Awakening the Hero

Elegy of the White Chimera

By Myshu

I am the White Chimera.
I am the last of the Great Holy Espers.

I am the wrath of the summoner tribe.
They hail Alexander, but I was there long before.
I brought the people of mist to light... and to ruin.

I didn't know it--I couldn't know, but he was in control the whole time.
I was merely another pawn.
The dragons, the neiphiti, the espers...

Even the Phoenix.

He knew everything that would happen, all along.
We were just his good little soldiers.

But now...
I'm tired.

I don't want to fight anymore. He knows it, too. He can see how weary I am.
My body is young, but my soul so old!
It's almost too much to believe.
I've lost my prime, before I even realized it.
I have seen so much, and been so many places.
I have known life...

and love...

...and death.

But soon, I will transcend it all. My end is coming. My time here will expire, soon, and I will know what lies beyond the void.

I know, now, that this is what you intended for me all along.
I wouldn't be here, like this, if it weren't for you.
But then again, I wouldn't... be.

I'm the greatest esper this planet has ever seen. My magic could crush mountains.
I have faced the darkness, and defeated it.
I stood at the edge of oblivion, and said I wasn't afraid.
I wasn't afraid to die.
Not then.
Everything was so different, then.
We were all there, fighting together, giving each other strength.

But this...
This isn't about that.
This isn't about me. This isn't my story.

My death will be a footnote to my life,
and my life has been in the service of my master.

I am the White Chimera.
I am a guardian force of the universe.
My spirit has survived in this world for aeons.

But now I'm dying.
And when I pass on, the reign of the Great Espers will end.



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