Blades of Destiny Epilogue

By Brenton Braswell

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In the last chapter, all of the combined forces of the planet had finally arrived at the island. The plan against Diaz was then carried out when the Ragnarok flew toward Diaz’s castle. With some impressive flying and shooting, Selphie and Cid were able to shoot out all of the cannons on the castle. Instantly, Dan and Lisa went into action and shot energy blasts at Diaz’s army, thus reducing its huge number to one more even to their own. Both armies charged at each other and engaged in a very intense battle.

Meanwhile in the air, flying back toward Diaz’s castle, Darius jumped on the wall and almost shot down the Ragnarok. With some good advice from Lensey, Cid was able to knock Darius off the wall and Selphie dropped the team off that was freeing the Galbaldian SeeDs and cadets. Once the Ragnarok landed and everyone got out, Lensey and Naomi finally had a reunion. Darius ordered Naomi to fight Lensey. Naomi refused and instantly attacked Darius and killed him when he tried to sneak attack her. She apologized and used the teleportation magic to disappear from the castle. Lensey was distraught with sadness, but quickly got over it as they ran into the castle.

Elsewhere in the castle, Oriana, Quistis, and Xu along with the Esthar soldiers and SeeDs fought their way to the dungeon. At the door, Kenoshi confronted them and Xu decided to take him on. In a short battle, Xu defeated Kenoshi and was surprised that Kenoshi felt honored to be defeated by her. Oriana took point in going down the stairs and acted like a one-woman army. After all of the guards were defeated, they freed the Galbaldian SeeDs, cadets and the Headmaster. They then escorted them back to the courtyard and had them board the Ragnarok and taken back to the Ragnarok.

Meanwhile, Squall, Seifer, Cloud and Lensey had fought their way to the last hallway before Diaz’s throne room. Sephiroth and Krelnar confronted the four warriors. Cloud and Seifer took them on an in a lengthy battle, both of Diaz’s warriors were defeated. The four continued onto the throne room, and there they finally came face to face with Diaz. After a little talk, Diaz cast some magic and Cloud, Squall, Lensey and himself disappeared leaving Seifer and the two knights in the room. Seifer immediately radioed what happened in and was instructed to return to the courtyard and board the Ragnarok. He did just that and the Ragnarok lifted off into the sky away from the castle.

Elsewhere, Diaz had taken the three warriors of the planet to the focal point where all energy in the universe resides. After a lengthy conversation, the battle had started. After a while, Diaz seemed to come out on top. In a last desperation move, Cloud and Squall went for their strongest attacks but was promptly thrown back. In a surprising turn of events, Lensey unleashed a limit break skill that she called Destiny’s fury. She had made short work of Diaz. They once again appeared in his castle. Diaz thought he had the last laugh and cast some magic that would blow up the castle. Lensey quickly went to work and cast her teleportation magic just in time. Everyone thought for a minute that Squall, Lensey and Cloud had died from the explosion of Diaz’s castle but was wrong when the three appeared not too far from the castle. A mighty roar of cheer engulfs the battlefield and the Ragnarok landed. Tifa, Rinoa, and all of their comrades come out to congratulate them and thank the heavens that they survived.

With all the wounded and dead gathered up, the forces of the world had headed home. All knew that that night would be one of celebration, and the following day would be one to remember all who fought and died and those who died in the attacks on Timber, Trabia Garden, and Galbaldia Garden. Well, here’s the last chapter of Blades of Destiny, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.


After dropping off the Trabian SeeDs and staying there for a little while, Selphie piloted the Ragnarok toward Balamb Garden. Headmaster Cid had called and said they had finally returned to Balamb and decide to keep the Garden in its mobile form. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was showing it’s last rays of light.

“It’s finally over,” said Cloud for the third time.

“You know Cloud,” said Barret. “You can stop saying that know, it’s getting on my nerves.”

“Sorry Barret,” replied Cloud. “All of this seemed like one big dream and nightmare combined.” The others in the lower passenger deck agreed and nodded their heads. “That man full of hatred, known as Sephiroth is finally dead and I can get on with my life.”

“I wouldn’t say he was completely full of hatred,” commented Vincent.

“What do you mean?” Asked Quistis.

“Before we faced Ultimecia, she told us that she and Sephiroth was in love with one and other,” Vincent answered. “It seems so ironic that two of this world’s most greatest threats would be attracted to each other and fall in love.”

Now this was really some news that surprised everyone who didn’t already know. “Man who would have thought that, ya know?” Raijin said.

“Yeah,” said Fujin. “That’s very surprising to hear.”

Now everyone looked at Fujin in surprise. “You can talk normal?” Asked Red.

“Yes, I can,” answered Fujin. “I just talk the other way so things can be short and to the point. I’m going to start talking normal from now on because I really get a sore throat from talking so loud.”

“That’s good, ya know,” said Raijin while slapping Fujin on the back. She narrowed her eye and kicked Raijin in the shin and smiled at the reaction that she had gotten. This had also got some laughs from the others in the lower deck.

“Hey everyone, we’re at Balamb Garden and we’ll be landing in just a few seconds,” chimed Selphie’s voice from the intercom. She then landed the Ragnarok on the platform above the parking lot. When it descended, the group and the SeeDs walked off of the Ragnarok and out of the parking lot.

At the entrance of the parking lot, they were met with a surprising sight. All of the SeeDs, cadets, junior classmen, the Headmaster and Headmistress was gathered there. They all received a mighty applause from everyone. After everyone had dispersed, Headmaster Cid walked up to the warriors with unlocked powers and the SeeDs. “Splendid job there, you saved the world and given everyone the chance to live a happy life.” Everyone just smiled and nodded. “You should all get cleaned up because were holding a celebration party in the ball room in a hour. About your uniforms, you don’t have to come in them, and you’ll get new uniforms to replace the ones that you’re wearing now tomorrow.” He shook everyone hands before walking off.

All of the SeeDs and Avalanche walked off toward their assigned dorm rooms. Selphie went up beside Lensey and asked, “Do you need something to wear Lensey? I know you have that little trick to get some more clothes, but I thought you would want to wear something other than your fighting clothes.”

“Yeah sure, what do you have in mind?” Replied Lensey.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” said Selphie excitedly while running and dragging Lensey by the arm to her dorm. Once they were there, Selphie looked in her closet and pulled out sleeveless dark blue dress with a high neckline, because she probably knew Lensey wasn’t as modest as showing a lot of skin. The skirt part looked longer than what Selphie usually wore. “How’s this?”

Lensey took the dress and held it too her body. The skirt part went down to the her knees and the dress looked like it would fit her but looked two sizes to big for Selphie. “Thanks Selphie, I think this should do.”

“You can keep the dress,” Selphie said while smiling. “Sorry if I don’t have any boots or shoes to go with it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Lensey. “I think those boots that go with the SeeD uniform would go nicely with this dress.” Selphie said her goodbyes to Lensey and then left for her dorm room.

Once she was in, she immediately took a shower and put on the dress and boots. After a few minutes, Selphie came in an offered to do Lensey’s hair. Lensey agreed and Selphie put it in the braided ponytail once more because she knew Lensey probably liked it better than other hairstyles. Lensey made sure only a few strands of hair hung down her forehead to complete the look. When they were finished, they both went to the ballroom to see people already celebrating. Selphie excused herself to get her camcorder and make sure it had full batteries this time. One thing that stayed on Lensey’s mind was her sister, Naomi. Before Selphie came in the room earlier, she had tried to use her sensing ability to find Naomi. (What is it? I know Naomi can really hide her power signature from me, but why now? I’ve forgiven her, why doesn’t she want me to find her?) This sad thought was on her mind for a few minutes until a couple of cadets came over to talk to her. They talked about the battle and were impressed. After the cadets had left her, she sat down in a chair.


After ten minutes of rushing to get her camcorder and trying to find some new batteries, Selphie was back in the ballroom. She looked around the ballroom and taped all of the happy celebration. She was looking for a few people in particular. She then spotted Zell and Yuffie surrounded by some cadets and SeeDS and two piles of hotdogs on the table in front of them. She walked over to them and asked, “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Zell was mouthing off that no one can beat him in a hotdog eating contest,” said Yuffie. “I took him up on his offer and now it’s time to see if Zell can eat as fast as his mouth talks.”

“Yeah, I can,” said Zell. “And I’m going to win!”

“Oh yeah, then bring it on!” Yuffe Challenged.

A cadet then said, “On your mark.” Yuffie and Zell picked up a hotdog each from the stacks in front of them. “Get set, Go!” Then Yuffie and Zell started wolfing down hotdogs. To say the least, this was fun to watch, but looked like a disgusting sight to see the two with their mouth filled with hotdogs. After about two minutes, both was down to their last hotdogs, and Yuffie finished hers first. “And we have a new champ, Yuffie Kisaragi!” Said the cadet raising Yuffie’s hand.

“Are you sure that was wise Yuffie?” Asked Selphie. “I know Zell could eat that many hotdogs because he has the stomach for it. You on the other hand, you’re way more smaller than Zell, and your stomach doesn’t look like it could hold that much food.”

Yuffie started to look sick and said, “I think you’re right Selphie. Outta the way!” Yuffie yelled before covering her mouth and dashing toward the bathroom knocking over six people in the process. Zell and everyone else laughed.

Selphie then decided to go somewhere else and find somebody else to get some good footage of. She then spotted Lensey sitting at a table alone drinking a glass of wine. Selphie went over and said, “Here’s the hero of the hour, Lensey!”

“I’m not the only hero here Selphie,” Lensey pointed out.

