Square Wars: The Shinra Strikes Back Chapter 1

Ice Everywhere

By WarChild

Hello. If you read Square Wars-Leaving a New Hope, you'll have a pretty good idea what might happen here. Enjoy. Note: The Empire Strikes Back are the properties of Lucasfilm, and the FF series, CT, and SOM are properties of Squaresoft.


FOX fanfare blares up.

Instead of the 20th Century Logo, the PSX logo is seen.
PSX logo fades out.
Square Soft logo comes to view.
The fanfare ends when the logo fades out.

The words, "A long time ago, where The World Is Square" appear.

Then the background is replace by space, with the words "Square Wars" appearing in Star Wars style.

Then these words scroll up.

"Square Wars"
"Part V"
"The Shinra Strikes Back"

"It was a time of darkness for the rebel"
"alliance of Returners and Avalanche. "
"The alliance just won a major battle "
"against the Shinra's newest weapon, "
"Fearing retribution, the group led by "
"the great pilot Cecil, relocated their "
"base of operations on the planet Icicle"
"The dark warrior, Dark Knight, ticked "
"at their loss, pursued Cecil Darkheart "
"with millions of probes across the "
"galaxy... "

The words finally scroll away, and the image scrolls down. A Mana Fortress comes into view. A planet is seen underneath it. Then small blares of lights were fired from the ship, aimed at the planet below.

The one of the lights made it to the planet Icicle. It hit the snow with an explosion. A small byte pops up from the small crater. (A byte is a probe droid from CT.) It starts moving around.

Another byte landed elsewhere on the planet. Near the landing site a chocobo with a rider wearing a heavy coat and goggles patrolled the area. Taking out a pair of binoculars, the rider viewed the blast of snow made by the byte. He then took of his hood, and pulled out his PHS. He dials it, and starts to speak in it.
"Hey Captain, do you read me?"
Cid's voices crackles in response. "I hear you Cecil loud and clear. Man, when I was in this type of place, we didn't worry about warm clothes. #$%#$"
It was good to see Cid's voice again, Cecil thought. "The only things living here are indigenous to the planet. I don't think any humans live here, except us. I also found a hot spring. Strange isn't it?"
"It has a hot spring because this planet is really a enlarged version of the Icicle area in my game, and the enemies here were taken from that area. It nothing new to me! So quit your yappin' and get back to base!" was Cid's reply.
"I wonder Cid, does anything here has the ability to cast Comet?" Cecil asked into the PHS.
"#@$%@$% NO! No freaking monster here can cast Comet!"
"Well, something fell from the sky. And I gonna check. Over and out!" Cecil hung up his PHS just as Cid was about to protest. Suddenly the chocobo was going a bit wild.

"Wark! Wark!" it cried. Cecil wondered what startled it when a group of ice golems tackled Cecil and threw him off his chocobo. His chocobo ran off during the attack. The first thing that came to Cecil mind was,
"They can't do that! I'm on a chocobo. Nobody attacks people on chocobos." The he slipped into unconsciousness, and the small golems carried him off.

At the new rebel base Cid entered the hanger on his chocobo. After he got off he went to his ship, the Highwind, the ship that kept Cecil from blown away during the battle of Baron. He saw Umaro on the ship, doing repairs on it. Umaro roared to Cid. "Ungah!"
"Don't worry Umaro, keep your fur on." Cid called out. Inside the ship Red XII was at the cockpit. He turned the engines on. There was sparks coming from the ship. Umaro now was really mad. Cid just shook his head and continued on to the command post. The personnel there were still setting up defenses in the base. Aeris was also in the room, talking to General Edgar.

