Blades of Destiny Chapter 1


By Brenton Braswell

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After a brutal onslaught of lightning quick attacks, one final blow was all that was needed to defeat the silver-haired foe. In mid-air, his massive sword radiated with energy, time seemed to stand still for one short moment in time. Suddenly, the attack was unleashed upon the silver-haired foe in a downward slash. The energy collected was released in a blinding explosion of light.

Sephiroth reeled back, in shock and pain with masamune hanging loosely in his left hand. A battered and bloodied Sephiroth couldn’t believe the failure clone unleashed a limit break that powerful. His spirit body couldn’t hold together and dispersed in a flash of red and green mako energy.

Cloud Strife looked around at the place his most hated nemesis brought him to. It was like he was in limbo. There was nothing around him but an empty darkness.

Out of nowhere, a bright blue light appeared about 30 feet behind him. Turning and looking at it, he had to shield his eyes momentarily so they could adjust to the sudden brightness. Two figures emerged from the vortex of blue light. As they came closer, Cloud recognized Sephiroth in his full black battle suit with the masamune blade unsheathed. The other figure was a woman in a very revealing red dress, with grayish silvery hair in a very weird hairstyle. She also had way too much make-up on and the dress she was wearing didn’t seem to have a neckline. Also, from what Cloud could tell, she had her body painted in a weird fashion that he had never seen. She also seemed to have black wings coming from her back from what Cloud could see.

The mysterious woman pointed her palm in Cloud’s direction. Standing in his battle ready stance, the blond warrior seemed ready for anything except what was happening. Energy was gathering into a red ball close to the woman’s palm. She shot the energy surprisingly fast straight at him. It went so fast he didn’t have time to react and it hit him square in the chest, which threw him seven feet backwards.

Wincing in pain, Cloud sat up just in time to see Sephiroth charging toward him. In an overhead slash, the masumune flew with inhuman speed. Cloud had just brought up the ultima weapon just in time to block. The swords were locked in a sword lock with Cloud being overwhelmed. Doing this, Sephiroth put himself in an awkward position, and taking advantage, Cloud did a foot sweep. With Sephiroth falling, Cloud rolled backwards and got back in his battle ready stance once more.

Now it was Cloud’s turn to go on the offensive. He rushed Sephiroth delivering powerful blows, Cloud was able to drive him back a couple of feet. Sephiroth was on the defensive moving around to his left until Cloud was facing the opposite direction. Hearing the flaring of magic behind him, Cloud took a quick peek to see the woman casting magic. Taking the peek, gave Sephiroth his opportunity to attack. In an overheard slash, he attacked Cloud and locked swords with him. Suddenly, green energy was gathering behind him, just then he was kneed in the stomach, and Sephiroth jumped back quickly.

There was an explosion of green energy and Cloud was caught up in it.

After the smoke cleared, Sephiroth said, “I guess you’re wondering what that was?” “That was Ultima.”

Cloud with confusion and pain on his face replied, “You’re lying, Ultima doesn’t look like that!”

“It looks like that from where she comes from,” Sephiroth said looking at the woman. “I underestimated you the two times, a mistake I will rectify.”

With those words said Sephiroth rushed toward Cloud like a demon. Cloud was barely able to lift his blade, after that ultima spell, his sword seemed to weigh half a ton. He blocked the first few blows, but the condition he was in, he would not be able to keep this up.

“What’s wrong failure?” You seem like there’s no fight left in you!” Hissed Sephiroth during his ferocious onslaught.

In an upward sword slash, the Ultima sword was knocked from Cloud’s hands. Further pressing on his advantage, Sephiroth followed up a diagonal slash downward across Cloud’s chest.

Cloud grunted in pain as the masumune blade cut through his chest. With one last spinning motion, the masamune was plunged through Clouds gut.


Cloud Strife woke up screaming. He immediately looked around and saw he was in his bedroom and that he had woke up Tifa.

“Cloud, what’s wrong?” Asked Tifa.

Cloud said nothing and grabbed a hold of Tifa and held her. He was breathing heavy and sweating profusely. His heart was beating a mile a minute.

After a few minutes, Cloud was able to calm down and let go of Tifa. He climbed out of bed and walked to the window.

“I had a nightmare Tifa,” replied Cloud.

“Was it the same one about not being able to save Aeris?” Asked Tifa with a concerned look on her face.

“No, This was different, it was much worst,” said Cloud. “It was after we defeated Sephiroth in his winged form.”

Tifa nodded while listening.

Cloud turned around toward her, “remember when I told you of how Sephiroth pulled my spirit into the lifestream. That’s where I last fought him, and that was when holy started to react.” He paused for a second. “Instead of the seeing Aeris, a blue vortex appeared out of nowhere and Sephiroth and this mysterious looking woman came out of it. We fought and when the battle was going my way, the woman unleashed an ultima spell never seen by anyone of this world. Sephiroth told me that was how an ultima spell looks like from where she comes from.”

After pausing at the look off of Tifa’s face, he continued. “Sephiroth seemed more powerful than when we fought and defeated him. After I was hit by that ultima Spell, mostly all of my strength was gone.” He looked down toward the floor. “I was barely able to defend myself, and he slashed me across the chest and the impaled me with masamune.” He looked back up and continued, “That felt so real, I wonder if I have any scars.”

With the help of Tifa, Cloud pulled off his shirt and checked his chest. Thankfully, there weren’t any scars from battle he had in his dream.

Tifa asked Cloud, “are you going to be alright?”

“I think so, I just need a little fresh air,” said Cloud. He gathered up his clothes and went downstairs to change.

After changing and getting his sword and equipment, he walked out of the house, through the streets of Nibelheim and out of town. He found a few monsters and fought them to take out his frustration. He walked to the beach and sat down to think about the nightmare he had.

It seemed strange to have these nightmares six months after defeating Sephiroth, Jenova, the Weapons created from by the planet, and Holy destroying Meteor. He could still remember most of what happened like it happened yesterday. After meteor was destroyed, Reeve told everybody of the situation of Midgar through Cait Sith. Most of the top plates were destroyed and the slums were partly destroyed. The parts that weren’t destroyed were wrecked and were on fire.

Midgar looked like hell had descended upon it. The monsters in the slums took this as a sign that they were at an all you can eat buffet and started attacking the people that tried to escape Midgar. When Avalanche got there they had to split up and look for survivors. Everybody had to fight monsters, look through buildings, save those that were lucky enough to be alive. It was very depressing sight without being said.

After Midgar, the survivors either went to Kalm, Junon, Nibelheim or Costa del Sol. The cities were expanded to accommodate the survivors. Reeve took over Shinra and helped with the expanding of the cities.

(I wonder how everybody else is doing?) Thought Cloud. After saving the world, Avalanche became extremely famous. They were like celebrities. After a little party in Kalm, everybody went their separate ways with Cid having to drop off a lot of people with what was left of the Highwind.

Cloud already knew Reeve deactivated Cait Sith, and took over Shinra Incorporated. Their new headquarters were in Junon. Midgar was just too damaged to repair. He also outlawed the use of mako energy. The mako reactors were deactivated and dismantled, something that was long overdue.

Barret went Corel with his adopted daughter Marlene and helped rebuild. Now, from what Cloud heard, Corel is looking better than it looked before the Shinra Corporation destroyed it.

Yuffie went back to Wutai with most of the Avalanche’s materia. They let her keep most of their materia and kept a few for themselves just in case something happened. Wutai is starting to go back to its former glory than being some cheesy resort town.

Vincent, he sort of disappeared at Kalm. Everybody thought he went back to Shinra mansion, but the coffin he slept in was empty. The only other place he would have gone was to Lucrecia’s cave. It was everyone’s decision to let Vincent be alone at the time.

Red XIII, or better known as Nanaki, went back to Cosmo Canyon and took his place as guardian of Cosmo Canyon. There, he continues his grandfather’s study of the planet.

Cid went back to Rocket town, and is restoring the Highwind. He’s making a few changes and improvements. He said after he was finished with that, he would start on a new rocket. Cid also seemed to make up with Shera and things are going good.

After returning back to Nibelheim, Cloud and Tifa confessed their love for each other and got engaged. Now they live in the house that looks like Tifa’s old house. Most of the actors that Shinra hired deserted the fake Nibelheim.

(I thought after all this time nothing can bother me. Boy, was I wrong. I still wonder what that dream means? Well, better get back home.) Pondered Cloud as he got up from the ground and turned toward home.


Upon arriving back home, the fresh aroma of food hit Cloud’s nose as soon as he walked in the door. Walking further in, he was pleased to see Tifa in a very beautiful dress and that she made breakfast. While Tifa and Cloud ate, Cloud could tell something was bothering her.

When they were finished, “What do you think that dream meant?” Asked Tifa.

“I don’t know what it meant,” replied Cloud. “I’d like to dismiss it as a silly nightmare, but it wasn’t any silly nightmare. I probably think this is a warning or something.”

