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Heard a good quote from a fanfic which really stuck in your mind? Send it in! Just include the story's title, the chapter the quote was featured in, who said the quote, the author, and your name. (NOTE! I'm not currently making additions to this section; eventually I'll setup a script so you can submit quotes directly to this page.)

"A Melting of a Heart Ch. 5" by Key Mima - Suggested by Key Mima:
"I know everything in this world... I know the whole history. In my world, your world was a game to play. I've played as Glenn and beaten you. I've defeated Lavos. I know... everything... Except now... It's all changed, and I don't know anymore. It wasn't supposed to happen this way..." She began to cry.
- Sunev

"Amiable Silence" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Alex Weitzman.
Crono says a lot of things, Marle. Lots of warm, wonderful things. You just don't know how to listen.
- Lucca

"Amor Vincit Omnia Ch. 5" by Minmei - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
Me? What do I get to look forward to? An endless search for the one person in my life who really understood me; a search that will ultimately and predictably lead to my demise......
- Magus

"An Ultimate Quest Ch. 8" By Karura - Suggested by Sorceress Fantasia:
"The difference between machine and human is that machines do things under calculation of profit, they give up and run away in the face of danger. The sole thing that enables human to face danger is their emotion. It is for emotions that they are willing to risk their lives even when no profit can be gained. By choosing to fight Lakefroth, I think you are perfectly capable of human emotions."
- Cloud, talking to Terra

"A Shadow of Evil Ch. 10" by Icy Brian - Suggested by Icy Brian:
"I'll be alright. No major damage."
"That comes next."
- Marle & Omek

"Chrono Trigger Dimensions Ch. 23" by Jerm - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
Your eyes allow you to look out to the world, but they also allow the world to look into you.
- The Marshal

"Chrono Trigger Dimensions Ch. 32" by Jerm - Suggested by Glueick:
So many deaths. And all over this, a piece of metal.
- Marle, picking up the crown.

"Chrono Trigger Dimensions Ch. 34" by Jerm - Suggested by Dawn Wilkins:
Dalton: "Hey! Those were MY demons!"
Marshal: "If you want them back, we can always loft their bodies back up to you. Some assembly may be required however."
- Dalton and Marshal discussing the demise of Dalton's henchmen

"Chrono Trigger Dimensions Ch. 39" by Jerm - Suggested by Glueick:
Marshal: "How will it wear off?"
Magus: "If I die."
Marshal: ". . . . . .Oh. In that case, he'll be a frog for quite some time won't he? So if you leave unexpectedly again, and Glenn suddenly turns back into a human some odd hours later, we shouldn't be expecting you home for dinner?"
- The Marshal and Magus discussing Glenn's curse.

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 13" by Jerm - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
But if this was the way life would be to him, he would snap back at life just as harshly.
- Magus

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 17" by Jerm - Suggested by Shayera:
"Yeah, it's occurred to me that we're fighting a two way war. That will make it twice as hard."
"Two 'impossibles' is still simply impossible, not twice as impossible."
- Crono and Magus

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 36" by Jerm - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
I would fear something that thinks it can destroy an army singlehandedly much more than another army.
- Marle

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 39" by Jerm - Suggested by Shayera:
"Don't call me Magus."
"Eh? Then what should I call you in your last moments of life?"
"Tonight. . .You may call me Janus."
- Magus & Murasame

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 39" by Jerm - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
It is unwritten law that a person's being either good or evil is simply based on the view of the majority of others. It makes no difference if you are in fact good. If most people believe you evil, then you are evil.
- Murasame, talking about evil and how it is viewed

"Chrono Trigger Invasions Ch. 39" by Jerm - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
Just because someone is on the other side, does not make them 'evil.' We simply had different views on things. They wished to create, we wished to destroy and recreate.
- Murasame, defending evil