"You know, princess, anywhere you go, your beauty astounds me!" he said to her. Aeris slapped Edgar in the face. "OW!"
"Geez, general. Can't you just do your job?" reprimanded Aeris. Cid interrupted them both.
"General, sorry if I impeded you on your personnel time, but I have placed sensors around headquarters. That way you should be able to analyze anything that comes in."
Edgar, still reeling from the slap he received, turned to Cid. "Fine, fine fine. Now, has commander Cecil Darkheart checked in?"
Cid threw his hands up. "Sorry, but he been checkin' a something that fell from the sky. I keep telling that $@%@# that nothing here can bring a comet here."
"But if something did fell, it could disrupt the radar from tracking enemy ships." Edgar pointed to the radar.
"Well, it doesn't matter to me now. I gotta leave now. I must pay
Jenova-Synthesis before her men get to me."
"It's good to have you captain Highwind, but its hard to lose a good pilot like you. But we all can't runaway from everything." Cid and Edgar shook hands, and Cid went off to the hanger. Aeris then followed Cid.

"Why are you following me?"
"We still need you."
"You don't need me, you can handle everything without me. What is it you really want?" Aeris and Cid stopped in the hallway.
"Me? It's the rebellion that needs you. And if you think I want a kiss, you got a slap coming to you!"
Cid dropped his cigarette. "$#%#$% That's it I'm leaving!!!"

Back in the hanger Cait Sith was looking over the people working. He called out them. "Happy days are here! We have a new base! Come on, people, sing with me!" Everybody just stared at Cait Sith.
"Shut up! We're working, and not in the mood!" one pilot shouted.
"Hey, moogle mouth, BE QUIET!" Jessie shouted from the armory. Everybody went back to work.
"Yeesh! Everybody's a critic!" the moogle/cat robot mumbled. Then a ticked of Cid pushed Cait Sith aside on his way to the Highwind. "Hey! It's not good luck if you push someone."
"Why isn't it, you @#$@#$@#*^?" Cid spat back, continuing on his way.
Cait Sith then rammed Cid on the back. "Because that someone might push back."
Cid fell head first. "Why don't you shut up! You didn't just push me you stupid cat, you #$%#%%&* tackled me!" Cid yelled. Cait Sith then jumped on Cid.
"I'm not a cat. I'm just a robot that looks like a cat sitting on a moogle!" he shouted through his megaphone. Robo came in just in time to keep the two from killing each other.
"Guys, guys, guys. It's unnecessary to promote violence in this story." he told the two. Cid looked at Robo straight at the eye.
"Do you have anything else interesting to say beside that? Otherwise, I'm leaving!" Cid sneered.
"Actually, Aeris wondered why you weren't answering your PHS, and she wants to know if you know where Cecil is, for nobody else does." Robo explained.
"Look, I turned off my PHS. And why wouldn't anyone else know where Cecil is?" Cid suddenly looked dejected, as he went off in another directions.
"What do these humans achieve if they act like that?" Robo pondered.

Cid walked over to the guard Piette, who monitors the gate. "Hey, Piette, has Cecil come in yet?"
"No sir, commander Darkheart hasn't returned." A chirp was then audible from the outside. Using the sensors, they determined it was a chocobo outside, and allowed it in. Cid immediately recognized the chocobo as Cecil's.
"Holy @#$@! Cecil's still out there." He then ran towards the hovercrafts. "Are they ready for cold weather?" he asked Jessie. All he received was a shake of the head. "Damn! I'll have to take them chocobos."
"But sir, visibility is very low! Without radar, how are you gonna find him? And besides, the temperature was dropping very fast." Piette warned.
"Damn the temperature! I'm going out!" Cid mounted his chocobo and headed out into the cold.

Cecil finally regained consciousness. He found himself hanging upside down in a cage. Golems were guarding the cage. He shouted to the golems, "Why did you capture me?"
One of the large golems turned and faced him. "Our master has this aversion to warm blooded humans. She says they radiate heat." Now having an answer, Cecil tried to free his feet, but they were frozen to the ceiling. Then he looked down. His Mana Saber. It was his only hope. Then in his mind, he tried to conjure the spell float without the aid of materia. It was draining him, but finally the saber floated up to his hand. He ignited his saber and freed himself from the ceiling, opened up the cage, and sliced up his captors. As he ran out, he came to an old woman.
"Please help me." she said. Cecil reached for her hand, but she immediately refused it. "Agh. You been to the hot springs!" Light shown through her. "Ugh! My disguise. It breaking up!" FF7 Boss music begins to play. Cecil turned to see that the old woman was really a Snow in disguise. Snows are cold-blooded women who dislike heat. As she breathed ice on him, Cecil casted Mbarrier on himself. Then he used his materia to cast Fire 3 on her. She instantly melted.
"That's funny. Why did I hear boss music? She was a regular monster." he wondered. In the water he found the Alexander materia. He pocketed it and headed out the cave.

