Mystery of the Masamune Epilogue

The Power Within

By The Game God

Glenn looked out of the cave mouth at the surrounding mountains.  Masa and Mune were still silent after hearing Glenn’s tale.  “I swore to her that I would protect her… and I have.  It was for her, for my friends, for Cyrus and for Schala that I stood against Magus, Queen Zeal and Lavos.”  He shook his head, “But I feel as though I am a great distance from where I need to be.”

“How touching.” a voice said.  Glenn turned around to see Slash standing near the Masamune.  Masa and Mune were nowhere to be seen.  “I can help you to let go of your pain, Glenn.”  Slash pulled the Masamune free from the stone.  “The sheer power…” he said, “No wonder you fought so hard to find it.”

He rushed toward Glenn, slashing at him with the mythical blade.  The sword cut through the stone walls of the cavern without any hesitation.  Glenn ducked under the blade and moved toward the stone where the Masamune once rested.

“Pure irony…” Slash said, “The Legendary Hero struck down by his own sword.  Don’t worry, you’ll be with Cyrus and soon, I’ll send your beloved queen to join you!”  He raised the Masamune high into the air and brought it down toward then.

Moments before it crashed down on the knight, there was brilliant flash of blue light.  When it faded, the Masamune Slash held in his hand had stopped dead on another in Glenn’s hand.  “What?!”

Glenn could hear Masa and Mune’s voices in his head, “The power of the Masamune lies within you…”  Glenn moved toward Slash, the identical swords clashing wildly, bathing the room in surreal blue light.  At a pivotal moment in the duel, Slash knocked the Masamune out of Glenn’s hand.  The tall Mystic picked up the second blade, the two Masamunes melding together.

A wave of blue light erupted from the blade, much like when Glenn first clasped the sword.  “Yes!” Slash shouted, “I can feel the power!!”  The shaft of light enveloped the swordsman. “Yes!  I control the power now!!”  Suddenly the shaft of light turned from blue to deep red.  Slash looked around in panic.  “What?!  This cannot be!!”

Glenn watched as Slash’s body began to dissolve in the shaft of destructive power.  After the last of the Mystic swordsman had vanished, the blade returned to Glenn’s hand.  The Guardian Knight felt himself enveloped by the bright blue light as the cave vanished around him.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn looked around at his surroundings… or lack of them.  ‘Am I dead?’ Glenn asked himself.  He looked over at Masa and Mune who were standing in the center of the azure void.  “Where are we?” Glenn asked them.

“We are inside the Masamune.” they said in unison, “Now you see that you are the one, chosen at the beginning of time to wield the sword… to fight evil… to protect that which is good.”

Glenn nodded, “I understand.”  He looked up to see a third figure join the Mystics.  “Cyrus.” Glenn called.

Cyrus smiled, “Never forget who you are… but never forget who you’ve become.”

Glenn nodded, “I will never forget.”  At that the blue void around Glenn began to fade into darkness.

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

Glenn looked around to find himself standing on the Midplains, somewhere near San Dorino.  He looked deeply into the blade of the one true Masamune.  “I will never forget who I am…” Glenn said.  He slid the Masamune into the sheath on his back, “… this I swear.”  With a new sense of self-reliance inside him, Glenn began the journey back to Guardia Castle, yearning for Schala’s warm embrace., hoping to be in her arms by nightfall.

The End


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