A Brief History of Zeal

By The Game God

Stave 1- The Eternal Kingdom as told by Zealous, 1st King of Zeal

I was born during the great winter.  No one remembered what caused it, but for millions of years, our world was frozen.  My people, the enlightened ones, lived beneath the earth with the other people of the world.  My people were set apart from the others by our ability to conjure up the very powers of nature and the supernatural.

We could control magic and I knew that our people, the enlightened, and the others could not live our lives like huddled animals freezing in the snow.  Our goal was clear, to find a new home beyond the snow where we could live in peace and prosperity forever

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

We, the Enlightened, knew that we could not achieve our goal alone.  We would have to combine our powers if we were to live past the winter.  I gathered the wisest minds of the Enlightened, four young men, each wise in different ways.

The first of the wise men was Melchior, who knew much about the ways of life and the living body.  The second was Belthasar, a wise scientist and philosopher.  The third was Jasper, very wise in field of mathematics and the theories of time.  The last was Mosk’leono, a brilliant man who knew all that which was the realm of the supernatural.

Together, the four wisemen toiled to discover a solution to our problems.  Melchior suggested living deeper in the earth with the unenlightened people, working for a mutual good until the winter subsided.  Belthasar suggested an attempt to leave the planet and search for a world with a less harsh environment.  Jasper suggested an attempt to travel forward in time, past the great winter and onto a brighter future.  Mosk’leono suggested building a palace below the ocean and living there forever.  Each idea was brilliant, but impossible for us.

In time, the people of our subterranean world, Enlightened and magic-lacking alike, began to fall into despair.  Finally, I suggested an idea to the Wisemen.  I hurried to their chamber, “Wisemen!” I shouted, “I have it!”  I showed them the drawing I had made: three titanic masses of land floating high above the clouds.  “I give you our new home…”

Mosk’leono gazed at the diagram, “Ingenious…” he mused, “… but impossible.”

“What?” I asked, shocked by the swift appraisal of my plan.

“What do you plan to use to keep this world afloat?” Mosk’leono asked.

“Our magic.” I answered, “We, the Enlightened Ones will build this world and perpetuate it with our own magic.

“There are but a thousand of us, Zealous…” Jasper said, “Not even our powers combined and concentrated could keep your world afloat.”

I lowered my head and sighed deeply.  It seemed our subterranean society was doomed to die frozen in the snow.  Then a new idea came to me, “… the Sunstone…” I said.

“What did you say?” Melchior asked.

“The Sunstone!” I shouted, “From the legends… it’s power would give us far more than we could ever need to create and perpetuate this world!”

“The Sunstone is just that…” Belthasar replied, “… a legend.  Its fabled powers defy all logic.”

“Still,” I said, “… I must try.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

I climbed to the top of Manor Rock, in the center of our underground village.  “Attention all!” I shouted, “I have found a possible chance for our salvation!”  All eyes, Enlightened and Unenlightened alike turned towards me.  “I will lead an expedition to find the mythical Sunstone!”

A great laughter arose from the crowd, emphasizing their disbelief.  “Friends, listen!” I called.  “The Sunstone may only be a myth, but should it be found, it could save us all!”  The laughter stopped as the people began to listen.  “I need seven men!  According to the legend the Sunstone lies to the northeast.  I will lead the team to the stone’s resting place, the Sun Keep.”

“What if you’re wrong?” a voice shouted.

“If I am wrong, then our lives will continue on without change.”  A murmur ran through the crowd and several people began to walk away.  “But if I’m right, then we will all have a new home away from the freezing ice and the biting cold.”

One of the Unenlightened Ones stepped forward, “I’ll go.” he said.

A tall Enlightened One stepped forward, ”I will, too!”

More shouts arose from the crowd, “I’ll go!” and “Me, too!”  We had come together and our purpose was clear.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

We stood near the entry to our subterranean world, preparing for our journey.  There were eight of us, three Enlightened, five who were not.  Among the Unenlightened were Frodo, a map-reader… Hogoth, a mighty warrior… twin brothers; Mas and Círe and lastly Peni a pretty young archer.  The team of Enlightened Ones included myself… Kiever, a noble warrior and Miggie, a courageous magician.

Hogoth looked out into the snowdrifts, each standing like frozen waves.  “We’ll barely be able to see out there.”

Miggie held out her hand and a shimmering glow came to it.  “I will light our way, Hogoth.”

“As long as you’re with us, we have nothing to fear.” Frodo said.  Frodo slid his sword into his sheath and looked at his map.  “This map has been passed down through several generations of my bloodline.”  I looked closely at the map as I readied my sword.  “It is a map of the surface world.”

Hogoth picked up his axe and looked at the map, “So, where do you think the Sunstone is, Zealous?”

“According to the legends, the Sunstone lies dormant in a cave where sunlight has shone on it for all eternity.”  I ran my finger across the map, “It is supposed to lie somewhere to the northeast.”

“I’ll get us there.” Frodo said.

“That is quite a long trek.” Mas said.

Círe looked at the map, “Nothing…” he laughed, “… I could do it blindfolded.”

Kiever looked out into the snow, “We might as well be blindfolded.”  Together we gathered our weapons and supplies and headed out into the snow.  The freezing world around us was as cold and mysterious as what was in store.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

Several days passed and the cold was unrelenting.  We had stopped in a very small cave somewhere between our underground home and where we hoped the Sunstone lie in wait.  Peni shivered and moved closer to the fire, “I’m so cold…” she said.

Círe and Mas moved in closer to her to share their body heat, “I was never, ever this cold back in the caves.” Mas said.  Círe nodded in agreement.

I shook my head, ‘Perhaps I’ve made a mistake…’ I thought.  I looked towards Kiever, “How much food is left?”

Kiever sighed, “None.”

I looked out at the snow, “Part of me feels like were almost there…” I shook my head, “… and part of me feels like we’re going to die out here.”

“Some more quickly than others.” Hogoth said.  He stood up and covered Frodo with a blanket, ”Frodo is dead… frozen.”  Miggie moved towards Hogoth and cried.  Hogoth handed me Frodo’s map, “What now?”

I gazed at the map, Frodo had taught me how to read it, but he was the only one who truly understood it.  “I know we traditionally burn our dead, but…”  My throat choked at the thought of what I was about to say.

“You’re not suggesting what I think you are… are you?” Peni asked.

