Sid Palmer

Being that I've been in the top 5 authors in the FFT fanfic page and that Foeciusfoe paid me a compliment, (Appreciate It Foe!!), I feel obligated to let you all know a little about me. I live in central California and am starting at University of the Pacific in the fall. I'm studying to be a pharmacist believe it or not. I first became interested in RPG's when watching FF1 being played at my friend's house on his SNES. From then on I eventually became a squarehead as most of the RPGs I have are by them. My favorite being FFT, of course. Non-square RPGs that I like are Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (The original 2D one) and Septerra Core for PC. Japanese RPGs could learn a lesson from Septerra Core, which is made in the US. For example a final boss that doesn't change forms or party members that hate each other so much that they attack each other sometimes during combat. Anyway the story of tactics inspired me to write of it. You find a few twists along the way as any good Tactics story should and I hope you enjoy. I certainly spent enough time writing it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
Power of the Stones- Though Ramza was able to stop the Lucavi demons and hide with the stones, he is eventually found and is forced to return to a changed Ivalice that is ruled by Delita. Ramza is also faced with old enemy who now goes by the name "Asuglav". As Ivalice relapses into a secret turmoil between Delita, the Church, and Asuglav's Lucavi worshiping sect, all unknown to the common people, Ramza searches for the missing stones and the truth behind Asuglav. At the same time wondering, what are Delita's true motives?
Prologue - March 15th, 2001
Part 1 - March 15th, 2001
Part 2 - March 31st, 2001
Part 3 - June 18th, 2001
Part 4 - December 23rd, 2001

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic