Blades of Destiny Chapter 12

Destiny's Fury

By Brenton Braswell

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In the last chapter, Diaz had finally revealed his castle after four days of recovering. Things were really busy at Diaz’s castle as they prepared for the upcoming battle later that day. Elsewhere in the Kashkabald desert on the Galbaldian continent, Lensey and everyone else immediately sensed the appearance of Diaz’s castle. Action was immediately taken as they got satellite photos of the island and castle. The plans made were modified and everyone immediately assembled at the beach. Once all the troops were briefed and groups made out, Lensey gave a passionate speech, which motivated everyone further to fight his or her hardest. Everyone instantly boarded one of the assault ships, the Ragnarok, or Balamb Garden and set off toward their destination.

After about a few hours, the Ragnarok came upon Galbaldia Garden. With fancy flying, and sharp shooting, Cid and Selphie shot out all of the guns and cannons situated on the Garden. Dropping of the Galbaldian attack team, the Ragnarok took off toward the island. After boarding the Garden, a big battle broke out in the main promenade. After a while, Barret, Red XIII, Rinoa, Zell, Tifa, Vincent, Yuffie, the Galbaldian SeeDs and cadets came out the battle victorious with only a few casualities on their side. Maximus suddenly appeared out of nowhere to stop the attack force from going further. Zell immediately faced Maximus again so the others can take care of all the other enemy forces in G-Garden. Zell and Maximus fought a fierce battle, and Zell came out the victor.

As Zell and Maximus fought, another big battle took place also. Tifa, Vincent, and Rinoa fought Ultimecia. The battle was fierce, and just when the three warriors thought they were finished Rinoa unleashed a surprising new magic and finished off Ultimecia. Galbaldia Garden had been cleared of all Diaz’s forces. Elsewhere at the same time, the fleet of assault ships sped toward the island where Diaz and his forces were situated. Without warning, the half of the ships that went left at the split up point were confronted with a small squad of boats from Diaz’s side. They attacked with the fierceness and nearly sunk one of the boats. With quick thinking and action, Dan and Lisa took out the small squadron of enemy ships. Now they’re on their way to the island and are about to land there. A very intense and glorious battle is about to take place. The final battle is about to begin.


After the small fleet of assault ships landed on the beach, Dan, Lisa, the SeeDs, Galbaldian soldiers and Esthar soldiers filed out of the boats. “Is everybody okay over there?” Asked Dan talking to the people that just came out of the smoking ship.

“Yeah, we’re okay,” said a Galbaldian soldier in-between coughs.

“Right,” said Dan. He noticed all of the ships that went to the left were the only ships there. (I wonder why the other half of the ships isn’t here? They had a more straightforward route then we did. I seriously hope they didn’t run into too much trouble getting here.) Dan then looked up to see the Ragnarok hovering in the sky. Obviously they were waiting for the other half of the fleet and the order to attack.

After about five or six minutes of waiting, the other half of the fleet and Balamb Garden had arrived. Lisa noticed they were a few boats short. (Damn! I should have probably gone with them to do something like Dan did.) All the troops filed out of the boats and Balamb Garden.

Immediately, somebody suggested that Dan and Lisa should lead the attack. Most of the troops agreed after they heard of Dan and Lisa’s little episode with the enemy attack ships. Lisa and whole bunch of other people looked in the distance and saw the massive army Diaz had in front of his big castle. They should have taken the whole Galbaldian and Esthar army with them, but General Caraway suggested that if they fail and be annihilated, there would be no one to defend their countries and homes. Lisa then looked up to see the Ragnarok speed off toward the castle. (So I guess it finally begins. Good luck everybody.) Lisa silently wished.

“Well, let’s move out!” Dan yelled and the combined forces of the world started their walk toward what was destiny. (This battle was probably destined to happen.) With Dan and Lisa at the front, all of the soldiers, and SeeDs there walked with a look of determination on their faces. They weren’t that far from the Diaz’s army, but they didn’t want to expend any energy running the large distance that separated them.


“Balamb Garden to Ragnarok, do you read me?” Headmaster Cid’s voice came out of the radio.

“Loud and clear Headmaster!” Replied Selphie.

“Good, You may carry out the attack now,” said the Headmaster.

“Roger, Ragnarok over and out,” said Selphie before cutting communications. “Well, is everyone ready?” Selphie said while looking back toward everyone on the bridge. They all nodded. “Here we go!”

The Ragnarok shot forward. When it was in firing range of the guns and cannons on the massive castle, the Ragnarok was fired upon. It weaved to the left and the right to avoid the fire. Cid the targeted a few turrets and fired the high-powered machine guns. One gun had been destroyed, but there was six left. The Ragnarok immediately zoomed over the castle walls and past the cannons. When they were far enough, Selphie turned the Ragnarok around for another pass. Cid targeted a few more cannons and fired. He hit a few of them but missed nearly all of them because Selphie had to immediately bank left to avoid enemy fire. Cid had noticed the shots were getting more accurate and closer to the Ragnarok. “Damn!” Cursed Cid. “This is taking too long! Their shots are getting more accurate by the minute, and if we can’t take them down fast, we’ll be shot down soon!”

While flying the Ragnarok away from the castle, Selphie pushed a few buttons on the control panel. “There! I’ve activated the plasma beam cannon now,” Selphie said. “Let’s try something real quick. I’m going to fly above the wall of the castle and you use the plasma cannon. We should be able to take out the remaining cannons with this maneuver.”

“Good plan Selphie,” replied Cid. “Well let’s get this show in the road!”

Selphie turned the Ragnarok around flew quickly. The explosions were closer to the Ragnarok now, but it didn’t veer off course. The plasma cannon on the underside of the ship charged up yellow energy. In an instant as they flew over the walls, the cannon fired a continuous stream of yellow energy destroying the cannons and most of the top wall. “Booyaka!” Selphie said loudly and happily. The Ragnarok flew over the battlefield and waited until the two sides engaged before trying to carry out the second part of their plan.


When they saw the Ragnarok destroy the cannons, Lisa knew there was nothing that was going to cut their forces in half before that got to engage Diaz’s foot soldiers. Dan unsheathed his Katana from off his back; While Lisa unsheathed her Katana from off of her belt. Instantly, everyone behind them unsheathed, pulled out, or unhooked his or her weapon. Diaz’s army across the big expanse of terrain also prepared their weapons. The blonde haired SeeD and dark haired SeeD looked at each for a second and nodded. Looking back toward their target, they went into their battle stances and powered-up. After both felt they were at their maximum energy level, Dan slashed his sword unleashing a powerful energy wave toward the enemy army. The people in front of it saw it and tried to get out of the way, but failed and were caught up in the explosion. After the explosion, Lisa jumped up high in the air and used her energy to hover. She pointed her right hand at the enemy, and started shooting rapid-fire blasts at the army, thus reducing the enemy’s numbers and making it more even. Once she landed on the ground, Dan yelled charge and ran forward with Lisa and everyone else behind him following rapidly. The enemy army had suffered much damage, but also charged forward.

Once they were close enough, the initial clash of weapons resounded throughout the landscape and some people from both sides went down. Instantly, there was magic fired off, and the sound of weapons all throughout the battlefield. Lisa engaged four soldiers and took them down quickly with two fast and deadly horizontal strikes. Lisa instantly turned around to face the opponent that probably tried to sneak up on her. He was easily dealt with by two slashes; the first knocking his sword away, the second slashing down his chest. It was pure insanity on the battlefield, and Lisa knew she was going to have to watch out for stray magic attacks flying across the battlefield. She also knew she was going to have to watch out for machine gun fire.

At the briefing early in the day, everybody was strictly told not to bring firearms and only fight with close-range weapons and magic. She knew some asshole would just do just the opposite and ignore the orders. She then clashed with some more soldiers. She had lost sight of Dan when the initial engagement of the two armies happened. Right in front of her eyes, she saw a few Galbaldian soldiers go down. She immediately charged over and took care of the enemy soldiers. (After, this is all this is over, and things settled down, I’m requesting a long overdue vacation.) Thought Lisa as she parried a spear and cut it in half. She was she glad Diaz’s soldiers wore silver armor. They would be easier to discern from Esthar soldiers. She battled on knowing she had to survive.


After looking at the initial clash of the armies, and everything going crazy, Selphie piloted the Ragnarok straight for the castle. Without warning, they felt a power flare up behind the castle walls in the courtyard. Darius instantly jumped up on the wall and fired an energy blast at the Ragnarok. Selphie dodged it, but it came closer than the cannon fire. The plasma cannon on the bottom of the Ragnarok charged and fired at Darius Wolfe.

Darius instantly put his hands forward and an energy shield appeared in front of him. The beam hit the shield and was blocked like Darius didn’t even feel it. Darius fired another ki blast at them and it only scraped the Ragnarok as Selphie banked right and turned around. “Damn!” Cursed Cid. “I can’t get a @#$%$@ clear shot with him putting up that shield!”

“Shoot the ground underneath him,” said Lensey. “His shield won’t block that, and we can throw his butt off the wall. That’ll give Selphie a chance to drop us off on a wall.”

“Good thinking Lensey!” Exclaimed Selphie. She then turned the Ragnarok around and Cid aimed the cannon a few feet underneath Darius.

“Not this again,” said Darius. “This time I’ll hit them for sure.” He said out loud while putting his shield up. The Ragnarok then fired the beam and he just noticed it wasn’t headed straight for him. The ground below him was hit and he was thrown up in the air. “OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII----!” Darius screamed while falling down to the courtyard.

“There doesn’t look like there’s hardly anybody in the courtyard,” Selphie said. She then flew up toward on of the sidewalls of the courtyard. “Okay infiltration team B, it’s clear to get off now.” She then looked at the display panel to see the ramp being lowered.

After a minute, of the remaining SeeDs on the ship called up to say that team B was off. “I think we can land the Ragnarok in the courtyard,” said Lensey. “I only see Darius and Naomi down there. We’ll let’s go to the ramp everybody.” Lensey, Cloud, Squall, and Seifer then took the lift down.

In a few seconds, the Ragnarok landed and most of the people ran out of it. They were immediately confronted by Naomi, who had blonde straight hair, wore a tight red body suit, fighting gloves, black boots that went up to her knees; and Darius, who wore a brown shirt and pants, had on armor on the top half of his chest, arms, and legs, an some shoes.

Darius was getting up real slowly from that fall. “So you’re more crafty than I gave you credit for,” remarked Darius. “Naomi, go and kill your sister, Lensey.”

Naomi was a little hesitant to step forward but she did. Lensey also stepped forward out of the group with the same hesitancy. Both unsheathed their weapons, Lensey her katana, and Naomi her Sais. When both looked at each other faces and eyes, they both saw that the other didn’t want this to happen.

Instantly, both saw memories from their past before all of this ever started. Lensey remembered the happy times when they were being trained in martial arts. She remembered she enjoyed those times the most.

For Naomi, it was when both her and Lensey were teenagers. Even though Lensey was shy around mostly other people, she was never shy around her sister. She also remembered times when they would do each other’s hair and come up with wild and new styles. Even though they had different fathers and the same mother, Lensey never seemed to care about this little fact like others who just met them and noticed major differences between the two.

Naomi then lowered her Sais and looked down with some of her hair obscuring her eyes. She had made her decision. “I…. I…. I won’t do it,” said Naomi while a single teardrop escaped her eye.

“Traitor!” Darius yelled while taking his Nangenta off of his back and raising it above his head.

“Watch out Naomi!” Lensey quickly yelled.

Naomi was way ahead of Lensey, and thrust her Sai up and blocked the weapon. She immediately plunged the other Sai in Darius’s gut. Darius was shocked and hurt with his mouth open exhaling breath. “That my be so!” Naomi yelled. “But I won’t betray my feelings anymore!” She took the Sai out of his gut and slashed Darius with the other one across the chest cutting his armor and slicing flesh. Darius then fell to the ground in much pain. “I won’t serve Diaz any more!” She sheathed her Sais and held her left hand out toward Darius and fired a strong ki blast at him. After the smoke had cleared, all that remained of Darius was a lifeless shell.

Lensey was really surprised at what her sister just did. “Naomi,” said Lensey while smiling.

“I’m sorry Lensey, and everyone else for all the trouble I’ve caused,” said Naomi. She then cast the teleportation spell and disappeared.

“Naomi, come back!” Cried out Lensey. She then looked down.

Seifer then put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “I guess your sister wasn’t as bad as we all thought,” he said.

Lensey nodded and wiped away the one tear that escaped her eye. She looked up and said, “I guess you’re right. I’ll look for her after we take care of business.”

“Now you’re talking,” said Seifer.

“You SeeDs and soldiers guard the ship,” said Squall. “We shouldn’t need any backup. We’ll if everybody is ready, I think we shouldn’t keep Diaz waiting too long.” With that said, the four warriors ran into the castle.


After being dropped off by the Ragnarok, Oriana, Xu, Quistis, 10 SeeDs and 10 Esthar soldiers ran through the hallways. Oriana lead the way to the dungeons and on the way there they fought many soldiers.

Standing just a few feet away from the dungeon doorway was Kenoshi Miyamotori in his red and black samurai armor. “So we meet again SeeD Xu,” said Kenoshi. “Before any of you can go down there, you’ll have to contend with me.”

Xu stepped forward and said, “I’ll take care of him. We have some unfinished business. I think all of you should stand back, way back.” Xu then unsheathed her kadochis while Kenoshi unsheathed his katana and both got into battle stances. The hallway was big, so neither would have to worry about room to swing their weapons. It was a tense standoff between the two opponents, and both waited for the other to flinch. It was clear that neither warrior was going to flinch, so both charged each other with weapons at the ready. They immediately swung at each other and the weapons clashed. Kenoshi did a return swing toward Xu’s neck, but she ducked and slashed toward his midsection and Kenoshi jumped back. Xu pressed her advantage and slashed fast and furious at Kenoshi hoping to get through his guard, but it wasn’t working. When she jumped back, Kenoshi was recovering and both circled each other. Kenoshi then thrust his sword out, but Xu ducked and did a foot sweep on him. Kenoshi rolled back and on his feet. Kenoshi went into his own combination of sword slashes at Xu. Xu blocked these.

(He may have reach, but I have speed on my side. How can I use it to get him?) Xu silently thought while the two circled each other once again. She then rushed forward and saw that Kenoshi slashed an energy wave at her. She immediately jumped to the wall and sprung off of it with both weapons above her head. Kenoshi put his sword in a ready position to block. While coming down in the air, Xu charged a great amount of energy into her kadochis and came down upon the sword. Once the weapons met, Xu’s charged up weapons broke Kenoshi’s katana. Landing in a crouch, Xu quickly slashed her left kadochi in an upward diagonal motion across Kenoshi’s chest while he was getting up. She instantly slashed in a downard diagonal motion with her right kadochi. She finished the combo by spinning one last time and plunging her left kadochi into his abdomen deeply. Once she took it out, Kenoshi stumbled back and fell on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth and his midsection.

The cuts on Kenoshi’s chest and stomach were very fatal and he was breathing hard. “It looks as though I am finished,” said Kenoshi weakly. “I am honored to have been defeated by an opponent with great skill such as yourself SeeD Xu.” His breaths came in raspy noises and he didn’t look like he was going to last long. After a few short moments, his breathing slowed and stopped. He died with his eyes open.

Xu sheathed her weapons and knelt down by Kenoshi. She knew that some warriors went by a code of honor and wanted to die fighting. (I guess he got his wish.) She then pushed his eyelids down to close his eyes with her right hand. She bowed her head before getting up.

“Nice going Xu,” said Quistis. Xu didn’t say anything. She wasn’t going to celebrate and dishonor Kenoshi’s words. “Let’s go, we still have to free the Galbaldian SeeDs and cadets.”

Oriana took point and ran through the door and down the stairs first. Quistis, Xu, and the others followed shortly afterward. Once they were down there, they saw Oriana immediately fighting and taking down the guards. She slashed one soldier across the chest and kicked him down. She took the remaining ones out with and energy slash from her sword.

Everyone just looked in astonishment at her handy work. “So you’re a one-woman army now?” Asked Quistis.

Oriana turned around and said, “Oops, I guess I must have gotten carried away there. Sorry if I didn’t leave any guards for you to fight.”

“That’s okay,” said Xu. “Well let’s get all of you out of here,” Xu said to all the SeeDs and cadets behind the bars. Oriana then tossed Xu the keys and Xu unlocked one cell after another.

“Follow me,” said Oriana to the freed SeeDs and cadets. “I’ll guide you back to the courtyard and the Ragnarok. If we meet any soldiers along the way, stay back and let us handle them.” The SeeDs and cadets nodded and ran up the stairs after them. (If they had their weapons, they could join the battle outside, but they don’t.) Thought Oriana as she led them all to the courtyard.

Once they were out, they most of them immediately boarded the Ragnarok. “Okay Selphie, that’s all that can fit in for right now,” said Quistis into the intercom. “You’ll have to make a few more trips to pick up the rest.”

“Okay Quistis,” said Selphie. She then piloted the Ragnarok to the beach of the island where Vincent and the others piloted Galbaldia Garden.

Oriana looked at the red draconic ship as it left. She and Xu then looked at the castle and wondered if Lensey, Squall, Cloud and Seifer had made it anywhere close to Diaz yet. (Well, Good luck Lensey, you and the others will need it.)