I nodded, “We must.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

It was thanks to Frodo that we were able to continue.  After that horrible night, we decided to head back the way we came, but the maelstrom of ice and snow made it impossible to find our way back.  “We are going to die out here!” Peni shouted over the howling wind.

“Frodo was lucky, he got out early.” Mas said.

Just then the wind picked up, knocking us off our feet.  The seven of us lay in the snow.  “We may as well die here.” Miggie said.

I looked up and saw a faint light in the distance.  I lifted my arm, pointing toward the light, “A light…” I said, “… a light!”  The others looked up to see the sparkling light in the distance.

“He’s right!” Hogoth said, “There is a light.”  Stiff and cold, each of us raised to our feet.  Hogoth picked Miggie up off the ground, “You’re not gonna die, we’re not losing anyone else!”  We pushed our way through the storm until we reached a cave illuminated by a soft white light.

I looked around the cave, “This isn’t the village.” I said.  ‘Could it be?’ I thought.  In the center of the cave was a pedestal made of igneous rock.  On top of the rock was a shimmering white orb absorbing the incoming sunlight.  “The Sunstone…” I mused, “… it is real.”

“It’s beautiful…” Miggie said.

I touched the stone and felt the warm glow, “It’s our salvation.”  I looked up and almost saw the faint image of Frodo in the sparkling sunlight.  “You were right, Frodo, you did get us here…”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

Belthasar walked up to the entrance of the caves and saw Melchior standing, watching.  “It has been nearly a month since they left.” Belthasar said, “They are probably dead by now.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of the human spirit.” Melchior replied.

“I know little about the supernatural, Melchior, but I know that no man, Enlightened or not, could survive out there.”

“That just shows how little you know.” Melchior said, not turning his gaze away from the storm.

“I want them to come back too,” Belthasar said, “But even you must admit that Zealous’ plan was far-fetched at best.”

“’A young man’s spirit is like an untamed beast, wild and unruly.  Only through testing his limits can he learn his boundaries.’” Melchior quoted.

“Who said that?” Belthasar asked, “It sounds familiar…”

“My father, Nicodemus, said that, Belthasar…” Melchior said, “… he was a wise man.”

Belthasar nodded, “Much like his son.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

“How do we find our way back?” Mas asked.

“I don’t know.” I said, “But we’ve come much too far to give up now.  The people back home are counting on us.”

“I could send us back with a magic spell,” Miggie said, “… but…”

“But what, Miggie?” Peni asked.

“There is now way that I could send us all home with my power alone.”  Miggie started to cry, “At least two of us will have to stay.”

I handed the Sunstone to Hogoth, “I’ll stay.”

“No…” Círe said, “You started this expedition, Zealous, and you are going to finish it.”

Mas nodded, “We’ll stay.”

Peni shook her head, “You’ll both die out here!”

Círe kissed Peni on the forehead, “It’s our destiny…”

Mas nodded, “… some die so that others can live.”

I moved towards them and shook their hands, “You are two of the bravest men I’ve ever met.  Your deeds will never be forgotten.”

“Go,” Mas said, “… you have people waiting for you.”

The five us that remained, Kiever, Hogoth, Miggie, Peni and myself all joined hands.  Miggie looked to us, “Repeat after me…”  She closed her eyes; “Yawa em ekat ot gnimoc er’yeht…”

The rest of us closed out eyes and chanted, “Yawa em ekat ot gnimoc er’yeht…” A strange light surrounded us, consumed us and carried us away.

Mas looked to his brother, “Are you sure we did the right thing?”

Círe shook his head, “I don’t know.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

The five of us returned to the caves as heroes.  Holding the Sunstone high, we paraded around the underground village in triumph.  Though we were joyous, we would never forget those who had sacrificed everything for us.

Immediately, the four wisemen began work on my plans.  They used Frodo’s map to find an area rich in the magical element, Dreamstone.  This area would become our world.  Everyone began the construction of cities so that when our land arose, our homes would be waiting for us.  In front of our future palace, a shrine was built honoring Frodo, Mas and Círe.

As we worked, Enlightened and Unenlightened alike grew closer in a new sense of brotherhood.  We had become so close that Miggie and Hogoth wed, the first coupling of our two races.  I myself had taken an interest in a young Enlightened woman, Valhalla, and hoped to make her my bride in our new world.

As for the Sunstone, it was housed in a grand palace, where its energy could flow deep into the earth of our new land.  To protect the Sunstone, the four wisemen created a vicious fire beast known as the Son of Sun.  Now no one would dare disrupt the Sunstone.  For years we labored until our work was finally finished.  Our cities were built, our races united and our greatest moment was upon us, the rise of our new world.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

I stood at the base of a short mountain.  Atop the mountain was a small palace where the ruler of our future land was to live.  “Here we are…” I called out through the snow, “… at the dawning of a new age.  This will be our last day in this frozen wasteland.  We will move on to our new world were we will live forever in peace!”  A great cheer arose from the crowd.  I turned towards Jasper and nodded.

Jasper raised his hands and the crowd grew silent.  “Now, as one body, one soul, we must begin the ascension.”  Everyone, Enlightened and Unenlightened alike was ready to begin the greatest spell ever.  “Wen gnihtemos ees dna esir ew won.  Eurt dna lufhtiaf sdnim, denioj era stirips ruo.  Ezirp eht no tes sluos, reverof rehtegot.  Esira ot emit ruo, nigeb ew won!”

Suddenly, our Sun Palace roared to life.  The energy began to flow into the ground.  The earth responded by shaking violently.  We all kept repeating the incantation, hoping that we would not fail.  Soon, the ground began to crack and shudder as it started to rise skyward.  “It’s working!” I shouted.  We all repeated the incantation over and over again as the land kept raising higher through the snow.

We began to pass through the freezing clouds, still chanting our spell.  The snowy land passed through the clouds and for the first time in many millennia, was bathed in sunlight.  We all looked to the sky, nearly blinded by the brilliance of the sun.  None of us had ever seen anything so bright or so beautiful in all our lives.  The lands soon came to a stop, high above the clouds, basking in the new daylight.  The snow at our feet was already beginning to melt.  “You did it.” Belthasar said, shaking my hand.

I shook my head, “We all did it.”  I turned to people, “We all did it!!” I shouted causing a great cheer to rise from the masses.

Jasper stepped forward, “Zealous led us here, I suggest he lead us from now on!”  I looked towards him, surprised by his words.  “I say that Zealous should be our king.”  Another great cheer arose from the crowd.

