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Final Fantasy 6 Fanfiction
The Thief's Tale- This is the story of Locke Cole's early life, before the Returners.

Was Locke actually from Kohlingen?  Where is his family?  What happened to them?  How did a good-hearted young man like Locke come by a shady past to have to live down?  And why did he free Celes from that prison room where he found her?  She asked him several times, and he never really answered her, saying only that she reminded him of "someone important to me."  Who?

Answers to all those questions and more are here, in this story of how Locke Cole came to be the person that we meet in the game.  I hope you enjoy it.
The Thief's Tale - December 13th, 2000, revised August 8th, 2005

The Question- A romance that shows Locke's return to Kohlingen with the Phoenix magicite from Celes' POV.
The Question - March 31st, 2001

Dream of the Devil- This is a view of a FFVI main character as seen through the eyes of an enemy, and recounts the events leading up to a familiar FFVI event, and the effect that event had on the enemy side.
Dream of the Devil - March 31st, 2001

Dimension Dementia- A short story which explores the problems of the FF3 characters when they find themselves in the FF6 Anthology. If you saw the FMVs, you might get a chuckle out of this.
Dimension Dementia - March 31st, 2001

Yellow, For Remembering- In the game, Terra says over and over, that she wants to know what love is. This is a take on why she's so fixed on that, how, once upon a time, she did know what love is, and how the slave crown robbed her of more than just her memory.
Yellow, For Remembering - June 18th, 2001

Echo- This is a short and poignant look at Gogo's thoughts and feelings aboard the Falcon. It is inspired by the Greek myth of Echo, who in one version of the myth, displeased the gods and had her voice taken from her, dooming her to go through life only being able to repeat the words of others. She fell in love with Narcissus, but could only speak to him of her love whenever he would stare at his own reflection, and say "I love you."

BTW, and not that it matters, but I personally do not subscribe to the Gogo-is-Daryl theory. I just thought, how sad for her if she were, having to hang out with Setzer, having to travel on her own ship, with no one ever knowing the truth.
Echo - July 5th, 2001

Original Fiction
Ladies' Man- This one falls into the category of "supernatural," but is only a horror story for anyone who is creative, and in the arts. It's about a successful playwright who discovers the true source of his inspiration, and the price his gift carries.
Ladies' Man - May 7th, 2002

My Audrey- This is a horror story, about a fashion photographer with a knack for bringing out the best in girl.
My Audrey - May 7th, 2002

The Gatekeeper- This is a horror story, based in fact, about the awful price of the dark side of faith: Superstition.
The Gatekeeper - May 7th, 2002

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