After running forward and fighting off many soldiers, Lensey, Cloud, Squall and Seifer stopped at a stairway. “I think this is the last stairway before we get to Diaz’s throne room,” said Lensey. “Be prepared for anything.” The other three nodded.

The four warriors walked up the stairs to see that they were in a big hallway with a high ceiling and lots of ground to cover. They also saw Sephiroth and Krelnar standing in the middle of the big hallway with weapons unsheathed.

“So, you’ve finally made it this far,” said Krelnar with a smirk. “Very impressive.”

“Strife, this will be our final battle and you won’t get the better of me this time,” said Sephiroth. “I’ve been training also, so your powering-up won’t help you as much as it did last time.”

Cloud stepped forward as well as Seifer. “Yeah, well you don’t know how powerful I am now,” said Cloud. “I’ll make you pay for everything and all the pain you’ve caused me and others.” Cloud then unsheathed the Ultima weapon and got into a fighting stance.

“So that’s the chickenwuss that’s been giving you a hard time Squall?” Seifer said while unsheathing the Hyperion and holding it in his battle stance.

“Yeah, don’t underestimate him Seifer,” said Squall. “I’m not sure how strong he’s gotten since the last time we faced him.”

“Don’t worry, this chickenwuss won’t beat me,” said Seifer arrogantly.

Krelnar smirked and said, “I’ll enjoy making you suffer before I kill you boy. That mouth just landed you in a whole world of hurt.”

Squall and Lensey just stepped back to be spectators. “Lensey,” said Squall. “Are we going to wait for Cloud and Seifer to finish off those two?”

“Yeah,” said Lensey. “We’re going to have to. If we try to face Diaz with just you and me, we’ll lose. Plus, I don’t think Krelnar would let us by that easily. I’ll guess we just have to wait and watch.”

“Alright,” said Squall.

As the four warriors powered-up to their maximum powers, the castle shook violently. Lensey and Squall was amazed that the ceiling and walls didn’t start coming down. After all four of them were finished, the flames around their bodies disappeared and Seifer rushed forward at Krelnar.

Cloud and Sephiroth stood their ground, and waited for the other to make the opening move. Without warning, both rushed toward one and other with swords at the ready. When they were close enough, the both swung in overhead swings, and both blades made contact. Cloud and Sephiroth then went in all most a flurry of slashes, thrust, parrying and dodging. Ducking a blow aimed for his head, Cloud swung the Ultima Weapon horizontally at Sephiroth’s midsection. Already seeing the move, he brought down the masamune and blocked the blow. As the two swords were still together, Sephiroth pushed off Cloud’s sword, thus throwing Cloud off balance for a second, and slashing across Cloud’s left arm. Cloud backed away and winced at the tiny cut Sephiroth gave him but he was going to ignore the pain. Once again, the two jumped forward slashing their swords and parrying each other’s swords.

Not too far away, Seifer and Krelnar were dueling with much skill and intensity. Seifer went for a spinning slash and instantly had it blocked. Still in the blocking position, Krelnar pushed the Hyperion away with his broadsword and attempted and overhead slash. Seifer dodged this and slashed Krelnar’s left side by his rib cage. (Damned boy! He’s just as good as Leonhart. I guess I’m going to have to teach him a lesson.)

Krelnar jumped back and slashed his fireball technique with his sword and shot five fireballs at Seifer. Seifer jumped out the way of all of the fireballs. (So he wants to play like that eh?) Seifer then did his own version of this move by doing a spin slash and shooting fireballs at Krelnar. Krelnar was surprised Seifer could almost mimic his move and dodged the two fireballs sent his way.

Meanwhille on the other side of the room, Cloud and Sephiroth had their swords in a lock. Both felt energy coming toward them and fast. Both jumped apart to dodged the fireballs that Krelnar unleashed. (It had to be Krelnar. He has the worst aim that I’ve ever seen.) Sephiroth commented silently. They once again stood facing each other with hardened looks of concentration on their faces. Both were thinking of their next move and what would be the outcome.

After firing the two fireballs, Seifer did an impressive forward flip in the air and came down with the Hyperion cocked for the slash. Krelnar put up his sword horizontal to block the slash. Hyperion was blocked and was pushing Krelnar’s broadsword down. Seifer knew Krelnar was going to push back with greater strength. When Krelnar did, Seifer quickly let up the pressure of his gunblade and did a spinning slash which Krelnar ducked and retreated back.

(Well Griever, it’s finally time for you to do some work.) Cloud jumped back by Seifer and was summoning something. “Shockwave Pulsar!” Cloud yelled while Seifer, Lensey, Squall and himself disappeared. The black lion GF was in their place. He immediately gathered energy and Sephiroth and Krelnar were trying to quickly put up shields. After the energy was gathered, Greiver thrust his arms outward and the wave of cosmic magic unleashed from his body hitting everything around it. Sephiroth and Krelnar’s magic wasn’t as effective and they were really hurt. Griever disappeared and the four rematerialized.

“That’s a great GF that you’ve got there,” said Sephiroth smirking. “You know that really hurt, all of you will be in greater pain with this summon that Cloud remembers.”

(What the hell is he talking about? The only summon that I seen him use was… OH SHIT! Super Nova!) Cloud just realized.

Sephiroth then was casting his magic and yelled, “SUPER NOVA!” Krelnar and himself then disappeared and the room changed to a scene of outer space.

“Put up barrier magic, shell, and any kind of energy shield you can,” said Cloud quickly. “This is a very powerful summon spell, and with its power increased, it could very well kill us if we don’t have any kind of protection up.” Cloud, Squall, Seifer, and Lensey put a shell spell, wall, and strong energy shields. In the distance, they saw the comet speed rapidly at them and destroying anything in its path. The speeding comet then hit the makeshift sun and the sun expanded and exploded, with a big wave of energy engulfed and knocked the four to the ground.

