Blades of Destiny Chapter 11

The Call of Destiny and Fate

By Brenton Braswell

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In the last chapter, Lensey had just returned from Winhill and went to the presidential palace in Esthar. When she arrived there, she found out that Tifa was out of her coma. Meanwhile, Squall, Headmaster Cid, Ellone, and Laguna talked about the alliance. They agreed to have it in FH with mayor Dobe’s permission and it was so. Laguna also finally had that little talk with Squall, and it didn’t turn out the way he expected. Elsewhere in the palace, Lensey was greeted back with open arms and everyone there understood why she took off the night before. After getting dressed and having breakfast, Lensey and the others went to see Oriana. After a little bit of convincing from Lensey, Oriana showed the location of Diaz’s castle. Thinking she had nothing else to live for Oriana thought they were going to kill her when Lensey suggested that she join their side. Oriana accepted, but everyone wasn’t happy about it and Selphie voiced her displeasure. Elsewhere at the Esthar hospital, All of Avalanche rejoiced to see that Tifa was well and out of her coma. With a call from Laguna, everyone heard the good news about the Location of Diaz’s castle and Oriana joining their side. Everyone immediately departed to the Ragnarok and it went to FH where the meeting for the alliance between SeeD, Esthar, and Galbaldia was to take place. Once everyone was there, things seemed to take a turn for the worst when three of Diaz’s assassins showed up and tried to take out Esthar and Galbaldia’s officials. With quick action from Vincent, Barret, Dan, and Lensey, all three of them were stopped. The alliance was formed and strategies were being planned out. Also, the world knew finally knew of the danger that was threatening it when Lensey was okayed to tell the reporters about what was going on. After everyone left and was doing their part in the agreement, Lensey, Avalanche and SeeD trained intensely for three days. On the fourth day of training, Cloud decided he would need a powerful GF if he were going to fight Diaz. Lensey told the other’s the location of one and Cloud, Squall, Irvine, Zell, Selphie, and Lensey went to the Deep Sea Research Facility. Only Cloud, Squall, and Lensey ventured down there and came upon a shocking discovery. At the bottom of the facility, the legendary GF, Griever resided. He had survived time compression and made the place his home. Cloud challenged and took on Griever by himself. It was a fierce battle, but Cloud came out on top and gained Griever as his Guardian Force. Going back to Garden, Lensey told the others to relax for the rest of the day, because the next day may be their last day. Now the time has come, and Diaz is ready to reveal his castle. The battle for the world and the universe is about to begin. It is time to see what Destiny has in store for our heroes, for they cannot ignore the call of destiny and fate.


In Diaz’s castle in Centra, Sephiroth had just woken up in his bed. He found the sight of Ultimecia sleeping against his chest a beautiful sight to wake up to. She slept quietly with the covers over her and Sephiroth’s bodies. (Author’s Note: I wonder who saw this coming. Well, if you did, that’s good. I’m not going into that much description in this part, because if I did, I would really have to make this R-rated.) Sephiroth moved slightly, and this movement was enough to wake up Ultimecia. “Good morning, my dear Ultimecia,” said Sephiroth quietly.

Ultimecia smiled and said, “Good morning love.”

“Well, I guess Diaz has finally gotten better, and today is the day that we fight and annihilate our enemies,” said Sephiroth.

“Yes,” replied Ultimecia sleepily. “I hope we win this battle.”

“What?” Asked Sephiroth. “You’re doubting our ability to defeat and conquer this world.”

“No, it’s not that,” answered Ultimecia. “I want you to know that whatever happens today, I’ll now and forever love you.”

“And I you,” replied Sephiroth. “Before meeting you, I have never experienced love.”

“Yes,” said Ultimecia. “If things go wrong today, I’ll love you and my soul will search out your soul. If only we met at a different time and place things could have been different and we wouldn’t have to fight.”

Now this was surprising to Sephiroth. (It seems that she does not want this battle to happen. She thinks we’ll die and that will be the end of our love for each other.) “If we die today, I won’t stop loving you and my soul will search out your soul also,” Sephiroth reassured Ultimecia. After saying that, Sephiroth and Ultimecia kissed their most long and passionate kiss like there was no tomorrow.

Everywhere else in the castle, everyone seemed real busy preparing for the enemy that was to come later. Diaz was pleased at how much stronger he had gotten after recovering from that battle at Fisherman’s Horizon. During the four days it took for him to recover, he felt the power signatures of Lensey Kusanagi and her little band getting stronger. (This battle will really be the most glorious battle that I’ve ever fought. Once I’ve defeated Lensey Kusanagi, the rest of her little band of warriors with unlocked powers will fall without that much trouble. He walked down the hall that leads to the courtyard. On his way there, he sees Krelnar ordering some of the soldiers around. When Diaz was close enough, he said, “So Krelnar, the time has finally come to annihilate Lensey Kusanagi, her allies, and all of the resistance on this world.”

“Yes, my lord,” said Krelnar while bowing slightly. “I can hardly wait to cause havoc and destruction either.”

“That’s good,” Diaz replied. “Get some troops and gather up all the servants and slaves in the castle. I want you to open a portal to Artuna and get the soldiers to take them there. I don’t want any of my favorite servants and slaves getting in the way and dying needlessly when it doesn’t serve me. After you are done with that, prepare yourself, for this will be our most dramatic and glorious battle ever.”

“Yes sir,” Krelnar said while bowing and walking away. He then barked a few orders at some soldiers.

Diaz looked on for a few seconds before continuing his walk through the hallway to the courtyard. He came upon Darius also. “Darius, when the battle begins stay with Naomi. If she even shows a little sign of treachery, you are to kill her. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” said Darius. “It would be my pleasure to kill Naomi if she does show signs of treachery. I’ll have her face her sister in battle. If she refuses to fight Lensey, I’ll immediately kill her.”

Diaz nodded and continued down the hallway. Once he walked through the doorway to the courtyard, he was met with the sight of most of his soldiers preparing in the big courtyard. Once they noticed Diaz, they immediately went to attention and saluted him. “At ease,” Diaz said to all of the soldiers. The soldiers went to parade rest. “Today is the day that we welcome the forces of this world to this castle to get annihilated!” Shouted Diaz so everyone around him could hear him. “You are my most finest soldiers and I expect nothing but the best from all of you! Prepare yourselves, for this will be the most glorious battle that any of you will ever fight in! After today, nothing will come close to opposing me! Fight like there is no tomorrow, because for some of you, there will be no tomorrow! To victory!” Diaz yelled while raising his fist in the air. The soldiers let out a mighty cheer and raised their fists as well. Diaz then walked to the middle of the courtyard as men and women got out of his way. He then cast his magic and his castle appeared from out of nowhere. “Take your positions and prepare for battle!” The entire platoon of soldiers saluted and the majority of the soldiers ran outside while some from inside of the castle followed them outside. Just a small portion stayed inside the gates, and some of them took their positions at the guns and cannons. Also some soldiers ran inside of Galbaldian Garden according to Diaz’s plan. (And now, we wait.)


