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Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableExposed Trials
- This fic takes place right after you beat the Marquis and Meliadoul joins your party (unless you're heartless and abandon her! Oh you sick little.....*ahem*. Never mind... :) Nobody ever speculates with any of the Tingels, and they're my favorite family in the whole game. And if I were in Meliadoul's position, I'd be pretty full of angst and would want something to blame. I also think Meliadoul and Ramza look cute together, don't you? ;) I also have a conversation between Ramza and a random Knight, who is named after an original character of mine, Roald. I never felt enough interaction between Ramza and his other party members. And I make my own stories with my own characters in this game, so read carefully and you'll understand. :) Anyway, enjoy the fic! Feedback is ever wanted since I don't normally write but still like to engage it in it occasionally
Exposed Trials - August 29th, 2002

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic