Lucca's Desert Journey Epilogue

A New Home

By The Game God

Lucca woke up and looked out the window.  It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.  Lucca got dressed and hurried downstairs.  Asaahn, Lucca and her father had been working on an invention that would revolutionize travel… a horseless carriage.  Taban wiped his brow, “Alright Asaahn, tighten that bolt over there.”
Asaahn nodded and complied.  Their carriage was a long way from completion, but the three of them had high hopes.  Ta-Kahjet and Princess Nadia came over after lunch.  “How’s that land-boat coming, Lucca?” Nadia asked.
“Slowly, and it’s a horseless carriage.” she answered.
“The design is quite good.” Ta said.
“Why thank you, Ta.” Taban said before he got back to work.
Lara came downstairs.  “Oh, now what are you working on?” she laughed.
Nadia turned to Lucca’s mother, “It’s a land-boat.”
“Horseless carriage…” Lucca said, “… I think it will change the way we look at travel.”
“Like your Telepod?” Nadia asked.
Ta laughed, “I think this ‘horseless carriage’ will change the world.”
Lucca looked towards her, “You really think so?”
Ta winked, “Who knows… nobody can see the future.”

The End


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