Near the very edge of the Kashkabald Desert, the temporary base camp was set up for the combined forces of SeeD, the Galbaldian military, and the Esthar military. Just twenty feet away from shore was where the SeeD attack vessels and Dollet attack vessels were situated. A whole lot of soldiers would have to take a little dip in the water before they boarded one of those. There were numerous tents and most of the occupants were up at dawn. Some got up to watch the sun rise, while others got up to do their morning exercises and stretching.

Lensey, Oriana, Red XIII, and Vincent were at the edge of the camp watching the sunrise along with some other Galbaldian soldiers. “I guess this is an Ironic way to start your day when it may be your last,” commented Red.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Oriana. “I’m going to make sure it’s not for this world though.” Oriana added. Oriana made it clear the previous day that she was going to give it her all in the upcoming battle. She wanted to redeem herself for all of the crimes and atrocities that she’s committed while serving Diaz Marquis. The first step in doing that was to put an end to Diaz’s journey through different worlds and dimensions.

“Are all of the battle plans been made out?” Asked Vincent.

“Yeah, mostly,” answered Lensey. “After Diaz reveals his castle, Esthar satellites will get some overhead photos of it. We’ll be able to see what kind of defenses Diaz has outside of his castle. We’ll make some last minute changes to it and brief the attack force on it.” She then looked around and saw some soldiers exercising. She then came upon the sight of a couple of news crews. “Damn reporters. I wish Mr. Knoxville didn’t insist on having them here. It’s bad enough that we have all of this pressure on us. Now they just add to it by having most of the world watching how we prepared.”

“Yes, your right,” said Vincent. “I guess it can’t be helped. They’ll keep their distance from us though. I’m sure they don’t want what happened yesterday to happen today.” This brought a little grin to everyone’s face. The incident Vincent was referring to be one that the reporters were bothering them too much. The day before when mostly everyone was training, the reporters decided to just close enough to get some footage to see Oriana and the others training. They were hiding behind some rocks because when they tried to get some tape earlier, Vincent and the others stopped and waited until they left to continue. Oriana and Vincent was sparring and firing ki blast at each other. When Oriana deflected a few, they went over her shoulder and were headed for the hiding spot of the reporters. Oriana was alerted to their presence when they started screaming when they saw the ball of energy. She quickly fired a smaller and faster blast to change the course of the big energy ball. Once it hit, both of them was deflected away from the reporters and exploded not too far away. The reporters was visibly shaken and ran back to the base camp. At first, it didn’t seem humorous until Oriana told everyone how the reporters screamed like some little girls and how fast they ran back to the camp.

Without warning, the four warriors felt a strong power signature appear from the southeast. (I guess it now begins.) “Well, looks like Diaz is laying out the welcoming mats for us,” said Lensey. “Hey, does somebody has a radio on them so I can contact the main tent?” Lensey asked toward the Galbaldian soldiers.

“Yeah, I do,” said one of the soldiers in blue.

Lensey then took it. She turned a switch and it came to life with some static. She then held down the button on the side and talked into it. “This is Lensey Kusanagi here, do you read me communications tent, over?” She let go of the button and waited for an answer back.

“You’re coming in loud and clear, go ahead with your message, over,” said the COM Officer in the tent.

“Tell General Caraway and Commander Leonhart that Diaz’s castle just appeared,” said Lensey. “You should also make a call to Esthar and tell them to get some satellite photos of Diaz’s castle from above now and send them here pronto. Also tell them that, Vincent, Oriana, Red and myself are headed for the command tent.”

“All right, over and out,” said the COM Officer.

Lensey then handed the radio back to the soldier. “Come on let’s go,” she said while walking toward the tents.

The others followed her. It took them a few minutes to reach it. When they got there they saw that Squall, General Caraway, Barret, Headmaster Cid, Lt. Fox, and Cloud in there. “Good morning miss Kusanagi,” said General Caraway.

“Good morning General, and everyone else,” replied Lensey. “You’ve got my message right?”

“Yes Lensey,” said Squall. “As we speak now, an Esthar satellite is taking overhead photos of the castle. Once they’re finished, somebody should be here with the fax of the photos shortly.”

“I can’t believe we’ve come this far and this is finally the last battle against Diaz,” said Cloud. “The past few days seem like a dream and a nightmare combined.”

“Well, believe it,” said Oriana. “This is the final battle. A battle like this is what Diaz has been anticipating ever since I was in his service. Don’t worry though I won’t betray you. I’ll do my part and lead you to the prison cells in the dungeon where most of the Seeds, cadets, and Headmaster is.”

“Most?” Asked Barret. “I thought all of them would be there?”

“No,” answered Oriana. “He kept a few in Galbaldia Garden to show his soldiers how to pilot it. If I guess right, he’ll probably send Galbaldia Garden first to slow down the progress of Balamb Garden and the attack cruisers.”

“I have one question,” asked General Caraway. “Did he install cannons and gun turrets on Galbaldia Garden?”

“Not that I know of,” said Oriana. “But he could have had the troops put them during the four days he’s had to recover.”

“That could be a big problem,” added Squall. “If that is so, Cid and Selphie are going have to do so extra work in the Ragnarok and shoot them off.”

Just then, a soldier came running in and saluted the General and Lt. Fox. “Here’s the photo’s sir,” said the soldier while handing them to General Caraway.

“Good work, you may leave now,” said the general. The man saluted and ran out of the tent. “Lieutenant Fox, assemble all of the troops on the beach. We’ll go ahead and make a few adjustment to the strategy based on the photos.”

“Yes sir,” said blonde haired man in the red uniform. He walked out the tent and started yelling out orders.

Everyone then started looking at the photos. “That’s the inlet the white SeeD ship was in,” commented Squall. He looked at a closer photo and there was Galbaldia Garden and some battle cruisers. “Now this is surprising, Diaz doesn’t want to make this easy for us.”

“How about half of the ships split up right here and try to attack the island from two sides,” said General Caraway while pointing at a point on the world map. “That will reduce the chances of an any of his ships to flank us from behind.”

“Yeah,” said Lensey. “That’s good thinking general.”

