Curse of Time Interlude

By Andy DuVigneau

Dimension change

(Unknown world: ????)

A time and dimension unknown

The man watched the events unfold,shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, and even adjusting his brown turncoat and tilting his matching derby. He saw it all, from when a purely evil man hadcaptured Prince Dario and knocked him out in front of his parents, to the sudden jump into a strange dimension where the focus is on two men with tails.

Looking into the bucket near the entrance to the room, a room that floats in the middle of absolutely nothingbut fog, he sighs and steps away.

Being a Guru gave him certain affinities, the ability to see changes in the time stream as one of them, affinities he sometimes thought of as a curse.

But having seen just now, a major disturbance worse than Lavos, he could only hope that the legend is true, that a young man would arrive here at this desolate place with a friend present andput the flow of time back into its proper sequence.

“It has begun.” He says, more to the fog than to a person, since he’s the only human living in this area. “The time has come to see if the Legend is true. The one with strong ties to thespace-time continuum will come to me bearing two items and an ally. To get here they will travel the dimensions and eras, putting right, what had gone wrong, and then face down the one man who started this all with a summon.”

The old man heads across the roomto get a drink, then returns to watch the events of these two men unfold in thebucket.

Chapter 5

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