kadochis while Tifa stood back and cast magic at her and waited until Xu was either knocked away or backed off and attacked. (AN: The daggers that Xu uses is ones that a female ninja uses, or just think of the weapons Ayame uses in the Tenchu series.) Xu had the advantage in speed but Oriana had the advantage in reach with her broadsword.

Xu attempted to dazzle Oriana with real quick strikes, but it wasn’t working, and they were expertly blocked and dodged. Oriana went own her own offense and knocked one of Xu’s kadochis away. With another swing of her broadsword, she knocked the other away and was preparing to do a finishing move on her.

Tifa saw this and rushed in connecting with a punch that sent Oriana to the ground. Seeing this, Xu nodded thanks at Tifa and retrieved both of her weapons. When Oriana got up, and was immediately caught off guard by Xu and had her broadsword knocked a few feet away.

Upon having this happen, Xu really turned up her offense and slashed wildly at Oriana hoping to catch her. Being real skilled, Oriana dodged all of the slashes and ducked the last swing that was aimed for her head. She jumped up and spun around kicking Xu with her right leg and came around with her left. Usually, after doing a move like this, one would come down, but Oriana looked like an unknown force held her up. After the left spinning roundhouse connected Xu was about to fall when Oriana quickly brought her right leg up in a forward high kicking motion. It connected with Xu’s chin and sent her flying a few feet backward before hitting the ground.

After that kick, Oriana landed on the ground in a crouching position. She immediately got up and did a few back flips in Maximus’s direction, picked up her broadsword on her way back and landed beside Maximus.

Tifa rushed to Xu’s side and helped her up to her knee’s. She noticed that Xu was really dazed and bleeding from her nose. Tifa activated the full cure materia and healed Xu all the way and stopped the bleeding of her nose.

“Are you alright Miss?” Asked Tifa. “That was a wicked move she did there. By the way, my name is Tifa.”

“Yeah, I’m okay after you used that magic,” replied Xu. “By the way, my name’s Xu, and it seems we make a good team.”

Looking over at the group that was fighting Maximus, Tifa noticed that Yuffie was the only one standing while the other two was on the ground. “We have to go over and help them.” Noting what Tifa was getting at Xu nodded and they both got up and ran over to them.

Xu cast triple and cast a triple curaga on both Zell and Quistis because they really looked like they need it.

After getting up, the five of them looked at Maximus and Oriana as she sheathed her broadsword. It looked like they were daring the five of them to attack.

Tifa got fed up with this and walked to the front of the combined group. She concentrated on a red summon materia and said, “Come forth, Ice goddess Shiva!” The thing that was surprising was that after the red flair of magic, Shiva didn’t appear. (What happened? Shiva didn’t come. She never failed to come in our previous battles, what’s so different about this time.)

Coming up beside her, Quistis asked, “did you say Shiva? I’m junctioned to Shiva right now.”

“I tried to summon her but nothing happened,” Tifa said in disbelief.

“Are you saying, that you can summon Shiva with that red orb you have there.” Tifa nodded.

“What? Is that all you have for us?” Maximus yelled.

Getting annoyed, Quistis reached into her mind and summoned Shiva. The five of them went transparent and disappeared. Tifa and Yuffie was surprised when they saw an icicle with a bluish woman incased in it shoot out of the ground. Shiva broke out in an instant. Tifa and Yuffie were surprised at her appearance. Shiva looked a little shorter, but her body looked more slender looking. Her hair was also different from the way that they usually saw it, and it was blue and green streaked with blonde. She arched her body while bring her arms over her head and power was gathering at her hand. She instantly brought her hands forward and shot the shards of magical ice at Maximus and Oriana.

Maximus and Oriana were really surprised and didn’t know how to defend against the attack. They just brought their arms up in a guard position and took the brunt of the magic attack. They were immediately sprawled on the ground and were hurt, but in an instant both jumped to their feet and brought their hands forward together. Out shot two blue energy beams that streaked fast toward the five.

Zell and Tifa managed to jump out of the way and avoid the beams but Quistis, Xu, and Yuffie weren’t so lucky and was knocked into unconsciousness.

With both Zell and Tifa seeing their comrades knocked out, their anger started to manifest it self. Both rushed toward, Maximus and Oriana, but Tifa just started her limit break attack combo on Oriana. She connected with all the hits of the beat rush, and did the somersault on her. Unknown to Tifa, the flipping kick didn’t hurt Oriana as much as she expected. Oriana was able to recover fast and ducked under the water kick and delivered an uppercut to Tifa, thus knocking Tifa out of her limit break combo attack.