When the room changed back to the way it was, Sephiroth and Krelnar rematerialized. All four of the planet’s warriors were on their hands and knees. Lensey looked up to see that Sephiroth was quite smug with the damage that he did to them. (I guess I’ll have to give a helping hand if we plan on getting to Diaz.) “Heaven’s Blessing!” Lensey yelled and cure magic surrounds the four and instantly healing them. The four got back to their feet refreshed and ready to do battle once again.

Sephiroth frowned at seeing Lensey do this. “So you seem to want to interfere with the battle? You’ll pay for doing that after Strife is dead.”

“You won’t get the chance to because you won’t kill me Sephiroth,” Cloud said confidently. Cloud then charged energy into his sword and waited until it glowed a dark blue. He then charged quickly at Sephiroth and swung a mighty blow at him. This was blocked and they were in a sword lock once again. With great strength, Cloud pushed Sephiroth’s masamune upwards and slashed Sephiroth across the chest in a fluid motion. Sephiroth was off of his guard and Cloud decided to end it here. (This is for all of the pain you’ve caused me!) He then went into fast and furious slashes that caught Sephiroth off guard. Sephiroth was then kneed in the stomach by Cloud and crouched down on his knees from the blow.

He looked up in time to see Cloud do a forward somersault in the air and the Ultima weapon above his head in an overhead slash. (I guess I’ll be meeting you soon my love.) Cloud came down and slashed Sephiroth diagonally across the chest and releasing energy with the blow. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Sephiroth cried in pain as the energy engulfed his body in an explosion. After the brightness of it cleared, Sephiroth’s body was on the ground lifeless.

Cloud then pointed his right hand at Sephiroth’s body and shot a huge ki blast that obliterated his body and any sign of him leaving a small crater in the floor. The only thing that remained was the masamune blade. As Cloud looked at the masamune blade he felt a certain type of emptiness, but relief as well. (It’s finally over between Sephiroth and myself. I can’t rest yet, there’s one more thing to do.) Cloud knew seeking revenge was not the way one should live their life, but in this case, if he hadn’t done it, the past, present and future of this world would be no more.

Krelnar looked on and said, “He was weak anyway. We didn’t need his help in the first place. So are you ready to finish our fight insolent whelp?”

“Anytime you are Chicken Wuss,” retorted Seifer. Both then charged each other and fought very intensely for the next seven minutes. When both jumped back, they were panting heavily. Both then charged their swords to the limit with energy and unleashed to humongous fireballs at each other. When the fireballs made contact, they exploded and filled the room with bright blinding light. Having his eyes closed, Seifer rushed to the last location he seen Krelnar and mightly thrust the Hyperion forward.

In an instant, Krelnar felt the pain and something going through him. After the brightness had cleared, he looked down to see the Hyperion thrust through his gut and came out of his back. He also saw Seifer with a great look of hatred on his face. Seifer quickly took the gunblade out of Krelnar and slashed him in the chest to make him fall.

Krelnar was breathing fast and felt the blood and his life force draining away instantly. In a few moments, Krelnar was no more and a lifeless husk was what was left of him.

Seifer sheathed the Hyperion in his holster on his side and dropped down to his knees. “Ha! No one threatens my world and gets away with it!” Seifer made clear.

“Here, catch,” said Squall as he tossed two green vials at Seifer and Cloud. They noticed that it was elixir and downed the bittersweet fluid. Immediately, their strength was restored. They both got up and looked toward Lensey and the direction she was looking in.

“Well, it’s time to end all of this now,” proclaimed Lensey while looking down the hall and toward the door that Diaz was behind. The four of them sheathed their weapons and walked to the door. (This is it. Time for the final battle against Diaz to decide the fate of this world and many others.) Thought Lensey.

(I’ll teach the damned bastard that no one tries to destroy my world.) Thought Seifer as he walked along side of Squall, Cloud, and Lensey.

(This is finally it. Time to fight for the past, present, and the future of this world. Diaz, you’re going down!) Cloud silently said.

(The final battle is finally here. Diaz, you’ll pay for everything you did to this world and others.) Squall mentally said.

Once the four was close enough to the doors, Lensey gave it a mighty kick and the doors flew open. The four instantly came upon the sight of Diaz sitting upon his throne. They also took notice that the room was real spacious, the carpet was royal blue, the floor checkered black and white. (I guess this isn’t your typical throne room.) Thought Lensey as she unsheathed her katana. Diaz snapped his fingers and the two soldiers in full red body armor charged toward the four. Lensey quickly slashed her sword horizontally and released an energy wave that knocked the two knights backward and sprawled out on the floor unconscious.

Diaz shifted in his chair, “So the time of destiny is finally at hand. Then so be it! I’ve watched all that went on with my magic in all of the battles. You’ve given this planet a little more time to enjoy its freedom but it won’t last.”

“It’ll last and I’ll make sure it lasts,” claimed Lensey.

“Whatever you say Kusanagi,” said Diaz while getting up. “Only those worthy enough to fight me will go to the next level.”

“What in the hell do you mean?” Asked Seifer.

“You’ll see,” Diaz replied. Diaz then closed his eyes and put his hands together like he was praying. Instantly, his body glowed purple as cast some magic. Instantly, the room was filled with a bright blinding light that engulfed everyone in the room.

After about half a minute the brightness of the light that radiated had disappeared. Seifer looked around the room to see that only he and the two unconscious knights was left in the room. He saw that Diaz, Lensey, Cloud, and Squall had disappeared. Seifer activated his wrist communicator. “This is Seifer here, I think we have a big problem.”

In a few seconds, Quistis replied, “What do you mean Seifer?”

“Diaz had cast some magic and Lensey, Cloud, Squall, and himself had disappeared,” said Seifer. “What should I do?”

“I guess you should get back to the courtyard and board the Ragnarok,” said Quistis through the communicator. “Lensey said Diaz would do something like this.”