I stepped forward, “I accept…” I said, “… and I welcome you all to our new home… our eternal kingdom… the Kingdom of Zeal!”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

For years the Kingdom of Zeal prospered and grew.  Together, the Enlightened and the Unenlightened had created a magical world that would last forever.  The people quickly accepted me as their king and I ruled Zeal with a kind hand.  I took the lovely Valhalla as my queen and soon she gave birth to the heir to the throne… our son, Pax.

As for the wise men that helped us realize our dream, I gave them the positions of high advisors to the court.  Melchior became the Guru of Life.  Belthasar became the Guru of Reason.  Jasper became the Guru of Time and Mosk’leono became the Guru of Eternity.

The peace and serenity of Zeal would not last, however, for one day Mosk’leono, Kiever and several members of the Enlightened Court came to see me.  “Your Majesty, I must speak with you.”

I turned towards them, “Yes?”

Mosk’leono pulled out his black leather journal, “Sir, I have been researching it for a long time now, and though I am saddened by it, I must tell you…”

“Tell me what, Guru?”

“Zeal is falling.” he said.

“That is not possible!” I shouted.  I looked in Mosk’leono’s journal, but couldn’t understand the writing there.  “Are you sure?” I asked.  Mosk’leono nodded.  “What is to be done then?” I asked.

“The only thing that can be done…” Mosk’leono said, “… some people must leave Zeal.”

I sat down, “How am I to make a decision on who stays and who goes?”

Kiever stepped forward, “Sire, I have discovered a group of subversives in Zeal.”  I looked up but said nothing.  “A group of Unenlightened Ones have become furious because one of us was made king.  They are planning a most violent coup.”

“Bring them to me, I will speak to them.” I said.

Kiever shook his head, “They are violent, sire, unpredictable.”

“What do you suggest, Kiever?” I said standing up, “Send them to die down there in the wastes?”  Kiever remained silent.  “I thought we as a people were above that.”

“Sire, if I might make a suggestion…” Mosk’leono said, “… a city could be built for them, underground, away from the elements.”  He showed me a map, “Here is a cave much deeper than our old home.  That is where we will build their earthbound home.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 1 - - - -

And so the subversives where gathered.  Construction began on Landbridges and Skyways, the links between Zeal and the surface world.  I looked out at the long line of so-called subversives as Kiever led them onto the Landbridge.  Mosk’leono came up behind me and gazed out the window at the line.  “Now we will make Zeal safe.” he said.

“There are more than I suspected.” I said.

Mosk’leono nodded, “Indeed, your Majesty, many gave up the names of others upon their capture.”

Among those leaving, I saw many of my friends, even Hogoth and Peni.  “Are you sure they will be safe?” I asked.

Mosk’leono nodded, “Oh yes, Majesty, I personally saw over the construction of their new home.  Their underground city, Alghetty, is second only to Zeal in its splendor.”

I watched as my friends, my brothers, were led away.  I knew they would survive.  They, the Earthbound Ones, were much stronger than us, the Enlightened.  As the months and years rolled on, my son Pax came of age and I encouraged him to seek out a girl who would become the future queen of Zeal.

Stave 2- The Future Queen as told by Ynarra, 2nd Queen of Zeal

I was born a commoner, a position I had no intention on keeping.  My father was a brave warrior who helped to find the Sunstone and build Zeal.  He was among the first to speak out against the Unenlightened and it was thanks to people like him that they were banished from Zeal.  My father was a great man.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 2 - - - -

I was fifteen when I first met the Prince of Zeal, Pax.  Pax was slowly become the ruler of Zeal as his father’s mind was slipping away.  Indeed, Pax was handsome, but it was not his azure eyes that attracted me to him… no, his golden crown was a sufficient aphrodisiac.  I was born Enlightened, but my powers had little use, or so I thought.  I had a power over the prince that went beyond my lithe, young body or my sterling silver eyes.  I had the prince wrapped around my little finger, and I liked it.

The day I met him, he proposed, clearly under my control.  I was instantly made the princess of Zeal, and would wed the prince in one year’s time.  With my body wrapped in the finest robes, I moved through Zeal Palace casting a spell of lust over any man or woman who held the slightest desire for me.  There was one, however, who cast a spell back.

His name was Dalton.  He was tall with long, curled locks of sienna hair.  His strong green eyes bore deep into my soul.  He knew of my dreams of power, for his dreams were the same.  He was a soldier, a corporal in my father’s army.  After we met, Dalton came to many times in the night.  We could have both been exiled for our actions, but our passion for each other and our lust for power took control of our bodies and our minds.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 2 - - - -

A few months before my marriage to Pax, Dalton came into my camber.  He bowed, “Your highness, there are intruders in the Sun Palace.”

I smiled, “Bring them to me, Dalton…” I said, “… make me proud.”  Dalton left in a hurry with a battalion of soldiers.  And in time he returned with three suspicious figures, hands bound.  The first was a beautiful young woman with flowing, sky-blue hair.  The second was a man in black with a shimmering gold chest plate.  The last was a very tall man dressed in black robes and armor from head to toe.

Dalton approached me and I ran my hand across my lover’s cheek.  “You did well Dalton, you’ll make sergeant for this.”  I nodded, “You are dismissed.”  I returned to my small throne and picked up the small, pink crystal that one of the soldiers had taken from the intruders.  I knew the intruders were not of the Earthbound Ones, but they didn’t seem like they were Enlightened either.  “I am Ynarra, the prince’s betrothed and future queen of Zeal.”

“Perhaps we should speak with the king.” the tall one said.

“The incompetent fool…” I scoffed, “… he wouldn’t know what to do with you.  Your fate is in my hands.”

“We are not afraid of you.” the girl said.

I smiled, “You will be.”  I held out my hand and forced the girl across the room with my magic.  The two others rushed to her, but I used my power to force them away from her.  I moved closer to the girl, infuriated by her insolence, “Your friends will be exiled, you will die.” I used my magic to again force the girl back against the wall, but the impact had loosened her bound hands.

She raised her hands toward me and shouted, “Prism Rain!!”  Waves of swirling light came toward.  In the melee of magic, I dropped their little pink crystal.  The girl picked up the crystal just before she endured another shock from me.

“You will die!”  I shouted, building up my magic.  Just then, the gold armored knight broke free, drew his sword and blocked my magic.  “Infidels!” I shouted.  I raised my hand and released again, this time being stopped by the girl’s prismic barrier.

