Propositions Chapter 4

Testimony Of Ex-Miner -or- Gold And Silver! Ken And Osamu's Wealth!?

By Kenji Kotaro

Rating: PG 13
MP3s listened to while writing: Major Tom (????); Jesters Of The Moon (FFIX OST), Dengon; Message (Emporer Hotohori), Densetsu No Onsengame; Legendary Hot Spring Turtle (Love Hina); FFVIII Ending Theme (Final Fantasy VIII), Swing (The Mask OST); Innocent~Mujaki Na Mama De~; Innocent~Stay Innocent~ (Digimon Frontier Ending Theme), Older (They Might Be Giants); 88 Lines About 44 Simpsons (?????), Boku No Uchuu Ni Kimi Ga Iru; In My Universe, There Is You (Emporer Hotohori)
Description: Chapter IV! Testimony Of The Ex-Miner.

Finally, a vacation... Ramza was staying with his brothers in Igros for some time, leaving his allies and soldiers for hire some time to relax.

Which brings us to our heroes(?), Osamu Sentou, Ai Jou and Ken Yabusame, who were spending their vacation in Dorter, the two warriors getting plastered at the bar, while the Mage decided to spend her time at a near by Inn.

"I'm tellin' ya, Osamu!" Ken said, lifting his glass of Ale, "This last job was a total success! We got some time off while Ramza stays with his brothers!"

Osamu held his arm in pain, "I still have marks from those spells..."

Ken grinned, "Hey! Bartender! Another round of ale over here!"

Osamu groaned, "Make that one ale and a pot of Black Tea..."

"Spike it!" Ken shouted.

Osamu winced in pain as he took his pot of tea from the bartender, "...I'll give you the fact that getting drunk would help me ignore the pain in my arm."

"Now you're talking!" Ken shouted, raising his glass, some of the ale spilling on to the bar counter and the floor.

"...Please don't be so loud." Said a quiet voice.

"Huh?" Ken turned to his left, finding that he spilled some of his ale on a middle aged man, "...Sorry, sir."

"It's all right..." The man sighed, "I'm sorry for bothering you."

Osamu sipped his tea, "..What's wrong with you? You look upset..."

"..I was just thinking of the good 'ol days." The man replied, "Back in the time of the Gold Rush, Urubos Mountain was filled with miners with hopes and dreams......I'm just wondering whatever happened to it."

"You're a miner?" Osamu asked.

"One of the best, I made a fortune at Urubos about 20 years ago." He extended his hand, "I'm Kemia."

Osamu shook Kemia's hand, "Osamu Sentou."

Ken looked up, "My name's Ken Yabusame."

"Glad to meet you guys." The man smiled a little, "Warriors, right?"

"And mages, we just came back here after winner the Magic Contest last week!" Ken proudly stated.

"Amazing!" Kemia said, "I didn't think too many warriors could use magic."

"We're okay at it, Ai's the one who does most of the spell casting for us." Osamu said, sipping some of his tea.

Kemia smiled, "Hey, I've got an idea..." He reached into his travel bag, "I've always kept this with me for memories, but..." He pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to Osamu, "This is a map of the caves in Mount Urubos, it leads right to my old Gold Deposit." He looked into his glass of Ale, "...I'm not strong enough to dig for gold anymore, and I'm not sure if there's any left. If you two are interested, you can have the map. Make your own fortune?"

"Are you serious!?" Osamu shouted, raising his arms in surprise, suddenly realizing his mistake, "AAGGGHH!!!" He screamed, slamming it down on the bar counter in pain, knocking over his tea cup, "Ow ow ow ow ow...."

"Thanks, Kemia. How can we repay you?"

"Strike it rich, my friend." He said, "...And tell me how things are back there. I left a lot of fond memories back in those mines."

"We'll tell you everything! I promise!" Osamu said, putting the map into his cape pocket.

"Thank you..." Kemia said, smiling a little, "I just wish I had the strength left to go myself..." He put some money on the counter for the bartender, "...Good luck."

"Thanks." Osamu said as Kemia left.

"...Osamu, do you realize what just happened?" Ken asked, a grin spreading across his face.

