Trials of the Valiant Chapter 24

By The RPGenius

Ramza, Agrias, and Worker 8 followed Magop and his moogles until they had reached the room filled with Spirit Crystals.

Magop turned to them and stated, "Now we find if you tell truth, kupo. Kupo Crystals let moogles talk other moogles very, very far away. I call great leader of moogles, he know much, kupo. If you good, he know."

Ramza could not help but get a little less hopeful of getting out of this mess without resorting to violence. The possibility of a far-off moogle knowing whether he was hostile or not seemed unlikely.

Magop turned to the Spirit Crystals and began chanting in moogle gibberish. The crystals began to glow brighter and brighter until they emitted a sudden flash of intense light. Before Magop, the glowing form of a moogle took shape. This moogle’s eyes seemed to be perpetually squinting.

The glowing moogle frowned and looked around. When his gaze rested on Magop, his frown deepened.

"Magop?" he demanded. "Kupo, this better be quick. My friends and I are about to go defeat that lunatic that’s terrorizing my world. What do you want, kupo?"

Magop bowed low. "Oh, great Mog, leader who watch other moogles, fight evil, save worlds…"

Mog scowled more deeply than ever and waved his small paw impatiently. "Shut up, kupo! Just tell me what you want, and leave me alone!"

Magop arose and pointed to Ramza, Agrias, and Worker 8. "Humans lie, say they not want hurt moogles. Say they good. I bring be judged, kupo."

Mog heaved a mighty sigh. "Kupo! I don’t exactly keep track of every single person on your planet, you know, even if it is an important place. But if it’ll get you to go away, kupo…"

Mog turned to Ramza. "You, human, kupo, what’s your name?"

"Ramza Beoulve. These are my companions, Agrias Oaks and Worker 8," Ramza replied.

Mog seemed almost to choke. "Ramza BEOULVE, kupo!?"

Mog turned to Magop with a look of extreme irritation. "You idiot! You brainless oaf! You…you kappu! My reports on Lucavi’s campaigns say that this human is the reason that you’re not all enslaved by Zodiac Monsters by now, kupo! This man is the greatest hero on your planet! How could you not know who they are!?" Mog yelled.

Magop mumbled some apologies and excuses. Mog held up his hand. "I don’t want to hear it, kupo. Just make sure that these people have whatever services they need from you, and don’t bother me again! Now, I really have to go, Setzer’s announcing that we’ve reached our destination, kupo."

With that, Mog vanished. Magop ran over to Ramza and bowed at his feet. "Sorry, hero! Sorry! Can moogles help any way?" Magop asked.


Alma reached Mustadio’s home after nonstop riding through the swamps. She leaped off of Boco, leaving him to catch his breath. She quickly entered the house.

Once inside, Alma began looking among the scattered machinery.

"Alma? What are you looking for?" came a voice behind her.

Alma turned and saw Rafa leaning against the wall. Although it was obvious that Rafa was having some trouble staying upright by herself, Alma was relieved to see that she was steadily recovering from her wound.

"It’s good to see that you’re okay, Rafa," Alma said.

Rafa smiled. "Well, I’m not strong enough yet to really do much, but at least I don’t need the doctor to hand feed me any more. Why are you back alone? And what are you looking for?"

Alma continued to search the clutter strewn about the floor as she answered, "I needed to come back as fast as possible, so I didn’t bring anyone else along. I’m looking for some of those ‘bombs’ that Mustadio made."

Rafa pointed to a corner. "I think they’re over there. What’s going on?"

Alma hurried over to where Rafa pointed. Sure enough, there was a box with many round explosives. "Sorry, Rafa, I don’t really have time to explain. I really need to get back as soon as possible."

With that, Alma stuffed several bombs in her dress pockets and hurried out of the house. She quickly got on Boco and headed back to the cave.

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