Shadow Fortuna

I'm a teenage girl somewhere in Southern California, currently marooned in that cramped cesspool my teachers like to call SCHOOL. (Bleh.) I enjoy any creative activity...mainly drawing/painting, writing, and composing and playing music. ^^ I also enjoy watching movies, hanging out with my friends, swimming, the Internet, and other various activities. Writing is an escape for me, so I tend to do it an AWFUL li'l blue notebook is crammed with the crap I scribble during lectures...I just never get around to typing it up! O_o But anyway, if you wanna know more about me or wanna ask me something, just e-mail me, and I'll get back to you! ^^ ~Shadow~

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
Forever Only Lasts So Long
Chapter 1: The Visitor - October 13th, 2001
Chapter 2: The SeeDs - October 31st, 2001
Chapter 3: Mystery Mission - February 1st, 2002

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic