Curse of Time Chapter 4

The Mysterious Man

By Andy DuVigneau

Crawling on my stomach, wincing every not and then because of the still fresh hole where my tail used to be, I reached a thick patch of bushed perfect for hiding.

Using my katana to open a path to look through, I peered out and my jaw dropped.

In the center of an assault of bandits was a man I’ve never seen before. His poise was confident, yet relaxed. I was wondering why he was so calm when he was obviously outnumbered.

Looking from the man to the bandits, I figured out what they came for, which turned out to be something this odd man wasn’t about to give up without a fight.

I flinched as the bandits charged at him; I could feel the battle lust trying to take hold, despite my condition. I noticed that he didn’t so much as blink, then a split second later in a flurry of motion; he jumped at the closest enemy and launch an attack on the startled foe’s stomach.

What speed! What grace! I was as if he wasn’t human! I spied the bushy tail just poking its tip out of his pants and thought, however briefly, that he was a Saiyan. That thought faded quickly as I recalled that Saiyans had monkey like tails. This man had a tail that looked like it belonged on a wolf. I also noticed the ears, pointed and alittle fuzzy also like a wolf’s, that had escaped my notice earlier.

When I returned from my pondering, it was too late to see the rest of the battle; they were all dead. The mysterious man turned ever so slightly and walked into the woods, laughing all the way.

I had to admit, I MUST talkto this man. Climbing to my feet, I picked my way painfully past the dead bodies, noting one with a large hole in his chest, and limped along after the man who killed them all so fast.

I didn’t know what I was doing orwhy, but something in my head, in a place where I couldn’t get in no mater how hard I tried, something was telling me to find him and make him an ally for a fight against an enemy I have no memory of. While a voice that wasn’t my own, but somehow felt like mine, repeated a legend of a man that would one day save the planet. And that same voice also muttered a name afterwards; the name it spoke was “Ookami”


“Two lost souls, fated to wandertime and dimensions. One without memory of his past lives. The other who liveshis lives in the same body. Both are destined to cross paths and eventually join forces to stop the biggest threat the universe has ever known. One is thekey to unlocking a secret that has puzzled people for eons. The other the doorto the mysteries of the multiverse.”~ yours truly: Andy


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