“Okay, I’m on my way,” said Seifer before cutting communications. He looked around the room once more. (Where could they be, and why wasn’t I taken with them?) Seifer silently pondered. He then ran out of the room toward the courtyard. (Wherever you guys are, I wish you good luck.)


Four people appeared in the realm not many has been to since the beginning of time. Three of them looked around and was confused to where they were. Only one, Diaz Marquis with his blonde hair, scarred face, silver armor, royal blue cape hanging around his neck and over his armor and armed with a elegant broadsword knew where they were.

One of the three others was a young woman, Lensey Kusanagi with light brown hair in a braided ponytail with a few strands of hair hanging down her forehead, very beautiful, wearing a red gi top; white pants, red shoes, and armed with a katana. She had a slight idea where they were, but didn’t know nonetheless. Her other two companions were Cloud Strife, a man with blonde spiked hair, in dark blue pants and shirt with a large black and white sword, and Squall Leonhart, a young man with brown hair in stylish way, black leather jacket with a white ruffle, black pants, boots, and white shirt, and he was armed with a blue gunblade. The three looked around to see that they were in a place that was mostly dark blue. From time to time, they would see different colored flashes of light in the background and above them. Also when they stepped on the ground, a part of it would either light up green, orange or a different color before turning back to blue. Suddenly, storm clouds rolled in high over their heads and after a few seconds, from as far as they can see, the sky was filled with storm clouds. Lensey turned to Diaz and said, “What is this place that you’ve brought us to Diaz?”

“So you don’t know where this is?” Asked Diaz. He let out a small chuckle before answering her. “I’m sure you would have stumbled on to this place during all of your traveling like I have. This realm is the focal point where all energy in different dimensions and worlds come from. Not many have been here and you three are my guest here.”

“If we’re your guests, you have a bad way of inviting us here,” quipped Cloud. “Why bring us here anyway?”

“As you can see, this is where we and many others like us draw our power from. I know the power resides in our bodies, but that power had to have come from somewhere, this is where it comes,” answered Diaz. He then threw his left hand out from under his cape and pushed the cape behind him. “I brought you here so you can draw upon your power more easily and give me a real challenge.”

“That really seems foolish,” commented Squall. “Not even Ultimecia would give us that much of an advantage.”

“I don’t see it as an advantage, because I’m way more powerful than the three of you alone,” said Diaz. “Plus I’ve brought you here so I can won’t ruin my castle and so we can have all the room we need.” He focused his attention on Cloud. “When I’ve defeated you three and your other comrades and this planet’s forces, I’ll go to your world and take that it over even though it won’t be that much of a challenge.”

“I guess you haven’t been looking at any history books Diaz,” said Lensey. “You would have known that this and where Cloud comes from is the same world. This is six thousand years from when Cloud comes from.”

This statement got a raised eyebrow from Diaz. “Now this is an interesting development,” commented Diaz. “I can’t go there and take over, for if I do, that will mess up the balance of time, thus changing this world, and all of my achievements would mean nothing.”

“If you beat us, the others’ would eventually defeat you,” said Squall.

“No they wouldn’t,” answered Diaz. “After I beat you all to an inch of your life, I’ll absorb all of your energy thus making myself the most powerful man in the universe. Sheer Perfection, No one would come close to rivaling and challenging my power like you three.”

“Well, that won’t happen because you’re going down today,” said Lensey.

Diaz then let out a small laugh. “Now this is would make a great scene in a movie or book. Three warriors, one from the past and two from the present, battling a supreme warrior, and all of us are battling to determine the future. It is too bad nobody will get the chance to hear about this. I wonder who’s Blades of Destiny will show the way to the future.” He looked at all three. “Will it be yours? Destroy me, and you lead a happy life. Or will it be mine? I being more powerful than ever and adding this planet to my list of conquered worlds. I’ve got to say; this is the most fun that I’ve had since taking over Artuna. The rebels that sprung up after the immediate takeover of that world wasn’t that much of a challenge and things were starting to get boring. Let’s see if you can brighten my day up and give me a challenge,” ranted Diaz as he unsheathed his broadsword. His whole armor turned black and he threw his royal blue cape off. “Well, if you’re ready to power-up and get started, that is fine with me. I guess you’re a little like myself, you couldn’t ignore the call of destiny and fate, don’t you agree?”

“You know Diaz, you’re the most self conceited and foolish person that I have ever met,” said Lensey. “I was wondering when you would stop talking?” Said Lensey while putting her sword in a ready position. Cloud and Squall then unsheathed the Ultima weapon and the Lionheart.

“Why thank you for the compliement,” said Diaz.

“Well, let’s show Diaz what happens when he messes with our world!” Cloud yelled. All three then charged up to their maximum powers. As they did this, the realm they were in was going crazy with multiple lights in the backround. A golden flame surrounded Cloud, a red flame surrounded Lensey, and a blue flame surrounded Squall. The ground underneath them felt as though it would come apart at any second. When they finished, the different colored lights in the distance changed back to normal, the flames around their bodies disappeared, and their blades glowed different colors. Cloud’s glowed a dark blue, Lensey’s a bright red, and Squall’s a light blue.

“Very impressive,” commented Diaz. “You have really gotten stronger, but not as strong as me.” Diaz then started to concentrate letting a white aura of a flame surround his body and go up. Instantly, strong winds shot out from Diaz and the ground shook as it did when Lensey, Cloud and Squall powered-up. They all noticed that Diaz’s power signature skyrocketed and went past all three of them. “Alone, I can crush anyone of you with my power. Together, you three at least have a small chance at defeating me. Now come forth and show me if destiny smiles in your favor!” Diaz yelled while leveling his sword and getting in a battle ready stance. The flame around his body disappeared also.

