Curse of Time Chapter 7

Bar Fight

By Andy DuVigneau

Same Dimension
(World 2: 1996)

I took the bar since I still wasn’t in much of a fighting condition. I knew that using physical attacks in my shape wasn’t a good idea, I was still in some major pain from following Ookami around like a mindless zombie with a nice bloody, but patched, hole where my tail was. In addition to my injured state, I was still hearing that voice muttering Ookami’s name like a chant, but at least it wasn’t controlling my actions anymore. It released its hold on me as soon as I entered the bar.

Leaning on the bar table for a moment, I watched the ruckus already in progress. And I had to admit; such a squabble was minor or would be if I was still in prime fighting shape. As it is, my movements would be slow and while I was trained to be able to handle being hit be several tones of rock and steel, I’d be pummeled if I tried to fight with just my fists and sword.

Just watching Ookami start in on the fight, I couldn’t help myself. I knew I was still weakened, but I could at least manage using some of my power just so I have a chance to live through this mess. I closed my eyes to the room and let my arms drop to my sides, no longer leaning on he table.

I slowly let my energy rise to the surface, creating a small breeze in the bar that rose to a gale. I had kept my eyes close as I started to feel the buzz of electrical discharges arching across my body. I had started to grunt, and soon after yell mostly in pain, partly from the rise in power. I opened my eyes, looking through a yellowish haze that had surrounded me and emitted a low pulsing hum “whir whir whir” that repeated over and over.

Tilting to look at the mirror behind the terrified barkeeper, I caught a glimpse of my transformed state. I still had the same build, but my eyes were a blue-green now, and my normally black hair and eyebrows had become a bright glowing gold. I hadn’t had seen this before, and the old chant in my head was accompanied by foreign images again, the same ones that plagued my dreams, same ones that felt like I was once the main person in each of them, and had someone dear to me die right before my eyes. I was surprised to have seen this change. There was a name for this form I’ve heard before in old stories: Super Saiyan.

It was an amazing sight to see. The glowing gold hair and the blue-green eyes… I felt like some kind of powerhouse and while I was still in serious discomfort, I could now fight with my fists now and not worry about being too slow.

I didn’t know what to think, everyone but the still fighting gaggle of men were staring at me like I was a wizard. I even surprised myself when I spoke, the amulet I was wearing glowing under my shirt as a visible pure blue oval. “Stop this foolishness before I will be forced to get involved. This is your only warning.” It wasn’t my voice, not in the slightest. I sounded like the recurring teenager in my dreams, like that kid everyone kept calling “Prince” for some reason.

Still the fight didn’t stop, and I saw Ookami in the thick of it, fighting as graceful as I’ve seen only once before. In a movement to make good my threat, my arm raised, palm glowing blue-white as I sent a beam of energy over the heads of the combatants. I watched as the beam went right through the stone wall beyond them, making a small explosion and raining debris on just about everyone in the tavern except me since the odd yellow field around me acted like a shield and vaporized the fragments before they could reach my skin. I stared at the throng of now startled men, my hand still pointed at the wall and glowing blue. "Better. Now leave this place. I have to speak with someone."

In a matter of moments, the tavern emptied, leaving just me and a startled Ookami alone in the bar. "Zonar Wigger Zibber Zom. The Chosen Time has come. The flow of time is nigh to crash, and plunge the world into endless death. Zonar Wigger Zibber Zom." I don’t know where I got those odd words from, I could feel that teenage boy in control again, spouting them out like a chant, directed at Ookami. I had no choice but to watch his demeanor change from startled to pure understanding of what the words meant as some part of him surfaced for the first time to my view, and to the satisfaction of the strange teenager in my head as he spoke one more word past my lips. "Zeal"

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