Propositions Chapter 2

The Great Discovery Race -or- Matoya's Cave! The Lair Of The Beast!

By Kenji Kotaro


Adventurers Wanted!

The Dorter Travel Angency is sponsoring the Great Discovery Race, to find an ancient ruin or location in Ivalice! You could be the one to discover a forgotten ruin!

The Dorter Travel Agency


"Geez, these guys really know how to have a contest in style." Ken said, looking at the inside of the Chocobo cart, "I mean, we're getting driven here in style!"

"Well, that *is* what that 3,000 Gil pays for," Ai explained, "So, we'd *better* find that forgetten Ruin, or else Ramza is going to kill us!"

"Yeah, you can buy a lot of X-Potions with 3,000 Gil..." Osamu added, "And Ramza would be upset it we wasted all this time and money for nothing."

Ken crossed his arms, "Bah, we get that much Gil from battle!"

"....How?" Osamu and Ai asked in unison.

"...You mean I'm the *only* one here who goes through the wallets of the Warriors and Mages we defeat?" Ken asked, innocently.

Ai's eyes widened, "You rob the soldiers we fight?!"

"I don't think of it as *robbing*, I like to call it, 'finders keepers, losers losers'." Ken stated.

Osamu sighed, "...Ken, it's still robbery!"

"But I get a nice profit out of it! Remember when we fought Wiegraf? That time he DROPPED his wallet when he teleported outta there!" Ken shrugged, "Now tell me, would it have been a GOOD idea to risk my life just to return a simple 10,000 Gil to him or would it have been a GOOD idea to buy a bunch of Hi-Potions for my supply bag?"

Osamu and Ai exchanged glances, "...Well..."

"Five of those Hi-Potions were what came in handy later at Fort Zeakden!"

"...Fine, but, we still think it's wrong..." Ai said, looking out the window, "...Think we'll get to this 'designated spot' any time soon?"

"Beats me! How'd they choose this 'designated spot' anyway?" Ken asked.

"Well, when we signed up, they told us to go to a certain Chocobo Cart, and my guess is that each Chocobo Cart goes somewhere either closer of further away from the Forgotten Ruin than where we started." Osamu explained, "That's my theory, since a few of these carts went our way, and then turned."

"...So, think we got stuck with the good Chocobo Cart or the bad Chocobo Cart?" Ai asked.

"I'll check!" Ken reached his head out the window, "HEY! Old man!!" He shouted to the driver, "Is this thing going close or far from the Forgotten Ruin?"There was a pause, "Thanks!!" Ken pulled his head back into the cart.

Osamu looking out the widnow, "Well?"

"The driver said 'shut up and put your head back in there, you wanna get it knocked off by a tree or something? Stupid kid'!"

"And what does that mean for the Ancient Ruin?" Ai asked.

"....Absolutely nothing!"



Osamu and Ai exchanged glances and sighed, then looked back out the window.

"Did I say something wrong?" Ken asked, the Knight and the Priest ignored him.

It was another two hours before they reached the "designated spot." By that time all three of them had fallen asleep.

Of course, when Osamu was the first to wake up, he noticed something that wasn't quite right with their situation...

Osamu looked around, "...Okay, I'm not in the Chocobo Cart..." He looked at the ground, "Him... Yellow-ish... Very dry.... A sandlike structure... If I didn't know better, I'd say this was sand." He looked up at the sky, "....Sun, hot sun... Beating down... Vultures, circling overhead..." He looked to his left, "...Big, spikey, green, plant-thing. Most likely a cactus..." Osamu thought for a minute, "This reminds me of a desert....Wait a second...." He looked to his left, seeing Ai, on the ground, "...Where's the Chocobo Cart?" He looked over to Ai, "Ai...? Please be sleeping..." He crawled over to his and gently shook her.

"TAKE THIS GAFGARION!!!" Ai screamed, bolting straight up and punching Osamu.


Ai opened her eyes a moment later, "Huh? ...Darn it, Osamu!! You woke me up!! And I was having a wonderful dream about knocking the stuffing out of Gafgarion!"

"I think you knocked out my stuffing..." Osamu moaned in a daze.

"...Hey, were we in a desert earlier?"

"....I think we're in our 'designated location'."

"...Of all the stupid places to designate a location..." Ai muttered, "..Hey, where's Ken?"

"Mmmm... Agrias... Come closer... please..." Ai and Ken looked to the source of Ken's voice.