"Chrono Trigger: The Shadows Ch. 50" by Keith Adams - Suggested by Jerm:
"Not me. I once said I observed you from my obeservation point in the End of Time. I was not lying. I saw everything you did as a child. I saw everything I had or ever will do. I saw my death, I saw everything. I saw the missles crash down on the world. I saw the world die. I saw Marle die. I saw everything. I saw Lavos die. I knew - from the beggining - that you would destroy Lavos. I saw everything I would do. What I saw was what even tually happened, in every case. I reliazed something Magus - that what was observed, had to be. I observed the motions of the Shadows. I had no choice. Because I saw, I did, and because I did, I saw. A neat little paradox that was resolved by my being. It had to be, or time itself would unravel. What must be, what must be, is. Do you understand?"
- Gaspar, talking to Magus

"Demon Gate Ch. 2" by Icy Brian - Suggested by Mage64:
"I'm a Turk. Something's bound to kill me sooner or later."
- Reno of the Turks

"Demon Gate Ch. 2" by Icy Brian - Suggested by Melchior:
"You just killed an unarmed man!"
"He should have armed himself."
- Toma & Kovac

"Echoes of the Past Ch. 1" by Robo - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
"At one time, Magus was the co-leader of the Mystics alongside me. I tell you, we had the world in our hands. With his incredible magic, and my ability to exploit people with incredible magic, the world was our oyster."
- Ozzie

"Forbidden Love: The Story of Vincent Valentine Ch. 2" by Leok - Suggested by Leok:
"You're the first rookie I haven't killed when they first came up."
"That may have been a mistake."
- Squad Leader and Vincent

"Ghosts of the Past, Present, and Future Ch. 3" by Artificer Urza - Suggested by Kevino Dude:
"Ah, time travel: the ultimate grammatical paradox."
- Magus

"Letting Go of the Past" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Mage64:
"Lady, we're all lost. We've all lost our way...There is no escaping our destiny. You can run from it for a little while, but it's always there waiting for you at the end of the line."
- Rude, speaking to a fear-filled woman in the streets of Midgar

"Musings From a God" by AlexWeitzman - Suggested by Alex Weitzman:
"I have come upon a major discovery. There is some sort of spiritual connection between heroism and hairspray."
- Sephiroth

"Old Friends, Old Enemies, New Past Ch. 1" by The Wizard Slayer - Suggested by ZealPropht:
"Hello, Glenn. Glad to see you're...Well, I would say it's good to see you're well, but 'Well' is not the first word that comes to mind."
- Magus speaking to an intoxicated Glenn

"Old Friends, Old Enemies, New Past Ch. 17" by The Wizard Slayer - Suggested by MaggieKarp:
"You blame him?"
"It isn't so much that I blame him...It's more that I would like to boil him in his own blood."
- Cyrus and Dalton talking about Magus

"PO Box A.L.E.N." by Middletails - Suggested by Kira Cyana:
The Liberation Army is wielding those orange fiery things, sir...Is that bad?
- Grenseal to General Teo

"SquareSoft: Generations Ch. 2" by Dawn Wilkins - Suggested by Madonna
Darkness pervades the worlds. He, born of deception, shall give rise to his title. Only the virgin love shalt bring salvation, beared by a blade.
- Magus' prophecy

"Square Wars: Return of the Paladin" by Warchild - Suggested by Seppuku Hyena:
"Looks like we got some white mages, black mages, regular mages, ninjas, thieves..."
"That's TREASURE HUNTER!" Locke declared.
"Whatever... engineers/mechanics, kung-fu fighters..."
"It's not KUNG FU!" Yang, Sabin and Tifa declared.
"Silence! A yeti, pilots, artists, a vampire..."
"..." said Vincent.
- Scarlet looking over the captured Rebels

"Tempo Trigger Ch. 2" by Nanaki - Suggested by Cid Highwind:
"You're going to have to do a lot better than that." Schala grinned. "I could do this all day. How many times can you afford to die?"
- Schala, after getting her skull smashed open

"The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Local Imp's Union, Guardia Chapter" by Brian Caughell - Suggested by Jerm:
SCUM: But that’s not an Imp’s name! Imp’s are supposed to be named disgusting things! Not after a flipping peanut butter!
- Scum, speaking to Skippy..

