Leave Me

By Lia Strife

"Leave me, Ramza! After Algus, you're next!"

I stare at the one who I considered to be as a brother to me with horror. What caused this? Delita, what are you saying? Why...is this my fault? Because I was born differently from you? Because I see the world in a different light? You're starting to sound like Algus, Delita, don't you see?

"Delita..." I begin, sorrow heavy in my voice. Algus cuts me off with a pompous air, but I cannot hear the words. All I can hear is the echoes of Delita's cry, shattering the walls my heart built for times of battle. What have I ever done, Delita...?

I look into his burning, dark brown eyes that speak words that drive a dagger deeper into my heart. 'Traitor,' they scream, 'manipulator! Liar!'

'No!' I want to scream at him, my eyes pleading. 'Delita, you don't understand! I'd never do that to you!' But he doesn't see. He doesn't hear. Algus is speaking again, but the words don't sink in. I reply, but I'm not entirely sure of what I'm saying. It doesn't matter now...never has mattered.

I strike out with my pain, creating an outlet for my sorrow with my blade. When a soldier falls, I don't bother to check if he's dead-it doesn't matter, does it? Because everyone feels this pain, this...betrayal. This horror. I'm doing them a service...

And then, so suddenly, it's over.

The snow is crimson, now...if any of that blood is mine, I can't feel it. I watch as Delita crawls over to where his sister lies, blood making a wide trail behind him.

"Delita..." I say, watching him cradle Teta in his arms like a newborn. 'She's dead,' I want to say, 'Delita, come back...'

He doesn't respond. He sits as if in a dream, a trance, and I can't free him from that. An explosion shatters the silence, and I cry out in desperation.

"What was that? An explosion? Delita, it's dangerous! Come over here, quick!" I yell at him, but that's not enough to break through to him. He's going to die, I realize. He's going to die hating me. And he's going to leave me to be alone.

It's too late.

I watch as my best friend is consumed by the flames, still clutching his little sister to his chest.


He's dead, and I'm still here...alone.

I glance towards the roaring flames and take three steps towards them, knowing I could end it all just as quickly. Dying wouldn't be so bad...I have nothing to live for now. Just five more steps, and I'll be released from this torment.




...But I can't do it.

And I run.

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