“Why not?” Asked Selphie. “If you didn’t decide to come to this world and help us all out, we’d be dead by now. You’re a hero in my book.”

“Thanks,” said Lensey while giving a small smile. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Selphie.

“Can you look deep in your heart and forgive Oriana for all that she’s done? It’s tearing her up on the inside since your outburst of anger toward her.”

Selphie looked down and thought for a few seconds. “Yeah, sure I can,” said Selphie. “You said everyone deserves another chance right?” Lensey nodded.

“Thank you,” said a voice behind Selphie.

Selphie turned around to see that Oriana was standing there. Selphie then got Oriana in a big hug, “I forgive you Oriana. You saved the lives of the Galbaldian SeeDs and cadets.” Oriana returned the hug. Selphie then went off and found Dan and Lisa not too far from them holding hands and kissing. Selphie caught their kiss on tape and said; “Now this is some great footage! You’re a couple now right?”

Dan and Lisa nodded and went back to kissing. She saw Cid and Barret sitting at a table drinking beer and telling some SeeDs and cadets of the battle. Red was close by them. Selphie listened for a while and then went to find somebody else. Suddenly, the 'Eyes of Me' song came on and many couples took the dance floor. She got some tape of it and was surprised when she saw Vincent and Quistis dancing. She also saw Cloud and Tifa on the dance floor also. What was more surprising is she saw Seifer and Fujin dancing and that Fujin was in a dress and a very pretty one at that.

Selphie then saw Irvine by a door and motioned for her to come over. She went over and saw as Irvine quieted her before she could even talk. She saw Rinoa and Squall out on the balcony talking. She could just make out what they were saying.

“So Squall, what are we going to do now that this threat is over?” Asked Rinoa.

“First, we’re going to take a well deserved vacation,” said Squall. “After that I don’t know.”

Squall and Rinoa just went back to looking at the stars and they saw a shooting star. Rinoa pointed up at it. “I wonder does a shooting star appear every time something good is about to happen?”

“Probably,” said Squall while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small black box. “Rinoa, I know that we haven’t known each other for that long, but my feelings toward you doesn’t betray me. I love you, and I’m asking, will you marry me?”

Rinoa’s eyes widened and her mouth went into a smile. “Yes I’ll marry you Squall, I love you too!” Squall then put the ring on her finger and hugged and kissed Rinoa.

“Booyaka!” Selphie yelled while jumping out of her hiding space with the camcorder. Irvine then came out also.

“You da man Squall!” Said Irvine. Squall just nodded.

Selphie then lightly elbowed Irvine in the ribs and said, “Hey Irvy, does this give you any ideas?” Irvine just smiled and scratched the back of his head and didn’t say anything. (Oh well, I guess Irvine isn’t ready for commitment just yet.)

“Squall, what brought this on?” Asked Rinoa.

“Nearly dying today,” answered Squall. “When Cloud and myself were on the ground hurt, I thought to myself and wondered what I would do if we should get out of that situation. The first thing that came to my mind was marrying the woman that I love.”

Selphie and Irvine then left the two alone and she went to seek out Lensey again. She smiled when she saw Lensey dancing with a SeeD. Once the song was over, Lensey went over to Selphie and asked, “What time is it?”

Selphie looked at her watch and said, “Just nine P.M., Why?”

“There’s somebody I promised I would see after I defeated Diaz,” Lensy answered. “They live in Winhill and I’ll just go right now, because I know tomorrow will be a busy day and I want to see them now.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Selphie. “I’ll tell the Headmaster and everyone else you left. When are you going to be back?”

“Tomorrow morning,” said Lensey. “I know the Headmaster will want to hold a memorial service tomorrow.” Selphie nodded and walked off.

Lensey walked out of Balamb Garden and cast her teleportation magic. She then disappeared from the area.


She then appeared just outside of Winhill. Lensey then walked to Rosa’s house and knocked on the door. A young woman with Brown hair in a white blouse, blue jeans and brown shoe’s answered the door. When she answered and saw who it was, she stood there with her eyes widened. “Hi, I’m Lensey Kusanagi, pleased to meet you,” Lensey said while sticking out her hand.

Colette came out of her shock and shook Lensey’s hand. “I’m Colette, Rosa’s daughter,” said Colette. “So you’re the young woman who my mother speaks so highly of. Well, come in.” Lensey came in and was escorted to the living room where Rosa and Elizabeth were watching T.V. “Looks who’s here.”

“Lensey!” Exclaimed Rosa. Lensey then walked over to the woman and hugged her. “I knew you could do it.”

“Yeah thanks to you and her,” said Lensey while pointing to Elizabeth. She then walked over to Elizabeth and kneeled down to be eye to eye with the young girl. “You know Elizabeth, You’re one of the reasons I’ve continued fighting for.”

The young girl with light brown hair in the pretty blue dress said, “I know my grandma told me.” Elizabeth then beamed a smile at her. Lensey then hugged the little girl.

