Square Wars: Leaving a New Hope Chapter 4

Executions and Escapes

By WarChild

Scarlet grinned. She finally had her away. She led Aeris to the battle station's only gas chamber, built just for her. Hojo was waiting at the chambers, evily chuckling.
"You will never get away with this! The alliance will destroy you!" Scarlet just slapped Aeris' face. Aeris drooped in response. "You think you're so great. Let's see how can you stand our gas chambers. Hojo made a special gas just for you. By the way, your friends with the plans are here in this station. It'll be a matter of time till we capture them." Scarlet then dragged Aeris into the chamber, and tied Aeris down in the chair. "Besides, your public awaits your execution, princess. Ta ta." Scarlet and Hojo left the chambers, forgetting the keys she dropped in it.

Cid and Cecil, in disguise, wait patiently at the elevator. Red XIII volunteered to leave behind to keep the droids safe, while Cid, Cecil, and Umaro go to the detention level. They placed cuffs on Umaro so the three would look like two SOLDIERs escorting a captured Yeti. As they go on the elevator, Cid remarked how easy it was to get the keycard for all levels.
"Man this adventure's easy. The elevator keycard was on one of those guy we shot in the control room. Better then playing a game of guess the word or pretending to be a janitor."
"Shut up, Cid! Just take us to the detention level. Man, this mask is making me sweat." ordered Cecil.

The Dark Knight wasn't very happy. Nothing. Nothing was onboard that ship according to those who searched it. He decided to do the searching himself. The plans won't slip by him again. As he entered the ship, he felt a peculiar aura. "Impressive. You are alive. I must inform of your presence."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Aeris. the biggest traitor to the Shinra since Edgar Figaro." Scarlet was holding a press conference. Cameras and people surround the gas chamber. They ohed and ahhed at the figure inside the chamber, squirming. Suddenly, two SOLDIERs and a yeti pushed through the crowd. The finally approached Scarlet, who didn't seem too pleased. "I didn't order you to come here. And what's are you doing with this thing?"
Cecil, changing his voice, replied, "We found this creature roaming around the station. We were told to come to you so we know what we could do about it?"
Scarlet wasn't convinced. "If I know one thing about true SOLDIERs is that they wouldn't come here without contacting me prior."
Cid and Cecil realized this is make or break time, so they "accidently" set Umaro free. Umaro went on a rampage, knocking equipment around and throwing things around. Cid and Cecil pretend to aim for Umaro, but they hit the security cameras instead. It scared everybody out except Scarlet ahd Hojo. Even though things went out of control, Scarlet decided to kill Aeris off. "Aeris, don't bother saying goodbye." she laughed, as she pressed the button.

Bugenhagen finally reached the main generator for the tractor beam. As predicted, a few guards were patrolling the huge device. Without a thought Bugenhagen went up to them and said, "I hate to break it to you, but I need to shut down the tractor beam's power source."
"Says who?" one of the guards asked.
"Scarlet. It's needs its usual maintenence."
"Okay, you're clear." replied the guard, and allowed Bugenhagen to shut down the tractor beam.

Umaro finished his rampage. Scarlet was sent down the elevator so she couldn't interfere. In the gas chamber Aeris, remembering how Tifa escape the gas chamber in the game, managed to free herself. Cid found the button that operated the gas and turned it off. Then the door came to their attention. They couldn't open it. But the yeti had another idea. It created another opening. Cid and Cecil rushed in, but Aeris wouldn't go near them. So they removed their masks.
"I'm Cecil and this is Cid. We're the heroes of this story. We got your droids and Bugenhagen is disabling the tractor beam."
"Bugenhagen, where?" Aeris asked.
"#$%# Let's not stand here longer. Let's move out!" Cid exclaimed.

"Bugenhagen, you sure you felt it?" Kefka inquired.
"His spirit is here. He is alive." the Dark Knight answered.
"So, looks like he's the one who been trying to deliver the plans." Kefka's PHS ranged. He answered.
"Kefka, I need reinforcements. And a lot!" the voice on the other side of the PHS said loudly.
"Scarlet, what happened?"
"Some group of false SOLDIERs interrupted the execution. They are tearing the place apart!" was the answer.
"Well, Bugenhagen is here, and he has help. But he will not escape." the Dark Knight mentioned, as he left the conference room.

"Okay, now since we blown our cover, now what?" Cid asked the rest of the group.
"You'll be doing nothing after we're done with you." a voice replied from the elevator. It was Scarlet, and she brought a lot of SOLDIERs behind her. Hojo then appeared from his hiding place. "So Aeris, you have survived our attempt to kill you in the gas chamber. Why don't we try something else?" As the heroes retreated, Hojo pressed a button. A trap door opened beneath them.
"Oh no. NOT AGAIN!" Aeris shouted as she and the others plunged into the hole. Hojo walked up to the hole.
"Since you're down there, meet one of my specimens!" he called out laughing.

As the heroes came to, they realized they were in the Meteor's garbage disposal systems. The garbage was floating on water.
"YUCK! FREAKING @#%@#%@ TRASH!" Cid shouted. A door was found on the other side. Umaro rammed it many times, but couldn't bust it down.
"Must have a Barrier on it. Okay, BOLT!" Cecil called. A lightning striked the door, only to bounce of it and go into the water.
"Oh man, the door has the Reflect status on it and I don't have my Destruct materia." Aeris whined. The water started to bubble. With no other warning an Aps came out of the water, causing waves to hit the whole party.
"#$%@%@ Look at what you done Cecil, you woke up that stupid monster! Cid swore, taking out his spear.
Aeris, taking out her rod, whined, "Hope it doesn't get worse." As if on cue, the walls started to move in on the heroes.
"Great spoony! It's happing to me again." Cecil declared, remembering what happened in his game.
"What the @#$%@# is spoony? Now we got a time limit to fight this monster!!! #$%#$% Cecil, do something!" Cid screamed as he tried to stab the monster. Cecil then remembered that Robo and Cait Sith were still at the computers. Or at least he hoped they were.