The tall one raised his hand and shouted, “Chains of Darkness, hold her fast!”  Black mist bound my hands.  The dark one moved toward the others and took the crystal from the girl just as I broke the ebon chains.  He held the crystal high in the air and said, “The destruction of Zeal is on your head.”  I released my magic again, but to no avail, the trio was already gone.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 2 - - - -

After my encounter with that mysterious trio, I decided to hone my magical powers.  In time I was able to control the powers of death and rebirth alongside my powers of seduction.  The wedding came and I married Pax.  He was not the lover Dalton was, but the power that came with his hand was like nothing I ever had before.  As time went on, Pax fell further under my control, most of his own will was wiped away.  In time, I became pregnant with his child.

With the child in my womb, my place as queen of Zeal seemed assured.  Only one thing stood between myself and the throne… Zealous, the mentally plummeting King of Zeal.  Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it was fate, but soon, I was to reach my dream.

Stave 3- Insurrection as told by Melchior, the Guru of Life

All of Zeal rejoiced when the princess of Zeal was born.  The birth of Prince Pax and Princess Ynarra’s daughter, Schala, marked the dawning of new age in the Kingdom of Zeal.  But no man could have predicted the dark times that were ahead.  No one could see the dark path we were treading… one that would lead us to war.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 3 - - - -

I was hard at work in the city of Kajar when the King Zealous entered my chambers.  “Melchior, I must speak with you…”

I looked up from my designs, “Look, your Majesty, Belthasar has just shown me this design for a flying machine, do you…”

Zealous put his hand on my shoulder, “Please, friend…”  I looked at him and quickly stopped talking.  “Have you ever been to the Earthbound Village?” he asked me.

I shook my head, “No, but I have seen Mosk’leono’s schematics.  I appears to be very similar to Zeal in most respects.”

“I do not trust him…” Zealous said.

“Mosk’leono?” I asked, “I have always prided myself as a good judge of character, your Majesty, and I feel that Mosk’leono has a good soul.”

Zealous sat down.  I gazed at him and saw how the years since the Unenlightened left had aged him terribly.  “I have to know…” he said, “… I have to see their village for myself…”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 3 - - - -

My king and I moved across the wind-torn tundra of the surface world until we reached Terra Cave, the gateway to Alghetty.  The dark, dismal cavern of Alghetty were nothing like what Mosk’leono had described to me.  The Earthbound Village was even more decrepit than our old home.  It seemed so long ago that the Enlightened and the Earthbound lived as one and now we were being driven even further apart.

“How could I let this happen?” Zealous whispered, looking out across the huddled masses.  “How?”

“I… I, I don’t know what has happened here…” I said, “Mosk’leono assured me that this place was as magnificent as Zeal…”

Just then, one of the Earthbound Ones saw us.  A look of hatred came over his face.  “Get out of here!” he shouted.  Many others looked up at us.  Jeering arose from the crowd as Zealous and I moved slowly towards the cave’s mouth.  The Earthbound One that saw us picked up a stone and hurled it at us.

The stone stopped dead on a barrier of magic Zealous created around us.  Zealous stared at the angry man, “… Hogoth…” he whispered.  He turned to me, “Let us go see Mosk’leono… I want some answers.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 3 - - - -

Zealous and I moved towards the Hall of Eternity, Mosk’leono’s laboratory.  Mosk’leono stood near an alter where he wrote in his journal.  “Mosk’leono!” Zealous called.

Mosk’leono looked up, a smile spreading slowly across his face.  “Yes… your Majesty?”

“I want answers!” Zealous shouted.

Mosk’leono closed his journal and tucked it under his arm; “Perhaps if I knew the question.”

“You lied to me about the Earthbound Village!”


“Why?” I asked. “Why would you lie?”

“The Earthbound Ones are insignificant compared to the powers of Eternity.”  He opened his book, “Right now, deep below our feet, lies the ultimate power…” he closed his book, “Sadly, it is inaccessible.  Unless…” he smiled, “… I had the power to harness it.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

He smiled, “The power of Lavos is eternal!”  He raised his hands and fired a beam of dark energy at Zealous.  The king raised his magic shield, but to no avail.  The dark energy broke through the shield and ripped through Zealous’ body.

I turned to catch Zealous as he slumped to the floor, but by the time I had turned back to Mosk’leono, he was gone.  Zealous coughed blood onto my hand.  “You… you must stop him…”

“Don’t speak, your Majesty…”

Zealous shook his head; “This life is over for me, Melchior.  Just…” he looked up at the ceiling, gazing into the stained glass, “… it’s so beautiful…” At that, Zealous took his last breath.  Zeal was a land without a king and nation on the brink of war.

Stave 4- War as told by Dalton, General of Zeal’s Armies

War… the opportunity I had waited for to prove myself.  I was a captain by the time of the war.  Half of Zeal’s soldiers, the ones loyal to Mosk’leono, left Zeal, preparing for their attack.  Back in Zeal, Queen Valhalla, committed suicide when she learned what had happened to her husband.  Soon after his parents’ bodies were burned on their funeral pyre, Prince Pax was crowned king of Zeal and my beloved Ynarra was crowned queen.  I knew she had Pax under her control and soon, we would rule Zeal together.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 4 - - - -

To prepare for Mosk’leono’s attack, Pax and Ynarra commissioned the construction of weapons and vehicles.  Belthasar, the Guru of Reason began construction on a flying assault ship to be known as the Blackbird.  General Kiever put me in command of ten brigades of combat specialists, specifically for the purpose of facing Mosk’leono’s soldiers head-on.

Preparing for the battle, I went to Queen Ynarra’s chambers many times.  Pax was none the wiser due to Ynarra’s control over him.  When the Blackbird neared completion, Mosk’leono’s forces attacked.

A hundred soldiers stormed the Sun Palace with the intent to capture the Sunstone.  My troops and I raced to the Sun Palace to find the Mosk’leono’s soldiers fighting the Son of Sun.  Mosk’leono turned to see us.  “Soldiers!” he called, “Destroy them!”  Mosk’leono vanished as his soldiers turned to us.

Mosk’leono’s high soldier, Commodore Xane raised his sword.  “You are mine!”  He leapt over the soldiers in the center of the room and, to my surprise, flew over me, clashing swords General Kiever.  I turned and watched as General Kiever and Commodore Xane’s swords clashed together, sparks from the blades falling into the pits of molten lava.

“End your little coup now, Xane!” Kiever shouted.  He brought his sword around, slashing Xane’s arm.

Xane put his free hand over the small wound.  “Never!” he growled.  He lunged with his sword, hacking at General Kiever’s neck, slashing his jugular vein.

General Kiever stumbled back towards me, blood gushing from his neck.  “You… you’r…” he struggled to say.  He took the medallion from his armor and handed it to me.  It was gold beast with emerald eyes.  “You’re the… general now… Dalton…”  Kiever’s body slumped to the floor. As I stood up at turned towards Commodore Xane.

“Prepare to join your beloved general…” Xane said.  He raced towards me, sword screaming through the air.  I deflected his first blow and slashed at him, meeting his sword at the hilt.  Our swords clashed as our soldiers around us were massacring each other.

I glanced over at my soldiers for a moment and turned around to meet the point of Xane’s blade, his sword piercing my right eye.  I stumbled back from him and put my hand over the blood gushing from the socket.  Xane smiled, “Now… what part should I take next?”  I moved my sword to my left hand and faced him with my left side.  He moved towards me again and I deflected a few sword blows.  A few slashes got past me, cutting my body and armor.

With my depth perception gone, I moved back away from him again, unsure what to do.  He smiled, “Now… feel the delightful pain!” he raised his sword and a number of fireballs leapt towards me.  I raised a barrier of Delta energy around me and reversed his magic, sending a wave of frozen energy at him.

Xane leapt high into the air, ready to finish me off with a downward thrust.  I hurled my sword at him, the blade driving through his abdomen.  Commodore Xane crashed to the floor and struggled to his feet.  “Is that the best you can do?” he taunted.

“No, it isn’t.”  I put my hand over the golden medallion on my chest plate.  “I summon the Golem!”  A dark void opened and the hideous beast emerged.  Xane screamed I terror as the creature grabbed him and pulled him into the closing vortex.  It turned to my soldiers to see only fifty of them left.  I bent down and picked up General Kiever’s sword.  “Zeal!” I shouted.

My soldiers raised their weapons, “Zeal!”  We had won the day, the battle was ours… but the was far from over.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 4 - - - -

After my battle with Xane, my right eye was lost.  Refusing a crystal substitute, I simply wore a black eye patch.  King Pax officially appointed me as High General of Zeal.  Had he known what his wife and I had been doing for the past eleven years, he would not have been as civil towards me.  With the Blackbird complete, King Pax was ready to launch the fist offensive on Mosk’leono’s fortress.  The soldiers and crew were filing onto the Blackbird as King Pax and I were waving to the crowd of commoners gathered there.

Queen Ynarra and Princess Schala approached Pax.  Schala leapt into his arms.  “Be safe, father.” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

Ynarra kissed him, then she turned to me.  I bowed before her and kissed her hand.  “Come back to me…” she whispered.  She looked over at Pax, “… alone.” she said.

I rose to my feet and bowed to her, “Yes, my queen.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 4 - - - -

King Pax and I stood on the bridge of the Blackbird, awaiting take-off.  “This is it, Dalton, this will end the war between Zeal and Mosk’leono.”

“It will end many things.” I said to myself.  The ship began to rumble as the ship moved away from its moorings.  The aeroship began to soar across the plain-like clouds below Zeal.  A number of smaller assault ships buzzed around Blackbird like wasps.

We approached a landmass floating some distance away from Zeal.  It was a dead volcano with a shimmering crystal castle in the crater.  “This is it men!’ is shouted, “Prepare for battle!”  The fighter planes dove toward the castle, strafing the surface of the mountain.  A number of small, crystal ships flew out of the castle and towards our flying armada.  I picked up the Blackbird’s intercom receiver.  “Turret commanders, fire at will.”

Red streaks lit up the twilight sky as the Blackbird’s main guns fired at Mosk’leono’s ships.  It turned to one of my soldiers, “Lieutenant Marx, prepare my ship.”  I turned back to King Pax, “You’re in command here, your Majesty.”

I raced down to the launch bay where my assault ship was waiting.  I boarded and soon blasted out of the Blackbird and into the night sky.  Firing my weapons, I took down scores of the crystal ships before landing on the mountain.  Twenty battalions of soldiers came down from the Blackbird to join me in our assault.  We raced up the mountain, fighting our way to the top in a maelstrom of carnage.  When we reached the palace, my soldiers spread out, securing the corners while I made my way towards Mosk’leono.

The fallen Guru sat on a throne of crystal, reading his journal.  “Impossible…” he whispered.

I held out my sword, “Surrender!”

He looked up at me, “Very well…”  He stood up and moved toward me.  When he was a short distance away he stopped.  “But first…”  He turned and lifted his hand.  A dark bolt of magical energy leapt from his fingers and into the sky where it tore through the wing of the Blackbird.  The ship spun and crashed into the side of the mountain.  “Even victory has its price.” he sneered.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 4 - - - -

After placing Mosk’leono and his soldiers in shackles and handing the Guru’s journal to Major Araton, I moved towards the twisted wreckage of the Blackbird.  The dark blue metal didn’t seem to resemble the once-proud flying juggernaut.

Suddenly, a voice called out to me, “… Dal… ton…”  I turned to see Pax.  His right arm was burned and his legs were trapped beneath a plate of metal. “Help me…”

I picked up the sword of one of Mosk’leono’s soldier which lay at my feet.  “Don’t worry, Majesty, I’ll set you free.”  I moved toward him, “It’s so sad when the innocent die… war is hell…” I raised the sword high into the air, “… allow me to welcome you to the inferno.”  I thrust the sword down, driving into Pax’ chest.  As his life slowly faded from him, I knelt down before him and whispered, “Long live the king.”

Stave 5- The Aftermath as told by Belthasar, the Guru of Reason

The war was over and Zeal was a wounded nation.  In the short span of three years, it had lost two kings, the fair and wise Zealous and the brave and noble Pax.  Now the throne was empty, Zeal stood without a ruler, but a greater task lay at hand.

General Dalton brought King Pax’ slain body back to Zeal where is received a proper funeral.  The people of Zeal screamed for justice above all else.  Melchior, Jasper and myself were appointed by Queen Ynarra to sentence Mosk’leono and his followers to a fitting punishment.  It was decided that Mosk’leono’s mountain would be used as a prison for his followers.

This ‘mountain of woe’ would be tethered to the frozen wastes and each of Mosk’leono’s soldiers would be frozen in crystal.  My fellow Gurus and I created a powerful creature of crystal and stone called Giga Gaia to watch over the frozen criminals.

As for Mosk’leono, he was frozen in crystal, ceaselessly conscious of things around him.  Then, his crystal prison was sent far below the surface of the ocean where it would remain forever, a poetic end to the once noble Guru of Eternity.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 5 - - - -

Our next duty was to appoint the new ruler of Zeal.  The next in line was Princess Schala, King Pax’ only offspring, but at barely nine years of age, we the Gurus and the queen agreed that Schala was too young and fragile to handle the massive position of ruler of Zeal.  So, Queen Zeal was appointed as the one true ruler of Zeal.

A short time after she took the throne alone, Queen Ynarra learned that she was once again pregnant.  Her new child would be Pax’ legacy.  Seven months after the end of the war, the child was born.  He was a mysterious child, with a dark and confused aura.  He was known as Janus the 3rd Prince of Zeal.

Stave 6- The Beginning of the End as told by Janus, 3rd Prince of Zeal

During the early years of my life, I saw little of my mother.  Until the age of seven, I was raised mainly by my sister, Schala and the three Gurus of Zeal.  I had no friends in my youth, only my sister and Alfador, the cat she gave me when I was five.  I spent my youth learning about the world around me.  The more I studied, the further I withdrew from the people I knew.

I would spend my days touring Zeal’s two cities, watching people dream in Enhasa and watching the scientist diligently at work in Kajar  I would spend my nights listening to Schala play her harp and gazing at the Sun Palace.  Inside the Sun Palace lay the Sunstone, the source of Zeal’s power.  That was until a new power source was found.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 6 - - - -

My mother had an advisor and protector more trusted by her than the Gurus.  His name was Dalton.  The queen was quite fond of him even though the rest of the Enlightened Ones shuddered at his presence.  I was six years old when Dalton first spoke the name that would later become my obsession.

“Lavos, you Majesty…” he smiled, “The answer to every question we ever asked.”

She gazed at him, “What do you mean, Dalton?”

He drew a large notebook from under his cape.  This is the journal of Mosk’leono, the now exiled Guru of Eternity.”  The people gasped.  I had read about the war that took place before I was born.  I knew how my father had given his life fighting this evil man.

My mother was the first to speak, “Explain yourself, Dalton.”

He smiled, “After Mosk’leono was exiled, I ordered all of his research destroyed, except this, his personal research journal.”

“Why not that one?”  Schala asked.

“Because of this.”  He took out a crystal shard from the pages of the book and held it into the light.  A image of a strange beast appeared.  It was round, with a single eye that poked out of a massive, spine-covered shell.  “This is Lavos.”

There murmurs from the court.  Queen Ynarra raised her hand and the room grew silent.  “Explain.”

He nodded and opened the journal, “According to Mosk’leono’s notes, ‘Lavos is a living machine that plummeted from the sky millions of years ago.  His coming caused the great winter that exists in the clouds below us.  Lavos draws infinite energy from all living things and one day, Lavos will arise and make this world his own.’”

The people of the court began talking again before my mother again silenced the crowd.  “How is this an answer, Dalton?”

He turned the image crystal and the illusion of a strange machine appeared.  “Mosk’leono designed a device that will draw energy from Lavos, far more energy that the Sunstone could ever provide.”  At this my mother’s interest grew.  ”Energy enough to possibly cheat death itself.”

A great response arose from the crowd.  My mother silenced them.  “What is this machine called?”

Dalton smiled, “It is called… ‘The Mammon Machine’.”

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 6 - - - -

And so, my mother commissioned the construction of the Mammon Machine.  The Gurus worked tirelessly on its construction.  It was formed of vast amounts of Dreamstone, the only element, according to Mosk’leono’s journal, that could withstand the awesome power of Lavos.

When its construction was completed, it was housed in Zeal Palace directly over where Lavos was said to lie dormant under the sea.  The queen, my sister and I were present at the unveiling of the Mammon Machine.  The shroud was withdrawn, revealing the heart-shaped Dreamstone device glistening red and ever silent.

“Why isn’t it working?” my mother asked.

Melchior stepped forward, “It needs this.” Melchior held out a shimmering crimson pendant on a golden chain.  “This controls the machine.”

She took the pendant and held it out toward the machine… nothing happened.  “What’s wrong, why isn’t it working?!” she shouted.

Belthasar sighed, “You cannot control it, Majesty.”

She grew furious, “Why?!”

Jasper spoke next, “According to Mosk’loeno’s journal, only someone who can control the powers of life and light can control the machine.”

She turned to my sister, “You, Schala.”  She put the pendant around Schala’s neck, “… you have the power.”

Schala put her hand over the pendant, “Why, mother?  Why can’t we keep using the Sunstone?”

“With this machine, Zeal could be more magnificent than we could ever imagine.”

Schala closed her eyes and nodded, “Yes, mother.”  She turned toward the machine and began whispering a strange incantation.  In an instant the machine roared to life.  A bizarre energy field enveloped the machine and turned the red stone into a shimmering blue.

The power was overwhelming and Schala fainted.  I ran to her and watched as her pendant turned blue, just like the machine.  I then felt the immense evil from the machine and I knew this was the beginning of the end.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 6 - - - -

For a time, the Mammon Machine and the Sunstone gathered energy in smooth synchronization.  Until the queen ordered the Sun Palace sealed and its power snuffed out.  No one opposed the queen, their biggest mistake.  It wasn’t until one winter’s night that I learned just how bad things were getting.

I was in my room waiting for Schala to come and play her harp, like she did every night to lull me to sleep.  When she came into my room, she moved to her harp and sat down.  She didn’t play, she just sat in a sad silence.

“Is something wrong, Schala?” I asked.  She nodded.  I sat up, “What is it?”

She wiped away a small tear, “Mother has changed, ever since the Mammon Machine was activated.  She…”  she paused and moved toward me, “She has read Mosk’leono’s journal.  She wants to build a palace beneath the ocean and move the Mammon Machine there to draw even more power from Lavos.  It is an attempt to obtain immortality.

I stared at the floor as Schala continued, “It gets worse… mother is going to make the Earthbound Ones build it.”  Schala spent a lot of time below the clouds.  She and the Guru of Life were revered the Earthbound Ones and only she and the three Gurus treated the Earthbound Ones as equals.  And so it was, the construction of the Ocean Palace began.  This would hasten the destruction of Zeal marked with the arrival of a mysterious prophet.

Stave 7- The Coming of a Prophet as told by Célia, Princess Schala’s handmaiden

I was born a servant due to my lack of great magical powers.  I had the ability to see a person’s aura and know at once what kind of person they were.  When I was seven, I became a handmaiden to the beautiful and kind Princess Schala.  We were good friends, I admired Schala and she treated me like an equal.

When were both sixteen, we were called to the court to see a mysterious wanderer who had recently come to Zeal.  When Schala and I arrived in the court, we saw a tall man dressed in a black cape and hood that covered his face.

“Who are you.” Queen Zeal asked.

He remained silent for a moment, then he answered, “I am a prophet.”

Dalton glared at him, “Where are you from?”

He paused again before saying, “Far away.”

“What manner of prophet are you?” Queen Zeal asked.

He stared straight ahead, not actually looking at anything, “I know all that is and all that will be.”

“These are extravagant claims, Prophet.  Prove them to us.”

He looked around the room, “I know the secrets of the court.  I know the purpose of the Ocean Palace is to obtain immortality through Lavos.”

The court laughed as Queen Zeal said, “That is not a secret.”

“I know Princess Schala is the only one who can control the Mammon Machine.”  A dead silence fell over the crowd.  He moved towards the Gurus.  He pointed toward Melchior, “I know of the weapons…”  then to Belthasar, “… machines…” and lastly to Jasper, “… and talismans you are all creating.”  He turned to Queen Zeal, “And I have a warning; a group of evil-doers will soon come here and threaten the safety of Zeal”  I realized then that the Prophet had the court in the palm of his hand.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 7 - - - -

In the days that followed, the Gurus seemed to vanish one by one and the Prophet made more and more predictions that all came true.  Accidents in the Ocean Palace’s construction greatly reduced and the building sped up.  The Prophet soon replaced Dalton as The queen’s advisor, much to the dislike of Dalton.  Schala and I did not like the Prophet.  I could see a black aura of hatred, sorrow, confusion and malice around him.  I was scared, scared that the only home I had ever know would come crashing down.

Stave 8- Wandering Warriors as told by Doreen, Mystical Philosopher

Many of the more enlightened mystics of the world earned the right to live in Zeal along with the Enlightened humans.  Many of us served in Zeal’s army.  Many others were assistants to the scientists of Kajar.  Most of the rest ran shops and libraries throughout Zeal.  I and my brothers, Masa and Mune, were the personal assistants to the three Gurus.

After the Gurus disappeared, my brothers and I wandered throughout Zeal looking for ways to help cleanse Zeal of the evil energy that had tainted it.  I was in Enhasa one day when I met six very odd wanderers.  Three of the wanderers were teenagers; a boy with spiky hair, a red-haired girl dressed in white and a girl with glasses and purple hair.  Another of the wanderers was a cross between a man and a frog.  Another looked like a man in a massive suit of armor.  The last was a woman dressed in animal skins.

I danced over towards them and said, “This is the Magical Kingdom of Zeal, where dreams come true…” I danced away from them, “… but at what price?”  I teleported across the room, watching them wander around Enhasa hoping that they would heed my warning.

I approached them again and said, “Am I a butterfly dreaming I’m a man, or am I a man dreaming I’m a ray of light?  Never assume what you see and feel is real.”  I vanished.

“What is she trying to tell us?” the girl with glasses asked.

Just then, Prince Janus walked over to them.  The one in heavy armor looked at him “Yes?” he asked.

“The Black Wind begins to blow…” Janus said.  As he turned to go, Janus said, “… one among you will shortly perish.”

I realized then that they were the ones the Prophet warned us about.  I saw in them the hope to free Zeal from the evil that had poisoned it.  I walked over to them and said, “Destiny guides you… find the doors of fate and open the each in turn.”  I then left them to return to the palace, hoping against hope that they could save us.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 8 - - - -

In the few short days that followed the warriors stormed the palace but fell to Queen Zeal’s power.  The queen then sealed them in energy from the Mammon Machine.  Schala freed them from their prison but the Prophet soon banished them back through time.  Soon after, I walked into Princess Schala’s rooms to see her and Janus wrapping themselves in thick cloaks.

“Your highness, where are you going?” I asked.

She turned towards me, “Alghetty…” she replied, “… those mysterious travelers have freed the Guru of Life.”

“But the queen wants you at the Ocean Palace.” I replied.

“I know…” she approached me, “Doreen, do you remember what Melchior said we would do if the worst happened.”  I stepped back, realizing what she intended to do.  “It’s time to put an end to this.”

Stave 9- The Fury of Lavos as told by Schala, 3rd Princess of Zeal

Janus and I arrived at in Alghetty.  As we approached the elder’s chamber, I could hear Melchior’s voice saying, “You see, the Mammon Machine has been made to channel energy from Lavos.  It powers Zeal.  When the queen discovered that she could use Lavos’ energy to obtain the immortality…”

“The dream of every foolish mortal.” someone scoffed.

“… the queen ordered the Ocean Palace built directly over where Lavos lies in slumber.  Once completed, the Mammon Machine will be moved to the Ocean Palace.  If it is brought closer to Lavos, he may be awakened.”

I entered the chamber and spoke up, “The Mammon Machine has already been moved.  Mother has moved the Mammon Machine closer and will soon begin drawing Lavos’ energy directly.”

Melchior lowered his head, “Then all is lost.”

I moved towards him, “Melchior, don’t speak that way.  You and I are beacons of hope for the people here.”

The elder spoke up, “Your highness is a great light in these time of darkness, but if Queen Zeal becomes immortal, she will surely rule the world forever.  We Earthbound Ones cannot fight, we have no power.”

I shook her head; “Don’t you see?  We Enlightened Ones are just like you… the only difference is that we are under Lavos’ control.”  I turned to the leader of the wandering traveler, the spiky-haired boy Crono, “I’ve left the Skyway open, we have to hurry if we are to stop my mother.”

“How about we leave Queen Zeal alone.” a deep voice said.  Sir Dalton entered behind us.  “You’re coming with me, Schala.”  I moved quickly towards him, my fist surrounding by a swirling, white light.  Dalton moved out of the way, grabbed me and squeezed my neck until I lost consciousness.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 9 - - - -

I regained consciousness in Dalton’s arms.  He was carrying me through Zeal Palace.  “Where are you taking me?”

