The Pezman

I've been writing fanfics and playing video games off and on since seventh grade. Some of you may know from I haven't written anything in a long time but I'm hoping to start up again. I'm also planning on an incredibly large and detailed crossover, but I have been for years and I don't see it happening for a few more.

Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction
The Untold World- Like most KH crossovers, this involves a new world that were not mentioned in the game. However, this differs because of the main character, the world he visits, and the fact that it fits snugly into the plot of the game. This is based off the Archie series, and is like Kingdom Hearts in that I remix and skimp on a lot of the plot and characters. You can also count on the villains being much tougher in my story than they are normally. Enjoy.
Prologue - January 31st, 2004
Chapter 1: Monstro - August 6th, 2005

Kingdom Hearts Fanfic