Curse of Time Chapter 3

An Unsuspected Acquaintance, Ookami

By Andy DuVigneau

(Same dimension: 1996)

(note: This chapter was written by Spirit_of_Ookami and accounts the events leading up to just before meeting Andrew.)

The day started off like any other day for me, and has been for the past few weeks. I don’t think anything else could have made the weeks for me go so greatly. Of course with my luck I’ll end up having a horrible day that will account for the whole week.

I started off the day by getting ready for my usual sparring lesson with Duke in the castle courtyard followed by a few teachings in the good books of our library, I nevercould get used to it. Forcing myself to endure the endless monotonous ranting of my professor I rewarded myself with a little trip outside the castle walls like I always do whenever I get extremely bored.

As time dragged on the glaring sun found me off in the forest a little ways out just wandering about aimlessly enjoying the scenery around me. Although I came through many times I always seemed to be new to the place as I walked with a sense of admiration for the trees and animals all around me. There was possibly nothing harmful to anyone in the forest and yet at the same time it had an alarming presence to itself, but of course I didn’t mind it since I practically livedhere.

For some odd reason the words of my mother couldn’t stop ringing through my head as I walked about in the forest,and over and over again I could hear “Stay close and stay clear of strangers.” Constantly it echoed through my head as if I was some child but that wasn’t the case at all. Heck I was due to be 18 in the next year and for many humans that was something big. Although in actuality being 18 was nothing at all seeing how my true age was covered up for safety to my “real” family. Now I know what your probably thinking and that would be “why do I put an odd tone on the word real?” Well its plain and simple. You see I’m notreally human and well the humans that I am with are not my parents but in a wayare my parents. It’s kind of confusing so I’ll save that story for another time.

But what would a day be without agreat interruption to go along with everything that’s great right? Well there I was just minding my own business communicating with the animals (mind you I’m not really human), and out of nowhere this group of bandits came bounding out of the forest like a wild torrent. Of course it was obvious whatthey wanted since they were gunning for me like a big yuppie noble gunning forthe dinner table. I didn’t have to think twice about what to do since it was very clear they were out to take my possessions.

With out hesitation I made a quickdash toward the closest bandit nearby and send a hard left heel into his gut,after feeling it implode from the impact I reeled around with a roundhouse kick sending my right foot into the bandits jaw causing it to break off into two pieces. I knew my attempt to disable worked well as my attack was confirmed by his agonizing screams and a myriad ofblood spraying from his former mouth as he fell to the ground in pain if not dead yet. Normally I would be up for afight like this but I already sparred and my outfit for the day wasn’t what I expected to fight in at all.

Since I was to stay in the castle all day I decided to wear my usual cadet uniform of baby blue with a white bandalong the side. It felt ok to wear but wasn’t loose for free roaming movement for me to fight as I wished to do so.

Well I couldn’t rest then seeing how two more bandits raced toward me; so measuring them up I made a bolt for the right man and lunged at him with a fallen branch nearby.

I couldn’t savor the moment it dove deep into his chest and came out his spine with it following since the stupidman on the left came up behind me swinging his claive through the air.

Boy was he in for a surprise sincehe didn’t know about my quick speed and with that I let him know by leaping behind him off of his dead companion causing him to sink his claive into thelimp form before him. Just to make it worse for him I thought it would be a few kicks of fun to make him revel in the pain of his companion so I grabbed him by the neck and flung him behind me intothe man with the broken jaw, and after that I picked him back up and launched him into his other companions standing in shock. Once his body collided with theirs I could hear the cracking ofhis bones as they split out his back and I couldn’t help but laugh at his misfortune. Still time is of the essence so to wrap things up I unsheathed my long saber and dashed right into the confusion. I just had to laugh as I slashed about severing their limbs knowing good and well they were all already near death from the impact of the C.F.D.B (Crazy Flying Dumb Body for those who don’t know).

With my act of defense complete I wiped my saber clean and sheathed it as I walked away from the battlefield that was a little to fast and easy for satisfaction. Well all in all it was done and I was bored again so I kicked aside a few remains and jogged off into the trees trying to contain my laughter, but it was just too much for me. Now that wouldn’t be good later on cause I knew that I would be in for it when I got home. So I decided to lounge in the bushes about till I could calm my laughter.

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