Curse of Time Chapter 8

The Mage of Lavos

By Andy DuVigneau

Dimension change
Home Dimension
(World 01: 11981BC)

The Mage turned away from the unconscious body of Dario and glanced icily at Schala and what was left of her husband. He started chuckling, a sound that was not at all pleasant, but Schala’s reaction made him laugh even more.

Schala gagged at the horrid smell the Mage was emitting. Her husband was still alive. But he wouldn’t last much longer, so she shuffled silently to his side. She quickly took one of his hands and held it close to her while whispering softly.

“Honey… you’re going to be ok. Don’t try to move.” She placed one hand on his arm to keep him from trying to sit up. Not like he could since almost his entire lower half was lying three feet away. “Please stay with me.”

The mage stopped laughing and regarded Schala with his zombie-like gaze. “My dear sacrifice. He’s already dead, the first of many to return life to the almighty Lavos. You might as well accept your fate and die for the glory of Lavos!”

Schala turned and impaled the Mage with a glare of her own. “I wont go! I wont lay down my life just so a monster such as Lavos can return to life! I wont stand for it! On top of that, you kill my husband, knock out my son, and destroy the entire village all for that hideous parasite!”

The reaction was calm and collected from the mage. “For your information, Sacrifice, Lavos used it’s last bit of energy to create me. I have most, if not all, of its powers inside me. When it died, I was given the ability to use the attacks of Lavos’s enemies against them. My only mission is to revive Lavos so the cycle can be completed. I am known simply as Ravis, so let that be the name you will last remember.”

For a man who looked like a walking corpse Lavos apparently did a rush job on him, that Much Schala could see. But she would not stand still and be an offering for the revival of Lavos.

She got up, and forgetting that she would likely die, she summoned what magic she had and let loose on Ravis. Every spell she knew, be it simple Fire, to complex Dark Matter, she used it all. She even made up a few attacks along the way. But her effort was useless against him and was cut short when the body of her son started glowing.

Apparently Ravis saw it too, for he turned and sneered at the boy. “It has begun. His spirit has started to pass through the gates of time.” Now the glow started turning colors. “And now the boundaries of the dimensions are being broken. Soon he will be lost without a way back and only I will be able to track him down and kill him.”

He turned back to Schala. “I apologize, Sacrifice, but your death will have to wait. I got quarry to hunt through Time and Space.” Not waiting for her resumed attack, he cast a freeze spell to hold her till he returned. “Stay put now, you hear?” Laughing, he slowly faded like a ghost till he was a small spark of shadow, then he took off into the glowing body of Schala’s son.

Schala sighed and sagged to the ground mentally in near exhaustion. Looking at her son’s glowing body and at the pendant and egg in his pockets, she uttered a prayer. “May the gods lead my son home to me. An evil has been released and my son is the only one who can stop it. Please return him safely.”

* * *

Dimension Change
World 02

The empty bar was silent for a few moments. The staring contest between the glowing gold warrior and his newfound friend seemed endless. Who could say how long they were at it, neither of them could answer that with any certainty. Both had started to grow weary from just standing there, the gold glow on the first person was flickering like the physical representation of the fire inside his soul.

The wolven man, who called himself Ookami slowly made the first move, pulling out a small blue pendant, the action mirrored by his compianion. Absently, they both moved to within sword range, staring at the matching pendant the other was wearing.

"So, the time has come" Ookami whispered, almost as if some hidden personality had been summoned to the surface. "The Prince of the former Zeal Kingdom, from Elisia, time circa 11,982BC. It is time to start you're training Dario."

The glow around the young Saiyan faded and his eyes seemed to shift colors entirely from green to purple; the only noticeable sign that the supressed personality had been reborn and in control. "It's about time, but how did you kno my name? Prince of what now? What's the 'Zeal Kingdom'? I never heard those names before..."

"All in due time young prince. Your memory has been whiped clean for your protection, but I will spend the next two years with you helping to regain your memory." Ookami was confident in his abilitites. So much so that this offer couldnt be passed up.

"Alright, let's do it. But please dont call me prince... Somehow I dont like that title"

* * *

One year went by, and the training was a little rough. Not only did this Ookami specialize in shadow magic, which roughed the young prince up quite a bit, but his pupil could only counter with weak spells that someone only half his age could throw. This proved to be quite a setback whenever Dario had to demostrate his magical prowess.

On the bright side, the Zealian Prince's sword skills have risen considerably and new techniques were learned. Within the final year Dario had managed to regain most of his lost memory, which gave him back the purpose for fighting that he lost when his journey began: fight The Mage and prevent Lavos's rebirth.

However, Dario's journey soon came to an abrubt halt when The Mage threatened to make a show. The young prince was left with little recourse but to phase himself out of that world and return to his own. His destination was clear, and he cant keep destiny waiting when he had an old friend of his mother to meet. It was time to answer the call of destiny.....


Authors Note: Yes, I am going to be starting a new part for this story. Title is different, but the story is the same. Also I plan to have my pen name canged to "Prince of Zeal" so if this new pen name isnt changed by July, I wouldnt worry, I'm prolly too busy to ask.

Next scheduled thing for part two is the inclusion of quotes in every chapter and the occasional author's note like this expaining evens or various other things. Well, I have to get busy so Cya 'round!

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