“We’ve got dinner ready if you’re hungry Lensey,” said Rosa.

“Thank you,” said Lensey. “You don’t know how much saving the world can tire you out.” Lensey joked.

The four then sat down to eat a nice home cooked meal. After they were finished, Lensey went to play with Elizabeth and told her about the battle. She made sure not to go into any details and make it as story like as possible. She knew the little girl would have wanted a better story to tell her friends when she goes back to school in Deling City, but she wasn’t ready to hear the way it exactly happened.

Rosa then asked, “Lensey, are you going to be leaving soon?”

“No, I told everyone at Balamb Garden that I would come back in the morning,” replied Lensey. “I’ll stay tonight and tuck Elizabeth into bed. After we all eat breakfast, I’ll have to leave.”

“Are you going anywhere else after the memorial service at Balamb Garden is over?” Asked Colette.

“Yes,” said Lensey. “My fight isn’t over yet, I still have to liberate the twelve worlds that Diaz has enslaved.”

“You truly have a heart of gold,” said Colette. “You would put others and your mission before your needs and wants. We’ll it’s time for Elizabeth to go to bed.”

Lensey then nodded and held Elizabeth’s hand as she escorted her to the room. Once Elizabeth was helped into her nightclothes, Lensey tucked her into bed and kissed her on the forehead. “Good night Sweetie.”

“Good night Lensey,” said Elizabeth while rolling on her side.

Lensey then walked out of the room and sat on the couch beside Colette and Rosa. They watched the news. Surprisingly, they were showing some footage of the battle. “What the hell?” Lensey said. “I guess they must have had some hidden cameras on some of the Gabaldian soldiers, I’m just glad they didn’t have any reporters out there.” The news reporters then went on about Lensey and the people that had strange powers. He then came to an announcement saying that they would help the citizens of Timber rebuild, and help Galbaldia Garden. Also the government would try to establish good relations with Esthar and FH and try to get the railroad back to running between the two countries. (Well, I wish you good luck in trying to fix all of the damage to the Railroad Bridge.) Lensey silently commented. Also in the news, the Esthar government was going to help build Trabia Garden back to its former glory. After all of the news had gone off, Lensey, Rosa, and Colette retired to bed.

In the morning, Lensey, Rosa, Colette, and Elizabeth had breakfast together. When they were through, they thanked Lensey for visiting them that night. Lensey was about to leave when she felt someone cling to her leg. “Don’t go Lensey,” said Elizabeth.

“I’m sorry honey,” replied Lensey. “I have to go, but I’ll come and visit when my mission is finished.”

Elizabeth was sad and reluctantly let go of Lensey’s leg. They were outside as Lensey cast her teleportation magic and disappeared. “Bye Lensey,” said Elizabeth a little sadly. She didn’t want Lensey to go, but she knew that Lensey had to go. The three then walked back into the house.


Lensey appeared just outside of Balamb Garden. She then walked in and toward her dormitory and took her shower and put the dress back on. She cast some magic and appeared in her red gi top, white pants, red shoes, fighting gloves and katana. Now that dress was part of the clothes that she can make appear on her at will.

There was a knock on the door and Lensey answered it. It was Selphie and she was carrying Hayato’s katana in its sheathe. “It’s time Lensey,” said Selphie while handing her the katana. Both Selphie and herself followed the large crowd of cadets, junior classmen, and SeeDs outside of the garden. They walked a little distance to a little graveyard by Balamb Garden reserved for those who died in the battle. Everyone in the Garden turned out and the two women walked up to the front where all of Avalanche and Squall and the others were. As she walked up there, she saw many looks of sadness on many faces and some crying their hearts out.

When Headmaster Cid saw that Selphie and Lensey was by the podium, he then gave his speech. “Today, we are here to honor those brave SeeDs that fought in the battle and didn’t make it home alive. Their courage is very admirable for fighting in a battle that they probably knew they weren’t going to make it. Let their example inspire you to become better in life and push you on in life when you feel like you’ve lost your way in life. We’d also like to honor those who fought in the battle and rid this world of the evil that was unleashed upon this world.” Cid stopped to look around at all the faces of cadets, junior classmen, SeeDs, and Avalanche. He looked toward Lensey to see if he should continue with the next part.

Lensey then suddenly felt Naomi’s presence in the huge crowd. She tried to find her but couldn’t. She then nodded to Cid to continue.

“Also, we would like to honor a memory of a great man,” said Cid. “His name was Hayato, and even though he didn’t know any of you or most of the people in this world, He sacrificed his life so that we may live. He gave us the extra time to form the alliance, and to train to face Diaz Marquis’s army. Let us forever hold him in our hearts as well as the others who gave their lives to make this world a peaceful one again.” Headmaster Cid looked at Lensey to see her with her head down and silently shedding tears.

