Rosa Farrell

Well... I'm an almost 14 year old girl. I grew up watching my parents play RPGs, and when I was about nine, I started playing them myself. I think the very first RPG I played was FF4. I played FF6/3 when it came out and got better at playing games. I live in the most boring and cold place in the US, and because there are NO girls here that even know what an RPG is so most of my friends are guys.

I started writing when I was in second grade (I sucked!!) and it wasn't until seventh grade that I discovered I had a talent. Most of (well... all of ) my writing is fueled by the FF games, whenever I'm in a writing block I just go play a game.

Final Fantasy IV Fanfiction
ReviewableHeir to the Throne
- I wrote this fanfic because it was during the summer and my novel I was working on was at a friend's house. I decided to include the scene between Cecil and Rosa when Tolin was concieved because I was mad about the changes made in the US version of FF4. This was sort of a protest to the fact that US is so taboo about such things. It wasn't meant to be disgusting, I hope no one finds it offensive
Heir to the Throne - November 1st, 1999

Final Fantasy 4 Fanfic