Magus: Dark to Light Prologue

Riven Soul

By The Game God

Magus looked out the mouth of the cave he lived in.  He had recently delivered a gift to his sister, her beloved harp.  Magus looked down at his right hand.  There rested the Chronixtal, the crystal talisman the dark sorcerer used to travel through time.  Now that he had liberated his sister and said his final good-byes, he had no need for the gem.

Magus hurled the crystal toward the sea, the tiny pink stone slashing softly in the water below.  “It’s over…” Magus said to himself.  The dark sorcerer turned around, his black robes flowing in the mountain’s breezes.  Magus took all his journals that lined the walls of his home and cast them into his fire.

“There is no need for them…”  He took off his cape, his armor and his shirt, “… or me.”  Magus dropped to his knees, intent on casting a spell that would end his own cursed life.  Suddenly, there was a flash of swirling light.  Magus looked up to see his dark fire turn white.  The kind face of his sister appeared in the flames.

“Schala?” Magus asked.

She smiled, “Yes, Janus.”

Magus lowered his head, “There is no Janus…”  He shook his head, “… not anymore.”

“Somewhere deep inside Magus, I know my brother Janus is still alive.”

Magus stood up, “Why do you torment me?  Why do you search for something that’s not there?!”

“Janus would never give up on me…” Schala’s said, “… and I would never give up on Janus.”

“What do you want me to do?” Magus asked.

“Find yourself, Janus.”  The fire began to fade, as did the vision of Schala, “Find yourself.”

Magus put on his shirt, armor and cape.  He put a hand on his Raven Scythe, absorbing it into his psyche.  Magus left his cave, not sure of what he was looking for.  His soul… his destiny… his past… his future… his beginning... or his end?


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