Vigil of the Fates Chapter 7


By PeterEliot

Ifrit!” Quistis cried. “The Guardian Force of fire.”

“Instructor,” said Squall quickly. “Keep your distance and cover me with restorative spells. I’ll handle the offense.”

Impudent humans...” the horned GF growled, enraged by the youth’s self-assurance. Moving with speed remarkable for his size, Ifrit charged at his challenger, striking him dead-on with a massive paw. Squall blocked the hit with a deft counter swing of the gunblade, but he was pushed back by the sheer force of the blow. He couldn’t afford to take a look, but Squall figured the acute pain at his side meant that he was at least badly bruised and possibly bleeding. Even with his physical endurance enhanced through junctioning of magic, he calculated that two or three consecutive blows like that would mean his end.

Clearly, he needed to claim the match in the speediest way possible.


“Got it!” cried Quistis, casting a cure spell on the cadet. At the same instant Squall hit Ifrit with a barrage of descending blizzard. The giant was momentarily brought to his knees. Squall lost no time in making a dash at the flaming beast, gunblade poised to strike. A clean blow of the sword delivered directly under the chin sent Ifrit toppling backwards and landing on his backside.

“Instructor, hit him with blizzard, now!” Squall shouted as he brought his left hand to his forehead, concentrating on summoning his long-time principal Guardian Force: Shiva of the ice crystal. Having been well trained through years of allegiance, Shiva arrived within seconds. Just as Quistis finished mashing Ifrit under another round of blizzard, the ice spirit unleashed a deadly wave of arctic storm upon the fire GF.

They have Shiva?” Ifrit exclaimed as he nearly fell back once again, attempting with his arms to shield himself from the paralyzing cold. But Squall was already upon him. He brought down the gunblade in full force upon the opponent’s skull, catching him squarely between the great horns. Ifrit collapsed.

For me to lose to a human...,” the GF groaned, nearly a full minute later, as he shakily arose from the ground.

“Does the battle continue?” Squall asked, not loosening the stance of his weapon.

Ifrit regarded the unknown youth seriously. “No... A Guardian Force is destined to live by human summoners. He only seeks to be realized through worthy summoners. Very well, I will join you.

“Very well,” said Squall, withdrawing the gunblade. “My name is Squall.”

I am Ifrit.

In a glow of crimson light the beast disappeared, but Squall could now sense his presence—in his head. It was always a strangely private, even intimate, experience, contracting with a new Guardian Force.

“Congratulations,” Quistis said, moving to his side. “You pass with flying colors, though that doesn’t mean earning your SeeDship will be an easy task. Still, obtaining an additional GF before heading out to the real field cannot possibly hurt. Be advised, however, that managing GF’s becomes increasingly difficult as you contract with a greater number of them. Keeping them in good condition and sharing their powers appropriately with your SeeD companions will be of critical importance in future missions. Now then, let’s get out of here. The lava fume is giving me a headache, and I can’t stand this ridiculous heat, either.”

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