Everyone looked at a closer photo of the island and saw the beach, the space in front of the castle teaming with a big army of soldiers and cannons and gun turrets on the castle. “Okay, they do have guns on the castle,” said Headmaster Cid. “After, Selphie and Cid take care of the cannons and guns on Galbaldia Garden, they should take out the ones on the castle as well.” This got nods from most of the people in the room. “From there, I guess it’s in all out battle to get into the castle. We should split up the forces, one to go into Galbaldia Garden, and the other to attack head on at Diaz’s castle. We should probably get the Ragnarok to drop off a team with Lensey in it into the courtyard.”

“There’s one problem there Headmaster,” said Lensey. “After the cannons are shot out, Diaz or one of his elite warriors will try to shoot the Ragnarok down with an energy blast. I think that’s a bad idea, but I’m willing to try it. Even though through the front gate would be better, I don’t like battles where it’s really crazy around you. I really don’t like having a weapon plunged into my back.”

“Yes, you do have a point there,” added Cid. “How about the Ragnarok drop you and some of the others off on the wall of the castle?”

“That sounds better,” said Lensey. “Once we’re in there, we’ll split up and have Oriana guide one group of us to the prison cells, while Cloud, Squall, Seifer, and myself seek out Diaz. I’m sure Diaz will be expecting us and we’ll probably run into Sephiroth, Krelnar, and some of the others along the way. I say Sephiroth and Krelnar because he would probably want some of his stronger warriors by him.”

“Well, if that is all, let’s brief the soldiers and make the groups going to what place,” said General Caraway.

Everyone started filing out of the tent with Squall, Lensey, and Barret coming out last. “Barret could I have a word with you,” said Lensey. “Go ahead everyone, we’ll catch up in a little while!” Everyone else then started walking to the beach.

“Yeah, sure Lensey,” said Barret. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“I wanted to talk to you about the battle today,” said Lensey. “I don’t think you should be on any of the teams going into the castle, or attacking the front gate.”

“What!?” Exclaimed Barret. “Why not?”

“I really don’t want to see you die today,” Lensey answered.

“I won’t die today!” Barret said loudly to make a point.

“I’m making sure you don’t die today,” said Lensey. “You’re on the team going into Galbaldia Garden. I’m sure it will be less hazardous and you shouldn’t have to engage in close-quarters combat.”

“That’s all well and good Lensey,” said Barret. “But what good will it do if I’m not on the front line?”

“It’ll do a lot of good,” said Lensey. “I won’t break the promise that I made Marlene. I promised that I’ll get you back to her safely and that’s a promise that I’m not going to break.”

Now Barret knew he couldn’t make a similar argument. She was doing what Vincent did a few days ago and mentioning Marlene. (Yeah, I guess Lensey is right. I have to think about Marlene and not die today.) “Fine, I’ll be on the Galbaldian Garden team,” Barret said. “We’d better hurry, let’s not have them waiting too long.”

Lensey and Barret quickly ran to the beach and already saw that the teams were being made up. Going into Galbaldia Garden by drop off via the Ragnarok were Barret, Red XIII, Rinoa, Vincent, Tifa, and Zell. Accompanying them would be 35 of the 40 Galbaldia SeeDs and cadets. The reason for that is 5 of the cadets are just beginners with their weapons, and Headmaster Cid didn’t want to send them into a situation they weren’t prepared for. Also, some Balamb and Trabian SeeDs and cadets along with some Galbaldian soldiers would go also.

Nearly all of the Galbaldia army there and Esthar army that consisted of 200 troops together would go to the front line and attack the castle. About 70 Balamb and Trabian SeeDs would accompany them. Headmaster Cid dared not to send any cadets in this group, because they would need the most skilled people for this attack. Also going was Dan, Lisa, Fujin, and Raijin. Their transportation was most of the attack vessels and Balamb Garden. This force probably had the second hardest job of holding off the men for the castle infiltration teams.

The castle infiltration team for freeing the prisoners consisted of Oriana, Xu, Quistis, 10 Balamb garden SeeDs and 10 Esthar soldiers. This group would probably have the third hardest job. They would have to free the Galbaldian SeeDs, cadets, and Headmaster and escort them to the Ragnarok when they have a chance. General Caraway suggested the Ragnarok to take them back to Galbaldian Garden when it is once again secure.

Flying the Ragnarok will be Selphie and Cid. They’ll probably have one of the easiest jobs said Headmaster Cid. They’ll be dropping off a lot of people and shooting out the guns on Galbaldia Garden and Diaz’s castle. Once, Galbaldia garden is secure, they’ll have to make a few trips and take the Galbaldia SeeDs, and cadets back to their Garden.

Going to fight Diaz was Lensey, Cloud, Squall and Seifer. They would be accompanied by a few SeeDs to cover their backs and take out any soldiers they find along the way. This was probably being the hardest task of all of the teams.

Once all that was said and done, General Caraway suggests somebody make a speech to boost everyone’s moral before the battle begins. He said he couldn’t do it because he doesn’t think he could inspire everyone. Headmaster Cid would have done it but he had the same excuse. Squall refused because he made a few speeches before, but nothing like this. They agreed that Lensey should do it because she really good with words, and plus Zell, Selphie, Rinoa, and mostly everyone with unlocked powers agreed. (We’ll let’s hope I can do this.) Thought Lensey. She stepped in front of the big group and looked down to think what she was going to say first.

“Don’t tell us you going to give us the speech to motivate us!” A random Galbaldian Soldier yelled out. This got some nods from some of the soldiers. The same said, “I don’t think a pretty young woman like yourself has what it takes to defeat Diaz!” Now everyone was silent, and Lensey saw a soldier beside the loudmouth soldier elbow him in the ribs.

“So you think you can beat Diaz?” Said Lensey. The soldier nodded. Lensey knew she was going to have to do something to amaze the soldiers and have them put their faith in her. “You don’t even stand a chance if you can’t do something like this!”

