Square Wars: Leaving a New Hope Chapter 2

Destiny Awaits

By WarChild

When they arrived, Cecil escorted the two robots to the garage where he started on repairing the two. Cait Sith was plugged in a power generator while Robo was being cleaned. A buggy was sitting in the garage as well.
"Aahh. Energy. After those long hours in the desert, it's so refreshing. Wouldn't you agree more Robo?" said Cait Sith. Cecil ignored it as he headed to the toolbox. He seemed disturbed.
"Oh man. Biggs is right. I'm never getting outta here." he whined.
"May I ask, sir, what's wrong?" asked Robo.
"Well, I'm stuck here mining when I should be training to be a pilot like everybody else. Why you ask? Can you help me?" Cecil replied.
"Well, I don't understand anything, or at least, anything on this planet. This is planet Corel right?" Cait Sith spoke.
"Yep. This is Corel. Why you ask?"
"Nothing, mister..." said Robo. Cecil starts working on Robo.
"Cecil." answered Cecil.
"Okay, Mister Cecil." finished Robo.
"Cut the formalities, will you. Just Cecil."
"Very well then. Just Cecil. My name is Robo, a R-series droid. And my companion over there is Cait Sith." mentioned Robo.
"Well, it's nice to know your names. You guys seemed to be beaten up a little bit."
"Considering what be been through, it's a miracle we survived, especially with the fighting between the Shinra and the Returner/Avalanche alliance." Cait Sith stated.
"You know of that? That's amazing," an amazed Cecil asked, as he turned around and faced Cait Sith, who just unplugged himself from the generator.
"Well, that's how we got here."
"Have you seen many battles? Can you tell much about them?"
"Several. We have seen many confrontations as the Shinra tried to suppress us. It was very hectic." Robo replied, as Cecil went back to working on Robo. He tried to remove a piece of metal stuck on Robo's face.
"Well, what kind of ship you were on? A freighter, cruiser, a..." Cecil couldn't finished, as the piece of metal gave away. As it did, the holographic projection module in Robo kicked in, and a holographic cut scene of Aeris was shown.

"Bugenhagen, I need your help." the holographic Aeris said. Then the cut scene repeated itself.
"What is this? A message to someone? Who is this woman?" Cecil inquired.
"Well, the truth is we are supposed to become the property of one Bugenhagen, a resident of these parts." Robo said.
"Bugenhagen. Do you mean Old Buge?" asked Cecil, as he looked intently at the cutscene.
"You know Bugenhagen?" Cait Sith questioned.
"I don't know any Bugenhagen, but I do know about Buge. He lives in the Cosmo Canyon area. A strange old man who studies spirits. Hmm, is there more to this message?"
"There might. Just remove the Slave Crowns of us and I should play the entire message."
"Whoops. I musta have forgotten about them." Cecil proceeded to remove the Slave Crowns of Robo and Cait Sith. As he took it off Robo, the cut scene disappeared.
"Hey! Bring back the message." Cecil ordered Robo.
"Sorry. Apparently it'll be a while before I am able to do so. Some of my circuits are still hampered by the effects of the Slave Crown."
"Hey, Cecil. Dinner time." a voice called from the outside.
"I'll be there aunt Kathryn." he responded. "Stay here until I get back." he told the robots. As Cecil went into the house, Robo started to leave.

"Hey Robo, where do you think you're going?" Cait Sith questioned.
"To Bugenhagen, where else?" replied Robo.
"But Cecil told us to stay." reminded Cait Sith.
"Why do you think I told him to remove the crown? I can play the entire cut scene just fine." Robo responded.
"What? Why didn't you play it for him when you had the chance?"
"Because I don't trust him. We don't know anything about him. If you want to stay here be my guest, but I'm going out anyway." retorted Robo, as he proceeded out into the desert.

Cecil went into the small dining room of the house. His aunt and uncle were already eating. Duane stopped eating for a minute to ask Cecil, "Have you finished cleaning those droids?" He continued eating.
"I had a few things left to do. I learned something about them though." he replied.
"About what?" Kathryn asked.
"They claimed they were supposed to be sent to someone called Bugenhagen." he responded. Duane and Kathryn stopped eating just then.
"Maybe they meant Old Buge. Do you know what they are saying?" he continued.
"Can't be. He's dead. He was way over a hundred I supposed. Died around the same time as your brother. Look, don't worry about it. Just clean those droids of their memories at town tomorrow."
Cecil absorbs all this information. Could any of this be true? He decided to change the subject. "If those droids do help those mines, you wouldn't be needing me to ensure a profit."
His uncle tries to hold back his resentment. "Cecil. I need you. This year's been very tough for us, and those robots alone won't do the trick."
Cecil on the other hand tried to hold back his anger. "But you promised I can get pilot training last year. Now Biggs and my other buddies already gone ahead of me. Now excuse me I got to finish my work." He abruptly stood and left the table.
"Cecil, honey, you haven't finished your dinner." Kathryn called.
"Can't believe it. Almost 20 and he's acting like his brother." grimaced Duane.
When he returned to the garage, Cecil noticed Cait Sith hiding underneath the buggy. "What are doing under there?"
Cait Sith mumbled under the buggy. "I tried to stop Robo. But he wouldn't listen. He insisted on finding Bugenhagen."
"Oh no." moaned Cecil, as he grabbed a pair of binoculars and searched the deserts for Robo. "Blast it. He's too far away from here."
"Can't we follow him in this buggy?" asked Cait Sith, as head got out from underneath it.
"Well, the buggy does have a scanner, but the Desert Sahagins would be roaming on nighttime."
"Desert Sahagins?"
"Strange turtle like creatures with something called a sand gun. It would be best to search in the morning."
(Note: Desert Sahagins are found in FF7 around the Cosmo Canyon area. I'm not joking.)

When morning finally arrived, Cecil and Cait Sith took the buggy and went on their search for Robo. The scanner started beeping.
"Hey, the scanner's pick up a R-series droid. Could be our Robo." informed Cecil. Unknown to them, they were watched by Sahagins. The Sahagins watched as the buggy passed by then proceeded to follow by mounting on griffins.
Finally, the pair came to Robo in a rocky area. Cait Sith jumped out and started to dispel Robo from going further. "Are you crazy? This is dangerous territory. You don't know what you're doing."
"Of course I'm." Robo replied. "I'm continuing on with the mission. It must not be hindered."
"Well, I hate to say this, but..." Cecil tried to say.
"Wait, my scanners read numerous lifeforms over that ridge." Robo interrupted, as he pointed southward.

Cecil thought the worse, as he grabbed his rifle and binoculars.
"Sahagins. The worst beings of the wastelands." The three headed to the ridge and Cecil peered into the binoculars. He could only see two griffins. "Well, there are a pair of griffins, tamed though." Then suddenly something obstructs Cecil's view. It was a Sahagin. It bopped Cecil on the head with its sand gun. Cait Sith tried to punch the creature it he missed and fell. Soon more Sahagins came and surrounded Robo. It looked like it was the end. Then a figure appeared from the north. The Sahagins promptly retreated with great haste. The figure came closer. It was an old man wearing blue clothes. He seemed to be floating.

"Ho ho ho ho. What do we have here?" The man looked around and saw Cecil and Robo. Robo wasn't sure what to do when the old man propped Cecil up and touched his forehead. In an instant Cecil recovered. When he came to he noticed the old man.
"Old Buge?"
Buge nodded and replied, "Well, Cecil, what brings you here in the middle of the canyon? You know the Sahagins are very active here."
Cecil pointed at Robo. "Well that droid over here seems to be looking for someone. Someone named Bugenhagen."
Buge suddenly appeared to be in deep thought. "Bugenhagen. Ho ho ho.
Haven't heard that name for a long time."
"Did you know him? Did he die?"
Buge just chuckled. "Why he didn't die. For I am he. Ho ho ho."
Robo, now knowing that the old man is Bugenhagen, introduced himself. "Hi Mister Bugenhagen. My name's Robo. I've been looking all over for you." Then a loud squawk was heard throughout the canyon.
Bugenhagen stood up. "The Desert Sahagins are easily scared, but with greater numbers they will return."
As the group headed towards the buggy, Cecil realized something. "Cait Sith! He's still down the ridge."
"Down worry about him. Start the buggy. I'll get him." Bugenhagen floated down the ridged. Cecil and Robo watch with amazement as they saw the old man carrying Cait Sith with no trouble. They loaded up in the buggy, and continued on to Bugenhagen's house.

Bugenhagen's house really looked liked an observatory. Various devices were in it, mostly related to studying astronomy. Cecil found a batch of tools and started working on repairing Cait Sith. Robo was off recharging himself. Bugenhagen was muttering to Cecil how great his older brother was. "No my brother wasn't in a war. He just piloted a bunch of trade freighters." Cecil said.
"That's what your uncle said. He really didn't like you to end up like your brother. Your brother and I were the best friends. More than a teacher and a student. We were the heroes of the great War of the Magi. We were both skilled warriors, and he was a great pilot." Bugenhagen responded.
"You were in the Magi Wars?" a surprised Cecil asked.
"Yes. We Mana Knights were called to action to ensure peace returns to all the worlds." replied Bugenhagen.
Cecil stopped working on Cait Sith when he heard those words. Mana Knights? Was he part of that great bloodline of people that protect the galaxies for a long time? He chuckled to himself at such a thought. Still, it would explain why Bugenhagen seemed to float.

"Ho ho ho ho ho. I almost forgot. Something that your brother left for you." Bugenhagen went to a box and opened it. He took out a strange handle-type object. It had various electronic buttons on its side. Bugenhagen then handed it to Cecil.
"What's this?" Cecil asked.
"It's a Mana Saber. It's what Mana Knights use as a weapon. It uses Mana energy as its source." Cecil pressed a button, and a beam of light came out of the handle.
"As you can see, unlike weapons that fire projectiles which are random, the Mana Saber is elegant, used for over a thousand years in protecting free societies. Before they came. The imperialist. And the Shinra."
Cecil realized the truth in those in those words. He had to learn more of his brother. "What happened to my brother?" he asked.
Bugenhagen's face looked sad as he responded. "Your brother died to a man who calls himself the Dark Knight. Both of them were pupils of mine. But the Dark Knight didn't want to go the way of every other Mana warrior."

"Basically he didn't want to choose the path of the Paladin. There are two paths when training to become a Mana Knight. One path is the way of the light warrior, the Paladin. The other is the way of the dark warrior, the Dark Knight." He paused, for he felt pain while he explained the whole situation. He continued on. "All of us have chosen the path of the Paladin, except him. That's why he's called the Dark Knight, for he's the first to become one. In time he betrayed us, and started to hunt us down for the Shinra. One by one, he destroyed us. His life spirit was totally engulfed in darkness."
"Life Spirit?"
"Everybody has a life spirit. When one dies, they become part of the lifestream, the Mana of life. It's basically the foundation of entire worlds. It's where the true powers of a Mana Knight comes from. It's why a Mana Knight does not need items like magicite or materia to use magic. They can control it however they want."

Cecil took all of this in. Was his brother a casualty in the war? He couldn't believe it. Then he remembered something. Robo. He wanted to see Bugenhagen, but why? Now would be best to find out. "That droid over there has a message for you, I think. I saw part of it."
Robo, now finished recharging, went over to where Bugenhagen was and played the cutscene. "Now here's it is in its entirety." chucked Bugenhagen.
The familiar figure of Aeris was seen on the floor. "General Bugenhagen, I know you have served my mother during the Magi War. Now I request your assistance. The alliance just received a copy of the Meteor battle station plans. I hope you can help us, for our ship is under attack. I have placed a copy of the plans in this droid. Please see to it that the information reaches Nibelheim. Bugenhagen, I need your help." The cutscene of Aeris then vanished. Bugenhagen looked at the bronze droid, then to Cecil.

"Cecil, you will come with me to Nibelheim." Cecil was surprised. This old man was asking him to take on a journey. How could he? He had responsibilities at home.
"I can't help you. I shouldn't even be here. My uncle and aunt doesn't know I'm here. I'm supposed to be helping them." declined Cecil.
"But I'm getting old. I'm too old for this sort of thing. I need your help. She needs your help."
Cecil realized the severity of the situation. He shouldn't let down that great rebellion against the Shinra. "Maybe, I can take you home, get you a transport to Kapio, and you can find a ship there."
"You must do what you feel is right." responded Bugenhagen.