Edea then went over to Lensey and gave her a shoulder to cry on. After a few minutes Lensey was finished and went over to Hayato’s headstone. She then plunged the bottom of the katana into ground deeply while still in its sheathe. She cast some magic and said, “This was Hayato’s katana. I know he would have wanted it put to good use. That’s why I cast a spell on it. Those who are worthy will be able to pull the katana from the ground. The magic will examine your soul and the past accomplishments that you have achieved. If you have fought for the right cause, and sacrificed many things for others and not for you own glory, then the magic will let you pull the katana out of the ground to claim for your own.” Most of the people said their last goodbyes to friends and loved ones and some thanked Lensey and Avalanche for what they did. Only a few went to Hayato’s grave, and thanked his spirit for what he did.

When nearly everyone was gone, Naomi decided to come forward. Everyone saw that she was crying and Lensey immediately hugged her. After she stopped she said, “Lensey, I’m sorry for what I did. I joined Diaz for fear of my life at first, and I guess I just locked away my emotions later on.”

“I forgive you Naomi,” said Lensey. “I’m sure everyone else forgives you for everything you’ve did.” Everyone just nodded. “Your probably know what I’m going to ask you next, right?”

“Yes,” said Naomi. “I already know you and Oriana plan on liberating all the world’s that Diaz has conquered. I’m tired of killing and I’m not going to accompany you to.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Lensey. “Where are you going to go now?”

“I don’t know,” answered Naomi. “I plan on making this world my home, but I really don’t have any money or know anybody that will give me a place to stay.”

“How about you stay at Garden?” Headmaster Cid added. “I hear you’re very good with the sai and we could use another teacher in teaching how to use the sai, and martial arts.”

“You mean you would do that?” Asked Naomi. The Headmaster nodded.

“You can stay in Garden, or we could give you money to stay in Balamb after you start your job,” Cid answered as he held out his hand for Naomi to shake. Naomi shook it. “I just want to see how good you are before you start teaching.”

“Deal,” said Naomi. Everyone then left the graveyard and returned to Balamb Garden. Inside Naomi was given some workout clothes, training clothes and issued some SeeD uniforms. Headmaster Cid, Lensey, Squall, Oriana, Edea and some SeeDs were in the second floor workout gym. Naomi then demonstrated her skill in the sai and martial arts against the SeeDs. By the end of it, the SeeDs were in pain, but not as much because Naomi held back as not to injure anyone seriously.

Later in the afternoon, gathered by the place where the portal was at, Squall, Rinoa, Xu, Quistis, Naomi, Zell, Dan, Lisa, Selphie, Irvine and Edea was off to see Lensey, Oriana, and Avalanche back to their time.

“Oriana and myself will be back in one day and check up on you after we take them back to their time,” said Lensey. “I’m glad to have met all of you, especially you Selphie.”

Selphie smiled and said, “I’m also have been glad to have met you too, Lensey. You’ll come back after your mission is complete right.” Lensey nodded.

“Take care sister, Oriana,” said Naomi.

“You too Naomi,” said Lensey. Everyone then started shaking hands and exchanging goodbyes and gifts.

“Wait a minute, I want to take a few pictures of us all together and give it to everybody,” said Selphie while setting up a camera. Everyone then got into place and Selphie put the automatic timer on. The camera then took about sixteen of the same picture. After all of the pictures came out right, Selphie started distributing them around the group.

Also, after that, Cloud gave Griever to Squall because Griever saw Squall as being worthy also. Cloud had no more use for the legendary GF and its services would be better put to use in Squall’s service.

After all that was done, Lensey cast the magic and opened the portal. All of Avalanche walked into it. Lensey and Oriana was the last two to walk in. They both looked back. Even though they would be gone for just one day, they would still be missed before they embarked on mission. Both women then walked into the portal.


After going through that wild ride through time once again, all of Avalanche, Lensey and Oriana were back in the cave in the northern crater. “Well looks like we’re finally home,” pointed out Cloud.

“Yeah, I hope those knuckleheads in the Highwind II aren’t doing what I think they’re doing,” added Cid.

(Yeah, I hope they aren’t either. I hope they post a good lookout.) Thought Lensey as she followed Cid and the Rest of Avalanche.

The trip to the Highwind II was uneventful, no monsters dared to attack the group. Everyone climbed up the rope ladder with Cid in front. Once he entered the door, He didn’t see hide or hair of the crew in the immediate vicinity. He would have thought somebody would greet them back, that didn’t happen. Cid got a sour look on his face and walked down the stairs with Lensey and the rest of Avalanche in tow.

When he got to the conference room he heard a little noise. He then opened the doors. Right there in the conference room, the crew was playing poker, eating chips and pretzels, smoking, and drinking beer. Now this looked like a funny scene to anybody else because the crew looked like a deers caught in headlights once they saw Cid. He turned around for a few second see if he was just seeing things. Once he turned toward the table he saw that his eyes didn’t deceive him. “Get your @#$%*$ asses to your stations now!” An extremely pissed Cid Highwind yelled.