Osamu's eyes widened, "....He's..."

".....You've GOT to be kidding me..." Ai shouted as Ken, still in the middle of his dream, continued to hug and KISS a cactus.

"Your lips are like silk...." Ken mumbled, kissing the cactus once more.

"....Oh, how I WISH Ramza could see these..." Ai said, "He'd never been in another battle for as long as he lives..."

"Should we wake him up or wait until one of those spikes stabs him good enough to wake him up?" Osamu asked.

"..Wake him up, I wanna see the look on his face when he realizes just WHAT he's making out with."

Osamu got up and walked over to the dreaming archer, he cleared his throat, "HEY! What are *you* doing with Agrias, MY GIRLFRIEND!! LEG AIM!!" He shouted, in a Mustadio-esque voice. He poked Ken in the leg.

Ken woke up, his eyes widened, there was a short pause, "..........YEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!" He screamed, jumping back and spitting out cactus thorns, "Agh!! I knew that dream was too good to be true!!"

"Serves you right! If Agrias heard about this, you'd get run through so fast, you'd be dead before you knew it!" Ai shouted, kicking Ken in the back.

"...So, where are we?" Ken asked, looking at his surroundings, "...Bed Desert, maybe?"

"I'd say we're in Zeklaus Desert..." Osamu commented, "Bed desert usually has some Ancient Ruins near by."

Ken looked around the surroundings, "Guys... Desert, that means, no water. We NEED to find water!!"

"Okay! Let's head off!" Osamu said, "...Which way should we go?"

"That way!" Ken and Ai said, pointing in opposite directions.

"THAT way!?" Ai shouted, turning to Ken, "This coming from *you* who's sense of direction got Ramza lost in Orbone's book library, TWICE, looking for an exit?"

Ken glared at Ai, "Well, pardonez MOI, Little Miss, 'I say we take this route through Sweegy Woods so we'll get to Igros faster'!  YOU got us lost for a WEEK around the Bervenia Volcano!!"

"HEY! At least I didn't get lost in Goug and show up to 'save Mustadio' AFTER we already beat all of Rudvich's mercenaries!" Ai screamed, pushing Ken.

"These are the words of the same Priest who got us lost in Lionel Castle, chasing after Draclau?" Ken pushed Ai back.

"Grrrrr.... TAKE THIS!!" Ai screamed, giving Ken a good hard whack accross the face with her staff.

Ken fell to the ground, he got back up, "Yeah, like that even hurt!!" A large black shadow loomed over him, Ken stepped back in fear, ".......No touchies......."

Osamu looked away as a loud crack was heard, Ken fell to the ground with a broken Wizard Staff over his head.

"Grrrr...!! Look what your thick skull did to my staff!!" Ai shouted, holding up the two pieces of wood, "This cost me 1,000 Gil!!"

Ken was in a daze, "Ouchies........"

"On second thought. I'd gladly spend 1,000 Gil for a chance to crack your skull..." Ai muttered, she turned to Osamu, "Since *you* seem to be the most intelligent out of all the warriors here, where do you think we should go?"

Osamu stepped back as he saw the anger in Ai's eyes, "Um...Your direction?"

"Good choice." Ai looked down at Ken and poked him with the bottom half of her staff, "Get up! We're going!"

"Can't I have a moment to rest...? My head hurts..."

Ai turned and faced Ken, "Quit complaining! It's not like it's anything you use!"

Osamu stepped backwards and bumped into Ai, "Ai... We... We've got trouble..."

Ai sighed, "What is it?" She turned to Osamu...

...And about 3 Bull Demons.

"...Ken, get your crossbow...." Ai said, reaching backwards and pulling Ken up.

"Ow... Ow!! You're lifting me by my hair... Ow! Ow!"

"Shut up and get your crossbow!!" Ai screamed as the Bull Demons began to close in.

"All right! All right!!" Ken shouted, he grabbed his crossbow and quiver of arrows, "Say your prayers El Toro..." He fired, hitting one of the Bull Demons in the shoulder, "Ha ha!! Take that!" Ai smacked him in the back of the head.

"You moron! You're supposed to KILL them, not make them mad!!" Ai pointed, the Bull Demon was holding the arrow it was shot with like a dart. It threw it, the arrow flew over Ken's head at incredible spead, parting his hair.