From a distance, Rinoa saw what happened to Quistis, Xu, Yuffie, and Tifa. She was concentrating on casting curaga spells when she felt that sixth sense that she received when she became a sorceress. It was telling her if she didn’t move fast, she would be sorry. She immediately stopped and jumped back and side-to-side to dodge the triple thundaga spells aimed at her. She looked across the battlefield and saw Ultimecia smirking at her as she was saying you won’t interfere.

Now this was really looking desperate for their side. She had to take Ultimecia out if she was going to help all the others out. She looked at were the blond haired man and the silver haired man was fighting and watched that battle waiting to assist Cloud at a moments’ notice. She also watched Squall’s battle with Krelnar. She really wished she could fight along side the other’s with her weapon, but it looked like their opponents were really skilled and would probably block her weapon without much effort. Since it didn’t look like she was fighting anytime soon, she decided to become the magic support for everyone.


After all of the fighting broke out, Sephiroth and Cloud were already going at it like two men that were possessed. After the initial start of the fight, neither of them seemed to be getting the upper hand. They backed off for a few moments to plan their next moves.

Cloud decided to go on the offense by bringing his huge blade over his head and coming down with toward Sephiroth. Sephiroth saw this and blocked, and attempted a horizontal slash at Cloud’s midsection. That was also easily blocked. Both men clashed their swords together once again in a sword lock. Learning from a previous mistake in the past, Sephiroth immediately did a sidekick that connected with Cloud’s midsection and sent him back a couple of feet.

Both immediately started concentrating on a materia that was imbedded in their weapons and unleashed the power against each other. Cloud unleashed and ice3 spell while Sephiroth unleashed a fire3 spell. Both spells hit the target that they were aimed at and both men were flung back.

Sephiroth got up with a smile on his face. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this Strife. I was planning on killing that Lockheart woman that you’re in love with to make you suffer, but this is probably much more to the point.”

“I swear Sephiroth, it all ends today. All the pain and suffering that you’ve caused me will end with your death,” Cloud stated. I an instant, images flashed in Cloud’s mind. The image of Nibelheim being cast in flames, Sephiroth killing people randomly. He also saw the image of his mother in a pool of blood while the house he grew up in was on fire. Another image that flashed in his mind was Tifa at Nibelheim reactor with a sword wound going across her chest. The last image was of the masamune going straight through Aeris’s midsection, and Sephiroth smirking before taking out the blade and letting her fall forward with Cloud catching her. All of these images flashed in Cloud’s mind in a matter of seconds. Cloud was trying his best not to go into a blind rage, but also trying to build up his rage to go into his limit break.

After seeing those images, Cloud decided to rush forward with his sword to the side and a little bit a back. At the same time, Sephiroth rushed forward also with his sword in a ready swinging position. When they were close enough, they both swung with their swords in a lock.

It was just at that moment that both men heard a slight whistling noise. They both looked up and saw a fireball heading toward their way. They both brought their swords back and turned in opposite directions to run and avoid it. It was a few seconds after they turned and started to run that the fireball impacted the spot they were previously at. The force of the explosion sent men into the air and crashing violently to the ground.

Rinoa from where she was decided if she was going to help the blonde-haired swordsman now would be the perfect time. She would have to be wary though, because after trying to help Quistis, Zell, and some unknown girl, Ultimecia almost nailed her with a triple thundaga spell. (I guess it’s now or never.) She decided to cast an aura spell on him and let the flair of the magic surround her body. She cast it on him and saw as his body to on the golden hue.

Cloud was getting up when he felt an unknown power surging into his body. He also noticed his body took on a golden hue. He looked around at who cast a spell on him and also noting at how slowly Sephiroth was getting up.

“That’s an aura spell! You can do your limit break now!” Yelled Rinoa.

Cloud looked around and saw the owner of the voice that cast the magic on him. It was beautiful dark-haired young woman in a blue and black outfit.

“Hurry up! It won’t last that long!” Rinoa stated.

Smiling, Cloud nodded at Rinoa before seeing her hit and flung back to the ground by and powerful fire spell. Cloud was shocked to see her be hit by it, but was relieved when she got back up. Focusing his attention on Sephiroth once more, he noticed Sephiroth was up and heard what the girl said and brought the masamune into the ready position again.

Cloud smirked a little bit before putting the serious look back on his face. A red haze flared around his body for a few seconds with him bringing the Ultima weapon in a vertical position.