Lensey then turned around and got into her side stance and concentrated energy into her hands. Now she knew some of the nearly all that didn’t see this before was shocked. A blue ball of energy appeared in her hands and she thrust it forward and out into the ocean. Seconds after it was far enough, it exploded in brilliant flash. She then turned around to see the troops faces and came upon many looks of shock; she looked at the loudmouth soldier to see him also shocked. “If you can’t even do that then you don’t stand a chance.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she was finished she looked around at all the different faces and uniforms. She took a microphone and talked into it. She was glad they had speakers set up all around the area. “Today will be historic day for this world. This is probably the first time in history that two nations were brought together to fight a common enemy. This battle was destined to happen. Before you go and give it your all, think about all the people you’re fighting for. Let their hopes and prayers reach you and give you the strength to fight with all that you’ve got. If you don’t, this world along with many others will join Diaz’s collection of enslaved worlds. You’re not fighting for only this world, you’re fighting for other worlds and dimensions.” She paused and looked at faces of many of the troops and the realization they had upon hearing her words. She then saw looks of determination on their faces. “Let us all fight for the freedom of this world and of the universe!” Upon hearing this there was a mighty cheer from all of the soldiers. “Now let’s move out!” She saw many helmets being put on, and many rushing for the water and going to the boats and Balamb Garden. The teams got into the Ragnarok with Lensey being the last one in.

She then proceeded up to the bridge and saw Selphie and Cid in the pilot and co-pilot’s seat, Squall, Cloud, Seifer, and Xu there. “That was a great speech Lensey!” Said Xu. “I think that one is going into the history books.” Lensey smiled and blushed and took her seat. She looked out the window to see Balamb Garden, and the entire high-speed assault vessel forces take off into the ocean. She then put on her seatbelt as the Ragnarok took off; she knew they would have to swing around the continent before they were even close to breaking off into teams. The Ragnarok would have to reduce its speed as not to leave the attack force. This was the final battle and this world along with the fate of others counted on her performance. She just hoped she didn’t choke when it came down to crunch time.


In a little house in Winhill, an old woman, a middle aged woman, and a young girl with light brown hair in a pony tail in a cute blue dress watched on television watched as huge army took off into the ocean. “That was a very touching and inspiring speech, don’t you think so mom?” Asked the woman with brown hair in blue jeans with a white blouse on.

“Yes it was Colette,” said the old woman named Rosa. “When that young woman defeats Diaz she promised she would visit us.”

“You know her?” Asked Colette.

“Yes, she came to Winhill a few days ago when she felt that she lost her will to fight,” said Rosa. “After I invited her in, we talked for a little bit and you would never guess what restored her confidence and gave her another reason to fight.”

“What was it grandma?” asked the young girl named Elizabeth.

“I showed her a picture of you Elizabeth,” said Rosa. “You should be proud that you have the power to restore her confidence.”

“I did?” Asked Elizabeth with eyes wide. Rosa nodded. “Wow.” A big smile then appeared on Elizabeth’s face.

“Now you got a story to tell when you go back to school,” Rosa said smiling. “I’ll tell you what she told me, so you can have a better story to tell.” Rosa then told her daughter Colette and her granddaughter Elizabeth about Lensey and what she told Rosa.

After she was finished Colette said, “That’s an impressive young woman, I know she along with those people from the past will be a part of history now. I wonder what they’ll start calling this incident after it’s over?”

“I don’t know, but I know her speech will also be a part of history,” replied Rosa. “I know she’ll win because she has something special like a burning desire to fight for what is right.” The three then turned back to the news and watched as some people gave their opinions to the situation going on. Rosa, Colette and Elizabeth hoped with all of their hearts that Lensey and attack force would be victorious. Their future along with everyone else’s depended on it.


It had been a few hours since the attack force departed and they were coming close to the point where the ships would split up. “This is the Ragnarok here,” said Selphie into the radio. “We’ll go on ahead and search for Galbaldian Garden. We’ll call and tell you which way to go to avoid it Balamb Garden.”

“Okay,” said Nida from the radio. “Be careful all of you.”

“Don’t worry we will, over and out,” said Selphie before hitting the communication switch. “Well let’s go to the left first.” Selphie then made the Ragnarok speed forward ahead of all of the ships and after 5 minutes, the Ragnorok went to the left of the island that separated the island where Diaz’s castle resided. After about 4 or 5 minutes they came upon the sight of the red Galbaldian Garden. She then called Balamb Garden. “Balamb Garden, do you read me, over,” said Selphie.

“Loud and clear,” answered Nida. “Did you find Galbaldia Garden?”

“Yeah, it’s to the left, take Balamb Garden to the right of the island,” replied Selphie. “Also, radio to the other ships going to the left that there are high speed vessels over here. There might be some the other way, warn the ships going that way too.”

“Okay Selphie, Balamb Garden over and out,” said Nida as he cut communications.

Selphie then pressed the intercom button for the whole ship. She picked up the sender device and said, “This is Selphie here, it’s going to get a little bumpy now because we’ve just spotted Galbaldia Garden and are going to shoot out the guns. Hold on!” She turned off the intercom and pushed the throttle forward and the Ragnarok speeded toward G-Garden. “Mr. Highwind, if you would do the honors and man the guns.”

“Yeah, sure Selphie,” said Cid.

After that was said cannons and guns were fired at the Ragnarok. The Ragnarok immediately banked left and climbed to gain altitude. Explosion after explosion shook the Ragnarok, but none hit it. When the Ragnarok was over G-Garden, it started diving toward the water with guns ablaze. One their first pass, Selphie and Cid was able to take out three cannons. They were going away from G-Garden and turned around for another pass. This time they were able to take out five of the cannons shooting at them.

“Okay, we just have three more cannons left,” said Selphie. She then brought the Ragnarok around for another pass. She had to weave it left and right to avoid the enemy fire, and this was really disorienting to the people down in the lower holds of the ship. The Ragnarok fired on the cannons and blew them up. She slowed the Ragnarok down and headed for front entrance. There were soldiers shooting machine guns at it. “Those poor stupid bastards,” Selphie commented while shaking her head. The machine gun fire to the Ragnarok was like trying to put out a blaze with one cup of water.

“See ya, ya dumb @$%*#!” Cid said loudly while firing the high-powered ammo at the soldiers. The rounds tore into the men, and some fell in the ocean while others fell to the ground dead. (Well, looks like they really have to remodel this place after all this is through.) Cid silently commented. He knew some of those rounds tore up the wall inside of Galbaldia Garden.

“Galbaldia Garden attack force,” said Selphie after switching on the intercom. “Get ready to disembark. I’m going to swing the Ragnarok around and back up enough so you can jump in from the ramp.” She switched it off and slowly turned the ship around. She then pressed the button to lower the ramp and slowly backed up.

Barret, Red XII, Rinoa, Zell, Tifa, Vincent, Xu, the thirty-five Galbaldian SeeDs, cadets, Balamb SeeDs, cadets and some Galbaldian troops waited until they were close enough to board. In a few seconds, Barret felt the Ragnarok was close enough and called up to the bridge and told Selphie to stop. It stopped and the Galbaldian Garden attack force all filed out and jumped on G-Garden.

