Collision of Destinies Chapter 2

I Am Wanted

By Palaedon

Disclaimer: All Square characters belong to Square…all events happening in this fanfic are not real. Just a product of my twisted imagination. This fanfic is used for entertainment purposes only and is not intended for any monetary gains, any ill-feeling against anyone included in this fanfic. No Square characters were harmed in the making of this fanfic…


I realized I’ve been drifting for a while now. My tired body lay sprawled out, drifting along the stretch of endless blue. The salty seawater splashed against me occasionally with the waves, as I struggled to stay afloat. It wasn’t difficult, but the large sword strapped to my back weighed me down like a ton of lead. How I got there I didn’t know, didn’t remember. I had no idea who I was, or why am I here, drifting in the sea. I was tempted to throw off my sword into the sea, but a part of me held back. It was as if the sword was part of me, who I was, who I am now.

In the distance I saw land. I could make out the wooden planks with which the inhabitants of that area built their houses upon. I made for the shore immediately, fighting against the wave of fatigue that had started to spread throughout my body.

As I neared land, I noticed some of the island’s inhabitants playing a weird game with a blue-and-white colored ball.

As I pulled myself on shore, I felt a sudden piercing pain in my head, and, suddenly, all went black.

Edgar stumbled along the corridors on his way to his room. Although it was a fairly early hour for him to go to bed, he had been coerced, by Sabin and the Chancellor, to get back to his room after he managed to beat Locke in a drinking contest during the party.

“Damn that thief,” he muttered, as he tripped on his own feet and fell on the carpet. He had taken up Locke’s challenge as a joke, but it had turned into a full-scale drinking contest after the tenth drink. Edgar knew that he’d be missing the rest of the party after that.

“Well, at least I won,” Edgar thought ruefully as he staggered into his room.

Suddenly, the castle seemed to shake all around him. He managed to hold onto his bedside table just as the castle shook again, this time more violently that he was thrown off his feet.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, as the castle rocked for a third time. “What in the world’s going on?”

Just then, he felt himself lifted into the air by an unknown force. He had no time to grab onto anything before he felt himself lifted into the air.

“What is happening?” He looked up, and saw that his head was inches from the ceiling. But as he thought he was going to crash into the ceiling, he saw a black void slowly open above him. He had no time to react before he felt himself being pulled up and into it. Then, all went black.

I have that dream again. That face, those soft emerald eyes, looking into mine. The face, the curly brown hair tied neatly behind her head, the familiar smile on that face as she looked up from her praying position…it haunts me. I clenched my teeth and balled my fists, holding on, just waiting for that dream to end soon. I tried to will myself to wake up from the dream.

And end it did, as I soon awake to find myself lying on a small bed in a wooden hut. I pulled myself to a sitting position on the bed. My sword was lying beneath the bed, partially covered. I held it up and placed it into its sheath behind my back.

“Ah, you’ve awakened, I see.”

I turned and found myself face to face with two people, one an old man, the other, a young girl who pointed a crude wooden spear at me.

“Who are you?” Squall stepped forward and asked.

The question was directed to a creature that hovered five feet in the air. Bright-gold feathers covered its body and wings, and a magnificent red plume adorned its head. It’s feet shone with golden scales and claws. Two dark, sapphire blue eyes stared back at Squall from amidst the red-and-gold feathers.

“Do you not recognize me?” the creature asked, flapping its wings slightly to stay aloft. “I am Phoenix, the essence of life. I’ve watched the activities of you all mortal men, and aided those worthy enough in times of danger. Including you.” Phoenix finally perched on the branch of a tree that Squall could swear was not there a few moments ago.

“How?” a very puzzled Squall asked.

“Phoenix downs.” replied Phoenix simply. “You may have used Phoenix Downs in battles, to reawaken unconscious comrades.”

“Well, that doesn’t explain why we are all here.” Zell cut in

Phoenix stared at Zell for a moment. Phoenix’s stare was not intimidating, but Zell felt uneasy, as if his very thoughts were being examined, as if Phoenix was considering how to convey his ideas to him.

“I have brought you here because I am aware of your capabilities. I have seen how you fared in your previous adventures.’ Phoenix said, it’s voice floating melodiously in the air. “I needed your help.”

“What are we supposed to do?” asked Rinoa, stepping up beside Squall.

Phoenix paused, as it ruffled it’s feathers, then turned towards her. “There is another intelligent species out there in the universe. The name of that species is Jenova, and it is a very aggressive species, and highly adaptable. One of them has already landed on your planet a few thousand years ago. But the humans at that time managed to defeat Jenova and keep it dormant.”

“A few centuries ago, Jenova has broken free, and some humans managed to defeat it, this time for good.”

“Well, if it is defeated for good, then what are we supposed to be doing here then?” asked Squall.

“I have only told you part of the story. You see, one of the humans that helped to defeat Jenova has Jenova cells in his blood. Although the original Jenova creature is dead, it doesn’t mean the cells it has within the person will not someday regenerate into a full-fledged Jenova creature. And now, he has somehow managed to travel across time and he now roams free in the future of your world.”

“Hmm, so we will have to travel into the future to fight this guy.” Irvine mused.

“Precisely.” Phoenix said.

“Who is he?” Squall asked.

“A man by the name of Cloud Strife.”



“You got that right.” A man with long silver hair and a seven-foot long sword answered.

“I mean, c’mon, it’s bad enough he had to put off the work for so long, but now he’s got half the FF8 cast after me!” Cloud complained.

“Hey, it isn’t as bad as what Square did to me.” Sephiroth said.

“Yeah. But hey, you’re the villain. I’m different, because I’m a hero. I should be given better treatment.”

“Hey, what do you think? He’s a newbie author after all.”

“Yeah…he he.” Cloud snickered. “Hope he doesn’t do anything foolish about the next chapter. Else…” he pulled out a suitcase and opened it briefly to reveal an AK-47.

Sephiroth just snickered.

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