Curse of Time Chapter 2

Life as a Saiyan Named Andrew

By Andy DuVigneau

Dimension change

(World02: 1998 AD)

It was glorious! The small of battle, the exhilaration of competition! Being a Saiyan naturally made me hunger for battle, even when I reached Super Saiyan level 3 I still craved to fight.

But experience told me that its notwise to fight all the time, I lost my tail the second I learned that 2 yearsago before I became a Super Saiyan. I never thought such a thing could happen in the first place. That was also the time I met a man who would become a good friend.


Two years earlier…

I was charging up for a KameHameHa wave and got blasted from behind. The pain was blinding, my ass felt like it was being carved off by a saw!

I screamed, loosing concentrationand shooting the wave wild into the sky as I bent backward. The pain lessened, the only signal I had that the attack on my rear had stopped. It still felt like my ass was just freshly severed and I dared take a look behind me.

Turning my head in three jerky movements, I looked down behind me to see what damage was done. My tail was gone! Ripped out of my back like a garden weed!

Lifting my gaze to the attacker, Isaw him holding up the bloody tail with some bone still showing. He was laughing like a hyena at me. I could barely yell let alone move the pain was so great.

The one holding my tail yelled.“You can’t move without your tail! You can’t transform either! You’re helpless!”

Looking down again, the bloody holein my backside gave me a sick feeling. I had to throw up! I couldn’t dare vomit and disgrace my Saiyan heritage. I’ve heard of others of my people fighting without their tales and even living normal lives without them.

Willing myself to move, much totheir shock, I took a shaky aim at the nearest adversary and fired my best Ki beam. Given my weakened state, the beam did little more than scorch my targets clothes and blind both him and the backstabber who ripped out my tail. Taking the chance, I flew off into the sky, holding my screams of pain for when I got to safety.

I vowed to kill those two people ifit was the last moment in my life.


It felt like I was out for two weeks. I had patched up the hole in my backside, much to my painful grunts, with some plastic thread in my pocket. It was clumsy and I was running a fever, but I got the job done.

I found an old house in a forest, abandoned and dilapidated. It was the best thing I’ve seen since I watched myfirst fight.

I couldn’t eat; everything keptcoming back up. And I couldn’t sit down or lay on my back; it would make me scream and attract attention of anyone nearby. I had to lie on my stomach for those two days, sleeping only for a few hours at the most.

There was a rustling in the nearby brush of my sanctuary. I couldn’t see to well, a result of a possible infection in where my tail once was. I crawled to my feet, assuming a fighting stance even though I was in no shape to defend myself. I’d be dammed if I was going to surrender to whoever might come for me.

Weighing the options, I decided totake the fight to him. Drawing my katana that I found in the cabin’s attic, I limped out the door and into the bright and lively forest to find whoever made the noise.

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