“What do you think about paying Red a visit and ask the elders if they could interpret your dream?” Tifa said with a questioning look.

“Yeah, we should probably do that,” Cloud said agreeing.

After helping Tifa clear the table of dirty dishes, Cloud went up stairs and put on his old SOLDIER uniform and got his remaining materia and equipment together with the Ultima weapon. He thought he would never have to use this again. Cloud was done in five minutes and downstairs waiting for Tifa.

When Tifa came down, she was in the tank top and mini skirt along with the premium heart on her arm.

“You know, I’ve always liked it when you wore that,” said Cloud.

Tifa just blushed and playfully hit Cloud on the arm.

“It’s what I’m most comfortable in when I’m fighting,” said Tifa still blushing.

With those words, they both departed for Cosmo Canyon.


The dark cloaked figure smiled at what two allies did to the leader of the so-called Avalanche. Even though, Sephiroth could have toyed with him longer, the time to put his plan in to action was drawing near.

Bringing back Sephiroth with his powers was hard, but bringing back the sorceress, Ultimecia, really took a lot of effort on his part. Upon bringing them back he unlocked the hidden powers that were within them. With Sephiroth it wasn’t hard, but with the Ultimecia, he had to find her new powers as well as unlocking her hidden powers.

(All of my efforts will not be wasted, with these two by my side, I will conquer the world that Ultimecia comes from and then this one. From there I will conquer other dimensions and be the ruler of time and space.)


Broken from his thoughts he saw Sephiroth standing to his left with his arms folded.

“How long are we going to stay here, my patience grows short,” Sephiroth said with a look of annoyance on his face.

“Be patient, for what is another few hours to one who never ages,” the cloaked figure replied.

“Once my other six elite warriors get here, we will depart from this world. Being in this Crater of yours is getting boring, but thinking of what havoc we will unleash upon the world that Ultimecia comes from, it is an exciting prospect.”

“But what of this SeeD and Garden that Ultimecia has told us about?” Sephiroth asked while looking into the lifestream. “They sound like they could be trouble.”

“They will not cause us that much trouble, with you being the general in my army and Ultimecia beside you, You should beat them without so much as breaking a sweat,” the cloaked figure assured him. “I, Diaz Marquis, will rule all time and space in this universe, all those who oppose me shall meet with their untimely deaths.”

Smiling Sephiroth said, “I couldn’t have said it any better.”


Riding up to the gates of Cosmo Canyon on gold chocobos, Cloud and Tifa could see the observatory. There lived one of the saviors of the world and a good friend.

Cloud would have rather come without disturbing news but it couldn’t be helped. His friend, Red XIII, would be glad to see him after so long of a time apart.

Dismounting the Chocobos, They went up the stairs and stopped by entrance.

“Excuse me, we’re here to see Nanaki,” exclaimed Tifa.

“I’m sorry, the canyon is full, we can admit no more at this time,” the gate guard explained. It took a moment for the guard to recognize them but he did. “Mr. Strife, Ms. Lockheart? It’s very nice to see you again, Nanaki should be overjoyed by your presence.” The gate guard then stepped aside to let them through.

“Thanks,” said Cloud.

With that said, Cloud and Tifa climbed up the stairs and ladders that led to the top. Reaching the top, they went into the observatory and looked around.

With no luck, they didn’t see Red XIII in the front room, so they went into the room that had a machine in which you can see the solar system.

“I’m sorry, I’m very busy, can you come back later?” said Red without looking who it was first.

Frowning at that remark, Cloud replied, “Is that any way to treat some friends?”

Hearing this familiar voice, Red turned off the machine and see if he wasn’t just hearing things. After the platform reached the bottom, he saw that his ears did not deceive him.

Bolting over to the door, Tifa crouched down and hugged him, and Cloud shook his paw.

“Cloud, Tifa, it’s so very pleasing to see you two again,” said Red in a joyous tone.

Smiling, Cloud said, “It’s also good to see you again too Red. I wish this was just a pleasure visit, but I have some very disturbing news that I need verified by you or the elders.”

“What is it?” Asked Red.

“I had a very disturbing dream, and I believe Sephiroth is alive,” answered Cloud with a very grim look on his face.

At hearing this news, Red’s eye went wide like his ears failed him but they didn’t.

“Tell me about this dream,” inquired the lion-like beast.

So Cloud told Red about the dream or better yet nightmare that he had. “That was how it went. So Red, what do you make of the dream?”

“I don’t know, it could be your subconscious messing with your head, or it could be a vision of what is to come,” explained Red.

At the sound of this analysis, Cloud’s face scrounged up in a frown of confusion. It was late at night and he couldn’t think any clear thoughts right now.

“This would explain why the planet is crying out again,” Red said. “It hasn’t been like this since the mako reactors were working.”

“You don’t mind if we stay here for the night do you Red?” Asked Tifa.

“Not at all, I’ll have some rooms prepared,” commented Red.

“Thanks Red,” Cloud said with a smile.

So Red, Tifa, and Cloud retired for the night. Cloud still had a lot of thinking to do. Cloud couldn’t think straight right now so he went to bed.


Cloud found himself in field of tall grass that came up to his waist in the middle of nowhere. He also noticed that it was night and the sky was filled with stars, and the moon was shining in all of its brilliance. It was a beautiful sight to see, he wished he could share it with Tifa. Looking around, he wondered how did he get out into the middle of nowhere in the first place.

From out of nowhere, blue and green spirit energy seemed to swirl around from Cloud’s left a few feet away. A few moments later, it started to form into a human shape. Soon it started to look feminine. When the impressive display of blue and green mako vanished, a person stood there.

Cloud’s eyes widened when he started to recognized who it was. He remembered that brown silky hair, the pink dress, the satin jacket, and her face and those green eyes. Cloud couldn’t believe his eyes, standing right before him was the real savior of the planet. It was also the person he was starting to develop feelings for. She was the last of the Cetra, Aeris Gainsborough.

All Cloud could do was stare in awe at who just stood before him.

“Yes, it’s me Cloud,” said Aeris with a smile.

With those words, she broke Cloud out of the trance he was in. Then he rushed up to her and held her in a tight embrace.

After letting go, Cloud said, “I can’t believe it’s you, but you’re here.”

Nodding she was about to say something when she saw Cloud’s expression change from one of happiness, to one of sadness.

“I’m sorry Aeris,” said Cloud. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“There is nothing to be sorry for Cloud,” said Aeris. “I understand that you couldn’t do anything because of the Jenova cells. I also understand that my death caused you and the others pain. You have to understand that it was my decision to go to the ancient city by myself. I choose to do that because it was my destiny.”

“Destiny?” Asked Cloud.

“Yes, I realized it when we went to the Temple of Ancients.” Explained Aeris. “The spirits of the Cetra talked to me while I was there. They said that I the only way I could stop Meteor was to pray for Holy.” She took a deep breath. “They said doing that will put myself and those around me in danger. I knew I would probably have to sacrifice myself in order to save the world.” She smiled. “Like I said, you don’t have anything to be sorry for.”

“This is a dream isn’t it Aeris,” inquired Cloud.

“Yes, it is Cloud,” answered Aeris. “I have news for you and I don’t have that much time left, so just listen. Sephiroth and an evil unknown to this world caused that dream that you had. I’m not sure if he has come back to take revenge, but I know that he is a threat to this planet.” Turning away and looking at the stars, “he and this unknown evil are at the Northern Crater. The planet recognizes you and Avalanche as the protectors of the planet.” Facing Cloud once again, “I’m here to ask, will you and Avalanche defeat him and the unknown evil?”

Without a second hesitation, Cloud answered, “Yes, we will defeat him and this unknown evil that you speak of. I’ll do it for the planet’s sake, everybody who lives on this planet and for you Aeris.”

Smiling, Aeris said, “Thank you Cloud.”

“Wait, before you leave, there is one more thing that I want to do,” said Cloud.

“And what might that be?” Inquired Aeris.

Without saying anything, Cloud embraced Aeris in a passionate kiss. It seemed as though time itself had stopped for the long moment they held the kiss. After they released, Aeris and Cloud said their goodbyes and She vanished just as mysteriously as she came.

There, Cloud stood alone in the grassy field under the blanket of stars and the brightness of the moon.


Cloud awoken with new clarity of the situation at hand. That nightmare that he had a day ago was Sephiroth messing with his head. The knowledge of the situation had given him a new sense of determination. It also stirred up feeling that he didn’t want to come back.

That feeling was hatred. Through his quest to save the world, the one thing that kept him going was the hatred he felt for Sephiroth. Ever since Nibelheim was destroyed, that hatred grew and grew into a force that was barely controllable. He thought he unleashed all of it in the final showdown in the lifestream, but it still remains, but not as strong. This time he would have to control it if he were to defeat him this time.