"A kind man asked us to visit a place in which important parts of his life took place because he cannot go there himself?"

"...That, but, there's something more important."


"We have a treasure map." Two Gil coins appeared in Ken's eyes, "We're gonna be RICH!!!"

Osamu sighed, "At least you have YOUR reason to go..." He poured himself another glass of tea, "...We'll tell Ai toni---AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

Ken grabbed Osamu by the arm, which made the knight thrash around in pain, "We'll tell her now! LET'S GO!"

"AAAGGGHHH!! KEN! LET GO!!!!!" The archer let go, Osamu fell to the ground holding his arm in pain, "Itetetetete...That HURT Ken..."

Ken payed the bartender, "What did?"

"My arm, because of YOUR stupid magic act!"

"Whatever, let's just go!" Ken shouted, running out the bar, Osamu got up and followed.

"Ken, we're doing Kemia a favor, NOT going out to strike it rich!" Osamu shouted, running through the streets after Ken, dodging a Chocobo wagon.

"Yeah, yeah, you do whatever you want! I'm gonna get me some gold!" Ken shouted, taking a turn down a street.

"The Inn isn't that way!!"

"We're not going to find Ai!" Ken shouted, running into a mining supply store.

Osamu sighed, "...This is going to be a long trip." He said as he walked into the store, "...I'll go get Ai--" He turned to leave, until Ken grabbed his cape.

"No, no, no!!" Ken shouted, "No Ai!"


"Think about it, if we strike it rich...We'd have to divide it 3 ways, but, if Ai isn't there...."


"Exactly, my friend!"

".....Sir, what is your best quality shovel?" Osamu asked the shopkeeper.

"Now you see it my way!" Ken said, grabbing a lantern.

The two warriors bought their mining supplies and went off, not telling Ai of their plans...

Of course, that night Ai waited at the inn for the two warriors...

"They aren't in the bar..." Ai said to herself, "Not in their room...." She groaned, "What kind of troubles did those two idiots get themselves into THIS time!?" She went to the innkeeper, "Are you SURE you didn't see an idiot Knight and an Idiot Archer come in at any time today?"

"Positive, those two haven't showed up all day!" The Innkeeper said.

Ai looked to the door, "I'm checking back at the bar, see you later tonight."

She walked through the streets keeping an eye out for her companions...

"Hey, babe.." Said a thief as she walked down the street, "You know, it's dangerous this time of night," He walked next to her, "Something could happen to a pretty girl like yourse--AGH!!" He fell back as Ai hit him in the face with her staff.

"Knock it off, you idiot. I'm not in the mood..."

"Ow...Ai! That HURT!" The thief shouted, "You really should have been a warrior...."

Ai groaned, "Rad, you are the most ANNOYING person I know... It's moments like this I'm glad Ramza puts me with Ken and Osamu whenever we're out on those bar jobs..."

"Hey, I'm sorry Ai.." Rad put his hand on the Priest's shoulder.

"You're gonna feel even MORE sorry if you don't get your hand off of me......." Ai warned. Rad immediately pulled his hand back, "..What are you doing here, anyway?"

"Lavian and Alicia wanted to do some shopping here. Gariland is where you'll find some of the greatest capes and accessories, remember?"

"Have you seen Ken or Osamu?"

"Not today." Rad said, "They're probably at the bar."

"...Probably." Is all Ai said.

"Why don't we look for them at the bar. I'll buy you a drink!"

Ai went on, "...All right, I might as well order there most expensive wine if you're paying."

"...Very funny, Ai." Rad shouted, following the Priest.

Ai and Rad entered the bar minutes later, not much conversation passed between them.

"...They're not here again! Darn them..." Ai muttered, sitting at the bar, looking to the bartender. "...Ale, lots of it."

"Glass of Vaccas Liqour, please." Rad said.

"Coming up." The bartender replied, getting the drinks.

Ai looked around the bar, "Those idiots... Probably got drunk and fell into a river..."

"They could be fighting some monsters in Sweegy Woods." Rad suggested.

"Nah, no-one's stupid enough to go there at night." Ai said as the bartender gave her her Ale.

"I saw the two biggest idiots today!" Declaired a man at a table.

Ai and Rad listened closesly, they knew of two warriors who fit that description.

"What'd they do?" Asked one of his friends.

"They came into my store, with a map of the Mount. Urubos Mines, some Archer and a Knight!" Bingo. "Everyone knows those mines have been empty for years! But, today, I made more money on them buying my mining supplies than I do in most weeks!" The man laughed, then taking a gulp of his ale.

Ai groaned, "...I'll be right back." She walked over to the man, tapped his shoulder.


Ai grabbed his collar, pulling him close, "..Which way to the Urubos Mines?"

"F...Five sectas...East of Sweegy Woods..!!" Ai pushed the man back onto the table, knocking over food and drinks.

"...Rad, let's go."

Rad downed the rest of his drink and payed the barkeeper, "Coming!"

Ai marched through the street, Rad following closely, "Those IDIOTS!! I'm going to kill them this time!!" She screamed.

"C-Calm down!" Said Rad as Ai kicked a bottle a good 20 feet into the air.

"ICE!!!!" Ai screamed, the spell shattering the bottle as it began to fall back to the ground.


Ken and Osamu had just reached the base of the mountain. Osamu suddenly stopped.

"..What's wrong?"

"All of a sudden a chill ran down my spine..." Osamu said, "...Probably just the night air."

"Yeah, it gets pretty cold when you get close to Goland." Ken sat down on a near by boulder, "...I can feel it, Osamu! GOLD! And lots of it!"

"I can see it now.. We'll go back, sell it all and spend it on things for ourselves!! I can get a custom sheath and hilt for the Blood Sword!!" Osamu said, excitedly.

"Or you can get a NEW sword that you can actually USE in battle." Ken said, "Osamu, they've got better swords on the market, the Blood Sword is OLD."

"This sword is special, Ken! I just know it! One day, I'll save the world and this sword will be an ancients message to future generations..."

"...What message? Osamu saved the world with a stupid sword and a lot of luck."

"No, it'll be 'Don't mess with the Sentou family'!"

"....I see..." Ken sighed, "I know of Daggers they were selling at the weapon shop that do more damage..."

"...Let's just go and make our fortune...." Osamu said.

"Nah, it's way too late, I say we find a place to rest." Ken looked around the area, "Hey! A town! We should check out their Inn!"

"All right, let's go!" Osamu started walking towards the town.

Ai and Rad were already on the way to the Mountain on Chocobo.

"I don't think Alicia's gonna like this!!" Rad said, "That's her Chocobo!"

"I don't care, Rad!" Ai replied as they raced through the forrest, "Osamu and Ken are going to pay for this!"


"Because they probably left like that to avoid giving ME a share of any gold they find, and for wasting their money on mining equipment!" Ai's chocobo began to run faster, "I'm going to find them and make them sorry for leaving me behind and worrying me as well!"

"You were WORRIED about those two?!" Rad shouted, "I thought you hated them!"

"How would I explain to Ramza that I LOST those two? Besides, it's better being stuck with them than it is you!"

"...Just what's THAT supposed to mean?"

"Let's keep going. Faster Chocobo!!" Ai said, making her Chcobo run even faster.

"Wait up!!" Rad shouted, catching up to Ai.

Back at the town, Osamu and Ken had made a discovery...

"It's empty..." Osamu said, looking in a house, "It's a ghost town!"

"Probably because of the gold rush..." Ken muttered, looking at the Inn, "We'd better sleep outside, these buildings look like they can fall at any minute."

"Nah! This is as sturdy as the day it was built!" Osamu hit a beam on the outside of the Inn with his hand, "See?"

With that, the inn collapsed, knocking over a building next to it, which knocked over a building next to it. Like dominos the buildings fell around them.

Ken looked at the damage in awe, "..Now that's something you don't see everyday."

"...Shall I find a soft patch of grass for us to sleep on?" Osamu asked.

"Unless you want to try and dig a couple of the Inn's beds out ot that rubble." Ken pointed to the remains of the Inn.