“Okay Selphie,” said Quistis into the intercom. “They’re all off.” She then pressed a few buttons and raised the ramp. The Ragnarok then took off toward the island and once it got there they waited for the attack force to get there. (I hope they don’t have too much trouble.) Thought Quistis.


Upon getting off of the Ragnarok, many of Diaz’s soldiers came from the left and the right hallways and rushed forward to attack. Everyone instantly attacked and a big battle went on in the main promenade of Galbaldia Garden. Vincent was taking out soldiers left and right with the Exeter. Irvine had let him borrow it for the battle. Vincent had to say this was an impressive gun. He saw as some SeeDs went down after being ganged up on by ten soldiers. He ejected the clip of normal ammo and put in a clip of Demolition ammo. He then shot into the group and saw the explosion instantly sent the soldiers flying through the air. Some landed on the ground dead while others got up slowly. The ones getting up were immediately taken out when a female and male Galbaldian SeeD rushed over to finish the job Vincent started. The fighting in the central area of G-Garden was intense and Vincent knew he would have to probably start fighting hand to hand soon because some soldiers in silver armor just came running down the middle hallway.

Meanwhile to Vincent’s right, Tifa just dodged a spear and immediately took down the wielder with a flying kick. She had to jump away, because a soldier with sword immediately rushed her. He swung at her head, and she ducked. With deadly accuracy, she punched him hard in the stomach and the soldier dropped the sword. She followed up with an uppercut that snapped his head back and knocked him into the air. He landed on the ground with a sickening crunch and Tifa knew that was he landed on his neck hard, making it snap. She looked to the right to see a Galbaldian cadet with a saber being ganged up on by four soldiers. She quickly rushed over and tripped two soldiers with a foot sweep. The cadet saw this and was able to take out the other two with ease. The other two quickly got up and rushed Tifa swinging their swords. With heightened agility, she was able to dodge all of the sword slashes and floored them with a hard and fast spinning roundhouse. Tifa saw that they didn’t get up and looked to her right to see Zell doing just as well as she. Once he took down the soldier facing him he gave Tifa a thumbs up.

Immediately, they saw a few more soldiers come out of some rooms down the hall. (Man, just how many soldiers are in here?) Zell asked himself mentally. Tifa jumped in the entrance way and started concentrating her power. Zell immediately jumped beside her and gathered his energy. Both of them thrust their hands forward and unleashed two powerful waves of energy at the rushing soldiers. They engulfed the soldiers and exploded at the end of the hall. After the bright flash and smoke cleared, they saw the dead carcasses of the soldiers on the ground.

Not too far from them Red XIII was furiously casting magic. Many enemy soldiers around him were falling like mosquitoes. He jumped out the way when a soldier tried to attack him from behind. Red then ran forward, jumped and curled his body up into a ball and hurtled toward the soldier. The soldier was really surprised by this attack and was hit head on in the chest. Recovering from his attack, the lion-like beast then cast Lightening3 on the fallen soldier. The soldier lay dead on the ground. He then went to assist some SeeDs being ganged up on.

Meanwhile down in the opposite hall, Barret and Yuffie took out the soldiers one by one as they came out of the doors. After about a minute, the remaining soldiers wised up and stopped coming out of the classrooms. Without warning, gunfire was suddenly shot their way and both immediately put up yellow energy shields to block the gunfire from hitting them and the people behind them. Now the soldiers looked shocked and didn’t move as Yuffie held out her Conformer toward them. “All Creation!” Yuffie yelled while shooting a blue iridescent light down the hall hitting the soldiers. They were all hit and fell dead to the ground.

“Okay, let’s move out!” Barret commanded to the Galbaldian SeeDs and cadets who were behind them. They rushed down the hall hoping to take out all enemy forces in G-Garden.

Rinoa was fighting along side the others this time too. She had just taken out some soldiers with her weapon and saw some soldiers rushing toward her. She caught her weapon and went in a fighting stance. (I hope what little I’ve learned from Tifa does me some good now.) The two soldiers swung their sword at her the same time and she jumped back. She immediately lashed out with a roundhouse kick and connected with it, flooring both soldiers. She then cast a Firaga spell on them and jumped back as not to be caught up in the explosion. Once the smoke disappeared, both men were on the ground dead. She looked around to see that the other SeeDs and cadets had taken care of all the other soldiers in this central area. “Well, what should we do now?” Rinoa asked.

“Let’s split up into groups,” said Vincent. “Rinoa, Zell, and myself should search the second floor. I know I felt Ultimecia and somebody else’s power when we got here. Tifa, and Red, you take some of these SeeDs and cadets and go searching to the bridge and take care of the soldiers up there and rescue any of the captured SeeDs and cadets.” Tifa nodded, as did Red.

Everyone started running for the left and right corridors until a voice came from above. “You won’t be doing that in this lifetime.” Once the owner of the voice came into view, everyone saw that it was Maxiumus. He then flipped down from the second floor in a graceful style.

Zell immediately ran toward him and stopped a few feet away from him. “Vincent, Tifa is going to have to take my place, I’ve got a score to settle!” Zell yelled.

“All right,” replied Vincent. “Come on Tifa. Red, you and the SeeDs and cadets go to the bridge and take care of the enemy pilots.” Red XIII and the six cadets and SeeDs left in the hall after most ran off nodded and took off running to the left; Maximus was standing in front of the hallway that would get them up there faster and they was instructed to not engage him unless forced to. Vincent, Tifa, and Rinoa ran off through the left hallway.

Zell and Maxiumus were left alone in the ruined circular entrance hall with many dead bodies around them. “So boy, you wish to finish off where we left?” Asked Maximus.

“Hell yeah!” Said Zell loudly while bouncing in his fighting stance. “This time it ends here!”

“Then so be it,” said Maximus. Both Zell and Maximus then powered-up to their maximum power level. Maximus also got into his fighting stance. (So the little boy wants to finish it. He’ll soon regret that decision.)

Zell tried to size up the muscular man with short black hair with the black gi and armor on. Zell could tell Maximus had also gotten stronger during those four days. (I’ll have to fight with all of my worth. I hope my training with Tifa really pays off now.) Thought the tattooed youth.

