Crono and the Phantom Realm Epilogue


By The Game God

Crono and his father moved to the hill were they had first arrived.  Crono looked back at the silent, deserted city.  He drew his sword, “You ready to go, dad?”
Crono Sr. sighed, “I bet Guardia has changed a lot.”
“I’m sure it has… but you’ll fit right in.”  Crono held out his sword as a bolt of lightning struck the blade, opening a swirling violet vortex.  Crono and his father leapt into the portal, heading back to their home, back to Guardia.

Crono and Crono Sr. walked towards the house.  Crono Sr. stopped, “I can’t do this…”
Crono shook his head, “Dad… mom has never stopped loving you.”
Crono Sr. sighed, “I’ve been gone for eighteen years… she’ll never believe where I’ve been.”
“Did you love each other?” Crono asked.  His father nodded; “Then she will believe you.”  Crono went into the house where Anne was carrying a potted plant to the windowsill.
Anne turned to her son, “Crono, where have you been?”
Crono smiled, “I was… running an errand.”
Crono Sr. walked in behind his son.  Anne dropped the flowerpot she was holding, “… Crono?” she said.
He nodded, “Yes, Anne, I’m back.”
Anne ran to Crono Sr. and wrapped her arms around him.  “I knew you were alive… I’ve always known.”

The End


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