Osamu began to dig through the rubble, "Not a bad idea!" He began to lift up a large board, "AAAAAGGGHH!!!" He held his arm in pain, "...Looks like I'll need some help."

Ken groaned, "Great, I was hoping to get away from working for at least a week..."

Little more than a secta away....

Ai and Rad had stopped at a stream to let their Chocobos rest.

"They're close..." Ai said, "...I can smell the Ale that's still on their breath."

Rad sniffed the air, "..Smells more like pine."

Ai sat by a tree, "I can't believe they tried to ditch me like that...The least they could have done was have written me a note with a dumb excuse."

"Nah, I tried that with Alicia and Lavian when I wanted to go to Goland for a bar proposition. They found me the next day.......Of course, that could have been because they took up the job, too, and left a note with a bad excuse for me, too." Rad said. Ai hit him in the shoulder, "Ow.."

"Idiot..." She muttered, "Thank God those two served under Agrias, you're living proof of what serving Gafgarion can do to the mind."

"Hey!! I'm not proud of helping him, either! And Ramza was his right hand man, too!" Rad shouted, "I just...worked with him longer..."


Rad lowered his head, "...Ouch, Ai."

"..Sorry, I guess I'm just a little upset because Ken and Osamu."

"...I think that's the first time you ever refered to them without saying 'idiot'."

Ai looked up at ths sky, "...Rad, go back over to Gariland, I'll finish the rest."

Rad knew what Ai meant. She was probably going to beat Osamu and Ken to a bloody pulp for what they did to her, "...I'll stick around. I want to see what happens."

"You sure? Won't Alicia and Lavian be upset won't mind you disappearing like this?" Ai asked.

"Not too much. Besides, I'll take Osamu, you take Ken." Rad said, an evil grin spreading across his face.

Ai walked to her Chocobo, "...Let's go." She said, grinning just as evily as Rad.

The Thief and the Priest rode into the night, each knowing the other's plans to punish Osamu and Ken.

They finally came to the mountain, "..No signs they went up the mountain..." Ai said to herself, she looked around the area, finally seeing the destroyed town, "....Bingo."

"Geez, what happened there?" Rad said to no-one in particular as he and Ai rode to the remains.

"...Ajora, you MUST be kidding me..." Ai muttered under her breath.

"What? What's goin--..............What the....?" Rad looked at the remains of the Inn strangely, they had been torn apart, probably after the collapse...

..And a trail of rubble led down the street, until it stopped at two beds, placed next to the remains of the bar, which were also torn apart. That trail of rubble led back to the beds...Which contained two sleeping warriors and various emptied liqour bottles.

Ai got off of her Chocobo, raising her staff into the air, "...Sorry, Rad, but, both of them are mine this time."


"...Because some of that stuff is Vaccas Liqour, and they probably drank all of it." Ai raised her staff in the air.

Rad cringed as the sounds of a War Cry and various smashing was heard, the breaking of glass, bending of metal bed frames and screams of two warriors echoed through the night.


"H...How'd you get here?"


A crash was heard as Ai hit both of the Warriors over the head with her staff at once. The two warriors fell to the ground, "...Ow..." They both said in unison.

Ai reached into Osamu's cape pocket and took the map, "...So, this is the legendary treasure map...You guys do know one thing about this place, right?"

"...That the residents of this town left here in a hurry?" Ken asked.

"No..." Ai held the map behind her, Rad took it and backed off in fear, "Because the reason everyone left is because of one thing.......You would have a BETTER chance of finding gold by digging in Zeklaus Desert!!"

"But, Zeklaus doesn't" Osamu finished, "....We were tricked, Ken."

"...Get my crossbow, Kemia's dead."

"Kemia?" Ai asked.

"The guy who gave us the map! It leads to where he struck it rich when he was a miner there." Osamu explained, "He told us to check on the mountain for him and to try to dig for our own fortunes if we wanted."

Ai sighed, "You idiots fell for a scam like THAT?!"

"Wait!! Ai!" Rad shouted, looking at the map, "..There's something different about this map?"

"What do you mean?" Ai asked.