“The Ocean Palace.”

“Let me go!” I shouted, flashing my magic in his eye.  He dropped me on the cold marble floor.  “How dare you!” he shouted.  At that he struck me across the face with the back of his hand.  He pulled me to my feet and marched me towards the throne room.

There the Prophet stood waiting for us.  “What are you doing here?!” Dalton shouted.

“Queen Zeal sent me for Schala.”  He put his hand on my shoulder; “You are to stay here and guard the entryway, Dalton.”


“Those are your orders, if you have a problem, take it up with the queen.”  At that, we stepped into the light that took us to the Ocean Palace.

- - - - A Brief History of Zeal: Stave 9 - - - -

Mother, the Gurus, the Prophet and myself stood before the Mammon Machine.  Guru Jasper stepped forward; “This plan is too dangerous, your Majesty.”

“Schala!” Janus’ voice called from down the hall.

I turned around, “Janus, leave here, it’s too dangerous!”

The Mammon Machine sparked and a time gateway opened beneath Guru Belthasar, “This defies all logic!” he shouted as he vanished into the vortex.

Another portal opened beneath Guru Jasper, “A time-gate.” he mused as he was drawn in.  Melchior ran towards the young prince, but fell into another time vortex.

Janus stood petrified.  I ran towards him, “Janus, run!”  Before I could reach him, a fourth portal opened and drew Janus in.  I dropped to her knees and cried.  There was a rumble.

After the shock subsided, mother turned to me, “Schala, raise the Mammon Machine’s power to its limit.”  I looked nervously at the machine.  Mother grabbed my wrist, “Do it!”  I reluctantly complied, focusing the power of the machine.  There was a rumble in the ground below us.

For hours, I continued to channel the energy of Lavos through the machine.  I began to grow weary, and in time, broke my concentration.  Mother looked over at me, “Don’t stop now, Schala, we’re almost there.”

I massaged my temples, my head pounding; “Mother, I can’t.”

She put her hand under my chin, “Don’t defy me!”  I concentrated again, and the machine began to glow brightly.  “Amazing!” mother said.  Suddenly, energy leapt from the machine to my pendant, knocking me to the ground.

Mother made me continue, even though, my head felt like it would burst.  Suddenly a voice shouted, “Stop!”   We turned around to see the six wanderers

“You again.” Queen Zeal, “You fools, your measly abilities cannot stand against my power!”  She held out her hand, ready to strike when the Mammon Machine began to spark.

The energy jumped from the machine to my pendant.  “Dark forces… wild energy!”  I shouted as the energy flowed through her body.

I fell back and the Prophet caught me saying, “Schala, no!”

“It’s time to end this!”  Crono said.  He took Melchior’s weapon, the Crimson Dagger from his belt.

Masa and Mune’s voices sounded from the dagger; “Here we go, Masa!”

“I’m ready, Mune!”  The dagger leapt from his hand and screamed through the air towards the Mammon Machine.  When it drove into the machine, it absorbed vast amounts of Lavos’ energy, so much that the dagger’s shape changed.  The blade became long and sturdy.  The hilt became larger and gained a golden sheen.

The frog knight held out his sword, identical to the one in the machine, “Astounding… ‘tis the Masamune.”

I rose to her feet, “No, no, no… that sword alone can’t stop it.”  The rumbling from below us became more intense than ever before.

The Prophet looked to the Mammon Machine; “It’s coming.”

There was a strange darkness and when I could see again, I was helplessly watching the travelers fall before the awesome might of the Lavos.  Suddenly the Prophet appeared, “I’ve been waiting for this… I’ve been waiting for you Lavos!”

“What do you think you can do?” mother asked.  She and I appeared, mother sitting on Lavos’ shell and myself sitting next to Lavos.  “Hmph!  A false prophet, you will be a snack for the great Lavos!”

The Prophet glared at her, “I’m not afraid of you, witch!”

She held out her hand, “You should be.”  She used her magic causing dark energy to course through his body.

He dropped to one knee; “I won’t be beaten… I survived the darkness to defeat you Lavos…” he stood up, the dark energy leaving his body.  Queen Zeal looked shocked.  He drew a strange, red staff; “… feel my wrath!”  He dashed forward and drove the staff into Lavos’ eye.  Lavos screamed and fired dark energy at the sorcerer.  The Prophet fell back, “It didn’t work.” he said.

I turned to mother, “You have to stop this, mother, this power can only end in ruin.”

Queen Zeal glared at me, “Don’t you see, Lavos’ power creates all… you and I, we’re all part of it.  But if you cannot accept that…” she held out her hands, her long, slender fingers coursing with red lightning, “… you will be destroyed!”

She unleashed her magic on me.  I could hear the travelers talking to each other.  I turned to their leader, “Run Crono, humans can’t hope to defeat evil of this magnitude.”

Mother laughed, “So, you’re Crono.  Why don’t you do as Schala asked says and run in terror.”  He drew his sword.  “What’s this?  You’re going to challenge Lavos with that battered body of yours, how brave… or should I say how foolish.  Feel the ultimate power of Lavos!”

Lavos fired a dark beam of anti-matter at him.  I watched as everything inside the beam was completely destroyed, every atom vanished.  The beam became more intense as the room filled with a blinding, white light.

When the light faded, I was back in Hall of the Mammon Machine.  The Prophet looked at the machine.  “I can’t beat it.”

I stood up, “There isn’t much time, the last of my pendant’s power will send you to safety.”  The five remaining travelers and the Prophet vanished.  I finally realized what had happened.  I fell to my knees; tears rolling down my face, “Crono…” There was a great rumble.

Stave 10- Somewhere Beyond Time as told by Jasper, the Guru of Time

From the End of Time I have seen every aspect if time, every event that ever happened.  From there I watched the destruction of Zeal and the eventual destruction of Ynarra, second and last Queen of Zeal.  That was the way of things… the short and tragic history of Zeal.

I had always wondered how the universe began and how it would eventually end.  Now that I live beyond the flow of time, I know these truths and many more.  I have seen everything, and yet, I have seen nothing.

No man should know all or see all, I guess that is why I sleep so often.  I don’t know how long I’ve been here beyond time… a day… a millenium… all I know is that the future is not as set as it seems.  We are all the masters of our own destinies and as soon as we can accept that… anything is possible.


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