Maximus then ran at Zell and let combinations of very fast lefts and rights fly toward Zell’s face. Zell had a little trouble blocking them because so much power was put behind them. After about fifteen seconds of throwing punches, Maximus really caught Zell off guard when he throw and connected with a sidekick to Zell’s stomach. Zell had the wind knocked out of him and was floored when Maximus followed up with a high kick to his face. Maximus jumped up high in the air and came down fast with hoping to jump on Zell with his knee. Zell saw this and quickly rolled out of the way and jumped back to his feet. He quickly rushed Maximus and threw double roundhouse kick combo. Maximus ducked both of these but was caught with an unexpected left to finish off the combo of Zell’s. Zell pressed his advantage punched Maximus five times in the gut and then jumped up a kicked his face. Maximus was sent flying and hit the ground hard. Surprisingly, he rebounded quickly to his feet and was holding some energy in his hands. He dashed quickly while still holding the energy in a ready position. Once he was close enough, he sent the energy Zell’s way and Zell avoided it just by a hair’s breath. Zell saw his chance, and did the technique he learned from Oriana, the triple spinning roundhouse kick in the air. All three hits connected with Maximus, and he was promptly on the ground once more. Once he was back up, Maximus and Zell went at it furiously, throwing punches and kicks at each other. Zell once again floored Maximus.

While getting up slowly, Maximus said, “So, I see the traitor, Oriana has been teaching you some moves. Well, that won’t be enough.” Both he and Zell felt some energy flaring up and being released. “So it seems as though your friends have found Ultimecia and are fighting her.” Maximus then cast some magic and unleashed a very powerful thunder spell. It was so fast Zell couldn’t avoid it. Getting to his feet, Zell concentrated on a presence in the back of his mind. When he found it, He disappeared and a mighty dragon took his place. Zell had Summoned Bahamut.

(Damn! I forgot about those damn Guardian Forces they have!) Bahamut shot four blasts of fire, which hit Maximus and threw him back. Bahamut then started to rear his head back and gathered great energy close to his mouth. Maximus saw this and had time to put up an energy shield that surrounded his body before Bahamut sent the mighty blast toward Maximus. Once it hit, the energy shield absorb a little of the damage before it failed and Maximus took the brunt of the magic attack. The mighty dragon GF disappeared and Zell was once again back. He was visibly hurt and bleeding, but he got up quickly and rushed toward Zell like a demon out of hell. Maximus then went into a furious combination of punches and kicks. This was really surprising to Zell and blocked a few of them, but was caught off guard and was hit five times before being knocked to the ground. Now Zell was bloodied and bruised, and had a hard time concentrating on Maximus since the pain was so great.

“Humph!” said Maximus. “Now you see that no one can defy and defeat Diaz. Wherever you end up after you die, tell them Maximus sent you.” He gloated over Zell while Zell was in a crouching position. Maximus then raised his leg to deliver an axe kick to the back of Zell’s neck. Instantly, Zell rose a little bit and did a backwards-flip kick. Maximus was really dazed after he hit the floor.

“You know,” said Zell. “You talk way to much for your own good.” Zell then jumped up into the air and concentrated most of his energy into making a fireball. While still in the air he threw it at Maximus’s rising form. Maximus looked up and his eyes widened. The fireball engulfed him and Maximus let out a mighty scream. Zell then landed on the ground and waited for the smoke to clear and saw Maximus’s body was gone. “I guess that blast must have destroyed his body or something. He then fell to his knees panting heavily. He cast a curaga spell on himself and looked around at the damage that was caused in the circular room. (Damn. I know all of this will be hell to clean up.) He then fell on his back still panting heavily. (I must have used up most of my energy in that attack. I guess I won’t be any help until I get my strength back.) He then closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

Two female SeeDs came running to see what that big explosion was in the lobby. Once they got there, they saw a slight crater in the floor and Zell Dincht not to far away from it. They immediately ran over to him. The one with dark hair in a ponytail checked his pulse. The redhead girl asked, “Is he dead?”

“No, he’s not,” said the dark-haired one. “His pulse is normal, and he’s breathing fine. I guess we should stay with him until he wakes up.” The other girl nodded. They stayed by his side in case some more of Diaz’s soldiers come from somewhere unexpectedly.


Vincent, Tifa, and Rinoa ran across the circular balcony above the lobby. Tifa took a look down to see both Zell and Maximus fighting very furiously. She then continued on into the auditorium. Once all three of them were in, they immediately noticed Ultimecia standing on a platform behind a podium. She was in a blue dress with her hair in a braided ponytail behind her. She didn’t have any of the markings on her face or body and looked way different from what Rinoa saw her from last time.

“Rinoa Heartilly,” said Ultimecia. “Just the person, I’ve wanted to see. After I kill you, I’ll take you sorceress powers and get rid of the rest of all of the SeeDs in this Garden. Once that is through and the rest of you die by the hands of the others. My love, Sephiroth and I will take this world for our own.”

Now this was truly surprising to hear that she was in love with Sephiroth. Vincent didn’t react visibly to the news, but was shocked on the inside. (So, I guess Sephiroth has finally found love. Lucrecia would be overjoyed at this news, but saddened at the fact that her son insisted on fighting for the wrong cause.)

“You won’t be killing me or any of us today Ultimecia!” Retorted Rinoa. Tifa, Vincent, and Rinoa then powered-up.

Ultimecia then put her hand forward and shot out a red ball of energy it instantly split into three and was headed for them at a fast rate. All three of them jumped out of the way. Vincent then jumped down to a lower row and jumped off of it toward the raised platform stage. While in the air, he shot the Exeter at Ultimecia. She just put up her hand and a force field appeared. The bullets were blocked. He then landed a few feet away from her and shot some more until the ammo of the clip ran dry. These shots were blocked too but they gave Tifa and Rinoa enough time to run to where Vincent and Ultimecia were. He then slapped in a clip of fire ammo.

“So, it’s three against one,” Ultimecia commented. “I guess it is even now.” She then cast Maelstrom on the three. Vincent, Rinoa, and Tifa felt their energy draining away. When it was finished all three were on their knees.

“Heaven’s Rhapsody!” Rinoa yelled while casting some magic. Three lights appeared above them and angel feathers surrounded them and healed them completely. Once the spell was done, the three felt their energy come back. Tifa then rushed toward Ultimecia and started punching and kicking at her. With great agility and ease, she avoided all of the attacks and blasted Tifa back toward Rinoa and Vincent with a Thundaga spell.

“You’ll have to do better than that to defeat me,” said Ultimecia smirking. Rinoa then cast Meteor. The meteors hit her and Vincent immediately shot the fire ammo at her. Two of the shots hit her before she raised her hand to form a shield. She then cast reflect on herself. Tifa was up and cast Ultima through her green materia orb. The wave of green magic swept toward Ultimecia and knocked her off of her feet. Ultima was one of the spells a reflect spell can’t push back. Rinoa immediately cast Dispel and the reflect magic was broken. Ultimecia got up and said, “Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got?”