The men scrambled from the table putting out cigars and putting down drinks and running to the bridge. Lensey giggled a little bit. She then pulled one of the crew aside and whispered in his ear, “You should have post a lookout.” The crewman nodded and ran to his position.

All of Avalance went to the bridge. “So, where to first captain?” Asked the pilot.

“I don’t know?” said Cid.

Lensey then decided to address all of Avalanche. “I want to talk to you all about something,” said Lensey. Once she had their attention she continued. “About telling people where you been, Just say that you’ve been to another world instead of six thousand years into the future. The reason I say this is because there’s no telling what will happen to the future. Nothing might happen, but we can’t take that risk.”

“Yeah, we’ll do that Lensey,” said Barret.

“Um, Lensey,” said Yuffie.

“Yes Yuffie,” inquired Lensey.

“You said when we first met you, that you have a resurrection spell that can bring back people who died in a year’s time of an unnatural cause,” said Yuffie. Lensey nodded. “I was wondering could you bring back my friend Aeris?”

“I don’t know,” replied Lensey. “If we can communicate with her, we could ask her if she wants to come back.”

“I don’t think you should do it Lensey,” added Cloud. “I think Aeris would agree with me.”

Suddenly a swirl of green and blue spirit energy appeared from nowhere in the middle of the bridge. In one minute, Aeris Gainsborough appeared in the flesh. “I have to agree with Cloud,” said Aeris. “I don’t want to come back.”

Most of Avalanche stood there shocked. Once the shock wore off. Yuffie quickly asked, “Why not Aeris?”

“Because there is no need to come back,” answered Aeris. “I also know you’re wondering how I’m here,” she said looking around at all of the faces in the room. “The planet granted me one favor. To see all of you one more time before I join the lifestream and go to the Promised Land.”

Yuffie immediately ran up and hugged Aeris. “But I miss you,” she said. “We all miss you.”

“I know that, but my job as one of the planet protectors is over,” said Aeris. “I’ll miss all of you too.” She then let go of Yuffie and started hugging all of her friends. She then turned to Lensey. “Thank you for coming to their aid and helping the planet.” Lensey nodded.

“You saw all of that?” Asked Cloud.

“Yes I did,” said Aeris. “With the portal still open, I was able to see all that happened without having to send my spirit into the future.” She looked at Cloud and Tifa. “I hope you two have a happy life together and have some healthy children.” She turned toward Barret. “I hope you, Elmyra, and Marlene have a happy life too. I also hope Marlene grows up to be a beautiful and smart woman.” Aeris turned toward Cid. “I’m glad you and Shera finally got together. I hope you two can also have a happy family together.” She turned toward Red. “Red, someday you’ll find more of your kind and your lifemate out there. Don’t give up looking and I know you’ll be a great Guardian of Cosmo Canyon.” She turned toward Yuffie. “Yuffie, I hope you turn out to be a beautiful and smart woman and one day get married and have a beautiful family.” Yuffie nodded. “Vincent, I’ve spoken to Lucrecia, she said to stop punishing yourself for the past. There’s no way you can atone for the past by keeping your heart sealed. She wanted you to find love again and rejoin society.”

“I’ll try,” said Vincent. “But I can never forget about Lucrecia.”

“Fair enough,” Aeris said. She then turned toward Lensey and Oriana. “I know of your mission and I wish you good luck in it.”

“Thanks,” said Oriana. “Because we’re going to need it.”

“Goodbye everyone,” Aeris said before turning back into spirit energy and going back to the lifestream.

There were a few moments of silence before Cid said, “Our first stop is Wutai. Set course immediately.” The crew went through all the motions of starting up the Highwind II and it was in the sky in less than five minutes and headed toward Wutai.

As they headed for Wutai, Red asked, “Lensey, do you know how the world changes and take that shape? Also while we were there, I didn’t see any of my kind.”

“Yes I do,” said Lensey. “Let’s just say an event happens that changes the world dramatically. I’m sorry Red; none of your kind survives. I want to tell you know, don’t try to warn future generations and change anything. If you do, then the world of the future changes and Squall and the others might not be born.”

“I understand Lensey,” said Red. “I won’t try to change anything.”

After saying that, the rest of the trip to Wutai was uneventful.


Once they landed just outside Wutai, Yuffie wanted Lensey to come to her house and meet her father. Lensey and Oriana agreed and followed Yuffie and the rest of Avalanche to the center of the village.

Once they were there, Godo immediately said, “Yuffie, where have you been?”

“Off on another adventure with Avalanche,” said Yuffie. “I’m sorry about earlier father, please forgive me.”

“You’re forgiven,” said Lord Godo. “Now tell me about this adventure.” So Yuffie and Avalanche begins to tell Lord Godo about their journey in another world, they left out the part about it being the future. I took like an hour with having to leave out many details. “Quite impressive,” commented Godo. “Will all of you be staying in Wutai for a day or two?”

