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my name is Caitlin and i'm not going to tell you my last name (i'm paranoid) i'm 15 and i live on a desert island somewhere down in the southern hemisphere otherwise known as Australia. i write fics and draw fan art and do all that kinda stuff, i don't have much of a life and i like scaring people and being an enigma. there should be more fics here soon, once i decide i'm not going to be lazy anymore. anyway if you really want to know more about me then email me at... kawaiikitty_01@hotmail.com, otherwise get reading!!

"Does the light even exist once the refrigerator door is closed!!?" - Nny

Star Ocean 2 Fanfiction

Prologue - November 11th, 2001
Chapter 1 - November 11th, 2001
Chapter 2 - March 29th, 2002

Star Ocean 2 Fanfic