Rad held up a second map, he knelt to the ground, "Come here, this Kemia guy might have been right after all!"

Osamu, Ken and Ai surrounded Rad, "What do you mean?" Ken asked, "The mountain's empty, isn't it?"

Rad pointed to the first map, "Alicia, Lavian and I were going to come here tomorrow to explore the mines with this map a mining shop was offering. It's all of the known mine shafts in the mountain." Rad pointed to the next map, "But, this one has an extra path that isn't shown in this map."

"...Meaning....?" Ai asked.

"I think it means that Kemia found a secret path, or something like that."

Ai, Osamu and Ken blinked, then exchanged glances. Ai grabbed Kemia's map, while Osamu and Ken grabbed Rad, "TO THE GOLD!" All three shouted.

"Hey!" Rad shouted as Osamu and Ken dragged him towards the mountain.

The trip took under an hour, as they reached the entrance to the mines.

"Okay, Rad, navigate for us!" Ai said, giving Rad Kemia's map.

Rad entered the cave, Osamu and Ken turned on a couple of lanterns for light, "...All right, we go this way until we hit a dead end." He walked to the right.

The cave was dark and a little damp, but, it didn't bother any of them, they knew what was waiting at the end of Kemia's map.

Rad stopped, "According to Kemia's map, there's supposed to be a turn around here....It's probably hidden, the turn is cut off from here by a dotted line, everyone start looking!"

Ai knocked on the dirt around the area with her staff, while Rad poked his dagger deep into the dirt, Osamu and Ken dug on a couple walls, Osamu occaisionally shouting because of his arm.

"I don't see anything..." Ai said, she walked next to Rad, "Are you sure it's here?"

Osamu and Ken circled Rad as well, "Yeah, it's solid dirt all around here--" Osamu stopped speaking, "...Do you guys feel that?"

"Feel what?" Rad asked.

"It feels like we're sinking--" Suddenly a loud snap was heard. The ground beneath the group collapsed, they fell down a deep tunnel, ending up in a strange room, decorated with Crystals, giving off a faint glow.

"...Guys, does this look familiar to you?" Ai asked.

"...It can't be..." Osamu said, "Kemia's mine....Is part of..."

"....Okay, let's be *very* quiet," Ken whispered, "We'll just take the gold and leave. 'It' won't even know we were here."

"It?" Rad asked.

"...This might be a part of Matoya's cave." Osamu explained, "...We ran into some trouble here."

"Ore no ka?"

".....I think it found us." Ai said, knowing the voice behind her, she turned and found the turtle..Matoya's guardian turtle... Facing them, glaring.

"Nani? Omaetachi futatabi ka!?" It shouted, this time not attacking them like before.

"...Hi?" Ken smiled nervously at the turtle.


"RUN!" Ai screamed. The chase was on again, this time the turtle was even faster, even tearing off parts of Osamu's cape as they ran.

"Rad, is THIS place on the map?" Osamu asked.

"Yeah!! This must be where Kemia found his gold!" Rad shouted, "His mine must have actually been an extension of Matoya's cave!"


"Okay, there should be an exit around here somewhere!!" Rad studied the map, "We'll come to a fork, take the right path!"

"Got it!" Ai, Ken and Osamu shouted. The fork came up a minute after Rad warned them, they took the right path. The turtle took the left.

Rad stopped, as well as the others, "...We're safe.."

Osamu caught his breath, "Why wouldn' follow us?"

"I'm not sure... But, there's a mine shaft this way...It's probably Kemia's.." Rad pointed down the tunnel, "This way..."

They wandered down the tunnel, the finally reached a turn.

"...Osamu the flame in your lanter's too dim, could you make it brighter?" Ai asked.

Osamu did so, the light suddenly reflected off of something....A metal.

"..Is that...?"

"...It's Mytril." Rad said, "This must be how Kemia did it...Mythril isn't as precious as gold, but, a lot of it can make an easy fortune!!"

"LET'S DIG!!" Osamu and Ken shouted, lifting up their shovels, Osamu screaming in pain. Ai grabbed his shovel, and started to dig.

"...Thanks, Ai."

"Shut up and take off your cape."


"We need something to carry this stuff home in!" Ai said. Osamu took off his Knight's cape and put in on the ground. The other three began to pile Mythril ore onto the cape.

"We're practically picking this stuff off the ground!" Ai shouted, excitedly.

Eventually, the couldn't pile any more on without being able to close the cape.

"...All right, let's go!" Rad said, "The exit is down this way--"


"...Oh, God..." Ai muttered, "Rad, RUN down there and lead us to the exit!" She screamed.

Rad ran, Osamu and Ken followed, carrying the Mythril, Ai followed. The turtle not too far behind.

"HERE! Just get ready to JUMP!" Rad shouted, pointing a tunnel, the morning light coming from it.


Rad jumped, "WHOOOAAAAAAAH!!!"

Ai followed, "EEEEEK!!!"

Osamu and Ken next, "AAAAAAAAAH!!!"

The Turtle stopped at the end of the cave, watching the group slide down the mountain, "BAKA!!!" It turned and want back into the cave.

The group ended up at the bottom of the mountain, not hurt too badly.

"Ow...My neck..." Ken muttered.

"My back..." Ai groaned.

"Agh...My arm...." Osamu moaned.

"My entire body...GET OFFA ME!" Rad shouted, on the bottom of the pile of warriors.

"...Sorry." The others said.

"...It's all right. Let's head back to Gariland." Rad said, "You guys walk with the Mythril, we'll take our Chocobos."

"....But, it's heeeeaaaavy..." Ken whined.

"We don't caaaaaaare." Ai said, walking back to the destroyed town with Rad, "You guys get a head start, we'll catch up."

Osamu and Ken exchanged glances and sighed, "At least we'll get some money out of this..."

Back at Gariland...The Mythril was taken to be exchanged into Gil.

"...Looks like you fell for it, too." A man told them, looking at the mythril, "This isn't real Mythril. It's Fool's Mythril. People head over to that mountain all the time and bring back loads of it!"

"..It's...Not.. real...?" Osamu asked.

"Nope, it's worth a quarter off the price of Mythril, though..." The man gave them some money, "Here you go, 970 Gil."

Rad and Ai glared at Ken and Osamu who backed away slowly... Then took off running as the Thief and the Priest chased after them.

"JUST WAIT UNTIL RAMZA HEARS ABOUT THIS!!" Ai shouted, pulling out pieces of paper and a feather pen.

Job Report by Ai Jou

Mt. Urvos... Mining towns and people were plentiful here during the Gold
Rush, years back. But after the ore ran out, all 15 towns in the area were
deserted. Now its history is washed away by the tears of a middle-aged,
ex-miner at the bar...

Ramza's Evaluation

Thanks guys, I just NEEDED to hear about this while spending time with my family... From what Ai told me, you guys really messed up on this one. I'm in a good mood today, so I'll refund your money for the mining supplies, but, don't do this again...

The End

Notes: *Whew* This one took only a day...

I finally started replaying FFT after the original part IV was struck down with writer's block. I wrote down the list of jobs, with a description from the bar and the original job report, as well as how many days it took and the prize (even the random prize I recieved if it's a treasure or location). If anyone wants the list, email me at (don't request it in a review!) and I'll send you what I have listed so far (as of 7-21-02 it's only three jobs, but, it'll get bigger by the end of the month).

Yes, Matoya's turtle does have a purpose in the storyline, you'll find out more about it eventually (it'll be a large source of comic relief in a few chapters from now, trust me!).

Turtle Translation:
Ore no ka? = Me?
Nani? Omaetachi Futatabi ka? = What? You guys again?! (Note: I'm not quite sure about the translation of "Omaetachi Futatabi")
And the rest is a repeat of chapter II.

Also, I threw Rad (Gafgarion's Squire from the second chapter\Prologue battle) in here only because I got an email asking me why I didn't use Rad, Alicia and Lavian instead on Ken, Osamu and Ai. I'm not sure why, either, except for the fact that I usually don't keep Rad, Alicia and Lavian in my party at the start of chapter 2.

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-Kenji Kotaro

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