Trials of the Valiant Chapter 6

By The RPGenius

Syldreth caught the stone and looked at it. As she did, a small shiver ran through her. With this her plans could surely succeed.

She turned abruptly and walked out, leaving the foolish man shaking with fear.

Due to the light of dawn hindering her, it took a long time for Syldreth to make her way to the nearby Gulg Volcano where the transporter to Murond Death City was located. However, she cared very little about the slight delay, excited as she was about her new possession.

Upon arriving in Murond Death City, she hurried back to her quarters. She would have to carefully bide her time until the next part of her plan came to pass.

* * *

Boco had woken up a bit early. This uncommon occurance meant one of two things: a. He was supposed to be eating, or b. he smelled food. He had woken up to an empty stomach, and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, the rest of the house's occupants were all asleep.

Boco made his way quietly to Ramza's sleeping quarters. He approached Master Ramza quietly. Boco gently nudged Master Ramza with his beak. Master Ramza snorted, then continued sleeping. Boco spoke his feelings with several loud, hungry warks. Master Ramza turned over in his sleep.

Boco was now getting extremely hungry. He began pecking Master Ramza somewhat forcefully. Finally, Master Ramza awakened with a yawn.

"Good morning, Boco. I guess you're hungry, right? Well, let's go to the kitchen, I left some greens there," Master Ramza said sleepily.

Boco happily followed Master Ramza out to the kitchen. They weren't the only ones there. Beowulf, Reis, Malak, and Rafa were already there. To Boco's great dismay, Master Ramza stopped to talk to them.

"Well, leaving already? Then I guess this is goodbye for a while."

Beowulf nodded and said, "Reis and I are going to Igros now. We said our farewells last night, so we saw no reason to continue saying them this morning."

Master Ramza shook Beowulf's hand. "Good luck, then. I hope you're happy in your new home."

This was all very well and good, but WHERE WAS BOCO'S BREAKFAST!? He was famished! He...wanted...GREENS!!!

Meanwhile, Master Ramza had now started to say goodbye to Rafa and Malak. "Good luck with the new jobs, you two. We'll probably meet again, as I'll be traveling around."

Boco began to run around in circles, frantic with hunger. He began to protest in loud, angry warks.

"Boco, be quiet! I'm trying to talk!" Master Ramza told him.

Boco, exhausted and weak from hunger (and running about in circles), flopped down and quietly awaited death by starvation.

Malak was talking to Master Ramza again. "Well then, may we meet again someday, Ramza. Until then, good luck."

"You too," Master Ramza responded.

Boco was imagining how sorry Master Ramza would be when he turned and saw Boco, skin and bones. Then Boco would die, and there would be a huge funeral. Every person and chocobo in Ivalice would attend the sad ceremony. They'd have all the kings and nobles make speeches about how wonderful he had been, and-

Boco's daydream was interrupted once he noticed the pile of greens Master Ramza had finally set before him. Boco suddenly forgot his fatigue, and quickly devoured them.

While he was eating, Mistress Alma, Agrias, Meliadoul, and Byblos eventually came in. Over breakfast, Master Ramza informed them all of their next course of action. As Boco messily devoured his greens, he reflected upon how much it resembled many of Master Ramza's councils of war in the past.

Master Ramza cleared his throat and said, "I've decided that, for the time being, we can best help people by taking up odd jobs offered at local bars. They-"

Agrias angrily interrupted. "No, Ramza! You cannot seriously be thinking of throwing away our dignity like that! I refuse to lower myself to that level!"

Master Ramza sighed. Boco could tell that he had anticipated this.

"Listen, if we take up jobs, we'll be helping people. That's basically all we're really still working together for. If you don't want to do that, then you're free to leave."

Agrias looked angry still, but did not say anything. Meliadoul, however, had her own oppinions to voice.

"If that's our goal, shouldn't we just join that new civilian defense branch of the royal military? You know, the one Delita recently organized?" she asked.

Ramza sighed and shook his head. "The idea of knights protecting citizens is good, but that would get us a bit too close to Delita for my liking. He might--no, he would--decide that we would be too dangerous to keep alive. Plus, by working around, we can keep our ears to the ground. We can always be on top of the news, official or not."

Mistress Alma seemed confused. "But why would we need to?"

"You never know what we might find. For instance, we might be able to hear about terrorists planning to murder the king, or-"

Meliadoul interrupted. "But wouldn't it make things a lot easier for us if Delita WERE gone?"

Master Ramza sighed wearily and said, "No. He has managed to bring this land back under control, despite his methods. He has made it safer for innocent people to live their lives again. If he were suddenly to leave, then another bout of the Lion War might break out. We have the interest of the good of the common people as our objective, and starting a war is not a good way of accomplishing that. By listening in to rumors and such during the sort of jobs we'll be taking on, we can act as a sort of protection unit for the people of Ivalice."

Had Boco not had a mouth stuffed full of greens, he would have congratulated Master Ramza with several enthusiastic warks. He thought it was a very good plan.

Meliadoul had one last thought, though. "I don't mean to put a damper on things, but have you considered this? We have four humans, a chocobo, a robot, and a Byblos. How much good can we do?"

Master Ramza smiled a little. "I've never been one to take the easy way of life. Just a little while ago, we were challenging all that the forces of Hell could throw at us. We made a difference then, and I intend to keep on making a difference."


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