The outside was getting very cold and low visiblity. It took twice the effort to keep warm then before. Man, now I know how those Japanese gamers felt playing the original FF7 in this area, he thought. Finally he stumbled into the cold snow. He almosted passed out, if it weren't for Bugenhagen's voice. "Cecil. Cecil." Cecil tried to look up, and he saw an image of Bugenhagen. Is he going crazy? "Cecil, you shall go to the moon of the Lunerians. There you shall find FuSoYa, the warrior who taught me." Cecil still tried to keep conscious, and called out to the specter.
"Buge. Buge." He pasted out. But another figure came in. It was Cid on his chocobo.
"Hey! Cecil! Don't die on me!" Cid jumped off his chocobo, and checked Cecil's vital signs. "Well, I knew you wouldn't, for you're the main character. Look's like I have to keep you warm though." Cid placed Cecil on the back of his chocobo. Cecil started to moan.
"FuSoYa. Lunarian moon."
"Man, you are delarious. But, I know to keep you warm." Cid jumped on his chocobo and pulled out the map. "Thank goodness I kept this map from the game." He trekked through the snow until he reached the hot springs. He pulled from his inventory out a mini water bed and filled it with the hot water, and placed Cecil on it. "That's should keep you warm till I set up camp." He took a tent from his inventory(Hey, Squaresoft characters can put anything in their inventory). He started setting it up, and the sleeping music is heard. "Why don't we get to see a tent on the field? In CT and FF7, all it does is act like an elixer."

The next day search squads on hovercraft zoomed through the snowfields. Vicks is heading the squad. His radar starts to bleep. Vicks then pulls his PHS, and dialed Cid's PHS. "Captain Highwind, do you copy? Commander Darkheart, do you answer?"
In the midst of all that static an answer was audible. "It's about @#$%$% time you flyboys contacted us. Tell Holzoff to prep the infirmary."
Vicks radios through the ship's intercom. "HQ, I found them. I repeat, I found them." he announced, as his hovercraft flies pass the campsite.

After some time in the infirmary Cecil fully recovered. His friends looked at him. Robo was the first to speak. "It's so nice to see you recover. I thought you wouldn't make it. The odds of survival were 80 million to 1."
Cait Sith chimed in. "But it was a mistake. You didn't take into consideration that he is the main character. I did, and I predicted he would live." As usual Robo and Cait Sith started arguing again, leaving the room. Now only Cid, Aeris, and Cecil were left.
Cid turns to Aeris. "Well, you convinced me. I'm staying here. I got friends that I can't let go."
Aeris just shrugged. "Well, maybe. Besides, the shield generator isn't up yet."

Cid and Aeris returned to the command center, where Edgar was waiting for them.
"Princess, we got something out there." He pointed the radar. "And it's pretty close."
"Could be a Snow. They hate warm blooded humans." suggested Aeris.
"Can't. Main weakness is lightning. Normal enemies here are weak of fire." replied Edgar.
"Could be one of our machines." Cid suggested. Edgar pressed a few buttons. A coded transmission could be heard. Robo walked by the group.
"You know, being a multi-lingual robot I am, I can tell use this code is probably used in Shinra transmissions."
"Whatever it is, its wearing out our welcome. Umaro! Get down here!" Cid called.

Outside the base a lone byte scanned the area. Cid and Umaro his in the snow banks beside the base. Umaro distracted the robot by roaring at it. As the probe droid launched its missiles in retaliation, Cid casted a weak Bolt spell on the byte. The byte blew up. Cid then reached to his PHS.
"Aeris, we have a problem!" he said into the receiver.
"What is it?"
"It was a byte. It was spying on us." Cid quickly explained.
"The Shinra must know where we are. Better alert the entire base." realized Aeris.
"No. Better hope those shields are up!"


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