Trials of the Valiant Epilogue

By The RPGenius

Lucavi sat upon his throne in the deepest regions of Hell. From the tormented, agonized screams that could be heard from far away, it appeared that Sleeris was getting the punishment it deserved for so badly messing up its last mission. Not only did it fail to kill that irritating Beoulve, but it had also lost several of Lucavi's demons in the process.

But, Lucavi reflected, it was thankfully not an important loss. It would have been nice to take vengeance upon the man who had ruined Lucavi's hopes of conquering that planet in the near future, and it certainly would have made things easier if there was no way Beoulve could leave descendants who could possibly ruin Lucavi's plans again when he next attempted to take that planet, but it was not essential that Beoulve die yet.

Lucavi laughed a laugh that would have sent cold chills down the spine of a serial killer. Lucavi had more important things to think about right now. One planet may be safe thanks to that lousy Beoulve, but there was another world that the lord of evil had his eye on now…

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