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Greetings fellow travelers. I am Samara Secor, and I bid thee welcome to the corner of the web that IcyBrian's been kind enough to give me. I am currently nineteen and will graduate from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in May 2001 with a double major in Computer Science and History. Thus, I know where this world has been and where it going. It's a pity that I don't know where I am at the moment. Kids, no matter what your parents say, too much studying CAN rot your brain.

Currently, I am working on fanfiction taking place in the worlds of Chrono Trigger and Lunar: Silver Star Story. When Chrono Cross and Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix come out, I will be working on them as well.

Finally, I would like to beg the indulgence of you, the reader. Please tell me what you do or don't like in a constructive manner. Also, there are at least two more Lunar:SSSC fanfics that I plan on making, one on Gaull Ironhand and one on Natto, the Singing Swordsman. I would appreciate feedback on which one I would start on next, the drunkard or the ladies' man... Oops, did I say that? Ha, ha...

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Fanfiction
Leon, the Mighty Gale- While playing Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, I ran across a book in Vane's library that mentioned the names of four previous Dragonmasters(five if you count Alicia and Laticia as one each). Other than the nicknames, they don't tell you anything about these guys. It seems to me like the perfect opportunity for a story, so I decided to write on the first one that was mentioned, Leon.

Before you read, I'd just like to point two things out. When the captain of the ship speaks, I purposely change words like 'to' and 'your' to 'ta' and 'yer', so that it would blend in better with the character. The second thing that I'd like to point out is that I know that there is no town called Riviera in the Marius Zone or anywhere else in Lunar for that matter. It seems reasonable to assume that some towns would disappear for one reason or another, and I intend to take care of the city's fate later in the story. So, without further ado, may I present to you the beginning of "Leon, the Mighty Gale".
Chapter 1: Stowaway - July 15th, 1999
Chapter 2: Escape From Reza - July 15th, 1999
Chapter 3: Black Rose Street - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 4: Healing Touch - August 26th, 1999
Chapter 5: Dreams and Discussion - November 1st, 1999
Chapter 6: The Cave of Trials - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 7: Another Apprentice? - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 8: An Unknown Switch - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 9: Win Some, Lose Some - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 10: Splitting of Ways - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 11: Inside the Tower - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 12: Dropping In - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 13: Mariners' Mayhem - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 14: Truth of the Matter - July 12th, 2001
Chapter 15: The Next Pandora's Box - December 31st, 2002

Two Are Better Than One- Alicia and Laticia. These twin sister Dragonmasters were also mentioned in that book in Vane's library. What is their story?

Originally, Alicia and Laticia were just your average members of the Plains tribe. However, Laticia wanted more than a life spent just roaming the prairie. She wanted to become a member of the Magic Guild of Vane. Alicia decides to help her sister fulfill her dream, and they both escape in the middle of the night during the confusion of a festival. Just how will this lead to them to become Dragonmasters? Just wait and see.......

All right, I also want to give my thanks to Mira and Rae Salyer, the real life twins who got me interested in doing this story. Thanks!
Chapter 1: The Festival - September 14th, 1999
Chapter 2: The Chase is On! - September 14th, 1999
Chapter 3: Blabbermouth - September 14th, 1999
Chapter 4: Rained Out in Reza - November 1st, 1999
Chapter 5: Flying Frenzy - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 6: All Together Now - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 7: Maze and Manners - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 8: Magic School Blues - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 9: Unappetizing Appetizers - August 10th, 2000
Chapter 10: Whimsical Water Spirits - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 11: Departure At Dawn - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 12: Pay the Piper - March 15th, 2001
Chapter 13: Making Adjustments - February 8th, 2002

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Fanfic