“No,” said Cloud. “I’m sorry, but we also have to get back home.”

“I understand,” said Godo. “Don’t be strangers and come visit once and a while. Miss Kusanagi, Miss Oriana, I wish you good luck in your mission.”

“Thank you,” said Lensey.

“Well, let’s go,” said Cid Highwind. They all left Wutai with Yuffie waving after them and watching the Highwind II take off into the air.


The next stop was Corel. They escorted Barret back to his house and were met by a delighted Elmyra and a happy Marlene. “Papa!” Marlene yelled while jumping into his arms. “I missed you papa!”

“I missed you too, my little pumpkin,” said Barret. “I also missed you too Elmyra.”

“We both missed you Barret,” said Elmyra while hugging both Marlene and Barret.

When Marlene was put down, she walked over to Lensey. Lensey knelt down and hugged the little girl. “Thank you Lensey for bringing back my daddy,” said Marlene.

“Your welcome,” said Lensey. Marlene went around to hug everyone she hasn’t seen in a long time also. When Marlene came to Oriana, she gave her a hug to because she didn’t want Oriana left out of everything.

“Don’t forget what you’ve learned about the Shumi Barret,” said Lensey.

“I won’t forget Lensey,” Barret said.

He then felt a tug on his pants leg. “Papa, are they going to come to my birthday party next month?”

“Sure well, come to your party Marlene,” said Tifa.

“Will Lensey and Oriana come too?”

“I’m sorry Marlene,” said Lensey. “We won’t be able to come because we’ll be very busy.”

“That’s okay,” said Marlene. “I know you’ll be off saving another world, right?”

“Yes,” said Lensey. “You know, you’re a very smart little lady.” This statement brought a grin to Marlene’s face. “Well, goodbye Barret, Marlene, Elmyra. I’ll come and visit once my mission is over.”

“Bye bye, Cloud, Tifa, Lensey, Oriana, Red, Vincent, and Cid,” said Marlene.

“Bye guys, see you at Marlene’s party next month,” said Barret. The rest waved goodbye and got back onto the Highwind once more. Next stop Cosmo Canyon.


Landing outside of the canyon, the seven walked up to the observatory. “Nanaki! You’re home!” Said the man at the gate.

“Yes I am,” said Red. “Did you have somebody send Cloud and Tifa’s chocobo’s home?”

“Yes we did,” said the man. “The day after you all left.”

“That’s good,” said Red. The seven then walked over to the Cosmo candle and sat around it. “Well, here’s where our journey started at.”

“Yeah,” said Cloud. “I’m still trying to believe that it was just a week since we’ve left. It seems so long, but we all accomplished that in eight days.”

“Vincent?” Asked Tifa. “What are you going to do now?”

Vincent stayed quiet for a few second while he thought. “I think I’ll stay here for a little while before moving on,” answered Vincent. “I’ll do what Lucrecia wants me to do and rejoin society and find love once more. In the meantime, I’ll think I’ll rest here.”

“That’s good to hear Vincent,” said Red. “So I believe you two aren’t going to be staying for the night?” Red directed the question toward Cloud and Tifa.

“No,” said Cloud. “We need to be getting home ourselves.”

“I understand,” said Red. “Lensey, Oriana, it was an honor meeting you two.”

“As it was you, Nanaki, Guardian of Cosmo Canyon,” replied Lensey.

“Likewise,” said Oriana.

“Well, next stop, Nibelheim,” said Cid. “See ya later Red, Vince.

“Goodbye my friends,” said Vincent. The other’s said their goodbyes and boarded the airship once more.


Upon arriving at the gates of Nibelheim, a hysteric woman came screaming, “Mr. Strife, my son is in trouble! Some Nibel wolves cornered him just outside the mountain pass! Please save my son!”

Lensey turned to Cloud, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it Cloud. I can get to him faster.” Cloud nodded. Lensey unsheathed her katana and disappeared. When she reappeared, she saw a little boy crawling away from some wolves.

“Help me!” The little boy screamed as he saw Lensey appear out of nowhere.

“Hey, you mangy mongrels!” Lensey yelled. “Why don’t you try to go for a bigger meal like myself?" The wolves then turned around and started slowly advancing on Lensey. She immediately went into action and took the three wolves down with three slashes. After sheathing her katana, she walked over to the little boy and asked, “Are you all right?”

The boy nodded his head. Lensey then helped him up and transported both of them back to the gate of Nibelheim. “Mommy!” the boy exclaimed while jumping into the woman’s arms.

“Thank you for saving my son miss,” said the woman.

“Anytime,” said Lensey. The woman then walked away. “Does something like this happen often?” Lensey asked Cloud.

“Only when the children play too far from the village,” said Cloud. “This doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, the villagers come to me to help.”

