Diverging Paths Chapter 5

Welcome... To Your Worst Nightmare

By Link Kokori

Majestic floated in the air for a few seconds...before Sephiroth pulled out his blade.Above him, Safer Sephiroth reached into a glowing light, and pulled out an extremely large and shining Masamune...

Sephiroth held his Masamune in his hands.As his giant counterpart copy-catted his ever move, Sephiroth held the blade up.

"%^$^...that's a helluva big sword..."Cid said, in conjunction to the fact that a gigantic sword was in front of their very faces.

"Cid...we should probably move out of the way..."Cloud suggested.Cid didn't answer.He was in a deep, paralyzing shock.

Sephiroth brought the blade down, his movement like striking a sword into stone.The giant Masamune cut right behind the group, and blue fire poured from the ship's wound.

"OH SHIT!!!!"Cid cursed. "My %&*$(#$(($# AIRSHIP!!!HE'S GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!!!"

The lights flashed to nothingness.In the darkness of the storm, it was near-pitch.Cloud stumbled over to where he believed Tifa was...

"You...alright?"Cloud asked.

"This isn't good, Cloud..."Tifa answered."Hold me."She pushed herself against his body, clutching him tightly.Cloud held just as tight, and closed his eyes...

Sephiroth stroked the air sharply.

The airship flew off the giant Masamune with such force that the group was launched off everywhere.Electronic equipment went flying.The blue flames continued to crackle, to burn, and Cloud and Tifa clutched each other even tighter.Barret, seen for the first time in days, flew through the malfunctioning door.

" What 'de hell is goin' on?" he asked.


"It isn't Lavos," Marle choked out.

A giant, black gate drew itself into the endless void, sucking bricks, door parts, everything in it.Marle let out a silent scream as it sucked her in, also.


Toron stood, his face unchanging.The grim wrinkled face, it's life slowly having been wasted away, let a small crack of smile shine through.

"Foolish," he said. "Fool knows nothing of magic.Me take world.Me suck life.Me reborn.And then...

"Me god."


Majestic skipped like a stone over the water, bouncing off and rippling waves where it landed.

Inside, panic ruled.

"N-yah!!!" Cid yelled, chanting out a word that didn't exist.His head was throbbing, as was his stomach.As the airship stopped bouncing and began to skid, Cid's body flew backwards.He clutched on to a railing as he flew back, holding him somewhere around the middle of the cockpit.Others were not so lucky.

Tifa was bleeding from her cheek, shrapnel having sliced a small wound during the carnage.Barret was trying to keep himself on the ground, and others were getting thrown around by the force of gravity.

Cid looked up.

"OH MY %^(%(% %$^$^)$ (&%^$*&( GOD!!!" he screamed as the Majestic blasted itself into Wutai.


Lucca's head hurt.

She was laying on the ground, in front of some rather large building.As she looked up, she saw a black leather boot stomp on a discarded cigarette.As Lucca moved her head up more, she saw a finely-tailored blue suit.

"Well, what do we have here?" Rude laughed.


In Wutai...

Turtle's Paradise was doing some heavy business.The owner laughed as he saw the effect of more tourism bring in the gil.As his bartender served more drinks, he thought he heard something...something like a locomotive.


That was his last thought as a giant airship ripped through the pub.


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