Tifa then jumped forward again and punched furiously at Ultimecia. Ultimecia dodged all the punches aimed at her face but was caught with a hard left hook to the stomach. She then did a hard flying roundhouse, which knocked Ultimecia back, a couple of feet. Tifa then jumped back toward the others when Ultimecia unleashed an energy dome that expanded as she got up. Tifa was by Rinoa and Vincent again.

Ultimecia smirked and said, “Hell’s Judgement.” In a surprising turn of events, the mark on the ground appeared on the ground instantly and the orange column of magic rose up and engulfed them. All three of them screamed as the magic did its purpose and drained them of almost all of their strength. When the mark disappeared, Ultimecia unleashed an Ultima spell against them. All three of them had just enough strength to move out of the way of the blast radius.

“FULL CURE!” Tifa yelled while concentrating her energy into the green materia orb. Instantly, the green and blue glow of magic surrounded and cured all three of them. Once they were back up, Rinoa shot here Wing Edge at Ultimecia and used here energy to control it. It missed Ultimecia the first time, but came around again and again. This was enough time for Tifa to concentrate and shoot a wave of energy at Ultimecia. Ultimecia saw this and put up a shield that absorbed 75% percent of the damage. The Wing Edge instantly came back to the launcher on Rinoa’s arm. Vincent then shot some pulse ammo at Ultimecia which she didn’t have time to put up a shield this time. Five of the shots hit her and she was on her knees panting. Ultimecia then concentrated most of her energy. Vincent, Rinoa and Tifa felt this and looked ready for anything she would do except what really happened. Ultimecia got up and thrust her hands outward and to the sky. A flash of energy engulfed the auditorium and blasted the three. After the brighteness of the blast subsided, Vincent and Tifa was on the ground nearly unconscious.

Rinoa was on her knees and hands panting hard. She then got up slowly. Once she was up, she cast her limit break, Angel Wings. After the wings of energy extended from her back, she flew up into the air and came down with more energy. Instead of the wings of energy disappearing, they stayed. With her face in a hard angry look, Rinoa thrust both of her arms to the sky and yelled, “Fury of the Heavens!” Instantly, clouds replaced the ceiling. A hole opened up in them and sunlight shined down upon Ultimecia. Suddenly, rapid red blasts of energy shot out of the hole and impacted with Ultimecia. This went on for a couple of seconds and ended. The ceiling was automatically back and the clouds disappeared.

“This can’t be,” said Ultimecia while on her knees. Rinoa then held out her hands forward and started concentrating energy into them. Ultimecia knew she couldn’t do anything about what was happening. (Goodbye, My love.) Ultimecia said mentally. She then shot a huge energy ball that engulfed Ultimecia. After the explosion and the smoke cleared, Ultimecia was on the ground dead. The wings of energy on Rinoa’s back then disappeared.

Rinoa then cast a triple dose of Curaga on both Vincent and Tifa. “We’ll I guess that’s the end of Ultimecia,” she said.

Suddenly a voice was heard on the intercom, “Vincent, Tifa, Rinoa are you all right?” The voice belonged to Red.

The three looked for an intercom and found one on the far wall by the door. “Yeah, we’re all right,” Vincent, replied. “We’ve taken care of Ultimecia, and I guess you and the SeeDs and cadets have the bridge under control.”

“Yeah,” said Red. “I’ve talked to Barret and Yuffie and they said they cleared out all the enemies and found a couple of SeeD and cadets in the dorm area. You should get up here and contact Balamb Garden to see what’s going on.”

“Right,” Vincent said. “We’ll be up in a few minutes.” He then turned off the intercom. When they finally walked out of the auditorium, they looked down below to see Zell and two Galbaldian female SeeDs sitting down. Vincent then jumped down and landed in a crouch. He looked back up and said, “Go ahead, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“S’up Vince,” said Zell. “I guess since I don’t feel Ultimecia’s power anymore, that means you’ve taken care of her?” Vincent nodded.

“I see by that small crater in the floor, you’ve taken care of Maximus?” Inquired Vincent. Zell nodded. He then helped Zell off the ground and supported him in standing with Zell’s arm around his shoulder. The two female SeeDs got up also. “Come on, let’s go to the bridge and inform the others that Galbaldia Garden is clear,” Vincent said to the two girls and Zell.

The four then walked forward to the stairs of the second floor. Zell still couldn’t believe they defeated Ultimecia and Maximus. The initial realization didn’t kick in yet. He just hoped everyone else to have similar luck. They were sure going to need it. Especially Lensey, Cloud, Squall, and Seifer.


After about half of the fleet of assault ships split up, the trip has been uneventful, but a radio transmisson from Balamb Garden said to stay frosty because the Ragnarok saw a few high speed ships before boarding Galbaldia Garden. The blonde haired female SeeD with straight hair, Lisa, sat down beside, her good friend Dan, a tall, average built, dark haired young man. Lisa looked around at the faces of the other SeeDs in the assault vessel and saw that most of the SeeDs in there was nervous, or concentrating really hard on the battle coming up. She knew most of Balamb Garden SeeDs who participated in attack on Galbaldia Garden six months ago during the second sorceress war knew that this was going to be one intense battle. Only Dan and she was the only people who had their power unlocked participating in this head on assault against Diaz’s army. (It’s going to be more intense than any battle I’ve ever fought in. I hope I can handle it. I don’t have any plans on dying here, but anything can happen once we land.)

Dan looked at Lisa and saw the look of worry on her face as she looked down. “Lisa?” Asked Dan. “Are you alright?”

Lisa was immediately brought out of her melancholy thoughts. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Don’t give me that,” said Dan. “I’ve known you for most of my life as a cadet and a SeeD. You can’t fool me that easily. What’s on your mind?”

“I’m worried about the battle,” replied Lisa. “I’m worried that I’m not good enough or strong enough. That I might die and this might be the last time I see you.”

Now Dan looked around at a few SeeDs and seen that her words affected them as well. “Nonsense,” Dan said quickly. “You’re one of the most capable fighters I know.” Dan then looked around and said, “All of you are. Remember, you’re part of the most elite military force on the planet. We’ve all been trained to handle situations and battles such as these. Well, not like this, but you get the picture. Don’t lose hope or confidence yet, if you do that, the battle is already lost before it even begun. We’re the few, the proud, the SeeDs.” Dan added made up that last part and got a few smiles and chuckles. He also saw that he raised Lisa’s spirits.

“Somebody, man the gun, we have enemy vessels approaching at 12 o’ clock,” said the captain of the ship.

