Uneasy Alliances Chapter 2


By The Game God

12000 BC:

Magus and Glenn were tearing through time, not nearly as smooth a trip as they had in the past. As the energy swirling around them and the Chronixtal began to subside, they could see the figure of a girl, and several others standing before the Mammon Machine.

They could hear her say, "There isn’t much time, the last of my pendant’s power will send you to safety." The six other figures vanished in a flash of light. The girl fell to her knees, "Crono…" she whispered. There was a rumble underneath the floor. The girl stood up; "I will put a stop to this, once and for all!" She turned to the Mammon Machine and unleashed vast amounts of her own magic on it.

The damage she dealt to the machine reversed and electrified her. Magus channeled his power to keep the gateway open in the unstable pit of Lavos energy. "Go!" the sorcerer shouted to the knight. Glenn ran across the Hall of the Mammon Machine towards the princess. He held out his sword to deflect the energy from the machine and picked up the unconscious princess.

The cry of Lavos filled the halls of the Ocean Palace, "Hurry Glenn, there is not much time." Glenn ran back across the Hall of the Mammon Machine and dove into the welling temporal vortex Magus had made. There was another flash of energy and the trio was once again screaming through time.

l l l l l l l

An Unknown Time:

The temporal vortex faded, leaving Magus, Glenn and Schala in a dark cave. "Where are we?" the Knight Captain asked, laying the Zealian Princess on the ground.

Magus looked around, "I’m not sure."

"You brought us here." Glenn retorted, "You should be able to send us home."

Magus held out the Chronixtal, it had turned black and was coursing with a dim, pink energy, "The Chronixtal needs a rest," he rubbed his brow, his head pounding, "… and so do I."

"You do intend to send us all home, don’t you?" Glenn said, sitting down.

Magus sighed, "This rescue mission has taken an unexpected turn," he looked at his sister, asleep on the ground, "… but we were successful nonetheless."

"Why did we end up here, Magus?"

The sorcerer sighed, "I believe that Lavos’ energy in the Ocean Palace disrupted the time energy in the Chronixtal, sending us here."

Schala sat up and groaned, "Where am I?" she said, slowly.

Glenn helped her to sit on a rock, "You will be alright now, your highness."

She rubbed her eyes, "Thank," she looked at Glenn, "… you." she said, gazing into Glenn’s dark green eyes. She turned and saw Magus in the corner of the cave. "You!" She tried to back away from the sorcerer.

Glenn put his hand on Schala’s shoulder, "It’s alright your highness, he won’t hurt you."

Schala looked deeply at Magus, "Prophet, I sent you to safety." Magus said nothing. He had not prepared for another meeting his sister.

Glenn turned to the princess, "You did, your highness, and the two of us came back for you."

She looked back into Glenn’s eyes, "I know you… I’ve seen you somewhere before."

Glenn nodded, "Your highness…"

"Schala." she said, smiling.

Glenn smiled, "Schala, I have come to your aide before."

She stood up, "But who…" She stepped back, it suddenly came to her, "You were the frog knight." Glenn nodded. Schala down next to Glenn, "What about your friend, Crono, is he dead."

Glenn shook his head; "He is quite safe. He returned home and will soon marry a princess."

Schala looked around, "Where are we?"

Magus stood up; "I am trying to figure that out myself." He looked at the Chronixtal, it was already repairing itself, "We should be able to leave here in an hour or so and I’ll send us all home from here."

Glenn drew rag from his belt and began polishing his sword, "Seems to me we have some time to kill."

"If only you had your harp to play, Schala." Magus said.

Schala looked up at him, "How do you know that I play the harp."

Magus knew he could not tell her that he was once her brother, Janus. "I’m a prophet, remember."

After some time had passed, Magus drew the Chronixtal, "Time to go." he said. Glenn rose and put his hand on Magus’s shoulder. Glenn turned to Schala and took her small hand in his. Magus held the Chronixtal high above his head and a flash of light ensued, sending the trio ripping through time.


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