Lensey then rushed toward Diaz with her sword to the left side. When she was close enough, she swung in a horizontal motion and Diaz brought his sword up to block. When the two swords connected, there was a great explosion of energy that radiated from behind the two. Bringing her katana back she then went for quick diagonal slashes at Diaz. Diaz parried these with great skill. After about a few seconds of this, Diaz’s energy flared up from his body hit and threw Lensey back toward Cloud and Squall. Both took this as a sign to rush Diaz. They quickly rushed him with Cloud taking Diaz’s left side and Squall taking the right. Cloud swung first and aimed for Diaz’s leg. Diaz blocked this blow and instantly brought up his sword to block Squall’s slash aimed for his chest. Both swung mightly with skillful slashes and together they had Diaz on the defensive. In a surprising move, Diaz jumped back and slashed his sword horizontal, shooting an energy wave that impacted with both Cloud and Squall and also threw them back.

Lensey then jumped up high in the air and slashed her sword five times at Diaz, shooting five crescent shaped beams at him. Diaz saw this and put his broadsword up and blocked all of the beams of energy. After Lensey was back on the ground, Squall immediately did a forward somersault and came down with an overhead slash. Diaz then put his sword up and blocked it. When Squall landed on the ground, Diaz started swinging at him quickly and Squall blocked this and jumped back.

“Knights of the Round!” Cloud screamed as he cast the summon magic and the three disappeared. Diaz was immediately sucked into a black vortex that appeared under him. He looked around and saw a knight come out of nowhere and swing a sword at him. He didn’t expect this attack and was hit. (This is some interesting magic that they have, but it won’t be enough!) The following knights had their weapons broken or attacks blocked by an energy shield. As the last knight appeared and lifted his sword over his head, Diaz struck out with a mighty blow and sent the knight back from where he came and the summon spell was over. The three appeared and they had witnessed what Diaz had done.

“Interesting, now it’s my turn,” said Diaz. He then swept his hand toward the three and past them. Instantly, a wave of fire appeared and hit Cloud and Squall but Lensey rolled out of the way in time. Cloud and Squall got up slowly, and they cured themselves. Lensey then rushed toward Diaz with left hand holding the katana and her right hand to her side gaining energy. When she was close enough, she stopped and thrust her hand forward, thus releasing a steady stream of yellow energy. Diaz had quickly put his hand up and made a shield that pushed the energy around him. Lensey saw this and her eyes widened as Diaz shot a blast back at her with his outstrected hand. She was promptly thrown back, skidding along the ground.

Diaz then rushed toward Lensey’s prone figure, but Squall jumped in the way and swung at him. Diaz and Squall then went at it slashing furiously at each other.

Cloud looked on as he helped Lensey to her feet. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” said Lensey. She then cast a cure spell and healed herself. “I got a plan, when Squall jumps away, gets knocked away, or knocks Diaz back; let’s combine our energy and shoot it together.” Cloud nodded. They then saw Squall get slashed in the arm and he jumped back. They the got close together and had Cloud’s left side and hand touching Lensey’s right side and hand. They had their hands outstretched and concentrated their energy. Together they shot a mighty stream of energy at Diaz. Diaz then put up his sword to block it. Once the stream of energy connected, Diaz was being pushed back. He then used the sword and pushed the stream of energy above him. He then disappeared. “What the Hell!?”

Diaz appeared behind them and slashed Lensey and Cloud as they were turning around. Cloud on his chest and Lensey on the left side of her stomach. The cuts weren’t as deep, but almost as fatal. Squall saw this and used the blasting zone of his limit break. The beam of energy hit Diaz and threw him back. He then cast curaga on both of them and it healed their cuts up to a point, only leaving a barely noticeable scar. He then cast some thundaga spells at Diaz. Diaz saw this and jumped out the way of all of them. Cloud cast Ultima through his materia orb and let the wave of green magic sweep toward Diaz. Diaz put up a shield of energy that absorbed all of the damage and left Diaz unscathed.

For a few minutes, Lensey, Cloud and Squall were taking turns at who were fighting Diaz. When one of them was knocked back, another would quickly engage Diaz. Suddenly, all three then rushed toward Diaz. Diaz saw this and plunged his sword into the ground and crossed his arms over his chest in an x position. When they were close enough, he threw his arms outward and a dome of energy expanded from his center and around him. Cloud, Squall and Lensey was hit and thrown back.

All three were on the ground and looked physically hurt. “This was very challenging,” said Diaz. “It’s too bad that I grow tired of this game. Now time to finish you.” The three was up on their knees in a crouch holding their weapons.

(No, I won’t let it end like this! I have to get up and fight for Rinoa and everyone else.) Squall then got up and went into his fastest and most skillful of his Renzokuken attacks. Diaz blocked all of these and was caught off guard with the upward swing that propelled him into the air. Squall jumped up and started to quickly slash at Diaz. He blocked these too, but was hit by the explosion.

After they landed on the ground, Diaz did a mean uppercut to Squall that sent him back sprawled on the floor. “Pathetic. I’ve seen that limit break so many times, I’ve memorized the motions and slashes,” said Diaz. “Next.”

Cloud got up and put his sword in a familiar vertical position. He thought about all of the people who were killed in Timber and all of those who were left without a home. He also thought about that little girl he made the promise to. (I’m going to finish Diaz for her.) He let that anger give him power and yelled, “Omegaslash!” Cloud then charged at Diaz and did a more skillful and powered-up version of the omnislash. Diaz blocked all of this slashes, and thrusts and shot him out of the air when Cloud jumped up for the final hit.

“I’ve also seen that move done many times,” commented Diaz. Cloud was on the ground and just as hurt as Squall. They tried to cure themselves, but the pain of their injuries was just too painful to concentrate on the cure magic. “If you can’t come up with something more powerful Kusanagi, then you three have lost.”

