Spirit of a Knight Blade Prologue

By Lia Strife

Izlude’s sword fell to the ground with a clang and he followed after, landing painfully on his bottom. Before he had a chance to retrieve his weapon, a blade was at his throat.

“You win,” Izlude sighed, hanging his head.

His father chuckled, drew the sword away, and offered Izlude a hand up.

“Why is it that you always beat me, father? I’ve tried everything you said!” Izlude moaned, grabbing Vormav’s hand and hoisting himself to his feet.

Vormav sheathed his sword and looked Izlude in the eye.

“You’re only thirteen, my boy. There is always time to get better. Work always to improve, and you’ll be as good as I am in no time,” Vormav replied, a smile coming to his lips.

Izlude grinned and retrieved his blade.

“Have you the time for one more match, then?”

“For you, Izlude, always,” Vormav replied, drawing his sword once more and assuming a defensive position.

Izlude gritted his teeth and ran at his father in full force. Vormav quickly parried the strike and the pair exploded into action. Amongst the clashing of steel, Izlude truly felt he was the luckiest boy in the world to have a father like his.

I’ll stand by you, too, father. Just like you always stand by me. I promise.

Chapter 1

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