“So you’re like the monster hunter of the village,” joked Oriana.

“You could put it that way,” said Cloud.

“Well Cloud, I’m off to Rocket Town and home to Shera,” said Cid. “Do you two want to come or are you going to stay here?”

Oriana and Lensey silently conversed for a few seconds. “Sure, I want to meet Shera again,” said Lensey. “Well, Cloud and Tifa, it was nice meeting and fighting alongside of you.”

“Likewise Lensey and Oriana,” Said Cloud. Tifa nodded and smiled.

Cloud and Tifa waited until the Highwind II took off into the air. “Well, Cloud let’s go home,” said Tifa.

“You know something, I want to set the date that we get married a day after Marlene’s birthday party,” said Cloud.

“You do Cloud?” said Tifa smiling. She then hugged Cloud. “That’s great! That way, everyone won’t be running around that much. Oh Cloud, I love you.” They were once again locked in a passionate kiss. When they unlocked, they walked home in heavenly bliss.


When the Highwind II landed in its hanger. The crew, Cid, Lensey and Oriana got off and went outside. They all looked at the building site of the new rocket. “It seems as though your men did a lot while you was gone,” commented Lensey. They all saw that the rocket was coming along nicely. They walked to Cid’s house in the late afternoon. The last rays of sunlight were just disappearing.

Cid knocked on the door, the pleasant sight of his Fiancée, Shera, greeted Cid a second later after it was opened. “Oh Cid!” Shera screamed with joy while jumping of Cid.

After she was finished hugging Cid she noticed Lensey and another woman she’s never seen before. “Hello Lensey and?”

“Oriana,” she said while sticking out her hand to shake.

Shera happily shook it. “Come in, I have some tea that’s already made.”

Once they were inside the sat down to some tea and dinner. The four talked for a little while before retiring to bed. In the morning, Shera made breakfast and they sat down to another delicious meal.

“Well, it’s time for us to go back to our time,” said Lensey. “It was nice meeting you again Shera. Take care of Cid.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” replied Shera. “Goodbye Lensey, Oriana. Good Luck in your mission.”

“Thanks,” said Oriana. Lensey and Oriana then walked outside and used the teleportation magic and went to the Northern Crater.

“Well, let me cast a spell that will close up this portal, but not block us from coming back,” said Lensey. She cast the magic and then both jumped into the portal and it closed behind the two.


After coming back to their present, they found themselves just outside of Balamb Garden. “I wonder how Selphie and the others are doing?” Asked Oriana.

Both walked to Balamb Garden and was let into the gate by the gatekeeper because he knew who they were. They then went up to the third floor and let Headmaster Cid know that they were back. He showed them to the gym where Naomi was instructing some cadets in martial arts.

“I have to say, the way she teaches is impressive,” commented Cid.

“Is she staying in a room in garden?” Asked Oriana.

“Yes she is,” Cid replied. “She chose to so she could be closer to her students.”

After that, Cid, Oriana, Lensey watched the class in silence. After it was over, Naomi noticed the three and walked over. “Good morning Headmaster, Lensey and Oriana. I see that you watched my class.”

“Yes we did,” said Cid. “Any comments on any of the cadets training.”

“Just a few,” said Naomi. “Most of them look like promising fighters. There are just a few that I’ll have to work with extra hard. Other than that, this class is fine. So are you and Oriana getting ready to leave so soon?”

“Yeah,” said Lensey. “I noticed some Diaz took some soldiers from Artuna. Using our powers we could wipe out all of Diaz’s forces on Artuna in a few days before they even know Diaz is dead.”

“That’s good,” said Naomi. “Well, take care sister, Oriana. I have another class in just a half hour. Don’t worry, I won’t use my powers unless the Garden is threatened.” Naomi then hugged both of them. She followed them to the entrance.

Headmaster Cid then escorted them down to the gate where Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Dan, Lisa and Xu were waiting for them. “Good luck in your journey Lensey and Oriana,” said Selphie. The others said their goodbyes also.

“Well Oriana, would you do the honors?” Asked Lensey.

“Sure,” said Oriana. “You’ve been doing that all morning. It’s time I start using my powers.” Oriana then concentrated while holding her hands out. She glowed a light blue color and then cast the magic and a swirling portal appeared.

Lensey looked back one more time. (I don’t think Diaz was right when he said destiny was on our side. I think we make our own destinies in life. No matter what happens in the future, all of these people before me and the ones from the past will always have a place in my heart. With my Blade of Destiny, I’ll change the destinies of those worlds that have been conquered by Diaz. Along with Oriana, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Goodbye everyone, I’ll see you once again when I’m finished with my mission.) Lensey silently said. Lensey and Oriana finally walked into the portal. Everyone went back into the Garden wondering what tomorrow would bring. They could only hope and pray that Lensey and Oriana’s Blades of Destiny would guide the two women to success and bring them back safely.

The End.


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