Gallant Heart: Story of Odin Prologue

By The RPGenius

Simon looked down at the dusty, yellowed manuscript that sat on his desk. He had been searching for longer than he cared to think about for something like this; a piece of literature never translated in this monastery's library. He had found it rolled up behind several old books on legends. Its age was clear, and Simon suspected it could be old enough to come from the time of Ajora. Perhaps it was even older.

As Agrias and her knights made their routine check of the Orbonne Monastery, and as Ovelia prepared herself for bed, Simon prepared for a long night. He was searching for clues, for answers. He had recently found a disturbing book. Though he was not nearly done with the translation of it, it painted a vividly different picture of the 'saint' Ajora than was taught in the customary teachings. So Simon had been searching the rest of the monastery's library in the hopes of finding something, anything, that could either back up or prove wrong the words of this newly discovered book.

He hoped that this manuscript would live up to his expectations.

Putting on his glasses, Simon began translating the ancient symbols into readable words on another sheet of paper.

"Story of Odin…" he murmured quietly to himself as he read the title. "That doesn't sound like anything that might help my current dilemma…"

Nonetheless, Simon began working on the manuscript. The story that he ended up engrossed with for the rest of the week was not from the time of Ajora, or of the ancient wars. It was, in fact, older. Older than Simon could even guess. He finished his work with it shortly before the arrival of Gafgarion and the abduction of Ovelia. Although it had little to nothing to do with Ajora, Simon felt that it was an important tale.

This is as his manuscript reads…

Chapter 1

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