Lensey then got up and ignored the pain of her injuries. She got into her battle stance and then concentrated her energy. Cloud, Squall and Diaz looked on as they saw this. Without warning, the red haze of a limit break surrounded Lensey’s body. Cloud and Squall looked on with surprise. They didn’t know Lensey had a limit break skill because she never had a need to use one. Also, they thought only people of this world could have them. (This is for Hayato and all the people you’ve killed Diaz!) “Destiny’s Fury!” Lensey yelled. She then rushed forward faster than she has ever run before. When she was close enough, she unleashed fast and furious swings against Diaz. Diaz blocked the first few, but wasn’t able to keep up with Lensey’s rate of speed and was caught with thirteen powerful slashes that had added explosions of energy as they hit him. All of the slashes cut through his armor like it was butter. Lensey did a back-flipping kick that caught Diaz in the chin making him stagger backwards. Her limit break wasn’t finished just yet. She forward somersaulted into an overhead slash and caught Diaz in the chest. Diaz was hurt, but didn’t fall down. Diaz was now really hurt and Lensey stood in front of him after sheathing her katana. Thrusting both hands forward, she unleashed a very powerful blast of energy that not even somebody as strong as Diaz could have blocked. Diaz was thrown to the ground and was panting hard as he got up into a crouch. “Heaven’s Blessing!” Lensey Yelled. The cure magic surrounded Cloud, Squall and herself. All three was healed and was up, good as new.

The realm of energy then disappeared and everything turned black. They then reappeared in Diaz’s throne room. “So it seems as though destiny was in your favor after all,” said Diaz. “But I won’t be dying alone, you three are coming with me.” He then cast some magic quickly before falling to the ground dead.

(What the hell did he just do?) All three then felt the castle shake violently. Lensey then closed her eyes and cast some magic real quickly. (Please let the one time I need this technique to work real quickly.) The castle then blew up in a violent explosion.


“Oh Shit!” Exclaimed a Galbaldian soldier as he saw the castle explode in a spectacular display.

All the remaining soldiers and SeeDs looked on as the castle went up in fire and smoke. “Where are Cloud, Squall and Lensey?” Asked Lisa to Dan.

“I don’t know Lisa,” said Dan. “I can’t feel their power signatures. Damn! This is not the way I would have thought it would have ended!” Yelled Dan. They had defeated all of Diaz’s army outside of the castle with a lot of casualties and injuries sustained. Lisa grabbed Dan and cried on his shoulder. Dan looked down in sadness. He just knew what this was doing to Tifa, and Rinoa.


In the cockpit of the Ragnarok, Tifa and Rinoa had just gone pale. “No, it can’t be,” Tifa said quietly. Tifa just covered her face and cried, as did Rinoa. Everyone in the cockpit and the lower decks who could feel energy signatures was just as shocked.

“Damn!” Barret yelled. “This wasn’t supposed to happen!” He yelled in anger.


Back on the battlefield in front of the castle, Dan held Lisa as she cried. (No, this shouldn’t have happened like this. Diaz must have planned for something like this to happen. If he can’t win, he wouldn’t let us walk away without suffering the biggest lost of all.) They then felt three familiar power levels appear out of nowhere. Both Dan and Lisa turned around to see Lensey, Squall, and Cloud standing there with their clothes ripped and torn and smiles on their faces. Lisa and Dan rushed over and hugged the three. When they turned back toward the many remaining troops, a mighty roar of cheer went over the battlefield.

The five looked up to see the Ragnarok land not too far away. When it landed, out rushed all of Avalanche and their comrades. Tifa and Rinoa were at the front of the group and when they were close enough the ones they loved the most in life, gave them big hugs. “Oh Cloud, I thought I lost you there for a minute,” said Tifa while crying and hugging Cloud tightly.

“I thought I lost you too Squall,” said Rinoa hugging and crying on Squall. “It’s alright Rinoa, It’s finally over. Also, Headmaster Cid and I are going to have a big talk about a long an well deserved vacation for everyone.” After a lot of congratulating and pats on the back, the troops and SeeDs gathered up the wounded and the dead and got back aboard the boats, Balamb Garden, Galbaldia Garden, and the Ragnarok. Lensey was the last one to get on the Ragnarok. She instructed Selphie to get to a safe altitude and leave the ramp down. Lensey then cast some magic and the battlefield was engulfed in an inferno of fire, burning all the bodies of Diaz’s soldiers. “That should take care of that,” commented Lensey as she lifted the ramp up.

The army of the world then headed back toward the base camp by the desert prison. There was were they would drop off all of their extra passengers, and take the Trabian SeeDs back to Trabia Garden and return back home to Balamb. All the Trabian SeeDs was on the Ragnarok and the Ragnarok speeded south to get to Trabia and drop off the Trabian SeeDs. Tonight would be one of celebration. Everyone just knew that the next day would be one of mourning and to remember all the brave souls that lost their lives fighting for this world and those who lost their lives when Diaz invaded and attacked Timber, Trabia Garden, and Galbaldia Garden. Lensey knew that getting on with life after all that happened would be hard, but she knew the people of this world would find a way eventually. Avalanche and SeeD’s fight was over. Her mission was mostly over, but there is still something that is left to do.


Author’s notes: Man, I can’t believe I’ve wrote all of this. It’s weird sometimes, when you do something good or long, and finally look back at what you’ve done, you can sometimes amaze yourself. That’s the end of chapter 12. After an intense battle, Diaz and his army was defeated by all the combined forces of the planet. I say the planet or world, because the creators of FF8 didn’t give the planet a name, and I know they didn’t refer to it as Earth, or did they? Anyway, This fic is almost over and all that is left to read is the epilogue, which should be already posted. I feel a little bit relieved that I’m almost finished and saddened at the same time because I could have probably made this longer. I would have, but I didn’t think dragging it out for a couple of more weeks would have been wise. I already know some of you must have been thinking around chapter seven or eight about when I would end this. Well, this is almost the end. Leave a review at the end of this chapter, or the epilogue. I thank you in advance.


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