"The Adventures of Epoch Pt. 2" by The Storyteller - Suggested by Minmei:
I'm the magical fairy that flutters happily along
- Glenn

"The Creation of Heaven and Earth Prologue" by NeoKefka - Suggested by NeoKefka:
"How many times can you save the world?"
"As many times as it takes."
"And how many times is that? Once? Twice? Three times? How many times will it take for you to realize that no matter how many Empires you crumble, no matter how many mad men you topple, you cannot stop what is to be?"
"And what is to be?"
"The inevitable. If the world is not destroyed one way, it will be destroyed another. This is the simply naked truth."
- Bane and Terra's confrontation in Terra's nightmare.

"The Creation of Heaven and Earth Ch. 3" by NeoKefka - Suggested by NeoKefka:
"I'm going to leave here Ayin, and the only way to stop me is to kill me!"
"I aim to please."
- Huzo and Ayin Strifeild

"The Dark Storm Ch. 4" by Martin Berglund - Suggested by Martin Berglund:
Dumber they are... Easier do they fall.
- Shadin

"The Exiled Ch. 2" by Black - Suggested by ZealPropht:
"A vampire. You're a vampire in broad daylight."
"I am not a vampire!"
- Rophelle, upon meeting Magus for the first time

"The Great Sephiroth Ch. 2" by Mags - Suggested by the Dark Requiem:
"Why did you pay? All Company employees can go anywhere in the Domes free of charge. So why pay?"
"Pity," said Cole, without looking at Morrigan. "Something I doubt that you have felt in a long, long time."
"Pity? For what?" Morrigan demanded, perplexed by Cole's actions.
"For having to live in a place like this when he doesn't have to," replied Cole, coldly.
"Is that all?" demanded Morrigan. "You know, it's not like he's missing anything. It's not like he actually knows about the outside and is missing it. He doesn't know."
"Oh, but he does. He may not be aware of it, I doubt any of them are, but somewhere inside me, they know."
- Cole and Morrigan at the Nibelheim Blister Dome

"The Great Sephiroth Ch. 3" by Mags - Suggested by Mags:
You think that you will be the one to exorcise my inner demons but you are quite mistaken. It is my inner demons that will exorcise you.
- Dr. Victor Cole

"The Great Sephiroth Ch. 5" by Mags - Suggested by Canyon A. Lynn:
"We aren’t actually…going in there? Are we?"
"Go inside? Oh… no. Of course not! We just thought that you might like to see this door. It’s very nice, don’t you think? Of course, I thought that it would look better in a pastel blue, but iron gray was all they had. Pity, don’t you think? OF COURSE WE’RE GOING INSIDE YOU STUPID… HUMAN!"
- Morrigan and Red XIII

"The Loss Ch. 4" by Gasper - Suggested by Gasper:
Do you not get it old man. I am not your son, GOD’S HAVE NO FATHERS!!!
- Ian, talking to Dalton

"The Mind Slayers Ch. 1" by Frank Verderosa - Suggested by SuperSaiyan.
"I know. But I'm afraid the choice is not up to me. You've got to make up your own mind Aeris."
"The one time I come to you for advice, and you say 'It's up to you'"
- Elmyra and Aeris

"The New Returners Episode III" by Lady Marrah - Suggested by Sailor Dayhawk:
I'm in a very bad mood today, so I have a suggestion for you. If you like breathing, I suggest you quit saying such things.
- Magus

"The Next Generation Ch. 11" by Krazy Sam - Suggested by Krazy Sam:
If you weren't family, I'd kill you where you stand!
- Kash

"The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe Ch. 10" by Nanaki - Suggested by NeoKefka:
If you die, I die too, and right now I have a very strong desire to live.
- Vigo

"The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe Ch. 16" by Nanaki - Suggested by Black:
Could you please go down to the tailor's and ask him to make up another green dress? That new Algetty/Trann style he came up with last year. There was a slight... accident. Mine was unfortunately torn. Oh! Could you also please send up a new set of bed sheets, the carpenter, and a fresh container of chocolate sauce?
- Queen Zeal talking to a guard

"The Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe Ch. 38" by Nanaki - Suggested by Jerm:
'Now she's dead again too?'
'I swear, they must be the most tragic couple ever created.'

