Diverging Paths

Thoughts, Thanks, and Other Stuff

By Link Kokori

I think that I put this together quite well. For a story on a subject that I've never attempted, I think I did well.

I'm sure everyone is going to say what a BS ending that was, but, let me point this out - the best stories are never done by the end. Look at Star Wars, and you'll see what I mean. And every series has an errorous one, which pales in comparison to the others.

Well, I'll move onto my thank you's.


Squaresoft for making a great game, Icy Brian and the Fanfic Approval Board for approving my story so I could weave this tale,

Compaq, the brand of computer on which I typed this,

Owen Hart, may you R.I.P.,

Stephen King, who inspired me to be a writer...

Maine, for being my home state,

My buds - Liz, Brandon, Jeff, thanks for the support and help through the story.

Artisan Entertainment, for bringing The Blair Witch Project to theatres just when I needed a rest,

And just like Icy Brian, I gotta talk about my favorite wrestlers:

The Rock, for being the youngest, and BEST, damn WWF World Champion there ever was, at least until

"Millenium Man" Chris Jericho, the only man who can compare to the Rock's abilities, takes the title. What were you thinking, Bischoff, when you let this superstar fly away?

Triple H, for the cool music,

And, finally...

The DUDLEY BOYZ for becoming the BEST tag team in ECW, and THE WORLD. And for knocking Joel Gertner from the "family" for insulting JFK, Jr.

BHorde107, FlyGuy811, iWo BlaZe, SkaRbFisH1, and the rest of the IWO(Internet Wrestling Organization)'s roster for being cool guys.

Now, onto our next subject (I'm not too religious, so I don't really thank god a lot):

I got several projects for this page that I want to attempt. Such as finishing Materia Hunt, and starting in on a sequel to this little diddy, and, finally, the start of the most important story in FFVI that has never been written -

The Esper War.

That's it... for now. C'Ya on the page... IWO Rules... Square rules... Mr. Tito, go for 200!... Tell Me What You Think... you know the address... Rassler489@aol.com...

~Link Kokori

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