"Oh my! Red XIII won his fifteenth game of computer Solitaire!" remarked Cait Sith. Robo and Cait Sith were overlooking Red XIII's progress in a Solitaire game. Cait Sith's PHS started to ring. "Hello?"
"Cait Sith? Listen to me! The garbage smashers are trying to crush us, and we are busy with a monster here. You're at a computer, stop this thing!" a frantic Cecil replied.
"Omigosh! Cecil's in trouble. Robo you talk to him!" Cait Sith handed the PHS to Robo.
"Cecil, what happening?" Robo asked.
"Look, we're fighting a monster, about to be squashed, and the only exit has a bunch of barriers! Can't you do anything?"
"Hmmm. Try casting Stone on the monster. I'll try to open the door." Robo then pushed Red XIII aside to work on opening the doors.

"Okay, guys try casting stone on the monster. It should stop these collapsing walls." Cecil ordered.
"@!#! How do know it'll work?" Cid asked.
"Quiet Cid, he's been in this situation before. And it worked before." Aeris rebuked, dogding the monster's grasp.
"#$^%#$ Alright. Stone!" The monster turned into stone, and the walls were held back. The exit door suddenly opened.
"There's our exit. Move out!" Cecil ordered. As soon they left, the walls finally crushed the stone Asp.
"%@#@# That was a close one. That wasn't quality stone." Cid remarked. Cecil and Cid returned to their normal clothes, and kept them equipment that came with the disguises. They walked down the hall until they came to a fork in the road.

"Which way?" Cecil asked.
"I'd suggest we split up into two groups. Cid, you and Umaro go the left, while Cecil and I take the right." Aeris responded.
"Why do we have to split up? In my game only one group went through a dungeon." Cecil remarked. Behind them was his answer. A platoon of SOLDIERs charged at them. As mentioned, Cecil and Aeris to the right path, while Cid and Umaro took the left path. The group of SOLDIERs split up to chase all for.

As Bugenhagen got closer to the control room where everybody else was supposed to be in, the Dark Knight suddenly appeared with his Mana Saber ignited. Bugenhagen stepped up to the evil knight and ignited his Saber.
"Well, you are alive and floating as always. But your challenge against the Shinra ends here." the Dark Knight darkly said.
"Ho ho ho. You're just ignorant as ever. Don't you know the physics of good and evil must apply? When evil gets too powerful, good will defeat evil in the end." Bugenhagen remarked, as he used his saber to block a blow.
"You underestimate the power of the dark side." the evil warrior coldy stated.
"An you underestimate the powers of the Paladin." the old warrior replied, moving in with his own blow.

As Aeris and Cecil rushed down the hall, they suddenly came upon a large chasm.
"Great, what do we do now?" Cecil asked, his voice echoing. Aeris noticed to ledges protruding from both sides. A peg was noticeable on each one.
"Cecil, head to that ledge!" Aeris ordered. They ran to that ledge, with SOLDIERs still on their tails. Aeris then got Cecil to take out the whip his found in the SOLDIERs outfit. With skill Aeris got the whip hooked on the peg on the other ledge, and both Aeris and Cecil instantly leaped over the great chasm.
"How did you know that would work?" inquired Cecil.
"Do you ever play Secret of Mana?" replied Aeris.

With lasers shooting at them, Cid and Umaro raced down the hallway, hoping that the others would get back to the room safely. He heard a voice in the hallway.
"Unknown personnel in the hallway, closing doors in thirty seconds." it alerted.
"#@!$@# Now I know how Cloud must have felt when he ran through that train." Cid remarked as he and Umaro rushed through the door, closing on the approaching SOLDIERs.
"Damn you! Open the door!" the commander yelled.

Soon everybody returned to the control room, and got Red XIII to leave in the middle of his thirtieth game of Solitaire, with the help of Robo and Cait Sith. So the large group rushed down the hallway towards the Highwind, knocking out any SOLDIERs they saw. The finally came upon the Highwind, and the Dark Knight and Bugenhagen were fighting in front of it.
"Buge?" Cecil called. Bugenhagen stopped, and looked at Cecil. With that, Bugenhagen raised his saber. It then turned into a cut scene. The Dark Knight, noticing this, swung at Bugenhagen's side. Bugenhagen's body disappeared, only his clothes and saber found on the ground.
"NOOOOOOO! Why is this happening?" Cecil screamed.
The evil warrior just laughed. "Pitiful. Someone had to die. Now he can't never return. He's part of the lifestream."
Cecil looked sullen. "Oh man, why did he have to do this?"
"Look Cecil, you'll find out later. But if you just stand there the story will never continue so lets get the freaking out of here!" Cid swore.

With everybody onboard, the Highwind's engines roared to life, and the Highwind blasted into space. The Dark Knight raised his fist.
"I want that ship captured!" he roared. Kefka came to his side.
"Save that for another story! Besides, I placed a homing device on that thing. But for the heck of it, I'll send a bunch of fighters!"


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