Letting his eyes adjust to the light in the room, Cloud sat up swinging his feet over the side of the bed.

Cloud had to tell Tifa and Red of his dream. So he took a shower and got dressed.

Coming out of his room he met Tifa downstairs in the bar area.

“Good Morning Cloud, I hope you didn’t have any bad nightmares,” said Tifa smiling.

“No, but I had a different kind of dream, one that shed some light on the whole situation,” Cloud replied with a determined look. “Tifa, Meet me at the Cosmo Candle, I need to get Red and tell you two together so I won’t have to tell the story two times.”

Tifa nodded and Cloud dashed out the inn to get Red.

Nine minutes later, Cloud, Tifa, and Red was at the Cosmo Candle.

Cloud told them of his dream with Aeris explaining everything to him and the current situation.

“I thought it was over,” remarked Red.

“I thought so too Red, but I guess after this it would be over,” commented Cloud.

“Well, I guess it’s time for Avalanche to come together again to save the world,” Tifa said.

After she said that, one of the gate guards ran up to the three with a distressed look on his face.

“Nanaki, There is this a man with a red cape and red eyes here demanding to enter,” said the guard.

“Let him in, and direct him over here,” Red told the guard.

In a few moments, the guard directed the man that spooked the guard over to the three.

Surprised, Cloud said, “Vincent, its good to see you!”

“As it is you my friend,” replied Vincent in an emotionless tone.

“I see you haven’t lost your touch to scare people without trying,” remarked Tifa.

“Yes, something I would rather not have,” said Vincent.

“I was about to call you and the rest of Avalanche together,” Cloud said.

“Yes, I know what is going on,” replied Vincent. “Lucrecia told me that Sephiroth is alive again and with two unknown evil beings.”

“Two?” Tifa said Surprised.

“Yes, it seems they are waiting for something,” Vincent said. “She told me they were at the Crater.”

“So, I guess they’re waiting for us,” remarked Cloud. “I guess we shouldn’t keep them waiting too long.” Cloud looked at his watch and cringed at what he had to do. It was 8 o’clock in the morning and everybody knows Cid Highwind isn’t a morning person.

“Well I guess I better call Cid,” Cloud said.

So Cloud Dialed Cid’s PHS number and after about five rings it was answered.

“Who the hell is this calling this early in the morning??!!!!!!!!!” Cid yelled into the cell phone.

“It’s Cloud,” answered Cloud.

“Hey spike!” said Cid. “How you doing?”

Cloud felt annoyed at the nickname that Barret and Cid gave him, “fine for now, hey Cid, did you repair the Highwind?”

“Yeah, why?”

“We’re going to need it, are you sitting down?


“Good, sorry to break it to you, but Sephiroth is back and stronger than ever,” said Cloud.

Cloud heard the phone drop on the other end. After a few moments it was picked up again.

“You’re kidding right?” Asked Cid like Cloud was joking.

“No, some more bad news, he has some friends with him that are just as strong or even more powerful,” answered Cloud.

“Fuck!” Cid said. “Just when you thought the craziness is over, and life was settling down, that crazy bastard had to show up again!”

“Cid I need you to pick up Yuffie in Wutai. I’m going to call her and inform her of the current situation,” said Cloud. “I know she’ll agree to come, if she don’t, I’ll tell her to give all our materia to you so you can bring it to Cosmo Canyon.”

“Okay Cloud, I wanted to give the Highwind II a test drive, and now would be the perfect time,” Cid said while lighting a cigarette.

“Thanks Cid, I’m going to call Barret and see if he’s going to come to,” said Cloud. “I’ll call again to tell you to pick up Barret or not.”

With the phone hung up Cloud called Barret and told him of the situation. Barret’s reaction was almost the same as Cid’s reaction if Marlene wasn’t in the room. Barret agreed to come and Cloud told him to pick up Barret too.

Cloud also called Yuffie and asked for the materia back. She was reluctant to agree to give it back until she heard the lowdown on Sephiroth being back. She also told Cid where to pick her up because she and her father had a little disagreement.

Now all there was to do was to wait until the Highwind II arrived. From what Cid told them, they would probably be there early in the afternoon.


Author’s Notes: Well, here’s the first Chapter of my first fanfic. I would like to give thanks to Selphie Leonhart for letting me use her idea from her fanfic “Twinworlds.” Her idea won’t be used until the fourth chapter, so I won’t tell you about it until then. Email me at and tell me what you think of it. That would really make my day. Once again, thanks Flaire, for being my beta reader.

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