Uneasy Alliances Chapter 4

Final Good-byes

By The Game God

AD 602:

The vortex dropped the trio onto the Guardian Plains, southwest of Truce Village. "I promised I would bring you home, Glenn." Magus said, spitefully. He turned towards his sister, "Come, Schala."

"No." she said.

"What?" the sorcerer replied.

"There is nothing for me back there." she said. Magus stared at her, but said nothing. She turned towards her, "You save my life, Ja… Magus. For that I will always be grateful, but I have to live my life as I feel I should."

Magus nodded, "Very well, I understand."

He held up the Chronixtal and Schala put her hand his arm, "Come with us."

Magus shook his head, "No, I can’t."

Glenn put his hand on Schala’s shoulder, "He can’t, in Guardia, Magus would be executed for treason and numerous war crimes."

She nodded and hugged Magus, "Search your soul, Magus, and you will find redemption."

Magus held up the Chronixtal, "My soul is dead, Schala." he said as he vanished into the vortex.

Glenn took Schala’s hand, "Come, milady, let me show you your new home."

l l l l l l l

Three months later:

The entire court of Guardia came for the wedding of Sir Glenn and Lady Schala, the mysterious woman who had befriended Queen Leene. After the wedding, the throne room was filled with the sounds of a party. Schala and Glenn were dancing when Schala saw, out of the corner of her eye, a dark figure in the doorway. She kissed Glenn, "I’ll be back in a moment."

She ran into the hall, "Magus?" she called.

The sorcerer stepped into the light, "Schala."

She ran towards him, "You came, I can’t believe it."

He nodded, "I am pleased that you are happy."

Glenn came into the hall. Upon seeing the dark sorcerer, he grabbed a spear off the nearby wall. "Magus!"

Magus held out his hand, "Please, I did not come to fight."

"Why would you risk coming here, Magus? There are nearly 200 soldiers in the next room." Glenn asked.

"I came to bring the bride a gift." He stepped aside, revealing a shimmering harp of white gold.

"My Mysticaharp." Schala said, "Where did you find it?"

"I spent the last three months diving to the remnants of Zeal, that was one of the artifacts I found. You always loved to play the harp, I’m sure your guests would love to hear it as well." He looked towards Glenn, "Take care of her, Glenn." Glenn nodded as Magus leapt out the window.

Schala sat in a chair next to the harp. She ran her fingers across the strings and beautiful prismic light showered the room as it filled with beautiful music. The people in the throne room moved into the hall to hear Schala’s song. When she finished, the people applauded. "Thank you, Janus." she whispered.

Magus sat on the ledge below the window. His eyes filled with a sad kindness, "You’re welcome, Schala." He held out the Chronixtal and vanished into the light. His sister was safe and happy. Perhaps his lost soul was finally at rest.


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