“I’ve got it!” Dan yelled while scrambling up the ladder. Once he was out, the wind blew his hair wildly, and he saw the ships approaching fast. He then got to the machine gun controls and aimed at a ship. Once they were close enough, Dan pulled the trigger and let bullets fly at a boat fastly approaching. He took a quick glance and saw other SeeDs and Galbaldian soldiers on the assault vessels doing the same.

Suddenly, Dan saw that some of the enemy ships had soldiers with bazookas. The enemy soldiers fired the bazookas and most of the SeeD assault vessels was able to dodge them except one. “Shit!” Said Dan. He saw that it was hit and fire and smoke came from the left side of it, but it still sped on.

The enemy speedboats immediately went through the big gaps of the SeeD assault vessels had in-between the line of ships. Dan looked back and saw that they were turning the ships around. Dan and the other gunners of the other ships swung the gun turrets around and fired upon the enemy speedboats. Dan’s aim was good and he shot the pilot of one of them and it lost control and crashed into another boat close to it. He looked to his left and right to see most of their forces wasn’t having as good of luck as he did. (Shit! I’ve got to come up with something fast, or were going to lose one of the ships.) The idea instantly came to him. He looked down the ladder to see Lisa looking up. “Hey Lisa, Tell the pilot to slow down and try to get behind the enemy boats! Once he’s behind the line, I’ll take them out one by one with some ki blasts!”

Lisa nodded and ran to the front of the ship where the pilot was driving the boat. “Hey, slow down enough so we can get behind the enemy speedboat line!”

“What!” Said the pilot looking at Lisa like she just ate a roach. “If we do that, that’s going to give them more of a clear shot with those bazookas!”

“Trust me!” Lisa yelled. “Dan’s going to take out all of the enemy boats with ki blasts.”

“Wait a minute,” said the pilot. “You’re one of those people who has a power like miss Kusanagi, right?” Lisa nodded. “I guess Dan does too, I hope you and Dan know what you’re doing. He then slowed down a lot.

Dan noticed they were slowing down and the enemy speedboats just zipped past them. It then speeded up to match the speed of the enemy speedboats. Dan then concentrated his energy into his arms and hands. He looked to the right and saw a soldier taking aim with a bazooka. (You’re first.) He then sent a strong ki blast at the boat. It hit and the boat exploded.

“Whoa!” Said the pilot.

“Go close to another ship,” said Lisa. The pilot nodded and went to the right.

Dan saw the pilot going to the right and came to close to another boat. He instantly sent two blasts at two boats, and they exploded. The other boats saw this and went away from the boat. Dan looked at them and wondered did he spook them. He then looked to the left and the right to see some soldiers getting out bazooka out and aiming it toward the boat. The last boats of the enemy then came close together quickly. (What the Hell?!)

“Slow down a little an veer to the left!” Lisa yelled quickly to the pilot. The pilot then did as he was told.

The bazookas were fired and the boat slowed down and veered left. Dan noticed this and saw the bazooka fire sail past them. He then saw this as his chance to take out all of them at once. He really concentrated and threw rapid energy blasts at the remaining six boats. They all hit and exploded, and the ship slowed down and veered more left so not to hit any flaming boats as they sped past them. Dan looked back at his handy work and wiped his brow. He then descended the ladder into the ship and was met by numerous pats on the back and nice goings from the other SeeDs in the boat.

The pilot and Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. “This is Alpha 7,” said the pilot into the radio. “We’ve taken care of the enemy speedboats and getting back into formation, Roger.”

“Roger,” said another pilot from the radio. “Great work Alpha 7, you really saved our bacon back there. Well, it looks like ETA nine minutes before we reach the island.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Lisa into the radio. Lisa then walked out of the cockpit and joined the rest of the SeeDs in sitting down. She sat by Dan. “Good shooting back there,” Lisa commented.

“Thanks,” said Dan. “Well, that was a nice little warm-up. How long before we hit shore?”

“About eight minutes and thirty seconds,” answered Lisa.

“Well everybody,” said Dan to everyone in the ship. “Its all most time to get down to business. Put on your game faces.”

Dan and Lisa knew this battle would be the most intense battle there has ever been. They only hoped they don’t have that much causalities on their side, because if Headmaster Cid was right; the number of Diaz's soldiers would be greater. (Let’s hope, Dan and I along with the Ragnarok can take out as many soldiers before both sides engage in close-quarters combat that would be real intense.) Lisa mentally hoped. Soon the battle to fight against a cruel destiny from happening was about to commence.


Author’s Notes: That’s chapter 11. Well, I said that was probably be the last chapter, but it’s not. After boarding Galbaldia Garden, everyone battled intensely and defeated Maximus and Ultimecia. Galbaldia Garden is clear. Also, the assault ships that went to the left were bailed out of a volatile situation by some quick thinking and action from Dan and Lisa. So far, the situation is looking good for this world’s forces. Now the final battle is about to commence between Diaz’s forces and the world’s forces. The stage is set for the most glorius battle most of the soldiers fighting in it will ever fight in. The only question now is everyone up to the challenge? Find out in chapter 12. For the people who nitpick about the littlest things in the story, I’ll admit the island that has the inlet where the white SeeD was doesn’t have a beach. For this story, I’ll say it does because Diaz did a little remodling before bringing Ultimecia and Sephiroth back to life. So, how did you like this chapter? Good, bad, what? I have to admit though; I did have a little trouble writing that battle between Rinoa, Vincent, and Tifa against Ultimecia. At first, I almost scraped the battle, but I didn’t. I guess it was good enough, but not how I wanted it. This time I let Rinoa get into the spotlight this time, because all through the fic, I’ve been ignoring her. For all those Rinoa lovers out there, I guess that part of the chapter was dedicated to you. Anyway, I’m almost finished and I know some people are saying why is it the end already? Well, I’ll just say if I made some of the chapters shorter and stopped at a certain point, you would get more chapters. I really don’t like writing short chapters that hardly include anything in it, and as you see from previous chapters, I go for length and quality instead of a good quantity. Also, I was running out of ideas and I know some people were getting tired of seeing some characters like Cloud and Sephiroth fight four or five times and not fight until one was the victor and the other was dead. One more thing, I know I said I was going to post chapters 11 and 12 together, but things came out differently. You’ll have to wait until next week for chapter 12 and the epilogue. I’m truly sorry if you was expecting two chapters, I guess I got a little ahead of myself there. Anyway, check back next week for chapter 12 and the epilogue. Don’t forget to leave a review before you go onto another fic. Thanks in advance.

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