"..I'm outta here!!" Was all Ken said, firing another arrow at a Bull Demon and taking off.

"Jerk!!!" Ai shouted, running after Ken.

Osamu began to run, until he felt a Bull Demon grab his cape, he turned and faced it, "I... I should warn you!! I can defend myself!" He unsheathed his sword, "I have the legendary Blood Sword! I will use it!"

The Bull Demon just pulled it's fist back.

"...Um.... Nice weather we're having?" Osamu said, sheathing his sword, intimidation wasn't working.

The Bull Demon just glared, holding it's fist back.

".....So... Do you have a special someone? I, myself, have been searching for a while, but..." Osamu could tell this wasn't working, "Um... What was that old saying....? Music tames the savage beast?"

The Bull Demon got ready to punch.

Osamu quickly began to sing, "Oh, I wish I were a ShinRa Brand weiner! That is what I'd truly like to be! 'Cause if I were an ShinRa Brand weiner--" Osamu was cut short as the Bull Demon punched him accross the face, sending him flying back a few feet, his cape torn.

Ai and Ken quickly returned, hearing Osamu's singing was a signal that he was caught (by their guess, anyway).

Ai helped Osamu get up, "You know, music DOES tame the savage beast, it just helps if you sing ON KEY."

"....Well, I'd like to see YOU do better!" Osamu shouted, he got up and drew out his sword, "ATTACK!!!"

The battle began, the three Bull Demons and three Warriors (Well, two Warriors and a Mage) began to fight. Ken slowed down the oncoming Bull Demons with his arrows, while Osamu fought the Bull Demon that had punched him.

"Shinging light, be our armor to protect us... Protect!!" Ai shouted, casting the magical shield spell on Ken and Osamu. The three Bull Demons quickly became one wounded Bull Demon.

The wounded Bull Demon let out a few growls and began to run.

"Get him!! He's going over that sand dune!!" Ai shouted, the group chased the Bull Demon over the dune, giving a loud and proud battle cry.

...Which was suddenly cut short when they reached the bottom of the dune and found not ONLY at least 20 more Bull Demons, but, a large numbers of Sacreds and Minotaurs...

Osamu was the first to speak, "........RUN!!!" The three took off running, closely followed by the army of Bull Demons, Sacreds and Minotaurs.

"Oh yeah!! You just HAD to chase after it, didn't you!?" Ken screamed at Ai as they ran.

"Excuse me, YOU were the one who shot the first one!"

"Only because YOU told me to!"

Osamu, who was the furthest ahead, turned his head to the fighting Archer and Preist, "Would you BOTH quit it! Your arguing was what attracted the FIRST three!!"

"Well I didn't see you try to stop us!!" Ken shouted.

"I was too afraid to!! You know how Ai's temper can be-- Ow!!" Osamu rubbed the back of his head as part of Ai's broken Wizard Staff hit him, "See what I mean!?"

"Forget it! Just RUN!!" Ken screamed as an axe from one of the monsters almost scalped him.

The chase went on for at least 15 minutes, the three humans finally stopped, the Bull Demons had mysteriously stopped behind them, not daring to move another step.

"That's... Odd... Why did that stop?" Ai looked at them, all of them in a straight line, not moving an inch forward.

"......I think it's this." Osamu pointed to the ground, he was knee deep in sand.

Ken sighed, "....Don't tell me... We're standing in...?"


"....You thinking what I'm thinking?" Ai asked.

"Is it wave our arms around fratnically and scream for help?" Osamu asked.


"HELP! HELP! HELP!!!!! HELP!! WE'RE DOOMED!!!" Ken screamed, waving his arms around.

Within mere minutes the three were submerged completely. The Bull Demons shrugged and left.

"Uhn..." Groaned Osamu, felt his head, "...Ow... I feel like I landed on a rock....." He moaned, "W-wait a sec..." He looked up, "The... sand...!! Is this the ruin...?" He stared at the celing... It was mostly sand, packed together, with a small trail of sand falling to the ground like an hour glass.

"Ow...." Ken's groan was heard next, "Where are we?"

"An underground cavern by my guess..." Ai muttered as she got up, "Where's the light coming from...?"

Osamu looked around, "....Whoah... You guys might wanna take a look at this..." He pointed to a bunch of large crystals, lining the wall of the cavern, somehow giving off light.

"Cool..." Ken said in awe.

"...Shouldn't we find a way out of here?" Ai asked.