"The Story of Magus Ch. 11" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Jupiterstar:
Slash: I hate it when Ozzie plays these games! I want to know what the meeting is about!
Magus: I seriously doubt it's naked dancing girls, Slash. You are so single minded! Can't you think of anything but...that?!
Slash: Well, I could, but life would be so dull then!

"The Story of Magus Ch. 13" by ZealPropht - Suggested by ZealPropht:
If he wants to see blood flow, so be it. The streets will run red with my vengence before I'm through!
- Magus

"The Story of Magus Ch. 14" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
Schala...A swift ache contracted his chest as he thought of her. What would she think of him now? Would she recognize him, covered as he was in blood and dirty and sweat? Not likely, Janus thought bitterly. Not very likely at all....
- Janus' thoughts, after his first battle with the humans

"The Story of Magus Ch. 15" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Janus
"What the hell's the matter with you?! You don't just throw people off the fort like that!"
"I do when they try to sneak up and strangle me!"
- Slash and Janus

"The Story of Magus Ch. 15" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Ice Man Ash:
Slash's mouth dropped. "You mean...we lost?!"
Janus looked at him sharply and frowned angrilly. "No. We didn't lose. We slaughtered dozens of the humans as if they were nothing more then sheep." He looked down. "No," he murmmered. "I slaughtered them like sheep. I did. Me. Janus...prince of Zeal...Prince of death!"
- Slash and Janus speaking of the outcome of the battle with the Humans

"The Story of Magus Ch. 15" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Lady Sarina:
"Charming story Flea. You have it correct down to every detail. But there seems to be something missing."
"And that would be?"
"Oh, let me think. Yes, I do belive you are missing a vital detail. How about...the truth?"
- Janus and Flea

"The Story of Magus Ch. 15" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Lady Schala:
"Is that all a life is worth here in this filthy kingdom? A piece of paper or some stupid slab of stone?" Janus threw his hands up into the air in disgust and started pacing furiously. "No, of course you wouldn't understand. How could you? You're the same as the rest of them! All you care about is glory and honor for yourself, nothing for anyone else."
- Janus

"The Story of Magus Ch. 18" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Minmei:
It doesn't matter to me that no one likes me. Fear is as strong an emotion as love. Your followers fear me and most of them are greedy enough to join me because they know I would lead them to victory in whatever I choose to do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go pick out a suitable room for myself since my current one has far outlived it's usefulness to me.
~Magus to Ozzie

"The Story of Magus Ch. 18" by ZealPropht - Suggested by The Dark Requiem:
"It is the curse of the weak to destroy what they don't comprehend because the unknown frightens them. Rather like a child that is afraid of monsters under the bed but is afraid to light a candle and explore if there is anything really there at all. Instead they lay there all night, shivering in dread, for no other reason but stupidity and cowardice. They don't face their fears because they don't want to understand the nature behind them. They don't want to see their own failings. They have to demolish everything that makes them nervous or frightened because it makes them feel big and powerful when in reality, they are nothing more than ants."
- Janus

"The Story of Magus Ch. 18" by ZealPropht - Suggested by Minmei:
The Mystics corrupt everything they come in contact with. They have raped and murdered his sense of justice till he no longer believes in anyone or anything but himself, and even then, he still questions whether he should do that.
~Cyrus’ thoughts regarding Janus

"The Year of Robo Ch. 25" by Robo - Suggested by Icy Brian:
I thank you for your offer, but I do not really fit in here. To tell you the truth, I do not feel like I fit in anywhere or at any time period in this world...
- Robo

"Trigger" by DK - Suggested by Asyria:
"With this bullet I thee wed / I then blew off her fucking head."

"Wrong" by Mercutio - Suggested by Asyria:
Was this entire damned world made by a clumsy child with no sense or reason or foresight?
- Mikoto

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