Owen Hart died just before I finished this's extremely sad to see a friend like Owen die(Yes, I did know him), and in such a tragic way.He is a man that no one can truly forget, and is When You Cry by Mark Henry:

When You Cry
By Mark Henry

It starts to come when someone dies,
The pain you feel as your eyes swell
And tears fill up in the wells.
The burn starts to choke you up,
Words come out slow and shaken.
You close your eyes and wonder why,
That there's a burning when you cry.

When Owen left it felt like hands around my throat
I couldn't talk,
I couldn't see,
The burn overwhelmed me.
My heart is heavy,
This is why you get the burn when you cry.

It digs down deep
And you can not sleep.
You toss and turn in your sheets,
Awaken with sobs and wet pillow cases.
You wonder aimlessly looking to the sky,
You feel the burn when you cry.

My prayers go out to Martha, and I hope that Oje and Athena can learn about how great Owen a father, a wrestler, and a friend.He was a man that would never complain about the strain, a lack of title contention, and/or doing the J.O.B. to put someone over.Although he was only 34 when he died, he was a lifelong veteran, growing up, living in the world of proffesional wrestling.And I am glad to report that in WWF Attitude, the Blue Blazer will be removed from the game, but Owen will stay in...and the game is going to be dedicated to Owen and his life.

My life and heart will never be full again.

Goodbye, Owen.And I hope that you have found a place where you can continue what you love, and can watch over and protect your family.Needless to say, no locker room will be full of life and spirit like when you were around.You were a light of faith and hope in this world for many people, and an inspiration for the young talent in the locker rooms of WWF and WCW.

May the Black Hart, the Sole Survivor, and The King Of Harts live on in our hearts.

Thank you for your time.


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