"Yeah, good idea." Osamu turned to Ken, "Let's go Ken-- ...Ken?" Ken was gone.

"There he is..." Ai pointed to one end of the wall, where Ken was trying to pry off one of the Crystals.

"Grrgh!!! Come on...!!! I want one of these things...!!! I bet it'll make a cool addition to my...!! Argh..!! Collection of accesories!! I bet I could use a few of them to make a bracelet or something!!"

"Oh, God..." Ai walked over the Ken and grabbed the back of his shirt, "We're here to find Ancient Ruins, NOT play with Crystals!"

"But...!! They're really pretty!!!" Ken shouted.

"Let's GO!"


"And proud of it, Ken!"

The three teens continued on their way through the cave, until Osamu was the first to look into a large opening to their left, the way ahead being a dead end, "I'm not going in there." He said, Ai and Ken stopped right behind him, "No way!! We should find another way out!!"

"....What's wrong, Osamu?" Ai asked.

"...I'm not going in there."

Ken gave Osamu an odd look, "Why?"

"It... ...I... I can't say..."

"Is there a monster in there?"


"A Zodiac monster?"


"A mage?"


"A warrior?"


"Then WHAT?!" Ken shouted.

"...I... I have a confession to make... You two are my best friends so I KNOW you'll understand," Osamu looked into the tunnel and sighed, "....I'm afraid of the Dark."

"BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ken and Ai immediately fell over, laughing.

"...Then again, you two *also* find fun in watching me suffer......" Osamu stated, glaring at the laughing Priest and Archer.

"S-Sorry! You just... hehehehe... Took me by surprise!" Ai said, trying her best not to laugh.

"Geez!!! You're such a wuss!!!" Ken shouted, he gave Osamu his crossbow, "Watch! I'll go in there unarmed and show you how much of a chicken you are!" Ken marched into the darkness.

"Okay, knowing our run of luck so far..." Ai began, she paused.

"HOLY AJORA!!! HELP!!!! SOMEONE!!!! AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE........!!!!!!" Ken's screams were heard from the tunnel, various punching and kicking sounds were heard, and eventually, Ken was thrown out of the tunnel and into the cave wall, "Ugh.... Pain...Big...scary...thing... in.... Darkness..."

"...Something like *that* will happen!" Ai turned to face the battered and bleeding archer, "...Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!"A mystical light surrounded Ken, healing most of his wounds.

Osamu gave Ken his crossbow, "What HAPPENED?!"

Ken started to get up, "It was..... I couldn't see it, it was so dark, but..." Ken grabbed Osamu's shoulders in fear, "IT WAS BIG AND SCARY AND HAD SHARP TEETH AND LONG CLAWS!!!" He screamed, frantically shaking the poor Knight.

Ai looked at the entrance to the cavern, "...Guys... Do you hear footsteps?"

Ken stopped shaking Osamu, "...It's... coming!!!"

Osamu jumped back, he drew out his Blood Sword, he stood in a battle ready position, waiting for the creature to show itself....

....A minute went by... Still, pounding footsteps were heard.

"...What's taking it so long?" Ai asked.

"It's... probably doing this for dramatic effect." The fear in Osamu's voice could be heard as he stood, still battle ready.

Roughly three more minutes went by.... Still nothing but pounding footsteps.

"...Okay, it's... Probably... REALLY dramatic!!" Osamu said, not battle ready, but, leaning against the wall with his sword at his side.

Ai glared at Ken, "....Ken, just how DID this thing beat you!?"

"It's slow, but, strong!!" Ken said, in fear.

Finally, what seemed like an eternity of boredom later.. The beast finally showed itself...

Two small eyes looked at them through the darkness... A golden fire burned in them....

Ai was the first to speak, "....Ken, judging by those eyes... ...It probably reaches halfway up to my knee..."

A small turtle emerged from the darkness. Ai and Osamu's eyes widened.

"THAT'S WHAT BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!?" Ai shouted, smacking Ken in the back of the head, "You idiot!! You probably tripped over it!!" She walked next to the turtle and pointed to it, "It's HARMLESS! It's a TURTLE!"

"....No way... It beat me up!! It's probably behind the turtle!" Ken said.

"..Ken, it's a stupid-- OW!!!!" Ai jumped into the air, holding her foot in pain, "You little son of a...!!! It bit me!!!" She grabbed Osamu's sword, "Hey, boys! For dinner, tonight, turtle soup!!!" He raised it over her head.

The turtle gave her a sad, puppy dog (puppy turtle?) look, its eyes pleading for its life.

"...Forget it, NOTHING bites me and gets away with it!!!" Ai brought the sword down on the turtle.

A loud clang was heard. The Blood Sword flew into the air, and wedged itself into the ground.

Ai looked at the turtle in shock. It had gone into its shell, not even a scratch was on the shell, and she had used all of her strength!

"Whoah...That's one tough turtle...." Osamu commented.

Ai growled, she grabbed Ken's crossbow and aimed it at the turtle, "Say your prayers, Donatello..." She fired. The arrow bounched around the cave, after bouncing off the turtle's shell, Ai, Ken and Osamu ducked. A shout was heard, "OW!" It was Osamu.

"Osamu, are you all right?" Ai asked. Osamu just glared and turned around, pointing to an arrow stuck in his butt, "....Sorry!" She glared at the turtle, "Fine, if I can't KILL you, I'll KICK you!" Ai moved her foot back, and proceeded to kick the turtle with all of her strength. A loud clunk was heard as Ai's foot struck the turtle shell, not moving the turtle.

There was silence.

"......That's gotta hurt....." Ken mumbled.

"....This is... many... times more...painful than it... looks..." Ai slowly stated, before leaping into the air and grabbing her foot, "OW!!! OW! OW!! STUPID TURTLE!!!!"

Osamu sighed, "Okay, let's just..." He looked into the darkness, with fear, "...go around... the Turtle! We'll be fine!"

"All right..." Ai stepped behind Ken, "..You go first!"

"Wha!? Why me!?" Ken protested.

Ai growled, "Because if there's still something in there, it already KNOWS you!"

Ken groaned and walked ahead, "See ya, turtle!" He said, waving to the turtle as he walked by.

"SHI NE!!"

Osamu and Ai looked up, "Wha?"

"AGH!!!!" Ken screamed, falling backwards with a mad turtle attached to his nose, "MY NOSE! MY NOSE!! IT'S BITING MY NOSE!!!"

".........Did the turtle just speak?" Ai asked Osamu.

"....I think it did." Osamu replied.

"HELP!! HELP!!!"

"...Ai, give me your staff!" Osamu held out his hand, Ai give him the one half of the staff she kept, "Ken! Try to lay on your back!" He shouted.

Ken layed flat, the turtle stood straight up on his nose, "Oh, no... You're not...."

"Fore!!" Osamu shouted, using the staff as a golf club, knocking the turtle off Ken's nose and sending it through the cave, "Oh, boy..." He looked at the remains of Ai's staff, which had pretty much turned into splinters of wood.

".....Forget it, just run!!!" Ai pointed down the cave, the turtle was running back to them at full speed, which was unusually fast for a turtle.

The chase was on!


"...Is that the turtle?!" Ai asked, not sure who she was talking to in the darkness.

"I think it was!" Replied Ken, "Look!! A light in the end of the tunnel! Let's go into the light!!"

Osamu's voice was heard, "...Isn't that what people usually see in near-death experiences?"

Ai spoke, "You think a rabid talking turtle chasing us in a dark cave ISN'T a near-death experience?!"

"In most cases, not really.." Osamu mumbled.


Ken, Ai and Osamu ran into the light...

...And out of the cave, into a desert oasis with a waiting group of representitives from the Discovery Race Committee.

"Congratulations," A man extended his hand to the charging teens, "You're the first group to find--"

"MAD TURTLE!!! RUN AWAY!!" Ai screamed, knocking the man over, running over him and behind people in the crowd, Ken and Osamu followed.

The turtle stopped at the entrance, it turned away and went back into the cave.

"....Wha....?" Ken looked at the turtle, "It...left!! It was chasing us!! IT SPOKE!!"

The man Ai, Ken and Osamu run over got up, "That's the supposed guardian of Matoya's cave. After the light warriors helped Matoya, Matoya cast a spell on the cave, turning the first animal that walked into the cave, into the cave's eternal gaudrian."

"...And by total dumb luck, Matoya recieved a turtle for a gaurdian, right?" Ai asked.

The man nodded, "We didn't think anyone would ENTER the cave!"

"We didn't try to, we thought we were in a pool of quicksand and it turned out to lead into the cave." Osamu explained, "Eventually, we ran into that thing, which beat the heck out of Ken!!"

Ken turned red from embarassment, "H-hey! You could have left that part out!!"

The man spoke again, "In any case, I give you this," He gave Ai a painting,"A painting of Matoya's Cave, drawn by one of Ivalice's most talented artists," He gave Osamu a bag of Gil, "And this prize money, for being the first group to Matoya's cave." He gave Ken a basket with about nine or ten glass bottles, "And this bottled water."

"...What do we need that for?" Ken asked, holding up one of the bottles.

Hours later...

"Geez... You think the prize could have been a free Chocobo Cart ride out of here..." Osamu mumbled, walking through the desert with a glass of water in his hands, "I mean, it was hard enough GETTING here...."

"Travel Angencies are cheap, what can I say? This so called picture was done by some guy named 'Izlude', anyway."

"Yeah, most of this 'bag of Gil' is small rocks!" Ken said, throwing small rocks out of the bag, "There's probably only 3,000 Gil if we're lucky.

Osamu and Ai groaned.


"...Osamu, was that your stomach growling?" Ai asked.

Osamu looked over to Ken, "No, Ken, was it--" Osamu stopped mid-sentence.

Ken looked at the shocked Priest and Knight in front of him, "...What?"

"...B-Behind you......" Ai pointed behind Ken, trembling.

Ken turned around.... A group of 10 Sacreds stood behind him, ".........RUN!!!!!!!!!"

Ai, Ken and Osamu were chased into the sunset, eventually finding their way back to Dorter and the waiting Ramza, Agrias and Mustadio (who helped take care of the Sacreds).

Job Report by Ai Jou:

The Dorter Trade City travel bureau sponsored a "Hunt".
This was a contest to search for ancient ruins in various regions of Ivalice. Whoever found the secret finds first won. The participants were only allowed to use various scriptures, legends, and documents.
The participents had a hard time in their search, due to the restrictions.

Additional note from Ken Yabusame:

Hey, Ramza, you aren't still mad about those Sacreds that followed us, are you? I could have taken them all on alone, but, Osamu and Ai didn't want me to look better than them in battle! It's their fault the Sacreds followed us! It's their fault we had to fight them in the middle of the bar and pay for the damages! It's their fault you had to buy all that new armor after that sacred picked you up by your leg and kept on slamming you against the wall until it threw you out the window! Did you get all of that glass out of your hair, by the way?
Signed, Ken.

PS: By the way, how're your legs doing? That snap didn't sound too good.

Ramza's Evaluation:

Well, you did all right on this one. I'll ignore most of what happened with the Sacreds (and Ken's note...), since monsters will be monsters (and idiots will be idiots). I've already signed you all up for a new job, head to the Gariland bar A.S.A.P!

Ramza's Response to Ken's Note:


The End


I know the part about the turtle was weird. Call it a scenario induced by extreme boredom and Love Hina (Tama-chan). Why did is speak Japanese, you ask? Well, Final Fantasy Tactics is a Japanese game, even though these fics are done in English, that and it seemed kind of fun (that, and the Japanese version of FFT is starting to leak into my brains).

Translation of what the turtle says:
"SHI NE!" = "DIE!"
"BAKA! ORE WA MATOYA NO HOGOSHA!! SHI NE! SHI NE!" = "Idiots! I am Matoya's Guardian! Die! Die!" Hogosha is written in kanji and reads as 'ho (protect\preserve) go (safegaurd\protect) sha (person).' I'm not quite sure if it's used the way it is by the turtle in the fic.

Just a warning, expect a kanji joke in the next fic (about Ken's name).

Turtle-related note: It's possible it will appear in later chapters.

The next proposition I plan to write about is the Gariland (I need to double check that, might be Goug or something like that) Magic Contest.

One question to the reader(s): Should I keep on using Osamu, Ken and Ai in later chapters or use other (Non-NPC, in other words not, Agrias, Orlandu, etc) units? Personally, I like using Ken, Osamu and Ai, but, I'll leave it up to the reader.

If anything, I'll just alternate between teams depending on the job.

Final note (Added 6-8-02): Chapter III of Propositions is taking a while due to major writers block and Highschool taking up a LOT of my time. Thanks to summer, I'll have it finished in a little bit. It's either going to be the Second Mameko proposition or the Gariland Magic contest. Sorry for the major delay, I haven't forgotten about this series! It's one of my favorite to write!

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