The Greatest Princess of Guardia Prologue

A Knight of Guardia

By The Game God

Kez Noral was one of the mightiest Knights of the Square Table.  He was a tall, strong warrior who armed himself with a broadsword.  His swordsman skills nearly matched that of the noble Knight Captain, Glenn.  But Glenn was gone, on some sort of spiritual journey.  It was the time Kez Noral had been waiting for.

As Noral moved toward the throne room, he looked up at the Great Seal of Guardia.  ‘That’s the first thing I’ll change…’ Noral thought.  He entered the throne room to see King Toran speaking with the Chancellor.  Queen Leene was holding the infant Princess Djané.

One of the soldiers by the door looked over at the knight dressed in blue with a silver plate of armor.  “Kez Noral, Lieutenant Knight of the Square Table.” he announced.

The royals looked up at Noral.  “Thank you for that introduction…”  At that, Kez Noral drew his sword and slashed the two soldiers by the door across their necks.  He pointed his sword at Toran, Leene and Djané.  “That Guardia line ends here!”  He raced toward the throne, his sword raised high.

An instant before his sword crashed down of King Toran’s head, another blade intercepted Noral’s deathblow.  There was a bright flash of blue energy, which shattered Noral’s blade and sent the knight flying back across the throne room.  He looked up to see Glenn standing between him and the royals, the Masamune in his right hand, still surrounded by a soft, swirling blue light.

“You will pay for your treachery, villain!” Glenn said.

Noral stood up and looked at his broken sword.  “This is not where or how it ends…” Noral said, “… I will bring and end to the Guardia line.”  He pulled a small vile from his belt.  “I swear it!”  He threw the vile down on the ground, shattering the glass.  A blast of fog filled the room and when it cleared, Kez Noral was gone.

Glenn returned his sword to the sheath on his back.  “Indeed… this is not where or how it ends.”


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