In space two Mana Fortresses headed towards a giant space station. It almost looked like a meteor, but it had a metallic look to it. And it had a dent to the side of it. In it various bad guys filled the meeting room, as well as guards from SOLDIER. Gesthal(FF6), Zeal(CT), Rufus Shinra and his father, Thanatos, Scarlet, Heiddeger, and Palmer are present. While Zeal and Scarlet are arguing, Palmer wasn't paying attention, except for the food he was eating.
"I'm telling you, until Meteor is fully operational, does dreaded Avalanche will try to hit us hard. They are more dangerous than you realize." argues Scarlet.
"Dangerous to your fleet, miss commander. But not to this battle station, which is equipped with your Sister Ray." retorts Zeal.
Then Gesthal chimes in. "What of the Guru council? The heads Melcior and Gaspar are already questioning the emperor's methods. In time those two will..."
He couldn't finish for two new figures entered the room. It was Kefka and the Dark Knight. Kefka let out his trademarked laugh before he spoke. "Those two won't do anything. Thanks to me and the emperor, we abolished the last bit of bureaucracy in this empire."
Rufus smiled. "Finally, we are free of this democratic nonsense. Democracy was never perfect."
But his father felt differently. "What? With the democratic process gone, how can we keep control?"
Kefka smirked. "The regional governors will do anything to appease them, so the whole thing looks good. You know, low crime, good life, that kind of stuff. If that doesn't work, we'll use fear! This battle station will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. For I believe that anybody who helps our enemies does not deserve to live."
"This is coming from the guy so obsessed with the death penalty and executing everyone." Thanatos mutters to himself.
"What about the rebellion? They might still have the plans. And they might find a way to destroy this station." rebutted Scarlet.
"They don't!" It was the Dark Knight speaking. "The plans are in the middle of that desert world of Corel. In time we will have it back!"
"Gwa ha ha ha. I say, when this thing is operational, we use this baby to blow something up! That'll show the stupid rebellion not to mess with us. Right Palmer?" laughed Heiddeger. He slapped Palmer on the back. The Dark Knight then turned to Palmer.
"May I remind you that I believe that this terror toy of yours is nothing when compared to the power of lifestream." the warrior mentioned.
Palmer just kept eating. "(munch)(munch)(munch) May I remind you that it was our glorious emperor who ordered the construction? I headed its design and construction. I did right, didn't I? Since when did you did something right? Where are the plans? Where is the base? Where is my LARD?"
The Dark Knight was disgusted with Palmer's response then for three reasons. One, he insulted him. Two, he talked with his mouth full. Three, he keeps thinking about food. So the dark warrior proceeded to choke Palmer with just a grasp of the hand. "You really don't believe me don't you? We'll see who does something right!"
"Dark Knight, now is not the time. Release him." ordered Kefka.
"As you wish." The dark figure undid his grasp. But Palmer was still coughing. The warrior then surmised that the fat man was choking on something he ate. Promptly he grasped again, forcing the problematic piece of food out of Palmer's lung and out of his mouth. Everybody was sickened by the view of flying food.
"Well, umm... meeting's over. And remember, the Dark Knight will get the plans and the location of the hidden base, just in time for day when the weapons system are operation. Have a good day." announced Kefka, who left the room to relief himself since he felt a little bit queasy.

On the way back to town the grouped noticed a convoy in the middle of the path. The group came out to investigate and saw great horror. A bunch of imps were slaughtered, left for dead. Various blast marks were seen on the carts. The chocobos were missing. Cecil couldn't believe his eyes. Did the Sahagins do this?
"Oh no. The Sahagins have struck again. But they never hit something this big before."
"It wasn't the Sahagins. No. They weren't here." refuted Bugenhagen.
"But look, griffin tracks and footprint." Cecil showed.
"But look at this, those blast points are too accurate. There is no way that a group of three Sahagins could have stopped this convoy. But the elite members of SOLDIER could do such a job." Bugenhagen pointed out.
"Why would the Shinra do this though?" Then he looked at the two droids, who were also surveying the wreckage. "Oh no. They were the imps that sold the droids. That means the Shinra is here looking for them and they would traced them to... home." He immediately rushed to the buggy.
"Don't go. You don't know what they will do," warned Bugenhagen. But Cecil didn't care. The started the buggy and went on his way.

Cecil rushed home in his buggy, hoping it wasn't too late. In time he could see smoke coming from the direction of the village. Then he stopped at the outskirts. It was visible. Totally visible. The entire village was on fire. It seemed that nothing survived destruction from the hands of Shinra's own. "Uncle Duane! Aunt Kathryn! Where are you?" he screamed. Then he saw his house. Nothing. It was reduced to nothing. The mining village has come to its end.

On the outside of the great Meteor of Doom, various ships of the ISF(Imperial Space Force) patrolled the area. They were really modified Vectorian IAFs(Imperial Air Fighters) for use in space. (If you don't know what the IAF crafts are, they are machines you fight on the way to the Floating Continent in FF6.) Inside the station Aeris was locked in a confinement cell. The Dark Knight escorted Hojo to her cell, planning to get the location of the Rebellion's base.
"Now dear princess, we shall learn the location of your hidden base. Hojo, you'll do the honors." the warrior announced.
"It'll be my pleasure." Hojo took out a syringe and needle, filled with truth serum. As he advanced, the cell doors closed.

Cecil returned to the site of the wreck. Robo and Cait Sith were making a fire using the dead imps as fuel, as well as whatever was in the carts. Bugenhagen was glad to see Cecil return.
"I was afraid for you. There was no way you could have stopped them. And the Shinra would get their hands on those droids." Cecil knew there was nothing for him that would make him stay on this planet. The Shinra destroyed everything. Now he's going to fight back.
"I'll help you all the way. Whatever I had here the Shinra destroyed it. I'm coming to Nibelheim, and train to be another Mana Knight, and go to the path of the Paladin like you and my brother." Bugenhagen nodded.
Nothing could stop Cecil now.


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