With amazing speed and agility, Cloud ran toward Sephiroth with his sword held back ready to strike. When he was in striking range he unleashed a barrage of lightning quick slashes at Sephiroth. What was surprising was that Sephiroth matched Cloud’s speed and blocked and dodged all of the blows. In the final strike, Cloud jumped up and gathered energy with the Ultima weapon. He came down in a downward slashing motion, but Sephiroth dodged this blow and jumped back to avoid the explosion of energy that was released when Cloud’s sword hit the ground.

Upon seeing the energy disappear, Sephiroth took advantage of Cloud’s moment to recover from the limit break and slashed his right shoulder.

Cloud’s shoulder felt like it was on fire, and retreated backs a couple of feet while dodging sword slashes from the masamune.

Cloud started to concentrate on a cure3 spell but stopped when Sephiroth saw this and attacked him to stop him from recovering. Cloud was forced to stop and block. Sephiroth stated, “sorry, but I can’t let you do that.”

Rinoa also saw this from the distance and tried to cast a curaga spell at Cloud, but was stopped when she almost go nailed by a blizzaga spell. She got fed up and sent a barrage of meteors at Ultimecia and Diaz. It was then that Diaz raised his hand and the meteors exploded on an invisible shield a few feet above them.

Diaz then heard a few roars coming from the forest behind him and turned toward the forest. They went on for only half a minute.

“YYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Yelled a female voice and an explosion occurred a second after that. After a few seconds, he saw black smoke coming out of the forest by the edge. A female figure could be seen walking through the smoke.

He then looked around to notice that everyone took notice of the explosion and smoke and stopped fighting to see what was going on. He reached out with his sensing ability to sense the power that came from that direction. It was a familiar power and one that he hasn’t felt in a long time. Things were really starting to look interesting now.


Out of all the places for a portal to appear, it had to appear in Balamb’s fire cavern. (Out of all the times that I’ve did that, this probably has to be worst time for me to mess up things.) Thought the young woman. Lensey knew that time was not going to be on her side in getting to Diaz before the SeeDs and Avalanche had their first encounter with him and his warriors. She looked and saw a lake of lava surround her on two sides. She just then noticed this was where Squall had taken his exam prerequisite and defeated the guardian force, Ifrit.

Lensey was a young woman in a red karate gi top with white pants and red shoes. She has brown eyes and light brown hair in a ponytail much like Tifa Lockheart’s but her hair is not as long and stops just below her shoulders. Her weapons were red fighting gloves like the ones Oriana has on and a katana sword strapped to her back in a sheath. She looked very athletic with a slight muscle build that women have and was very beautiful. If you were to meet her on a street with her in another attire, you would just think her to be another beautiful girl going on about her life. You would be wrong. She held another secret. One she thought about a lot and could never escape from it.

While she ran through the cavern, she noticed that the monsters were attracted by her aura and she was constantly attacked. She easily dispatched them without much of an effort, but she was wasting precious time. After a few minutes of fighting weak monsters, she heard and felt the shockwave of an explosion. She knew this was the first sign of trouble and started running for the exit of the cavern. (If I don’t hurry, Avalanche and the SeeD’s will be goners.)

After just making it into the forest that was in between Balamb Garden and the fire cavern she felt the flaring of energy close by. She started to go as fast as her body allowed because of that flaring of energy was another sign that things were going to get crazy real soon.

Lensey ran by a few trees when two over grown flying bugs and big caterpillar looking monster jumped out of nowhere. She immediately unsheathed her katana, just as the two bite bugs attacked her. In a horizontal slash, both bugs were cut in half and the caterpillar looking monster charged forward. It was fast but she was faster and did twisting somersault over it to be facing it as she came down. Coming down, she had the sword above her head and slashed downward, cutting the monster almost in half. Seeing the monster dead on the ground, She sheathed her sword and turned back in the direction of the battle that just broke out. She could tell because she heard the impacts of a magic spell. She ran at a fast pace and she knew she would have to take a few moments to catch her breath before coming out of the forest. She ran around trees and jumped over upturned logs and trees’ knowing whatever did that was somewhere in the forest and it had to be big.

She was just had thirty yards to go until she was out of the forest and stopped to catch her breath. She was amazed that Avalanche and the SeeD members could hold out this long. She heard of other people not lasting as long against Diaz’s warriors. She reached out with her sensing ability sensed that Diaz and Ultimecia was closer than anybody else to her and that a real fierce battle was going on.

