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Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
Crest of the Dragon- Dragoons have always been known as the Dragon Knights, warriors whose abilities mimic that of a Dragon. However, there was one lineage of people who possessed the blessings of the Dragons, a family whose name was tarnished and nearly wiped out by an act of betrayal. During the Lion War, a Hero is born, the world is plunged into darkness and brought into the light again, and a single soul struggles to live true to her beliefs.

...Or you could say this is what happens after I mess with the FFT story. Don't worry, nothing big is taken out, but I've added stuff, as you might have noticed. I guess this is sort of a novelization, but with so much more. You'll notices small changes right from the start, but the good stuff doesn't happen till later. Hope you like it!
Chapter 1: The Price of Nobility - March 9th, 2002

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic