Curse of Time Chapter 6

A Hidden Companion

By Andy DuVigneau

Same Dimension
(World 2: 1996)

The day was moving incredibly slow for me after the nice little fight I had, but nothing I could think of would actually speed up the day. Occasionally a small thought about the fight came to mind, which caused me to burst into huge laughter. Although the time I was having was very great, I couldn't help but notice the man who was following me for the longest. He could have been a bandit that I actually missed, but that being the odds was highly unlikely. Well if he wasn't one of the bandits then he must've been really crazy to follow me for so long. Despite the distance he kept from me I could smell the scent of blood coming from him, and hear his footsteps as well. "This man must want me to grant his death wish." I thought to myself. Just as I was about to make my mind to finish him off, I heard the familiar sound of a blade being sheathed, and I knew then that this man was no enemy. Well at the moment he wasn't.

Hours went on end and still the man following me didn't let up just a bit. Feeling rather up beat I decided to have a little fun with him. Slowly but steadily I eased into a light-bouncing step that quickened my pace a little, and began to whistle a small little tune that I happened to pick up during my classes. "If this man noticed my clothing he might try and hold me up for a ransom." I said to myself with a small chuckle, knowing that only a fool would try such a thing. I could see that this was going to be a long day for me with a little tag along following me for no apparent reason. I knew for a fact that he couldn't tell me to be a prince cause nobody in there right mind would follow the way he did, but there he was just following like a lost drone. A few more hours passed by and still the little charade continued. I was starting grow rather bored and annoyed by the fact he was still following me. With a quick step to the left then right I leapt into the trees to take cover. As I made my way through the treetops I kept a good fix on the man below. He was rather startled about the move I made, and he still had no intention in giving up on me. He ran over the spot I was standing in before and looked about rather confused from my actions. The man was a sad sight to see, although he was rather well rounded for battle. I could tell that he was in one and he was on the receiving end of a battle move. I could sense the energy emanating from him, and with such power he had to have been surprised for him to end up in such a way. After playing the follower for some time I decided to leap from the trees, and that I did with a rather soft yet forceful landing behind him.

As the man whirled around to face me I stood to tall with an expressionless face. Normally I didn’t bother with talking to other people that followed me, but this time around I was rather intrigued by the fact he was following me for so long and close for that matter. “If you wanted to speak you could have just said so.” I told him, as I looked him up and down. He tried to reply but was obviously at a loss for words at the moment. I shrugged off his speechless response and started my walk once again. This time I was much closer to the near town that I normally visit. Without looking back I called out to the man, “If you still want to follow I suggest you get up here with me.” He wasn’t much to sure about doing that, but nonetheless he “ran” up by me and joined me in my walk. The walk was rather boring as usual since not much talk happened, but out of all the quietness we talked by our vision. We each had apparently sized one another up for battle, and as far as I could see it, the only weakness he had was on his back where a mess was visible. My curiosity got the best of me, but I didn’t let it take over for the time being. I just simply put the thoughts aside for the moment and made my way into town. The two of us stopped at a local tavern for a drink where a few rough men were causing a small ruckus. Without even taking a moment to get a gist of the problem I already knew something was going to happen. With a light tone I looked to the man, “By the way, my name is Ookami.” The man replied, “I’m Andrew.” We both exchanged nods and made our way to separate sections of the tavern. With that in motion, a rough battle was sure to ensue.

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