When she finally decided to move, Lensey felt the ground shake and soon saw what was making it shake. Three big dinosaurs emerged about twenty yards from her to the right and left and grouped together. Their roaring would give her away if she didn’t do something fast. (Man, this is what I don’t need today.) She unsheathed her katana and jumped back as one charged forward and tried to scoop her up into its mouth. The other two charged forward and stopped a few feet away and swiped their tails at her. She was able to dodge one but the other one hit her and she went flying into a tree. She got up slowly and sheathed her katana blade. With incredible agility, she jumped over the three dinosaurs landed a few feet behind them. Now she was looking rather pissed and it’s not everyday that a person get slammed into a tree by a huge t-rexuar.

(Forget about being stealthy, Diaz would have probably sensed my energy once I was through the trees.) Turning her body to the right a little, she put her hands in a position like she was holding a ball and about to throw it. She concentrated her energy into her hands and blue energy started to form a ball in her hands. Just as she did this, the three Jurassic menaces started to charge forward. After gathering her energy she brought both of her hands forward and let out a scream as the energy shot forward in a beam wave.

“YYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The energy went soaring fast as the dinosaurs and connected with the one in the middle and the explosion engulfed the other two in it. Smoke from the impact immediately went in all directions and swept past Lensey. She noticed that after that she heard no fighting and felt no energy flaring up and being fired off. She chose that moment to walk through the smoke and out of the forest and make her appearance.


After that big explosion, everyone stopped fighting and turned toward the forest to see what was going on. All Cloud could see was black smoke coming out of the forest. Upon further inspection, he could see a figure walking thru it. In a few more seconds, he noticed that it was feminine. When the figure finally walked out everyone could see whom it was from where they were.

It was a beautiful looking young woman with light brown hair in the style that Tifa has hers in. She wore a red karate gi top with white pocket less pants with red shoes and fighting gloves that looked like the one’s the woman from Diaz’s group wore. He also saw a strap that came across her torso. Over her left shoulder, Cloud could see the hilt of a sword that was one her back. She walked like she had a purpose with a cold look on her face and stopped about twenty feet from where Diaz and Ultimecia were standing.

“Hey everybody! Look, it’s the weakling!” Yelled the man with the scar on his neck while walking toward Diaz and Ultemecia.

“I thought we would never see her again. I guess she didn’t learn from the last beating we gave her,” gloated the one with red hair in a crew cut.

The young woman didn’t say anything as the two men talked arrogantly. She just narrowed her eyes at them, and turned her attention back to Diaz.

“So, I see that you don’t learn from your defeats,” said Diaz. “You probably think you could make a difference this time.”

“I can, and I will,” said the mysterious young woman. “Why don’t you test out how strong that I’ve gotten since our last encounter. You’ll probably be surprised.

“Maximus, Oriana!” Diaz yelled. The two warriors jumped over to his side quickly. “Take care of this annoying pest, and this time I want her dead.”

“Yes my lord,” said both warriors.

(Author’s Note: I thought this idea up while writing chapter two. If you hate Sisqo, then ignore this note. Now if you have his cd, then play “Unleash the Dragon” while reading this fight scene. If you don’t have it but know how the song and the music go, that’s okay too. You may have to loop the song. I think it goes well with what is about to happen. Also, I thought I should do something nobody probably has ever done. I think it’s cool and I hope other people will too. If not then just ignore this note and continue reading the story.)

Without warning, they took off running toward the mysterious young woman. (Shit! I’ve got to do something before she gets killed!) Cloud got to his feet and saw that the young woman went into a fighting stance while the muscular man and black haired woman rushed toward her.

Maximus unleashed a few punches from one side of her while Oriana kicked and attacked from the other side of her. In an impressive display of agility and skill, she dodged or blocked hits aimed for her. After about 30 seconds of dodging attacks, Lensey decided to deliver a few of her own. She blocked a punch from Oriana, grabbed her arm and pushed her back feet and turned her attention to Maximus. She sent a few punches to his face, which he blocked, but was caught off guard by kick to his midsection. Pressing her advantage, she punched him once again in the stomach, did and uppercut as he bended over, which sent him flying to the ground. She then turned around just in time to see Oriana flying at her with a kick. She ducked it and did a foot sweep, catching Oriana as she landed. Oriana skillfully jumped back up to her feet, but was caught with a spinning roundhouse kick and was sent spinning to the ground once more.

Cloud and everybody from his group and Squall’s group was shocked at what they saw. It’s not everyday that something like today happens. First, they walk through a portal to this world and were immediately confronted by Diaz and his crew. Second, everyone gets scattered and multiple fights break out. Now, a mysterious young woman comes out of nowhere and is making two of Diaz’s warriors look bad. (This will be one hell of a story to tell to my children and grandchildren if we make it out of this alive.)

As Maximus and Oriana got back up, Lensey could really tell they were pissed now. She knew the immediate shock wore off but she was confident of her skills and could probably shock them some more. She then felt Maximus and Oriana gathering energy, and knew what they had in mind. She prepared herself for what was going to happen next.

The two got real close together with Maximus right hand and Oriana’s left hand touching together with both of their palms touching and pointing in her direction. In an Instant, they yelled and a big energy beam shot real fast at Lensey. Lensey brought her hands and arms up as if to catch it, stopped it with her palms. The only problem was that it was pushing her back and she had to get rid off it fast. In a desparate move, she brought her hands up and over her shoulder as the beam went to the place where she pushed it. After a few seconds, glancing over her shoulder, she saw a flash from behind her and an explosion.

Maximus and Oriana rushed forward once more, as did Lensey. When the three were about a few feet away from each other, Lensey jumped into the air along with Oriana and Maximus. When they were close enough, Lensey kicked Maximus with his left foot and came around with a spinning roundhouse kick with her right leg and connected with Oriana’s head. The two went crashing back to the ground while Lensey landed in a crouching position.

The two of them didn’t look like they were getting up anytime soon. They weren’t knocked out but real close to it.

Now Diaz looked like he was annoyed. “Krelnar take care of her, and make her suffer.”

“Yes Sir!” Replied Krelnar. Walking toward Lensey, he had an arrogant look on his face. “You’ve improved with your martial art skills, but let see how you’ve improved with your weapon.”

Now Lensey unsheathed her katana and knew she would have to be more cautious if she were too come out of this alive. She grabbed the handle with both hands and had it in a medium forward stance. She kept her eyes on Krelnar as the two started to circle each other with their weapons drawn.

Lensey immediately struck out with a diagonal slash, which was blocked and having to block a slash from Krelnar. After a few moments, they were really going at it. Both of them were slashing, dodging, parrying, and neither seem to get the advantage.

Krelnar really got mad and jumped back concentrating energy into his sword, he unleashed a fireball with a slash. Lensey turned the flat of the blade toward Krelnar and cocked it back like it was a baseball bat. She then jumped a little to the side and brought it forward connected with fireball and sent it back at Krelnar. He saw this and jumped to the ground to avoid the fireball and watched the direction it was flying in.

Diaz saw that the fireball was headed his way and brought up his hand and created a shield that blocked the fireball.

Now if it was one thing that annoyed Diaz, his warriors were making fools out of themselves. Also, Diaz really didn’t like surprises like this. He was going to stop this right now, because things really didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to.

(A/N: Stop the music now if you still have it playing.)

“This is an most interesting development,” said Diaz. “You’ve gotten stronger and can make fools out of three of my warriors. You had the advantage of surprise on your side, but now that is gone, and later battles won’t go like this one did.” He then turned toward Avalanche and the SeeDs. “You may have won this battle, but one battle won does not win the war.” He turned back to Lensey. “You may help them, but you’ll never defeat me.”

With all that said, Diaz and everybody that was with him to begin with disappeared in an instant. The people that was left was the Balamb Garden SeeDs, the group called Avalanche and a mysterious young woman that has a tremendous amount of power.

Everyone but the young woman was left confused or mad and probably had a lot of questions for the young woman.

(Well, at least everyone came out of this battle in one piece.) Thought Lensey as she looked at the assortment of people gathered before her. It really looked like she had a lot of explaining to do.


Author’s Notes: Well, after a big battle, everybody knows the power that Diaz’s warriors along with Sephiroth and Ultimecia has. The only thing that didn’t happen was Diaz joining the battle. Both groups of heroes were lucky that a mysterious and powerful young woman named Lensey appeared. She seems to have a connection with Diaz and his warriors, but what is it? Well, you’ll find that out in the next chapter. I know I said that you would find it out in this chapter, but once I got to writing, most of the battles came out easier than I thought. I’m really apologize to anybody that wanted to see their favorite characters fight and didn’t. I didn’t include them because this would be a really long chapter, longer than chapter 2. I took note of who didn’t fight and they’ll be fighting in future battles. What really surprised me was that I could write a whole chapter of fighting and not really advance the plot of the story along. Well, I really don’t know if I can keep this pace up and have chapter 4 come out in just a week, but I’ll try. I’ll really try to shock people but I know some people can’t be shocked as easily as others. Once again, I would like to thank all of the people who read and reviewed my story or emailed me about it.

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